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Hello everyone!!! I decided to finally go thru...

Hello everyone!!! I decided to finally go thru with the bbl procedure after a long time of consideration. I considered butt shots in the past but quickly changed my mind after finding out that they are both illegal and extremely dangerous. I never considered traveling outside the US for any thing other than vacation but decided to go with Dr Yily de Los Santos after seeing what an amazing job she does. I quickly contacted Yily to get started on the appt process. After going back and fourth thru phone calls and emails we set the date for March 12th. My BFF is also going with me, she is also getting a bbl so I'm lucky to not have to go alone :) I started my blog after seeing how supportive you girls are for one another, and I need that. I am sometimes nervous about going thru with the procedure but I just pray everything will go great to ease my mind. I have told my boyfriend I'm goin to do it but he doesn't believe me so he isn't very supportive. But what I didn't tell him was that I'm going to have it done out the country, simply because I didn't want to hear his comments about it. So far I've had to pay for my passport and my airline ticket. I decided not to go the cheap route on tickets because I wanted direct flights esp returning home, I am also going to see if I can upgrade my return ticket to first class to make sure that I am comfy on the way back. I'm staying about a week at Jspa which will be $75 a night. I haven't been shopping for my trip yet but will probably start this week because time is winding down. I wanted to keep it brief in my first post but if you have any questions feel free to ask. Keep me and my friend in your prayers along the way. Thanks!!!!


I got my passport today which made me a little...

I got my passport today which made me a little more excited!!! I still haven't started shopping for supplies but I plan to do so this weekend!!! Time is almost here!!! :)

OMG I can't believe March is here!!! I have 12...

OMG I can't believe March is here!!! I have 12 days left and my mind is running wild!!! I'm about to make my supply list and probably go shopping tomorrow. My emotion get a little crazy at times but I pray everyday about this whole ordeal and it keeps me at ease :) ill post before pics the closer it gets to sx. Send prayers up and wish me luck:)
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