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So I have been reviewing Dr.Duran for a long time...

So I have been reviewing Dr.Duran for a long time about one year and in December I became brave enough to get a quote and set a date. I went through Bellavita consultants Jazmine is a doll and so much help without her I wouldn't know where to start. She helped with everything and she also had work done by Dr Duran so that was a plus. I am staying at Recovery Armonia Mayra is very professional and answers all questions immediately Jazmine also recommended that recovery house she too stayed there and had a great experience. I sent my deposit of 250 through Bellavita and my quote was 3900 I'm very shapey I have laterals a good size butt I just hate my stomach and love handles and back fat lol so I mostly want to do this for that I am adding booty though not gonna lie lmao any questions feel free to ask super excited can't wait

Bellavita contact info Recovery Armonia Contact Info

In case you ladies are having trouble contacting Dr.Duran try Bellavita Consultants they can help with everything. Duran is high demand so she fills up quickly I originally wanted Febuary 10 to be my date but trying to get that date in mid December with the holidays and everything going on I didn't get a response until maybe the last day of December and by then Febuary was fully booked ???? but March was open and it worked perfect with my school and job schedule plus I think I would be rushing through it with the Febuary date that must have been God. But I now have all my supplies and am ready to go 5 days until sx reality is sinking in
Bellavita Consultants email: jazmine@bellavitaconsultants.com
Recovery Armonia email: armoniamayra82@gmail.com

Me Now

So I'm not showing y'all me naked Atleast not before surgery lol not happening but this is my body now don't let the clothes fool u that stomach is a problem but like I said I am pretty shapey so I think Duran shouldn't have much problem giving me my dream body ????

What I'm wishing for

Im mad this app doesn't let you use emojis oh well wish pics

Last post for the day promise

I feel like I'm ranting but I did want to inform those who didn't know about the zika virus carried in mosquitos so it's all over the carribean and mosquitos love me for some reason they always violate my skin so I did some research and found a good repellant against it on amazon no OFF is not gonna help ladies. The mosquito repellent is called natrapel 8 hr 6 oz continuous spray I got mine on Amazon. I know the zika virus mostly does damage to those who are pregnant which I am obviously not but I don't want no virus lingering in me for when I do want children better safe than sorry

Hemoglobin levels

So I'm kind of sad guys my hemo is at a12.9 my primary physician keeps telling me it is normal and I should be fine and be able to get my surgery without any problem but I have been taking iron for about one month now and was hoping for a 14 even 15 ugh I wanted to Atleast be a solid 13 but I have a few more days to get it up *fingers crossed* it goes up because not being cleared for surgery on my desired date would aggravate me to another level.

Midnight flight

My flight is midnight I'm so excited not nervous yet I got so many things going on with school currently waiting to take my last exam for the day I really hope this lady is there on time waiting for me cause I would flip I'm sure she will be there though we confirmed twice I'm gonna email her again today befor I get on the flight just to be extra sure I know I'm annoying 2 days until sx about to be a Duran Doll !!!!

3rd confifmation lol

Pedro will be there to pick me up when I arrive in DR. So far I am loving recovery Armonia's professionalism Mayra the owner literally answerd me in 3 minutes. I'm getting anxious now I'll be in DR by tomorrow morning omg !

I have arrived

The flight seemed so short since I was sleeping until 15 minutes before landing everything was so quick maybe because it's really early in the morning anywsys Pedro was there as Mayra promised with a sign with my name on it as soon as I passed customs the drive was about half an hour he was very sweet. When we pulled into the driveway a nurse was at the door greeting me. I am currently in a temporary room until tomorrow morning I go to cipla in an hour and a half for my lab work with that being said I'm taking a nap I'll keep you guys posted wish me luck

Labs and ekg done

Ekg was great hopefully my hemo went up last week it was 12.9 I'll find out tmm I got to the clinic late regular me but the labs did not take long at all 2 hrs tops so tmm is surgery all the ladies at my rh look so good so now I'm super excited can't wait to be a Duran doll I just pray I'm not there all day waiting and starving currently stuffing my face lol just praying for the best

Recovery Armonia

So someone was complaining about bed bug

Recovery Armonia

Mayra got a exterminator to come check out this allegation today around 10 am he inspected and said we are bed bug free ! I just love how competent she is as soon as there is a complain of any sort she is on it I feel like I'm at home honestly. I just feel like people try to take advantage of situations there's not even mosquitos in this house a few flies here and there but it's the carribean it's expected. Other than that I went to the mall which Mayra paid for my taxi because Pedro the driver was picking up a girl from the hospital when I was ready to go the mall was beautiful I got some shoes and some Lysol wipes and silicon mix it's only $3 here I wasn't missing out on that lol. The taxi on the way back was a jerk off he tried to play me and my cousin trying to charge us triple because his ass was lost and couldn't find his way I had to direct him one of Mayra's nurses calmly came and put him in his place in espanol lol. I'm just relaxing now probably watch a few episodes of prison break and catch a nap I'll be at cipla tomorrow at 6 am awaiting my new body can't wait.

Sx today !

