19 on the Flat Side Going on 20 on the FAT Side :) Evolution MD, Velilla Doll

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Hello all ! I am 19 and I have been doing research...

Hello all ! I am 19 and I have been doing research on this procedure for the past TWO years. I'm not gonna lie.. I do care or wait no I did care about what everyone is going to have to say about me and now I really just DONT give a f*ck. Flat out (no pun intended) lol if I did I wouldn't be me... I'm young and I want a banging a** body until the end. I was going to go with a doctor here in the US but I just loveeeee the DR final results. First it was of course Dr. Miami but let's get real he's booked until 2020 lol so now I'm settled on Molinas and so far he's been really impressive. I am 5'5 154 pounds

Deposit sent & Date secured :)

Hey y'all! I am so pissed I just wrote the full long update and it all got erased ????but anyways I'll try to Remember everything. So I got my date locked in for the 19th of November (yay!) and I will arrive November 18th. I am very excited of course but I'm tryna slow down on the weight gain... It's beginning to become very uncomfortable. Like I almost have a double chin :( ladies don't get discouraged by any one I will say that. Just keep everything on the low cause there are cruel ppl in this world. They will go from asking why you doin it, to asking you how you you did it. Let's talk RH in The DR. I follow this surgery guru on insta @bella__barbies. She is AMAZEballs lol she gives polls and basically uses her platform to give great advice. Anyways I've looked into my top 3 and they are Serenity, healinghaven, and HighclassRecovery. All of them have been prompt on questions and rates. I've learned that everyone has a different impression when it comes to everything. From doctors to the actual clinic.. It's a "what ever floats you boat" or "gut feeling" type of situation. Do what works for someone else may not work for you.

Looking for a SX Buddy - Nov 2016

So now Im starting to realize that no one can afford this trip... So now Im searching for a buddy. My dates are Nov. 21 - Dec. 1st. If you're traveling to the DR, let me know!

Changing my doctor.. Hasan is the new new

Yes... I have punked out on going to the DR...simply because i cant afford to pay for someone else to come with :( all of my friends are broke college students.. so thats out of the question for them. I get 80% of my 1000 deposit back from molina so thats a good thing :) before i chose molina... I had a list of 3 docs. hasan and fisher being at the top despite of the reviews/rumors about vanity and hasan... my coordinator is Jenn and shes accommodating and funny.


So i scheduled with Hasan for November 22nd. Sent my deposit in ($1,000) and my labs the following week. 2 weeks or so later i get a call saying that Hasan cant do it so i can reschedule for the week before or the week after. This wouldve been ok if....
1. I hadnt booked me a 3 others flight already
2. booked my AirBNB
3. took off of work
4. if they were more understanding and professional
I already did my research and i knew Vanity was crappy.
So i politely asked for a refund until further notice... thats when I got the attitudes.. the run around... the we will take off $300. no. give me a refund. Ironically, refund is the only department that can only be contacted via emails. BULLSH*T. And the process is 4-6 weeks. why?

Anyways Im now booked with Velilla at Evolution MD... this Journey is exhausting and emotional :(

My journey has been up and down... I almost gave...

My journey has been up and down... I almost gave up, but i want a fatty :( lol

I began in DR, changed my mind and now I'm back to the States. I had a horrible encounter with Vanity.  They are unbelievably unprofessional and they cant spell worth sh*t. But now I'm going to evolution MD and i am soooo excited!! Carmela, my surgery coordinator is so sweet! She is best with emails, quick responses and all. I am currently 5'6 and 160 lbs.  Im going with my boyfriend, and two close friends... should i hire a nurse ?  Waiting for my Labs and clearance to go through. I cant wait to get it over with cause im so fat and not motivated to look cute on any day !! I will be sharing my journey with you guys every step of the way!!

11 days Pre Op

I am so nervous... I think the anxiety is kicking in x1000. I have all these questions like: what if i die? what if the fat doesn't survive? what if i get a horrendous burn the size of america on my tummy? All these questions I was so sure and positive on 2 months ago are now turning negative:(

Is this normal?

On another note, I've ordered a faja (dprada) and my foams from Amazon. and i am currently 5'6 163 lbs. (30 lb gain)
Booked my massages for when i come back home (im returning home 5 days post) please pray for me!!
I also got my refund mailed to my from vanity!!!! I contacted their legal attorney and it went from there (dont f*ck wit ma money)

Made it to Miami ????

I arrived!! So I made it to Miami last night, checked in and went right to bed. Evolution called to confirm my pre ops at 10:30 am so I just went to bed.

Evolution MD: the office is so clean and chic! Miramar is about 25 mins from Miami but you can tell it's a nice suburban area. It puts me more at ease seeing the actual office and how they take care of it! The women were very nice and patient with me from all of my questions to last minute paper work. I will say that I was there from 10:00 - 2 pm... My pre op only took an hour but I was sent to the surgical office upstairs to meet the doctor (never happened). I guess the doctor meets with patients in between surgeries which is not time efficient. Some girls were waiting 2 hours or more for surgery. So I will say the wait time like most practices is agitating.

I packed and tried not to go overboard... which I failed lol

I also made this juice with the base being pineapple juice and the others being cucumber and celery. Pineapple: 1 can 1 whole cucumber and 1 stick of celery.It helps with a lot! Fiber, bruising, inflammation, great source of vitamin a, e, and c. It does taste bad either! I'm drinking 4 liters between today and tomorrow.

I order most of my supplies from Amazon.
My faja is by d'prada and it's a large
Weight: 161 height: 5'6
I'm have the bbl under local anesthetics I hope it's not uncomfortable :( surgery is Nov 23rd!! Please keep me in your prayers I will post pics as soon as I take them

1 day post op

Surgery: it was under local anesthesia (I was awake) the local stuff is not that bad because your under heavy meds before the surgery. Dr. Velilla is sooo sweet and always concerned! He would call my name throughout the whole procedure (I fell asleep at some point) and I was just in and out the whole time. This lady was sitting in front of me and I would grab and stroke her hand from time to time lol I don't know why. But over all I am very very happy with my decision!
Please be careful ladies! I fainted in the hotel lobby... The scariest thing ever! My boyfriend hasn't let me out of his sight since... Around 8pm Velilla was rushing me back to the facility

1 day post op

Mariam is heaven sent!!

I went to mariam for all of my massages and they weren't a breeze but she is AWESOME. She offers post op care as well!! I recommend her for any operation!

6 weeks post op, planning round 2

While I have a better shape and more booty than I use too... I am not satisfied. My booth isn't how I want it at all. More projection and a slope effect is my goal.

More 6 week pics

It dropped :) and is fluffy

Would you believe I'm still thinking about a round 2?? I still want it bigger OMG! I just don't want to deal with recovery ever again :( it's not only an emotional roller coaster, I felt depressed everyday. If ppl would even say my booty looked "okay" I would get PISSED. Here are my 3 month results.

More booty pics

9 months Post Op (Round 2 wya?!)

It's been 9 months and I. Am. Fat. Ass. F*ck!!!! I like my booty but now I want a different look. Before I just wanted a fatty but I could not stop gaining after my sx... now I want more of an slim/athletic build and I've lost 7 lbs so far... I am 168 and my goal is 150. I'm still thinking about doing round 2.
Miami Internist

My out of state coordinator, Carmela, is very attentive and very easy to contact. So far my experience has been a breeze! I will post more after surgery

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