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Hello ladies, I'm a 22 year old mother and wife...

Hello ladies, I'm a 22 year old mother and wife who has decided to change my life for the better. I have been struggling with weight gain for the last four years. It all started when I had gotten pregnant and had a miscarriage, I gained sooo much weight after that, one minute the weight would leave but then come right back, by this time it was twice the amount as before. In high school I was a skinny sexy cheerleader with hips and booty with no stomach at all, I thought I was the bomb digitty lol!! After high school I had my first and only child. I started off at around 140 lbs now after 3 years I am up to 196 lbs. No matter how much I work out I can not get rid of this flabby ass belly of mines, I cant wait to have my surgery done so I can look and feel sexy again. My hubby, mother and sister are the only ones I've told about this. At first my mom was all down for it but now she's telling me to just work out because I might not wake up after going under the knife, I hate negativity so I no longer talk to her about it. As far as my husband he says that he likes me just the way I am but hell he knows I'm fat and how bad I really wants this. He supports me no matter what but he thinks I shouldn't go alone so hopefully I would have found someone to buddy up with before my sx date. I spoke with Dr.Yily and told her exactly what I wanted, tummy tuck, BBL and Lipo. I was quoted $4300.00 for everything which I think is a great price compared to doctors in the U.S.
I absolutely love the way she sculptures those tiny waists, exactly what I want!! Dr.Duran was originally the doctor I had chosen but I didn't get a quote from her until dang near 2 months later, by that time Yily had given me a quote and actually responded within a few days. I have a little butt to begin with so my main focus is my stomach and back fat. Duran quoted me $4800 so Yily was $500 less than her price. My surgery date is February 24th and I'm hoping to find a surgery buddy. I will be leaving from Atlanta, if interested please respond or send me a message.

Pre-op Pics

Here are a few of my current pictures, I can't wait to get this weight off of me! I look so much better in clothes and a girdle but I can't fool myself, this here gots to go!!

5 More Weeks

I have a little over 5 more weeks to go, I'm beyond excited!! I'm praying that God brings me through this surgery as well as those who are under and going through soon. Deposit made, flight booked, bought a few things for post surgery but still have more to get. The only major thing I have left to get is my passport which I will be getting the first week of February and I will be expediting the process so that it makes it on time. I will also be getting my test done then I want to boost my iron up a little first so there is no surprise. I've decided to buy my second faja after surgery because I don't want to end up purchasing the wrong size then I'll just be out of a lot of money so I definitely will wait. I'm currently 196lbs no health problems at all but I am trying to get down to at least 180lbs before surgery. On Tuesday I started my SpecialK 6 week challenge so I'm hoping to lose 20lbs before surgery. I have been going to the gym daily after work faithfully. I go there to do 2 miles on the treadmill M-5, hopefully with my healthy eating and exercising I will be able to achieve the results I want. My main goal is to get a flat tummy and a little extra booty with this surgery....If only my ass had a better projection and fuller, I can't wait!! I'm excited yet nervous I just hope everything works out for the better! Although Yily does a great job I'm starting to have second thoughts, I'm now stuck on Dr.Cabral after seeing his Instagram photos (DrCabral01) maaaan I am sold! Yily does those signature waist but she doesn't give you a big butt yet Dr.Cabral does both so damn well especially the asses.....whoooaaa now!! Lol, any-who I called him tonight didn't think he would answer but he picked up on the second ring. I asked for a quote and available date for 02/24 (my original sx date) because I can't change due to my flight already being booked, he told me to send pics on what's app so I did and got a quote of $4800 for tummy tuck, BBL & full body lipo so I may just go with him. Yily's quote was $4300 but didn't include full body just certain parts. Despite the negative I've heard... the man is GREAT hands down!! I don't have any health issues and I'll be sure to follow his instructions to avoid any risk of complication, that is the main thing. I'm going to stay positive though...just torn in between the two (Yily & Cabral). I will be booking with a friend at Recovery Armonia 02/23-03/06 just waiting on them to confirm my dates. She and I will both be having surgery on 02/24 and arriving 02/23 if anyone is having surgery on that date and want to buddy up with us then please let me know, the more the merrier and cheaper for us all:) Also give me some ideas on what to pack as I don't want to overpack and certainly under pack neither.

30 more days!!

