18 Years Old Looking to Have Bbl - Dominican Republic, DO

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I am currently looking to undergo a Brazilian butt...

I am currently looking to undergo a Brazilian butt lift procedure. I have been looking for over a year now on the Internet ect for surgeons or clinics that do this , I have seen dr jimersons work and love it but can't afford his prices and I've heard he is not good at upper back lipo , I think I've decided to go with dr Duran as here work in my eyes is equally as good , as I love the tiny waist and big bum with lots of volume in it. I cannot contract dr Duran so if anyone know how please let me know , also about their experiences with this and cost please

Wish pics

Theses are some of my wish pics m realistic or not? Still can't get in touch with dr Duran :(

Dr Duran !,

I am so excited to announce at 3.30 Dominican republic time , dr Duran is going to contact with me , at 2pm (British time) I rang her practice and they said she will be in contact with me then , I will post tonight all details when I get them , finnnnaaallly I've got in touch with her , I recommend everyone to ring her and not email because in my experience she doesn't reply

Disappointed and fustrated

I did not hear back from dr duran despite her receptionist telling me I would, this was Friday morning. I tried having patient and waited two days later to see what had happened , I was told to ring back Monday morning , when I did they either don't understand my English or kept hanging up on me and when they did answer they kept putting me on hold and then not answering back to me , I am getting a bit fustrated now because for one my phone bill is going to be so high and secondly I didn't find it very respectful or professional , I understand dr Duran is a very busy person m but I'm tired of trying to get in contact with her , could anyone please recommend how else I can get in contact with her more effienctly or recommend another dr that are up to her standards , thank you and sorry for the negative comment

Quote from dr yilly BBL

Hi finally got a quote from dr yilly for $4600 for 10 days in recovery house and bbl with liposuctioned areas of the full back ,abdomen, flanks and waist . I asked for lipo on my upper and lower back, upper and lower abdomen and back of arms , can I change the areas for them do you think ?

Quotes and options help

I have got Quotes from both yilly and medina for bbl and Breast reduction I am wondering could anyone help me decide who to go to ? I like yillys bbl but have not yet seen any breast lift work by her , on the other hand I've seen a some breast lift work from medina but not enough bbl photos to help me (I know there are a lot but can't seem to find them )

Surgery date booked , dr yilly 16th November 2015

Hey dolls , I finally booked my surgery date for 16th of November with dr yilly I will be having a bbl and liposuction followed by a Breast reduction, I will be posting up some photos some (please have patience) if yilly can do a good job with my body then everyone has hope lol. If someone could tell me what I will need for both these procedures it would greatly help and the best place to get them , thanks in advance xxx

Questions about dr yilly please help

Hi can someone please tell me if you would recommend dr yilly for Breast reduction , do you think her Breast reductions are your good quality because I cannot find that work anywhere

Dr Duran has replied ... FINALLY

I have received my quote from a couple of surgeons but I went with Dr Yily I have my deposit and booked my surgery date for the end of this month which is August for anyone who reads this at a later date, unfortunately because of certain issues that have arose I have postponed my surgery date until January ... I believe everything happens for a reason and maybe it was because Duran was going to reply to me finally after months of waiting , when I receive my quote I will let you all know .... Please write below any thoughts or queries you have , xxxx

Quote from Dr duran

She's quoted me 3800 for bbl and liposuction , still unsure who I should go with ????

7th November DR Duran BBL + Lipo

Hi everyone so it is official I have received my quote from dr Duran after a lot of blood sweat and tears trying to not alone reach her but get a reply..... So il get to the important things I bet you all want to know ....

I'm 19 and I've been thinking of getting this procedure for the past 3 years. I'm only 4foot 11 in height and I weight 140kg I have been reading hundreds of great reviews from you lovely ladies at real self and if gave me that extra push to go for this . My quote for BBL and Liposuction including arm lips was $3900 that did not include the extras such as insurance and lab testing ect. I am going to put my deposit down tomorrow for the tropical duleek recovery house ( please places can someone tell me if there's a reason I shouldn't put my deposit down for this recovery house ) . And I'm flying from Europe so my flights are going to cost me €700-800 ($627-717) . In total I will be looking to spend €5500 ($4930) in total for this surgery. I will upload some before pics shortly to give you guys an idea of my body shape ect . If someone could give me a list of supplies that would be great also if anyone is travelling to DR in November let me know ????????????

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Very unprofessional ,doesn't reply and does not care about her patience in my opinion

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