09/15/2016 I Will Be a Yily Doll! - Dominican Republic

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*Treatment results may vary

So I have been doing my research for awhile and I...

So I have been doing my research for awhile and I have decided to go with Dr. Yilly. I see her results and I'm happiest with her work I know a lot of ppl say she has an attitude but tbh IDC AS LONG AS MY BODY IS SNATCHED !

Well heres alil info about what I am having done...
Lipo (arms, abs/waist, back, bra roll and INNER THIGHS)
BBL (fat transfer)

I'm super nervous cuz its extremely easy to mess up arm and inner thigh lipo and I haven't seen may before and after pics of her work in these areas but ima put my trust in GOD and PRAY!

I am so looking forward to this well over due change in my life I'm 25 5'8 209lb (recently lost 20lbs yay! lol)w/ no kids. I am going to continue to lose weight u until my surgery date for better results and just to continue with a cleaner lifestyle.

More info/Tips

I'm the type of person that when I want something I WANT IT NOW! So I picked a surgery date that is less than 3weeks away .. I understand if you have to wait cuz of financial reasons but they longer you the more doubts you'll have and then ppl start switching Drs and they body get messed up! Over 80% of the time your first choice was the right one! But anywayI haven't done ANYTHING.. I mean nothing I'll be paying my deposit, buying my plane ticket and Getting my passport on Friday.. The plane ticket cost the same whether it's 3weeks or 3months from now so who cares.. && I'll pay that extra $60 for my passport as long as I'm snatched before my College Homecoming (I haven't been in 2years since I graduated).

I am going alone and I'm staying in a recovery house while there.. I'm going alone because I'm doing this for me to better myself inside and out so I don't have time for ppl to save money for tickets, passports and etc.. I'm sure I'll meet some ppl in the recovery house lol

*Tips to picking a SX day*

Do not go during Tax Return season ( January-April) this is when the Dr will be the busiest. You will not receive a lot of attention. The Dr is working longer days and tired and you don't want a tired doctor cutting you open.

Ask for open dates for the entire month of your surgery and they will give you a list of days that are already filled.. Pick a day that is not surrounded by booked days, you want your surgery to sleep well the night before they work on your body.

This is taken from the most current email from Dra. Yily De Los Santos...
"These are the dates that are FULL and NOT available:
All dates are available in August EXCEPT August 1, 2, 3, 15, 16, 17, 23, & 24.
All dates are available in September EXCEPT September 7 & 9.
All dates are available in October EXCEPT October 7, 14, 21 & 28
All dates are available in November EXCEPT November 24 & 25.
All dates are available in December EXCEPT December 23 & 30.

More booty wish pics

My nerves...

I'm kinda nervous about this BBL tbh.. I want it big but a natural big for my body but then again I don't want it to look like nothing was done... So idk!!?? I also don't want it hard and stiff since I have a real soft ass now lol I don't wanna lose that. But I think I'll be happier if I had to do a round 2 to make it bigger than having to do RD2 to make it smaller.. Just my thoughts while I sit here and wait on my direct deposit to start the process that will change my life.. Lmao

Are my expectations realistic? Yes and no I guess .. I want a super flat stomach but that isn't always the case when I see lipo results tummy tucks look the best but I never had a child so I'll think I'll save that one for later lol I really hope I don't have to do a RD2 I'll just put my diet in high gear and see what happens..

Plastic surgery app

So I found this plastic surgery app (FREE) where you can edit your pics so I had alil fun... Definitely not perfect but I was trying out different looks so here are some before and afters.

Free iPhone app - Dr 90210

Your welcome lol

No need for wish pic

When I get to the DR Ima show Yily a pic I edited of me so she can see how I want MY BODY to look and not pieces of other ppl because showing a pic can only get you so far I want to give her the blueprint! Lol

When i make my final edit I will post it and then we can compare to see how close Yily can get you to what you want.

Everything paid for !! (Trip/Sx details )

I have been super busy..
Dr. Yily $4100
RH $625
Plane $430
Passport $195
The only money I'm taking to the DR is extra fees and spending money.