Hey ladies!! So I have exactly 30 more days before surgery, I can hardly wait! I'm praying that my passport makes it here on time, if not then I will pay extra to pick it up here at the passport facility in Atlanta, you can apply in person and come back and pick it up in as little as 5 days. I believe it's about $200 extra but hell if I have to pay that much plus the other fees then I will be driving my happy ass right on up there. I found this site that offers expedited shipping in less than 24 hrs if you're going to be late getting your passport, just Google (Fastport Passport). I've been doing a lot of shopping this past week, just trying to prepare myself for the big day. I do have a few more minor things to get when I go back to the store soon. I'm not really sure about buying a chair to take with me to DR, I know they say it helps but I'm not trying to over do it with the packing. I've decided to just go with Cabral because I can't get in touch with Yily to reconfirm my date, I mean I know she told me back in October that I was confirmed but that was how many months ago???..oh ok! I need to know for sure before I come sistah gal because I'm not trying to be looking crazy in the face when she tells me she doesn't have me down for that day after I've gotten there, that would be really messed up besides that I've falling in love with Dr.Cabral's big ole asses that he does, he's the king of barbies handsdown and y'all know it! Despite his past I'm still leaning towards him because I know he will give me exactly what I want! (Small waist with Big butt)
I will be purchasing my stage 2 garment and maybe compression socks in DR because I want to make sure everything will fit right and tight, I know theres pain behind it but I want this body to be right hunny! Didn't stay up late late nights on Realself and save all this money up for nun hell lol! I'm a complete stalker of RealSelf and Dr.Cabral & Duran's I love those two and you ladies too I mean there's so much support on here from y'all, without this site I wouldn't have even considered going forward with this! But on another note, if only Duran would have gotten back with me sooner I would have went with her because she was originally my first choice but oh well. I start taking my vitamins tomorrow to prepare my body for this surgery then I have an appointment for all of my test on 02/03, I pray that my levels are high enough for surgery but of course I'll keep you guys posted on the results! So far I've lost 4 lbs., I know it isn't much but it's definitely a start for me. I cheated on my diet 3 days straight y'all, I'm so disappointed in myself I hope I can stay on track for the remainder of these 4 weeks!.....Until next time dolls!! I'm out

23 more days!!

My buddy and I have 23 more days before our surgery and boy am I excited!! I've been waiting for February to get here for quite some time now. We will be staying at Camellia Recovery house for 10 days, we will also have a nurse who will be staying with us the day of surgery and it is included with the price of the recovery house so that's GREAT! Price for 10 days is like $70 or $75 with sx buddy and the deposit is $100. It wasn't hard at all to get in contact with them, after paying my deposit I received an email within a few minutes with confirmation of dates and agreement of price. I'm already packed just a few more things to pick up at walmart then I'm all set.

16 more days to go!

16 more days to go laawd!! I'm so ready to make this stomach and back fat disappear. Well a little update, I went to the doctor on Monday and guess what?? My hemoglobin was 10.8 but everything else was fine:( I don't know if it was like that because my cycle is on or what, but it will be on up until next week because I was on depo shot and it usually last about that long. I'm still waiting on my geritol and blood builder pills, hopefully that will do the trick. I also will be eating nothing but liver for the next 2 weeks. I'm taking iron pills right now but maybe it's not high enough. I'm sad:( I will be contacting the lady that makes the tea that boosts your hemoglobin count, she needs to have it ready for me as soon as I arrive at the recovery house but hopefully the pills will boost it up whenever the hell they get here. Pray for me guys because I'm determined to get it to at least a 12! All the weight I lost I end up gaining it right back so damn fast. Found out I was actually starving my body and when I did eat the following day I would be hungry and end up eating more than what I should smh. Hitting the gym hard these next 2 weeks, went and bought some great tasting protein shakes from GNC today so I will be replacing a meal a day with that to help get this weight back down.

What are these??

So I received my lower back board and tummy board today from the Pink Room and this is what came inside the box as well, can anyone tell me what this is and what's it used for??

6 more days!!

The good thing is that I got a promotion on my job today!!:) The bad thing is that this will affect my surgery scheduled for next Monday:( I can only take 11-14 days off, the procedures I am suppose to have done is tummy tuck, aggressive lipo & BBL. I work in a office setting but I'm afraid I won't be healed in time from the tummy tuck to return back in that short amount of time....I would love to hear others suggestions!!!! I am thinking about only doing full body lipo & BBL that way I can return to work in 2 wks, what do you ladies think????


