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I have been researching Dr. Mallol & have been...

I have been researching Dr. Mallol & have been contacting him. He quoted me $3600 for the procedure and recovery house which is pretty good. I am not looking to have a big fat ass. Just a flat stomach and much better shape. My goal is to get a round heart shaped butt. I felt it was best to go with him becauae i have seen his work and he is definitely good in acheiving this look. I researched all the hyped up surgeons in DR for years and their work is great but much too exaggerated for me. My goal is to get a natural looking body and i know i have the frame for it. I want to get the surgery done in April 2017 & am planning to put the deposit down in a couple of weeks. I just want to think about it for a few more weeks just to be sure! Anyone going to him in April??


I've been spending alot of time doing research and looking at other doctors work. Its so frustrating. Not sure which doctor to choose. I was on Medinas instagram and she has amazing before and afters. Is anyone else in the same situation?

Paid my deposit!!

Things are seeming more real to me now! Paid my deposit & no waiting to hear back from him to confirm my surgery date!! Sooo excited!!

Wish Pics

Dont want anything too big. Definetly going for the natural look. Will be posting before pictures as my date approaches.

Recovery House

Dr. Mallol gave me three options for a recovery house but they are all in shared rooms. No way I am sharing a room lol.
He gave me these options:
Be Recovery

I was looking into Dream Body Divas and it would be around the same price so I am going to go with them. I have only read good reviews. I am waiting on an email to confirm my surgery date and then I will put a deposit on the recovery house.
I also received these instructions from Dr. Mallol to prepare for surgery:



IRON pills:
Take 65mg (= 325mg Ferrous Sulfate) every 12h.

Take 400 mcg at day

Take one 01 mg daily.

High-protein diet as eggs, red meat, etc... Eat healthy!
Must continue normal medication if you have any health condition, Ex.: High Blood Pressure or Diabetes that requires a permanent treatment.

Cigarette / hooka (01month pre-op)
Aspirin (02weeks pre-op)
Multivitamins (Vitamin E and A)
Birth control pills.
Nutritional Supplements
Ex.: Weight loss supplements, workout supplements , nail-skin-hair pills, etc
- Herbal Teas (moringa tea, ging-seng tea, circulation teas, etc.)

BRING THE FOLLOWING (They could be required during the stay at home recovery):

1. Feminine Pads
2. Compression socks
3. Body wipes
4. Face towels
5. Tooth paste
6. Tooth brush
7. Mouth wash preferably the travel size
8. Flat Shoes
9. Summer dresses about 3 or 4
10. One cotton tank
11. Your laptop or iPad or cellphone
12. If you have diabetic bring your GlucoTest. They could be required during the stay at home recovery.
13. Bring constipation pills, usually after surgery is necessary. Also you can buy here.
14. If you have asthma bring the drugs for nebulization.
15. If you use metformin please notify your endocrinologist and also let us know.
16. Bring Thrombocid cream (you can order online)

Surgery Date Confirmed!

I confirmed my surgery date with Mallol and put down my deposit for the Dream Body Diva Recovery House!! Now playing the waiting game. I hope these months fly by. I am so so ready for this. Cant believe its finally happening.

Chin Lipo

Thinking of adding chin lipo.. I want my face to look more defined. Im already going to be there.. Might as well

This is becoming an obsession



Sooooo all these stories about infection have made me decide im not going to mallol.. im either going to Manuel Diaz or Julio Molinas. Received quote from Dr. Diaz and waiting on Molinas. Im staying off real self for a while..

22 Yr old, No kids, Getting BBL w/ Dr Manuel Diaz

I started my journey a few months ago and was going with Dr. Emmanuel Mallol but changed my mind and now am going with Dr Diaz. I am 5'5 and about 148. I just want a natural looking bbl. nothing too exaggerated. Just anything better than what i have now. I dont want to add hips either. Just something nice and round that matches my thighs. I want the doctor to get rid of my love handles and bra area fat. I will also be adding chin lipo which is only $300 extra. I am getting my procedure done in April. My deposit is paid, surgery is schedule, flight is bought and my money is ready. With just the lipo and bbl my total is $3200. The deposit was $300 and that will be taken off of my balance. I just want to share my experience now that my date is finally approaching. Maybe other women will find it helpful to their journey. I have been taking iron, folic acid and vitamin c. I have also been taking this blood builder supplement i bought off of amazon. I will add before pics as my date approaches. I am dominican and speak spanish and travel there every year but i am still so nervous about this! My gut did tell me to go to Diaz. I have heard no bad stories from him and the communication has been great. I just want to get it over with already. I am also staying at Dream Body Diva Recovery house. Its $100 per night for a single room which is what i got. I dont need to be sharing a room with a stranger. I need to be as comfortable as possible. Any questions, feel free to ask!

One more week!

Wow, time flew. One more week and i will be a Diaz doll!

Just a few more days

The days almost here and I am so excited. I am slightly nervous but mostly excited. I've told my family and finally my mom. Shes not that happy about it but supportive. My boyfriend does not want me to do it at all but its not his choice. Im doing this for me. So once i get to the recovery house i will post pictures of all my supplies that i got. I really tried to not over do it and not over pack and i think i did a good job. Also my recovery house supplies alot of what i need. I will also post my before pics the day before surgery. Wish me luck everyone!