I am about 11days away and I'm starting to feel the pressure but I've also started to become so uncomfortable with my own body that if I don't get it I won't be happy for awhile cuz Ima lock myself in a gym.

I am leaving from Texas on the 14th.. Surgery is on the 15th and I'll be back home on the 22nd. I will be staying at Serenity II recovery house I saw there pics on Instagram and the plays looks dope and Americanized i.e. MODERN lol

Edited wish pics.

I have been editing my pics so see how I want my body and seeing if it is achievable.. I think this app is the best because it helps you set realistic goals for yourself.. Here is a couple of pics I edited (I'm not a pro so it's not perfect) but feel free to comment and give me some feed back..

I each pic has a before and after then a single for a close up .. Here's 3 different edits..


I had some free time so why not...

Chest. 41 (Natural 40D bra size)
Upper waist 37
Lower waist 40
Hips. 45
Thighs. 28
Arms 14

Wow! The numbers look worse than it is LOL

It's almost time!!!

8 days til I'm in the DR... 9 days til I'm yilyfied!!!!

Tick tock !!

So in about 30mins it'll be exactly one week before I get to the DR and 8days til my transformation !!!

I was reading and watching tv on inner thigh lipo and I just hope and pray I don't need a thigh lift ugh! (It's basically a tummy tuck for your thighs ) The skin on my stomach arms ass hell everywhere is pretty tight so I'm not worried about snapping back its just my thighs are so big and the inner part is fatty and soft so I hope I don't need a thigh lift because for 1 I'm pretty sure that's extra and I'm already up to $7000 in surgery fees and items.. 2 what is the recovery time for that? 3 I'm having a lot of lipo done and a BBL this may add to my surgery time, haven't even checked my Hemo yet if it's not high enough I wouldn't even be able to get it if I wanted too... I don't want any distractions from my TINY WAIST which is the most important thing on this trip.
I need to stop watching this BS cuz it's only fucking with my nerves..

Well I guess it's back to looking at wish pics and day dreaming ADIOS !

One week

It's legit now (even tho my surgery date hasn't been confirmed smh )


No I didn't have surgery YET! But I want a breast lift I'm way to young for my breast not to sit under my chin LMAO I'm a natural D and I would love to have perky big breast and NO BRA lol plus my aunt wants a boob job and she's mad I didn't tell her about this in time for her to come with me so I think we can just go together and get some work done lol

SN: I still have got my Hemo checked and it's Thursday..I leave on weds smh I'm such a procrastinator!

starting to get pissed off!

okay so I was really trying not to say anything bad and just keep thinking positive but this communication is starting to become an issue. I emailed Yily on Sept 2 to let her know I paid my deposit and that I had a previous surgery on my back due to an injury and I wanted to make sure I would not have a problem getting an epidural or a BBL.... a BBL can damage the nerves in your back that control your leg movement if not done properly and since mine is extra sensitive from my injury I wanted to make sure there wasn't going to be a problem because ill still go threw with my lipo but get a breast lift instead (we gonna figure something out lol) Ive probably sent 6 emails since last Friday, ive contacted her on whats app and she answered my insurance question but ignored the other question.. I waited a day then I called the whats app and spoke to yily briefly and told her I was waiting on an email response she said to text her my info and she'll talk to sasha about it, so I did that and resent the emails to her (this whole time I have no attitude at all and I don't plan on getting one I understand shes busy but I need this answered I leave on Wednesday! ). she keeps telling me to send it to her gmail and I had to send pics to show her I already did everything and now its the waiting game again because they don't work on weekends so I doubt she'll respond so most likely I wont know til I get there SMFH

Yily did what she said!

I know I just posted about the poor communication so I had to update this to clear the air... yes all that stuff did happen but early today when I talked to Yily (I called the whats app) she said she would have Sasha look over my info and even tho its after business hours (6:45pm CST) I GOT ALL MY QUESTIONS ANSWERED AND SURGERY CONFIRMATION ! I know she's busy today cuz shes booked with surgeries but I'm glad she got it handled for me because this was going to be a long 5 days if I didn't get that email lol well IM OFF TO PACK TTYL DOLLS!


