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Hello all my fellow RealSelf dolls! I originally...

Hello all my fellow RealSelf dolls! I originally had another BBL review but asked for it to be removed since I was no longer getting it with Jimerson. If anyone wants deets on that please feel free to ask, but to make a long story short, I paid 100 for a in-house consultation, paid a 500 deposit, and realized that with me being 18 and having no job I was not able to afford the 22,700 that he was asking for lol. I thought I could just take off some procedures and get one area of lipo (which was going to be 4000 something smh), so I have decided that Jimerson is just too high for someone like me. My date was for May 23, 2016 and I have yet to cancel. I am though because if I don't before a certain time I will have to pay 1000 and that's dead lol. So I have decided to become a Duran Doll!! 600 dollars, to me, is alot to waste when you don't have a job to get the money back. I understand that I should have made a realistic approach and knew that I was not gonna have that amount of money he wanted. Life is all about lessons learned. And I will not go through the same thing with Duran. Ik for sure that she is who I want to go to and that I actually have the money to go to her. I will make sure that my review is very detailed because Ik that there are some pre-vets/vets that do update, but there are alot of people that get their surgery and never update again. So I will do my best. Follow my journey!

Little Bit About Me And What I Want Done

I am an 18 year old female (turning 19 on Sept. 21 :) ) who is 4 feet and 11.5 inches tall. My weight has fluctuated since I got into college :( freshman 15 is no joke yall. So I am like 135 pounds. I honestly don't know. I go to school at Georgia Southern but when I come home, I live in the Atlanta area. The procedures that I want including the following: BBL, FULL LIPO, ARM LIPO, INNER THIGH LIPO, and FAT GRAFTING TO HIPS. Let's see what else? I want a bbl and lipo because I mean Duran's work is great. So why not? I am going to post pics. I already have a butt (told by many) but I honestly dont see it. I want my butt to look big from behind and instead it looks flat and square. It's wierd because my butt pokes but its not full. But idk you guys can be the judge when I post these pics lol. The pics I posted are just "starter pics". I will do naked pics sometime this week. It's hard to take pics when you have no one to take them.

Contacting Duran, Failed, Contacted Laura, Success

As you will hear many other people say that they have tried to contact Duran for a while. I actually started to contact Duran this summer in June. That didn't work, so I started to go through Bella Vita and High Class Recovery. I ended up not going through them and decided to start calling the DR. Now I only got to level 3 Spanish in high school, but I did not know what those prompts were saying lol. All I did was press 212 and never got an answer. So I went back to emailing. Even attempting to write the emails in Spanish. I stopped getting on RealSelf for a while because I was going to just give up on surgery, but one day I got on and saw that Duran had a coordinator. So I sent an email and got a response the next day. I am going to upload emails and What's app convos so you can see for yourself. :) Happy Following!

Deposit Sent! Waiting To Get This Show On The Road

So I just made my deposit to Laura via paypal. Still kinda iffy about that but at least I can dispute it if something goes wrong. Hopefully Laura emails me tomorrow with the itinerary. Also, Laura emailed me and said that my May 9th date is available so hopefully I can have surgery one day earlier!

Date Confirmed For May 9th!

Laura said she got my deposit then I got an email saying that my date is confirmed for May 9th at 1 am! I looked at that and was like woah! So I will be getting down there on the 7th since I have to be there 2 days before surgery. I am excited! I guess my next step is to look at High class recovery and Angies to see which one I want to go to.

Got A Receipt From Laura From Duran, So I Guess I'ts Official lol

I got a screenshot of google calendar where I am in the system to be done on May 9th. (Kinda wondering why it said 6 am to 7 am but my confirmation is saying 1 am. I asked Laura what will be happening the 2 days before surgery and she has yet to respond.) I also got a screen shot of a receipt with my deposit on it. I was told to print the receipt and bring it. The whole 450 does not get deducted ONLY the 250. Which would make sense because I am technically paying to get a quote so that money is not for surgery. Everything looks legit though, so I am getting very excited and nervous at the same time. I am still looking for a RH. Oh yea Laura sent me RH packages (I thought I was getting some sort of deal, but when you add up how much the RH charges its the same price). Can you vets tell me how RH's work? If you want a double or triple room (to get that cheap price lol) can you not just get it and they put random ppl in your room? I do not have a buddy yet so right now if RH's don't work the way I think, I will have to pay for a single room and I am really not feeling that.

