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After years of research I've finally decided to go...

After years of research I've finally decided to go with Fatima Almonte!!! I'm very excited, I am 28 and I'll be getting a TT+ liposuction of full back, flanks and abdomen + bbl. Is anyone thinking about it? Are you post op, how was your recovery? Going to make a appointment with my doctor here at home soon to check my hemoglobin to see where I am. Feel free to msg me about whatever, in very excited!!! You only live once and you live with your body so be happy!

Finally have the courage

Well it's getting closer to time finally have the courage to post pictures and get deeper into my journey. I was awake but I was comfortable with and then last year I got pregnant. I was pretty far along and my baby had no heartbeat. Obviously it was heartbreaking and very depressing to say the least. I've been trying to get the baby weight off but it seems to not go anywhere. So it's imperative for me to have this surgery because the weight is a constant reminder of my loss pregnancy. On a lighter note I am very excited and extra nervous as the weeks are coming. Anyone else have a date coming soon? Here are some pictures before pics...

Things I have

I've already had my passport for a while now. I'm just nervous about getting the tourist card, traveling alone and under or over packing. Although I haven't done much shopping for the trip yet I just get butterflies thinking about it. I found myself going back on YouTube and we watching some people I follow Journey just to give me some comfort. The fact that most of them stayed in the Rh I will be in, while it's comforting I'm still hella nervous... I'm also very fortunate that my OBGYN used to perform the BBL surgery although he doesn't do it anymore I'm very comfortable with him doing my aftercare. So he's all on top of helping me and making sure my hemo is up even advise me not to go to the DR. I assured him although this is my first round I am no newbie and I am aware of the horror stories due to all my extensive research. Although dr. Fatima Almonte was not my first choice she became my first choice, because I knew that if I was going alone that I have to be able to 1000? Trust my life in doctor's hands... Do any of you dolls love a Doctor's work but have reservations due to the reputation? ?????
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Lesley has to be a very busy woman but still remains polite and punctual she's amazing!!!

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