OK ladies I have been trying so hard not to write an update I wanted to wait until I actually got on the plane and was leaving and then I was going to update you all but so much has been going on so I'll just tell you now LOL

So the vitamins that I've been taking normally has been iron folic acid vitamin C & B12 . I recently went to the GNC store to see if I can find something natural that would help with swelling and retaining water for after the surgery and this really really cute guy that worked there suggested ginger pills I googled it and it says that Ginger is a great for reducing swelling so I bought that. (I've attached a pic of some of the info I found on it) I was also told about another Pill he said it was for like reducing waterweight and things like that it's called the Damiana (it's supposed to be made from dandelions) I googled this one as well and I didn't really see too much about it reducing water weight but I did see that this is used for a lot of helpful things like anxiety stress depression is supposed to be an all-around mood booster but the most shocking thing that I found about it is that it is also a natural aphrodisiac… Yes you read that right it's an all natural sex drive enhancer... Needless to say after reading this on Google and flirting with the guy at the counter for about 20 minutes I bought both of them… And I must say I have been feeling great I am not nervous about this trip I'm more so excited but I'm strangely calm… maybe this will change when I get on the plane or maybe the pills actually work I'm not sure but I just thought I would share.. I felt the effects of the pills the first day I took them so it doesn't hurt to try them out… best $6 I spent all week

Well today Sasha called me from Dr. Yily office to confirm my surgery on Thursday and to answer any questions that I may have which I'm so glad she called because I started my cycle a couple of days ago and I'm one of those types of people who don't know when it's coming I don't know how long it's going to last so we can either have three days of quietness or seven full days of pain.. Yeah I know my body is jacked up like that but that's what I deal with… I asked her to see if this will be a problem and she said if my hemo is too low then I can do iron treatments.. which I'm getting to the Dominican republic a day early around 1 or 2 PM so I'll have time to do whatever I need to do to make sure I'm prepared for surgery the next morning... I know a lot of people go to the doctor in check their Hemoglobin levels before going but for me I didn't really see it worth paying $200 to check it when I had a feeling my period was coming soon and I would have to do some type of blood transfusion anyway *shrugs* oh well YOLO!

Well as of right now I am completely packed, I will be getting my hair done tomorrow, and then I am going to relax with my family until my plane leaves at 6am on Weds... Oh yeah the Dominican Republic has a website where you can buy your tourist card online for $10 I think I'm going to try it out and I will post about it here and I will let you all know how it goes.... skipping one line in the airport can save a lot of time… So let's all hope I don't get my money stolen lmao


Dominican Republic

Just a quick update .. I landed in the DR and my tourist card I got offline worked great! (Even tho there was no line on a weds lol) .. The airport isn't that confusing because visitor, immigration and customs pretty much look the same in both languages so just follow the signs.. I was out in a about 20mins but then again I jumped the line lol cuz Ima boss like that . I am now On my way! To get my labs done so ttyl!


So far everything has been great Everyone has been super nice and positive! I've been staying at serenity 2 and the food is great the people are caring.. My roommate is pretty cool so far .. She going to Duran so I can't wait to see her results... it's only been one day so I'll give you all the full scoop as time goes on but I'm at Cipla now my Hemo is 13.5 and my period ended yesterday ALL PRAISE TO THE MOST HIGHEST! I'm laying in the hospital bed in my paper gown looking at my blue pill but I haven't meet Yily to get marked up yet so it's the waiting game.. Right now it's 10:50am hopefully she comes in soon !