So i am here!! Got picked up by the driver at the airport. They were extremly kind. Traffic is so ridiculous here. But the recovery house is absolutely beautiful. They are sooo nice. I love it already. I will leave a detailed review after i leave. I have my own bathroom and tv. They served me food as soon as i arrived and after a delayed flight and that crazy slow airport, it was everythingggg. Food was on point. So now i am relaxing and getting my stuff ready for tomorow morning. Diaz said to be at CIPLA at 7am. Cant believe this is happening! Here are my before pictures!!

Before pic


Day Of Surgery

So im here at CIPLA. Everything here is a wait. I got all my blood work and xray done. Everything came out great. My hemo is a 14.2. Hope that means i wont need a transfusion. Im all marked up and just waiting for a room to be available so that i can get ready for surgery. I also have a family member here with me that lives here in the DR. That has me more at ease. Im so hungry though. Just want to get this over with. Also as i as waiting i spoke with other girls who had work done with diaz and they looked bomb. Diaz is so funny too. When he asked what i wanted, i told him to take my bra fat off and he said, " that fat isnt your bras, that fat is all yours". Hes really nice. I also told him i wanted no hips or laterals. That would look too fake. I told him to not give me a shelf butt. Just nice and round and heart shaped. I told him to make sure it matches my thighs and nothing to exaggerated. Cant wait to see what im going to look like.

Worst night of my life

Alright ladies. This surgery is no damn joke!! The pain is crazy. My hemo was at a 14.2 and dropped all the way to a 7!! So crazy. Please go prepared with plenty of emergency money to the hospital. I hadto get two bags and it only went back up to a 9! Crazy right?? After i got into the overnight room, i literally looked grey. After the two bags i immediately felt better. Also please please please have someone there with you surgery night. Idk what i would have done without someone there. You need some one for the first night. No ifs or buts. My ass is in pain and i am uncomfortable. The pain pills are just okay. Once i get the strength i will take pics .


My spirit is low and i just want to go home. I finally shed some tears today. I just really want to be back home. Dying to get this drain out of me. I've had 3 massages so far and yes they hurt so bad!!! Everytime they take off my faja for a massage i instantly get super dizzy. Idk how some people can do this 3 or 4 times :(. I also think diaz gave me
Hips and i didnt want that. Maybe im just really swollen. Today is my first post op appointment with him.

1 week

So im a week post op. Everyday does get better and you start getting your strength back. My results are looking natural and im starting to get a bit happy. Idk if all this pain was worth it. I know i wasnt supposed to but i put on leggings for a minute to see what my butt looked like because in the maxi dresses i brought with me, you cant really tell. I will add better pictures soon.


Do any of you ladies have tips for swelling?? I was 150 the morning of surgery and am currently 162 :( :( :(!!

Almost 2 weeks

Every gets better. My weight is now at 153. My swelling is going down. I've been getting my massages and im on the second hook on my stage 2 faja. I bought the fajate one. It was $160 at the spa i go to for my massages. It is bomb.


2 weeks! Hoping my booty doesnt shrink anymore:( i love it the way it is right now. Im obsessed! Also, im on the third hook on my second stage faja. I need to take it in soon. The faja was giving me indents on the middle of my abdomen and i did not want those indents to be permanent. I went to a faja store and bought and ab board and that did the trick. It helps soo much. Deff recommend an ab board to anyone getting lipo.

Review on Diaz

This post is about my overall feelings towards Diaz. I must say he was nothing less than amazing. Im happy i went to him and do not regret my decision. He gave me exactly what i wanted and he listened. He was there for me every step of the way. On the day of my consultation i just grabbed one of the cards from the front which has his personal phone number on it. I saved it on my phone. I was in my room after surgery at around 7pm. I was so uncomfortable and in pain. At around 6am i had a question and decided to give him a call. I woke his ass up but he answered lol in his sleepy voice. He assured me that he would be at my room soon. He was there within the next hour. While i was at the recovery i would message him through whats app if i had any questions or worries. He would answer right away if he could. He was nothing less than perfect with communication. As for his assistant pebbles, i couldnt care less for her. She was kind of a bitch. But you dont really have to deal with her. All she does is collect your money but she speaks great english. As for the overnight nurses, they were okay but it does help that you have someone there with you so they can get the nurses for you if you need anything. I threw up like twice and if i didnt have someone there for me to get me a bucket i would have thrown up all over myself. But also its understandable that these nurses are busy because there are so many surgeons operating on all these girls. Every surgeon does not have their own nurses at cipla. They are for all the patients of every surgeon. I have no complaints on Diaz. He was great. On my last day i went to his office and he removed my drain. It didnt hurt at all. Although he made sure to call me a crybaby before i left lol and he gave me a hug. Even now if i have any questions, i write to him and he remembers me. He was awesome and im so glad i switched to him!!

2 Months post op

Im feeling great and almost back to normal. The lipo is the hardest to recover from. I still feel it. It doesnt hurt but i definitely feel it. Theres are my pics. I love my results and 100% dont regret my decision. It was the best thing i could have done and im glad i didnt listen to anyone and did what i wanted. I went out in some tight ass jeans, saw my ex, and slayyyyyed honey!!!! Best feeling in the whole world. Dr. diaz still answers me till this day, we talk if i have any questions. So damn glad i chose him. So worth it.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I am so happy i chose Dr. Diaz. He made this experience comfortable as it could have been and i do not regret my decision

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