21 going on 22... Better Version Of Myself! (Lipo and BBL) - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hello Dolls, initially chose Dr.Baez ( deposited...

Hello Dolls, initially chose Dr.Baez ( deposited with her as well ) and also i had diaz in mind. I chose to go with Dr.Mallol because I think he will give me what I ask for! GOOD AGGRESSIVE LIPO AND A BBL! i'm not trying to be" america's next top model"..ONLY THE BEST VERSION OF MYSELF!! ANYWAY .... if anyone is gearing towards the end of the year and is looking for a surgery buddy in dec .. im YOUR GIRL!! let me know , so we can motivate one another and have an speedy recovery!!

hey ladies! be mindful!

hey ladies! DON'T GO TO A DOCTOR BECAUSE THEY ARE "CHEAP" , go to someone who has excellent patient care!! these prices will get you hype and you think they may be the doc for you! go to someone who you think will deliver and also have some compassion for you. research some ladies that previously had surgery , and compare your body type to theirs, if its similar. nobody wants to do this alone , and if you are doing this alone .. you dnt wanna be treated like another piece of meat! BE MINDFUL ... DNT RUSH .. TAKE YOUR TIME! RESEARCH AND ASK QUESTIONS!


hey ladies.. if to whom ever is reading this! i have a couple things on my mind. alot of women get discouraged when they are not getting the results they want! we have to be mindful that alot of women you see on Instagram or have "perfect asses" HAVE BUTT IMPLANTS OR SILICON ASS SHOTS! YEAH I SAID IT SILICON ASS SHOTS! silicon is always risky .. just like having lipo, or tt, bbl! OH I MUST MENTION "PHOTO SHOPPED PICS" ... U SEE A MODEL IN A BOOK OR SOMETHING OR YOUVE RAN ACROSS HER INSTAGRAM .. ( SHE'S POLISHED , THEY'VE MADE HER BODY LOOK BEAUTIFUL W/ THE CAMERA EFFECTS") ... HER BUTT LOOKS BETTER AND ALL ..!! TRUST ME I HAVE FRIENDS WHO DO PHOTO SHOOTS & EVERYTHING THAT GLITTER IS NOT GOLD) and its all about angles ladies and what you wear! from the way you pose , i have a flat ass now ... but if i get the right pose it seems to project as big! dnt get caught up in the hype!!! reading some of these reviews and big expectations is beyond me.... i guess thats why they stress " BE HAPPY WHAT , WHAT U HAVE" ... but it doesnt hurt to correct things. some women got the FLATTEST ASS WITH BIG EXPECTATIONS ... EVERYBODY IS DIFFERENT ... WE ARE NOT THE SAME! yeah some docs do fuck up , but in the same tone of voice we have to be realistic.... !! and this "review" is getting a bit lengthy ... just wanted to let u guys know ... its not about where u at, ITS ABOUT WHERE U GOING .... ! look at your pre-op vs post-op ... little changes count , I WILL BE UPDATING MY JOURNEY MORE AS SOON AS I GET A NEW PHONE IN A COUPLE WEEKS ( pics and all ) ..... ANYWHO I may stay in the states, if the lord is willing i will a find a doc who's right for me... so far im back to sq 1! and go with ur gut feeling pls! quit rushing , your time is coming beautiful!

Hey ladies

I just deposited my $ down with Mallol. I'm confident with the doctor I've chosen???? .. I actually told them I wanted to Come Jan 27.2017


Majority of my supplies , have a couple things missing but this is MAJORITY OF IT! I bought some of my supplies from target and the others I bought a recovery box from @diamondcareandrecovery

"My wish pic"

Realistically I would love for dr. Mallol to achieve this look for me.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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