P.S. Ppl plz do not lie about your medical conditions because you could seriously injure yourself during surgery… I met a girl in Yily office today she's been down here for two weeks and she had her surgery on Monday which is a week later than she intended because she didn't do what she needed to do back in the states. She came down here knowing she was anemic and didn't check her Hemo before coming ( I know I didn't check mine either but I had blood drawn about 4-5 weeks ago before I decided to do my surgery and I it came back clear and I know I'm not anemic) so when she got here it was 10 something she did iron treatments and went to an 11.8 but she had to change her diet just to get to a 12.5… So she wanted to have pretty much the same thing I'm getting but a couple things done to her face too.. But once on the operating table she was only able to get get stomach and back lipo'd then she started bleeding heavy and it dropped to 7 something had to have a blood transfusion and didn't get the rest of her surgery… Thank God they care more about the patient than the money cuz she could've been in a real dangerous situation… There's another girl here at the recovery house that wasn't going to tell Yily that she has lupus and that directly affects your blood WTF PPL GET IT TOGETHER.. Do you want a big ass or a heartbeat? Because it's your choice.

On the snatched side

Okay This is what you've all been waiting for!!! Around I saw Yily it was kinda quick but she does this everyday the only thing I had instruction on was my butt I showed her two pics and told her to make everything else disappear lol I didn't get nervous until I got wheeled into the O.R. But passed out quickly after... I don't think I woke during surgery but I remember saying push that hurts a couple of times but think it's when they put my faja on cuz they did it in the O.R. Room.. Of course at this time I'm out of if at first I that it was a dream .. I was laying on the table finished and next thing I know I'm saying I'm about to throw up so they place a Chux next to my face and I just go at it next thing I know I'm in my room with like 3 I've bags in rotation so I guess it wasn't a dream... I went in around 1230 and came out around 430 ( that's what the nurse told me) then they said I can't eat til 9pm WTF IM STARVING ! So after sweet talking my nurse from the RH I finally get some soup around 8. .. One hour early what the harm right? WRONG WRONG WRONG!! I ate a couple of bites and it was good but my faja was so tight I couldn't tell if I was hurting from hunger or cuz it was fold into my stomach plus I'm on I'm 3rd bag of this iv stuff... next thing I know I'm asking for a bed pan and it all come back up.. My nurse called alil later to see if I could get my pain meds early so the Cipla nurses came in to check on me and I showed them my faja and they said it was positioned wrong so the double teamed me and adjusted if was kinda painful but now I feel a lot better .. I'm still scared to eat though ... But Ima try soon... So here I am 9:00 hungry as hell. The felling is just now coming back in my feet.. They said it normal.. But I can't thing of much else except they stingy with the meds lol every 6 hour I need it after 2.. So bring your own if you can but here's a quick pic .. I'm still laying in the same position so plz be patient with the pics cuz right now y'all see what I see I have no idea how my booty looks yet they won't let me get up or turn over

So far I'm happy with my results my thighs are smaller and my waist is snatched my left side is super swollen tho... I'm not gonna lie I shred a couple of years earlier cuz it was overwhelming.. The pain the hunger and the restriction to the bed... I hopes things go better later until then ttyl

Day 3

Well I wasn't able to eat solid food for the first two days so bring some ensure with you just In case cuz the RH went to buy me some and it cost me $20 (I guess that's the price for bedside service) I ate my first meal today so things are getting better. DONT FOOL YOURSELF THERE WILL BE PAIN. My pain level now is probably 3 which is way better than yesterday which was like a 9 .. Your gonna be exhausted and tired a lot it's normal. My Hemo after surgery was a 10 which is pretty good.. Sorry but im just kinda all over the place I'm alil doped up and trying to give as much info I can think of..

Well feel free to ask questions and I'll be happy to give you my take on the situation..

If you need an app to call ppl in the states : "Sideline" phone number is great it work for iPhone and android.


Pics didn't upload so Ima try again


Okay you guys don't report me but this is the moment we've all been waiting for 3-4days after surgery.

I stayed out of my faja today for a couple hours today to wash it and now I feel like a water balloon.. smh do better than me ladies.

I got my wish pic ! ASS ASS ASS !!!

Okay you guys don't report me but this is the moment we've all been waiting for 3-4days after surgery.

I stayed out of my faja today for a couple hours today to wash it and now I feel like a water balloon.. smh do better than me ladies.