On The Hunt For Recovery Houses!

Well Laura said I cannot get an itinerary until they know what RH I'm staying at and my flight details which makes perfect sense. So right now I am in contact with Angie from Silhouette Recovery Home aka Angie's Recovery house and Wendy from High Class Recovery. As I told you guys before I will not be looking into the RH's Laura sent me until I get details from Wendy and Angie. With my surgery date being May 9th, I plan to leave on May 7th with my mother. My mom will not be able to stay until I leave so she will be leaving either May 11th or 12th. I will be leaving either the 20th or 21st. I have been talking to Angie and Wendy about my situation and have gotten 2 different responses. Wendy told me that my mom and I could get a double room and then I get moved to a single room when she leaves. When I calculated it (with 8 massages included) I would be paying $1465. That would be the price if I were to stay in a double room then move to a single room. I am leaning more to High Class Recovery because I talked to Angie and she basically sounded like if I wanted a triple room I could get one and may have a roommate. Meaning that people are randomly put in rooms. Her double rooms are 85 which would add up to 1530 if I add massages. If I were to stay in a triple room that would be 1390, but I am not feeling being in a room with 2 random people after my mom leaves so I am leaning towards Wendy. It's just really hard catching her, but I understand she is very busy.

Pausing For Right Now

Since my surgery is not until May, I am not booking a RH until January. I am also waiting until december to get my passport. I dont want to get ahead of myself when I have a while until surgery. So for right now, I am just going to focus on school. Will post wish pics and more pics of me closer to my date.

So It's Official!!!!!

i finally was able to talk to somebody from Duran's office. However, it was not Elizabeth. I asked for her and the lady said she is not working right now but that she could help me. I told her I was just calling to confirm my date. She asked for my name and date of surgery and told me that I am on the calendar via Laura for May 9th! I was happy to hear the confirmation from them. Also, I asked her what time the surgery was because on the email Laura sent me it said 1 am but then the screen shot of Duran's calendar said between 6-7 am so I was confused. But she kindly told me 6:45ish. Hopefully that means I am Duran's first booty of the day! Lol. That's all I have to update on. So far Laura has been the best! She recently sent of list of things I should have done before coming to the DR and told me that we will work on a RH closer to my surgery date. I am toooo excited!

On Standby + Wish Pics

Haven't really had anything to update you guys on. I had a minor scare because people started to say Laura was a scam but that's been cleared up. ALSO I recently had a physical done in July. I called my insurance (Blue Cross Blue Shield) and asked if I have to wait a full year to get a physical or just until the new year starts. They said I just have to wait until the new year starts. So with that info I felt so good because this would be one less thing I have to pay for. But I called my doc office and my doc has a policy where I have to wait a whole year smh so right now I am on the hunt for another PCP! Uploading a picture of me along with some wish pics! Enjoy! :)

Going to IG

I decided that I will start documenting on IG. I will still document on RealSelf but not much. Follow me @_durandoll2016

No Longer Going to Duran switching to Cabral.

If you want my date inbox me. calling tomorrow to see if i can give my date away


I ordered some supplies to get me started. I got a BBL pillow and a 3 pack of lipo foam sheets from Diamond Care And Recovery. The BBL pillow was on sale so of course I had to get it before the price went up. The pillow was 79 and the lipo foam was 20. Diamond Care And Recovery also sells a variety of things. They just got the master lock portable cases and i will DEF be buying because it comes in pink :)

Had Surgery on May 10th with Cabral!

I switched docs from Duran to Cabral. I felt that he could give me the body i wanted. I love my lats but not so much my butt. I thought it could have been bigger, doing a rd 2 of bbl in May with Dr Hasan! Getting a breast lift and reduction w/ implants in December with Dr Duenas. I will make a separate review for that.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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