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Im 5"1 140 lbs going to get rid of my annoying...

Im 5"1 140 lbs going to get rid of my annoying pulge & back fat & adding to my booty may 6 will be a duran doll contacted her through her website she emailed me a quote with all the things I needed to know made my deposit for my date & now getting prepared for my journey to a new me! So far excited

agustina email

Heres an update on the info regarding contacting duran and what you need for surgery . So far still need to get my socks and after medicine , flight booked for a week before so I can check my hemo their n keep it on track cant wait

Measurements before op

Measurements are so depressing 37,29,39 wth :( I have such a wide back I so hate it plus my back fat & pulgy stomach omg cant wait for duran to work her magic actually wanting to gain weight though so that I can have more fat foe my booty or do I have enough im 5"1 & weigh 140 any suggestions?

one month to go

For some reason the stress of thinking about this surgery is making me lose weight ughh noo I need the fat for the booty lol its so annoying though this is all I think about & im working on getting some more money since im staying for a couple months in DR, my 2nd home btw . Anyways bought my geritol that my fellow rs sisters all talk about that raises hemo so hopefully all goes well with that will be keeping yall updated :)

sooooo hot in dr

Okay so just Wanting to update you future dolls it is soooooo hot and humid here its Crazy so please make sure where u stay has AC im on my way to buy one now btw im staying at my cousins not a RH but my hubby keeps pressuring me to go to cipla tomorrow to make sure my hemos Good little does he know ima ask duran if she can do it earlier too haha ill keep yall updated oxoxo ;)

bring receipts screenshot emails

Ok so I didn't go to the doc today cuz I was lazy but I called she said just come the day before and bring 200 or something like that for my analysis I was likeee ummm whattttt it clearly was included in my package on my email so ya know what I will be handling that in person f that . It say overnight stay at cipla cardiology overnight nurse and pre op checkup and after ya know what let me post the pic im allready irked grrrr...btw. I believe it was the infamous elizabeth who said I had to pay ... yea ok we'll see it only excluded medicine and insurance boo boo lol


cleared for sx :)

Okay so results came out fine I might also be adding arms we'll see tomorrow but hemo was I think 13 well the assistant said I think 13 cause she forgot anyways im good to go oh and yes they charged 220 for the anaylis but said it just gets discounted from the surgery so thats fine , so excited not nervous at alllll !

alive lol

Okay so try to update on everything I did all my analysis the day before so the day of sx all she did was mark me up than I was given a room after hours of waiting along with the blue pill that I was told not to take until told do so yet they never told me until it was time to roll me away for sx yes rolled on one of those hospital beds btw she only put 900cc in each cheeck and idk how much in hips but their huge and once I got out of sx I felt no pain yes I felt the shivers they weared off though and I slept fine uncomfortable but no pain I slept on my tummy got my arms done too one kept bleeding all night but I woke up they put on the faja and I was walking talking eating seriously no pain at all but ive been under meds the whole time so we'll see how it goes later

add details

Ok in case anyone ask and because im so bored all im doing is walking around like crazy I didnt wake up during surgery my faja was 150 the ones for the arms were 70 & duran didn't charge me for the arms this is completely uncomfortable I peed on myself a million times today I had to take the faja off and wash it im bleeding a lot too but I feel fine I just feel heavy and a lot of pressure it was so uncomfortable sleeping because I slept on my stomach with my arms straight down but no pain I ate soup crackers and tea than drank like 8 cups of water since this morning along with pineaplles and some rice the medicine was almost 200 dollars but that oxo forte is amazing is like codeine and morphine I feel nothing but a heavy booty btw duran lipoed my stomach thru the top of my vagina which is discgustingly huge btw it already was big and now its just ewww lol I cried a little when I took the faja off to wash it because my stomach started to hurt but im a big baby so maybe it wouldnt be that bad to others so I took my pain meds and im ok again bit seriously I am draining so much blood and fluids well its pouring out of my butt drain that idek what im gonna do cause I do notwanna take off my faja again to change the pads but yea thats it for now no regrest but gosh I cant wait to be healed I cant do crapppp

up and awake again

So my hubby just woke me up to give me my pain meds hes so cute makes sure to give me all my meds on the hour even has an alarm set up and the poor baby is now sleeping on the floor because he refuses to go to the couch or far away from me n I peed the bed for the millionth time so he cleaned it and let it air dry while I took thw other half of the bed seriously it is so hard not to pee yourself the bathroom is only like 10 feet away from me but I cant ever make it because the urge is so strong and I walk so slowww so I put a bucket next to me and use me pee-ez but my vagina is so huge I almost always seem to get the pee on my faja its crazy also everything I drink like comes right out of me the second I drink it my hubby cleans me up and everything I swear he is awesome tomorrow theirs a nurse coming for idk what reason because the only thing I think I need her for is to put in this one medication that is injectables other than I think its a waist of money but hubby wants one to make sure everything is allright since he freaks out everytime I swell up and was so scared to put my faja back on cuz he thought he would hurt me I mean it hurt a little but gosh it hurts more off than on ! Anyways till later I have nothing better to do than review anyways haha ;)

more photos


Ok this one is for carolinee i know how much u hate when people dont share stomach pics lol so here it is this was without board and swollen and u can see my incisions i love how their so low btw anyone know what i should do to make my belly Button like before like pretty lol

dont think im doing good

Ok well so much for Being a solidez on this healing part i threw up yesterday but i figured it was nothing since i havent ate anything i always throw up while taking pills if i dont eat but than today i woke up vomiting texted duran and she called me back saying its normal due to all the pills im taking as long as i hold my food down well right after we hung up i ate a sandwich and threw it all up :( i have no fever i just get a little dizzy sometimes standing up and im alwayssss exhausted after doing just about anything


So I have a ugly looking burn and I didnt bring Neosporin so ill have to go buy some and it was the board that caused it everytime I bent over the faja and board just didn't mix it gave me a painful burn in the corner other than that im on the second row and putting on the faja by myself with no problem

first massage today & appt.