Yily is the best hands down!

I know my last 2 post are messed up but I don't know how to change them so oh well.

I have 0 regrets about going to Yily she gave me exactly what I showed her as my wish pic (see previous post) to me that's amazing!! Not only did she give me a perfect butt my stomach is so small everyone thought I had a tummy tuck ! Contacting her was not a hassle I got a response in 1-2 business days which is way quicker than the USA. The ppl at serenity have been great taking care of me I met some nice ppl here and I'm recovering pretty quick... I met 3 Duran girls and although their bodies look good they wish they went to Yily after seeing me lmao

I'm so disappointed!!

I don't what happened between last week and today but my butt looks like nothing has been done!!! It looks like my old butt just alike bit fuller and I'm fucking pissed about it because last week I had my dream ASS now it feels like that's exactly what it was a FUCKING DREAM!! It's been about 10days so I know there will be ups and downs and everyone else talks about this magical "fluffing" which I pray exists! But from the looks of things right now this is what I have nice hips (that I didn't ask for I rather have a big ass instead) slightly smaller thighs (I still need to go to the gym) I small waist (I have a couple of lumps I need to get massaged out) .. some days I see the changes some days I don't .. it's to soon to come to an real conclusions about my shape but right now the way I feel after seeing 3 Duran girls if I went to her I wouldn't be questioning my ass right now.. I know Yily has a different technique where she puts the fat under the muscle so it takes more time for her results to show but damn playing hide and go seek with my results are getting really irritating!!!

I'm back home and it feels great but I'm looking in the mirror and im not a believer in magic so idk how my ass is going to magically appear one day but I have no choice but to wait and see .. but I have been thinking a lot and TBH I don't want a round 2 but if I do Ima go to Duran and get lipo on my thighs arms and a breast lift with another BBL or just hit the gym and get some ass shots to make it fuller how I want that way I don't have to have 3 months of fajas and pain... idk cuz it's still early in the game but right now I'm pissed and idk how my results can change that much in a week!! Hopefully by next week I'll be back to team Yily cuz my ass will come back lmao but right now I feel like I wasted my money smh

Let's see what changes in the next 11weeks

2weeks PO & still disappointed

OK so I was trying to wait until I was exactly 2 weeks post op but I'm only a couple hours away so I guess I'll post this now…

So here's what I've been going through… Whenever I take off my garment I Swell pretty big it's just so hard to get comfortable with these boards in… My ab board and my lumbar board… to be honest I'm pretty lost at what I'm supposed to be doing all I know is I'm supposed to stay in a compression suit for three months and whenever it gets loose I take it in or buy a new one. I have started getting massages which feels painful but I can see the difference after just one my muscles aren't as tight and I'm starting to get feeling back in my stomach and some of my back… I think I'm starting to go through the itching phase and I think it's because I'm starting to get the feeling back in the areas that was lipo'd.

Now as far as my results my waist and back are pretty flat or at least they will be once the swelling goes down and I'm starting to see areas that are looking a little more normal so hopefully the rest catches up pretty soon... so As far as my thighs go they are still kind of bruised and hard in some places I can't really gauge how much swelling is there because my thighs were so large before, I can see a difference they don't rub together too much like they used to and I fit in my clothes a lot better which I'm happy about but if I had a choice I would have liked her to do a little more… And onto my hips I know I'm in the healing process so I really really really hope that's what's going on right now because my left side has went down and is looking a little more normal still kind of curvy but my right side is still pretty big and I'm just wondering if the fat Took more to the right side than the left or is it just still kind of swollen it's not too noticeable if I pointed out you will see it but if not it's not that big of a deal but is something that I can see so I just got to wait and see what happens over time… And now onto my butt to be honest I tried not to even look at it and is starting to get really sad that I have to say that I paid so much money and I shouldn't have to feel this way like I just want to cry thinking about it scratch that to be honest I cry every time I have to talk about my butt and I'm crying right now just writing this post… I was so excited and I made sure I stay positive the whole time I was there even before surgery you can see in my post I was just trying to be optimistic but I can't keep up this front anymore I don't know if this fluffing shit is real but I can't keep getting my hopes up for something that may never happen… So basically she didn't do much to my butt I already had ass before I went down there it just wasn't as round as I would have liked it now it looks the same just a little rounder at the top and I'm starting to see dents form in my left cheek that I didn't have before I try to avoid looking at my butt in the mirror whenever I take my faja and I keep telling myself that maybe in a month things will look better maybe I'll be happier then but don't get me wrong I don't have a bad shape I never really had a terrible shape I just had stomach… With my stomach gone and a little more hips my shape looks great and I look good in clothes And for a normal person my butt is fine but as a person who paid for a Brazilian butt lift I am extremely disappointed I told my family I was going to get my butt done and when I got back its just kinda like where is your butt that you paid for? When you get a Brazilian butt lift and you have to look for the results your money was stolen. You can't see the difference in my butt when I have clothes on only when I'm naked THATS FUCKING RIDICULOUS!