Well now that I am calm and awake from a much needed nap I think I can vent now. Unfortunately I will not be leaving on tomorrow due to a delay with my passport from a third party expedited company (FastportPassport). My flight was scheduled to leave tomorrow 02/23, I ordered my passport 02/11 and paid $421 to have it sent 3-4 days just in case something came up. It was delayed that entire week due to winter storm here in GA, got word that they received it Monday 02/17 and I would have it no later than Thursday or Friday 02/21....well guess what??? Didn't receive shit but a headache, hard time, and a damn paper to fill out for identity purpose being that I was using a third party expediter!! I do not recommend Fastport Passport to anyone, they are full of ????. Had to cancel my flight and reschedule which cost me $200 cancellation fee plus the flight difference and that's just for one way. I will be having my surgery on Tuesday or Wednesday instead, I can only get aggressive lipo & BBL because my vacation isn't that long and due to this BS with my passport! I thought to myself maybe this is a sign but then again trying to think positive my hemo was only 12.1 so maybe God is giving me time to get it up a little more....Had a headache aalllll day but I know it's only stress, my husband and I are about to get out the house because he sees how down this situation has me and this is sooo not good for my surgery coming up this week. Cancelled my reservations for Charleston,SC this wknd which is where my flight was going to depart from but my entire plans were ruined:( I just thank my husband for all of his support right now

1 Day Pre-Op

Didn't feel like rewriting everything so here you go

Day of surgery

So today is the day and I'm excited, been here at Cipla since 7:00 this morning. I was going to try to go with Yily since she was a little cheaper than Cabral but when I say it was 12 damn girls lined up this morning outside the door I said no freaking way!! Plus she had other girls there for post-op care, I politely marched my behind up to the 5th floor where Cabral's office was. Yasmin's step dad was my interpreter and he was very helpful. I had a consultation with Cabral got my blood checked, EKG etc., and I was good to go. Cabral is sooo damn nice y'all he told me he's going to have me looking fine and from the results of his other patients I surely believe it!! One girl came in for her post-op checkup, she had tummy tuck, breast lift, BBL & lipo and she looked so daaamnn good hands down!!!!!!! I'm in my suite all gowned up ready to take this blue pill, see you dolls on the flat side!!

5 days post op

Hey ladies! I made it!!!! Cabral has my stomach looking do damn good. Ass is still the same. These last few days have been pure hell with recovery, I'm feeling a little better now that I've gotten my drains removed. I will be leaving to go home today and I can't wait...I'm so home sick!! Stayed at Yasmin's and she is sooo damn nice especially her mom and step dad. I went to the carnival and ocean when I first got here with Yasmin, it was so nice. I also went to the mall on yesterday and it is huge I was too damn tired but I went there to bring my baby back a souvenir. You have to be mentally prepared for this journey, I swear I cried almost every just wanting to be with my family. Here's a pic of my tummy tuck and my all natural ass!!

Updated Review!