So I went to my appointment today early and everything was fine I do not need a blood transfusion the feeling was due to the pain killers I was taking and I stopped them this morning and I feel a little better she also prescribed me something for my burn and for the nĂ¡usea and told me I have to get my second faja allready this one is too loose but I swore in my email that one faja was free and we paid for the second I figured since i paid for mine they had just skipped me to my second ? Welp wrong but we'll see if we can fix that . Anyways after the appointment I went and bought my prescriptions and took one of the pills I didnt feel better right away but I than went to eat at a restaurant and ate a little without throwing up so that was good than I came home and had the number 3 ya know what I mean , lol but after all that I had my first massage by yaniri I took the number from bigbuns page this lady is great very gentle but effective and the massage hurt so gooood lol she told me im strong she never sees anyone with my many days post op (5) do so well with myself in terms of walking getting up laying down etc. And I didnt cry with the massages but man they burned felt like I was getting a big ol tattoo mixed with a brazilian wax yess that bad lol oh and durans nurse took my drains out hurted for a second but glad im done with those they were freaking me out and oh I did have a lot of fluid I felt better after the massage but my burn burns more noww hmm well till next update dolls ;)

faja 4 sale

Any upcoming duran dolls if you were looking to buy the 2nd stage faja from duran and want to buy it let me know I can meet you at cipla I tried it on and it fits like my first stage what a waste anyways its a size small for 100 she sells it for 150 it goes a little past the knee anyways heres some pics lol and my stomachs all wrinkly because of the shirt fixed with the foam over top it got all scrunched up besides that it looks awesome I just dont stay out my faja long enough for it to smooth out oh and there is an incision in my belly button I just noticed its so small u cant even see it and the hole on top of the belly button is from my piercing btw massage lady is awesome I bought the package of ten for 250 her name is yaniri whatsapp is 8098288872 she even washed my hair for me and got in contact with this lady so that a waist trainer can get delivered to my house it was 50$ shes so awesome btw she also sells fajas the good ones and does facials and etc she comes to u and is very known in recovery houses so yepp thats it for now , till next update

dress on

So this is me with my dress and the waist trainer on


Ok so I ran to the doc today because my massage lady told me I had a liquid that just didnt wanna go down and she said it could be a seroma in which it was , duran determined so faina durans assistant drained it with a syringe poked me three times near my vajayjay well on top and pushed all the liquids from my stomach and sides down so that theyd drain into the syringe and omg sooooo much liquid came out when she was changing the tube it just kept pouring all over the floor then she poked me twice on the other side of my vajayjay once didnt anything comeout and goooodneesss did that hurt than again and alot came out so then my stomach was nice and flat afterwards but I was walking like I just had surgery it hurts so bad still :( I dont even wanna do the massages today im gonna die :/

new pic

Stomach still very discolored but no seroma

current results

Okay so I guess im going thru that stage tha everyone goes thru before they hit the 3 month mark but seriously where is my fluffing fairy and when can I ever go at least one day maybe a few hours without the faja lol considering im still in hot as* DR Im like ughhhh hurry up and heal but anyways my butt is now back to its normal size its more rounder but not bigger so lets see what happens in 3 months far as my waist I love it in the two seconds I see it a day because I always have to wear the faja with foams and pads under it to keep the compression im scared to swell up plus my size small faja is huge on me but going xsmall to have my butt squished more I refuse btw I have the machine for the massages here eith me since I finished my 10 massages ill try and do the rest myself

what yall think?

Sorry for the bows it shows some tattoos I dont wanna show and the other pic is rotated the other angle so no its not the same side but pink panties are before and no panties is my current butt idk y my thighs were bigger before lol but no I didnt get them done and as you can see the arms arent a huge difference but I am sure pleased some shirts I bought fit now that were tight in the arms fit perfect

new pic

This is the girdle with the holes in it butt looks awesome but tight on the thighs a little

new stomach pic

Okay so heres my stomach currently

3months post op full review

Okay now i feel fully healed i guess my stomach has softened up but near love handles can be very sensitive i do like my body but im not obsessed with it i wanted more dramatic and i got more natural though everyone tells me im just being a brat all well lol if i could give myself more hips i would love the hell out of it so ehh maybe round 2 in the future stomach can look lumpy sometimes and i hateeeee it its like this pouch that rises when it feels like it on my side duran drained it pst op and for the most part its never there but once in the blue like if i wear a clothing that put pressure right under it it pops out so i so hate that i feel like my stomach looks fake sometimes so idk i liked duran but maybe i should've went to carbral or contreras aside from the bs u hear every single best body ive seen are done by them and duran delivers but i feel like if i wouldve been thicker it wouldve been better idk my opinion u guys make your own anyways till next time
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Amazing job so hard to get in contact with sometimes but yes much easier once your a post op doll . Absolutely in love with the waist she gave me !

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