I am two weeks post op and I am looking for a doctor for round two or at least a doctor locally so I can get some ass shots which is not at all what I wanted to do I didn't want to have a hard ass that looks fake or feels fake but I also don't want to go through all of this again I'm only two weeks post op And I am sick of this shit already I want to feel like a normal person again and the thought of going through another three months of compression garment's, another three months of the itching and the swelling and the bruising is pissing me off just thinking about it… Who knows once I hit weeks six and I can go back to the gym I'm just going to see how that works out for me but round two is definitely an option. (I'm looking into Dr. Duran, Cabral and Almonte)

These pics go along with my 2 week post

I know I know I'm a week late but life happens

3 weeks &&a feeling better!!!

So today I am three weeks and one day post op and I have to say within the last week so many things have changed a lot of the swelling has gone down I'm starting to see my stomach form and majority of the hard parts have Gone away except for a little bit on each side… I have been getting massages I've had three since I've been home and they helped tremendously. I'm starting to notice my right hip is going down some which is good because that was the one that was extremely larger than the other.. its starting to take shape its still a little bit bigger but is not as noticeable as it was before. I am starting to appreciate my shape for what it is I still wish my booty was bigger but after being out of my Faja for a while I can start to see the fullness in my cheeks and with my tiny waist it makes it look bigger.. I read somewhere that to have the vixen body they want you to have a 20 inch difference between your waist and your hips well right now my waist is 31 and I'm still swollen so hopefully I can get that down to a 28 and my hips are 47 so right now I'm at a 16 inch difference so my full measurements are 41 -31-47 not bad!

I still swell up whenever I take off my compressions suit and if it's not tight enough I'll swell up in it so ladies stay compressed ! is starting to seem like each week I need to get my suit taking in another 2 to 3 inches.. i've been going through those itching phases a lot more now and its the worst nothing helps.. at times I still feel very uncomfortable I can't wait until all of this is over I don't know why people want to go through this again for round 2 or 3 ugh I JUST WANNA BE NORMAL AGAIN! i'm not so much in pain except for my upper back and my sides where my ribs are and Occasionally my inner thighs..

I've been out a couple of times and clothes fit me so good LOL I can't wait until I'm healed and I can go shopping and to be honest I actually feel a lot better when I drink.. I know they say you're not supposed to drink for a little while but drinking makes all my pain away LOL only when I'm out with friends tho ..

Pics from my week 3 post op

I'm still healing and sore but things are coming along here are some quick pics ..

6 week update

Okay I've been M.I.A. For awhile but t I'm back with an update...