Cabral Review: My experience with Dr.Cabral himself was pretty good, on the day of surgery I had a consultation with Cabral and he told me where he would get all of my fat to inject into my butt. I explained to him that I wanted my butt to be more fuller and rounder and just a tiny bit bigger and he agreed that he would. All of my test from the lab came back good so I was marked up for surgery and placed into my room. I went in about 6:00 p.m, I woke up when my butt and back were being done, no pain just a lot of pressure. I was then flipped over so that my tummy tuck could be done, I felt when they were stitching me up and it actually did hurt! I said it hurts and a lady nurse, or whomever, told me to calm down, I must was given some meds in the IV after because all I remember is waking up in my room around 10:30 p.m I was soooo damn hungry so finally a little after 1:50 a.m they brought me soup and apple juice. At the time of waking up I had a nurse from Yasmin's recovery accommodating me and she was very helpful indeed. After trying to eat I got so sick and I know it was more than likely from the anesthesia because I always get sick from it after surgery. My nurse (Y-Nita) caught it with a chux pad then cleaned me up, I actually felt better after the vomiting so I went on to sleep. At 7:00 a.m Y-Nita left because she had to report back to the recovery house to see about the other girls at Yasmin's, well that's when things went a little shitty. I woke up in pain crying and the nurse at Cipla brought me pain medicine in IV. I went back to sleep. Woke up to this pretty young nurse trying to get me up to put on my faja, it took 2 women a whole hour to get me up because every time I tried I just couldn't, it hurt so bad just to sit up. I would sit up in bed sooo dizzy, it felt as if I tried getting up I would just past out. The pretty nurse would fan me and give me water I was sweating like a fat ass hot woman. After an hour I pushed my body to get up, they got the faja on then sat me on the couch and left out. It is true that the nurses there brings you food then sit it at the table by your door, I let it sit there until someone brought it to me by then it was cold!! After I was left on the couch for an hour I finally had the urge to pee after having my catheter removed, I called & called for a nurse no one ever came so I tried getting up on my own to piss, I made it but on my way back I passed out! Woke up on the floor then immediately called Yasmin to get me once I made it to the bed. Please hire a nurse that will be with you the entire time at Cipla because unless you know Spanish then hell you're basically on your own, you do have some that will actually try to help although they don't know a lick of English, some nurses do care so if you happen to meet one of those you better treat her ass good! Once Yasmin arrived she questioned my incident that happen but the nurses said they thought I was leaving or sum BS that didn't make sense.
Dr.Cabral was very sweet & pleasant, he gave me the tummy I wanted and I love it sooo much!! However I don't have an opinion about my butt quiet yet because it still looks the same just hard as fuck. I felt like I should have just left it alone trying to be Nicki Minaj or some damn body smh! My husband says it looks flatter which I agree because of the compression garment, I can't wait until it gets bigger and definitely softer. My surgery was on Friday, I had my massage Tuesday by Cabral's nurse and it felt great, she was such a sweetheart. I had drains removed on Wednesday and I actually started moving around a whole lot better, I felt like Boosie with that jail chain broken off, happy & free! The only thing I didn't like about the situation with Cabral is that no one bothered to tell me I lost a lot of blood after surgery. I came back to the states with a hemo of a damn 5, could have passed out and probably died if it wasn't from the swelling last night sending me to the ER! I just knew something wasn't right with my body. The doctors here were pissed and kept asking me why would I go across country to have things like this done, I politely told them because they're the best at what they do, they all looked at me like I was a damn fool but was still willing to help save my life and I was glad for that. I was told I definitely lost a good amount of blood after so many procedures and it should have been looked into while over there which I do agree! The doctor here told me I couldn't leave last night I would have to stay so that they could keep an eye on me, I was weak, heart racing, so scared crying and shit but of course my hubby was right there telling me everything would be fine, we prayed, my mom & sister prayed and here I am today updating my status...glory to God! 3 blood transfusions, antibiotics, no infections just air in my stomach & back from lipo that I'm hoping clears up. I had about 4 doctors that came up to my room today to check on me and give recommendations about the whole situation, they all agreed to keep me another night and get blood transfusion. Lord when I say they all was woooowed about how good Dr.Cabral did my damn tummy tuck talking about how great it look, I'm like yup that's my MF doctor, King of Barbies!!!!!! I love that man and what he has done for me, I have no regrets and if you're looking for a doctor that will give great results then he's the man just make sure you get the proper care after surgery!!!! Keep in mind you are taking a risk with your life and anything could go wrong, never thought it would be me but God was right on time and led me to the greatest doctors & nurses here! Now they did say if my swelling didn't go down by tonight they would have to open me up in the morning to clear my insides, I just pray they don't mess up Cabral's phenomenal work he's done!!! I'm very thankful for the doctors here in the U.S.
A little Update on Yasmin's tomorrow, keep me in your prayers dolls

2 weeks post op

Feeling a whole lot better now that I'm getting massages and back into my faja. I now wear it faithfully because I swell up pretty bad. I'm loving my results of tummy tuck that Cabral has given me however my butt still looks the same, I wanted it bigger! Hopefully it will pop it in 3 months. Thanks for the prayers ladies, very much appreciated.

2 months post op

Hey ladies, just a quick update, I'm feeling great and healing well! I love my results waist & butt! swelling has deceased, still have stiffness in my lower back, minor swelling when I'm out of my faja which I no longer wear anymore due to the itching. Cabral is the best and I love what he has done for me, I am more confident in my appearance and the attention is crazy!!!! You better be prepared for these thirsty men lol. I'll update more next time

6 months post op

Sorry it's been a long time ladies but just wanted to drop in and give you a quick update. I feel and look great! My waist is smaller and butt is....well still big I must say lol!! My back still gets slight stiffness from time to time but after a massage from my boo I feel just right. No pain or uncomfortableness. My ass is fluffy just the way I like it. Dr.Cabral did an amazing job I am thinking about round 2 next year for a breast lift this time and lipo to the arms and legs which I couldn't get last time because of my hemo. My round 2 will be with the same sweet doctor because I love his personality as well as his great work! Team Cabral all day baby

11 months post op RD2 02/24

round 2 with Cabral again! Having breast augmentation with lift, Lipo to arms and thighs...may add fat to my hips and a lil more to my butt if I have enough to do all of that. I start my iron meds on tomorrow, already prepared for everything just waiting on the big day
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Changed to DR.Cabral because I felt that he would give me the results I wanted better than any other doctor. Yily is a great doctor as well just takes her too long to respond back to her upcoming patients. Cabral was very sweet and speaks good English, always responded to my inquires on time in fact, the day I requested a quote I received a message within 2 minutes....awesome doctor that gives you a tiny waist and fat ass and that's all I want!

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