Got into Duran's office around 7am I was first to be seen she marked me up and I showed her my wish pics she's very sweet and speaks English which is great she was looking fab as always anyways after that I paid the balance and was sent to the er then I was sent to get my room I was assigned my room maybe an hour after waiting other ladies had to be discharged they put me in my gown and now I'm waiting for it to be my turn I hope I stay asleep through my surgery in extremely tired plus the blue pill I probably will I'm more so thirsty than hungry it's been 15 hours I have not eaten the waiting is the worst part but I'm just trying to relax and fight my sleep hopefully I'm soon idk how long I can take not eating can't wait to see my new body !

Officialy a Duran Doll

Officially a Duran doll so they came in like 5:15 to give me the blue pill at 7 they came back I was half asleep and it was surgery time they gave me epidural sedation which I was jumping everyone literally said don't move at the same time I was knocked after that I do remember waking up all I could see was green walls I called Duran's name she answered I told her I couldn't feel my legs she said that was normal I was out again then I remember them transferring me to another bed and before I knew it I was in my suite I got about 4 hrs of sleep and then I was in and out the nurses came about 3 times to give me pain meds in my iv that I could remember and a dr came and took blood I didn't need a blood transfusion then Duran came with her list of medicines I would need I was discharged around 10 when I got to the rh I was in a lot of pain I popped a perk 10 mg about 12 in the afternoon and I was out actually felt like the hulk after 2 hrs getting up with little help but now that it worn off I'm in pain again I'm going to take another one around 11:30 so I can sleep well. Btw my body is bomb I know once the swelling goes down it will be bomber I'll keep you guys posted

Recovery Armonia

So far my stay has been good I love the nurses they are great but one of the girls in the house that got bit is going through hell with the owner and the daughter today her dr told her it is not mosquitos that bit her he gave her a shot so it doesn't get infected and told her to seek further treatments when she gets home then the owners daughter is messaging people on whatsapp about her saying she is lying and has no money which is not true because we all know getting these procedures is costly and is so unprofessional I feel for her because this could have been anyone on top of that she was picked up from her appointment 2 hours late which is ridiculous this is a time where you should be comfy and relaxed not stressed out something did bite her and we are not sure what I'm very honest so I tell it like it is this is her last day so she can go back to the comfort of her home and be relaxed I would ask for my money back or some type of compensation

Dra. Duran

I saw dr Duran this morning once again looking lovely she loves my results I will begin getting my massages today I have a lot of swelling so I know it will go down with the massages other than that I'm fine my faja is tight as hell but I need the compression I just can't wait until I'm healed and normal again lol plus I got my menstral today so I feel like shit I'm going to get some rest my bf is sending me more pain meds through one day shipping today I pray that comes in time because I'm down to my last and my period pain plus the surgery I can't I'll keep you guys posted

Booty issue

So today I feel like my booty looks flat the massages help so much btw u feel smaller and less bloated after the first one but back to my booty I'm still so swollen of course from the back it looks juicy but the side it looks small I'm sad all the nurses in the rh said I'm crazy and it will look bigger after the inflammation is gone I hope so I did not come here for no flat booty so I'm gonna wait and see I'm on my second stage faja now it is so tight but I wear it wearing your faja is super important it helps with the inflammation a lot I'm enjoying my stay at recovery Armonia everyone is so helpful and sweet I bought my favorites some gifts today since I'm leaving Sunday morning only 2 more days and I'm back home time really flies anyways I'll keep you guys posted

Some pics

I know it's been a while just wanted to show you guys some pics I do think I'm going back final time lol just for my breast and inner thigh might put a little more fat in my butt I'll fully decide when I'm completely healed around June July but if I do go back it will be October of this year. I'll get you guys a side picture without my tattoo in it love my body and my swelling is going down so good

One month post op

So today I am one month post op. I feel great im healing well I have been getting massages and I still have some stiff places on my stomach and back but my butt is completely moveable now it can shake lol honestly can't wait until I can take this faja off and work out I'll post some pics later on

Post op is a journey too

So I've been so itchy in this faja I just wanna rip it off but I need the compression lol. I have already taken it in and will take it in again before being 2 months post op which is May 17 yay. I thought I only had to wear this thing for 3 month I thought wrong it's 4 my last day in this thing was supposed to be June 17 but now it's July 17 I don't think I'll make it that far I will try though. I will continue to wear it twice a week for the whole day until about 8 months though and I have decided to go for a round 2 in Febuary I want my inner thighs taken out a and some fat added to my butt maybe a breast lift I'm not sure about the lift yet though because I have no children I might hold off on that but all in all I'll be back in dr in Febuary of course with Duran I was thinking about Cabral but I'm a little scared not gonna lie idk Febuary is a while from now so I'll see

3 months post op

Today I am 3 months post op I'm going to start working out next week and after tomorrow I won't be wearing the faja 27/7 only to sleep btw the fluff fairys are blessing me I'm loving my results anywsys I'll post some pictures later on

The pic I promised

A little over 3 months post op my stomach is a bit swollen still I haven't worn my faja in a week because I finished a tattoo on my thigh but I will be back to wearing my faja at night after its fully peeled I have also started the gym I'm trying to go 3 days a week
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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