I'll be 6 weeks tomorrow..
Not much has changed.. I did notice my upper stomach is bigger than it was at 3 weeks idk if it's swelling or that's just what it's gonna look like idk but I'm not to pleased with it I still feel I need a lot of dieting and exercise to get it the way I want it.. my thighs are really sore and swell whenever I take off my garment..
I've came to terms with my butt it's not getting any bigger it's basically my old butt but rounder I still have the dent in my left cheek though .. I look really nice in dresses but you can't see a difference in jeans so that sucks..
I'm really sore on my sides and back I take Advil to take away the pain but bumpy car rides still bother me.. I went to the gym the other day it wasn't to bad while I was there but the next day the extra pain was horrible it took me longer to recover than normal..
on the bright side my hips have evened out lol

I'm definitely not in the best mood right now I don't think I would be feeling this way if I went to Duran or Cabral... I want a RD 2 but I don't want to spent another 3months going threw all of this AGAIN SMH

9 1/2 weeks

I know I've been MIA for a while but life happens and I'm here to give you a full update I am currently nine weeks and three days out of surgery.

The first thing I can say is my shape has improved a lot I am pleased with my results ..around week seven or eight I woke up one morning and I had ass lol fluffing is real thank God! I really hope there is more fluffing to come more ass has never been a problem in my book LOL i've been sitting on my butt since the day I've got it done I rarely use pillows to be honest I sometimes forget I got my butt LOL but the doctor said it was OK for me to do it so I did... my butt is super soft and jiggling which it was before I got it done I'm just glad that the surgery didn't take that away…

As far as my thighs I do see a difference they don't rub together like they used to I fit better in my clothing my left inner thigh is a little hard probably from scarring I haven't been getting massages since I was like three or four weeks only because they're like $100 a massage and I wasn't working for a while I just got a new job so I couldn't afford them but I'm going to start getting them again next week I know it's been a big gap in between but hey life happens…

My stomach has improved a lot the lumpiness has went away when I don't wear compression it comes back a little but all I have to do is use my ab board and it goes right away my stomach is pretty much flat now I'm not going to lie around week seven I kind of stop wearing my compression garment and I was wearing a waste trainer for a while but I wasn't wearing it 24 hours a day I was wearing about 12 hours a day and a couple days in between I have went a whole day with no compression my stomach does swell up and get super sore when I'm not wearing compression I need to buy a new body suit but like I said earlier money has been tight so I'm going to wait till next week… its still a little hard in the middle of my stomach I think once I start getting massages they'll are pretty much go away and on my sides especially the left side there is a hard part that needs to be massaged out I hope I didn't wait too long for that to be able to go away I mean its not too bad... my back and my sides are super sore to the touch it's almost unbearable at times I really can't wait until I'm healed because I really don't want to go through this pain anymore… The itching spells have pretty much gone away don't get me wrong I get them now and then but its nowhere near as bad as it was the last couple of weeks

I started going to the gym I mainly work on my arms since I didn't get those done and my thighs and butt I have noticed that since I'm healing i'm seeing results quicker than ever before .. I'll go to the gym and do 100 or two leg presses and then go look in the mirror and see instant definition in my body which I love !!
Overall I am now please with my results of course if I had a choice my butt would be bigger but going from week three to week nine I am so much happier with my results right now my waist is about a 29 1/2 and my hips are still at 47 so I have about a 17 1/2 inch ratio which I'm pretty sure my stomach is going to go down because it's still hard in certain places and I can feel the swelling in my stomach .. I'll be so happy when that goes away. It is now Nov 20 and Dec 8 will make 3months for me YAY!! I don't really see how Ima be able to go without compression though cuz I still swell up and I'm sore.. I'll just do a bunch of massages within the next 3 weeks hopefully that'll help cuz I DONT NOT WANT TO BE IN THIS ANY LONGER THAN NECESSARY!

I've posted some pics ..my body looks way better than the pics show .. next time I'll have someone else take them for me

Pics from week 8 & 9

Pics from week 8 & 9


I am 4 1/2 months and my body has really taken its shape ????????????

Be prepared for all the attention that comes with a new body because it will go to your head lol atleast it went to mine.

MY measurements are 39-30-47.

I have been getting massages about 2x a week and the lumps in my stomach are going away mostly except under my belly button.. I wear a waist trainer and an board to help .. I'm still swelling in my stomach when I don't where compression or even with just a bra on bothers me for long periods of time ..

Sorry so short but I'll add some pics

4 months later


Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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