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Hi everyone!! i have been reading stories from...

hi everyone!! i have been reading stories from this site for a little while now and thanks to you girls i have decided to take this next step. i am confirmed to have Arm lift, lipo of the back, sides, arms, stomach, tt and bbl for 6/20/13. i have always been on the "big" side but i carry my weight very well. right now i am 209 lbs and i am 5'5. i have lost some lbs to be able to get this procedures done with less risks. my main reason for surgery is my very drooping arms :(. i have reach my limit with not being able to dress nicer or at least be able to wear my acutual size!!! i am easily a large in button shirts but because of the skin of my arms i have to get a 2,3 xl or most times i cannot even fit them. i am hoping i can get everything i want done as extras but in a worse case scenerio ( or what will be best for my health) i will fine with just the arm lift, lipo of the back, sides and stomach. i never really thought of a tt until it was for some reason included in every quote i got...hummm might as well. ok now the bbl for another reason happens to be "free" and i dont mind "filling in the spaces" back there. a little more booty neva hurt nobody lol! i have decided that now in my very early 30's i want to try to work on this body before everything just goes downhill, literally. feel very confident with my decision with chosing duran from the many surgeons in d.r. . i am a mess... lol! i have less than a month and refuse to get anything ready because i want to get this done like yesterday! i wanted to buddy up with someone at a recovery house but i dont know how many days i will stay at cipla... with all that i should be getting done i want to be safe. i will be staying in dominican republic for 18 days, i hope this will be enough time before traveling back. i just feel like i rambled enough and i look forward to updating every now and then to give back to this site. for the girls having sx, good luck and happy healing to all. for the recent duran dolls, if you have any advise about "anything" and everything i will appreciate it!


i cant believe how time flys! i am packed and just have some little things to get together tuesday night before i leave. i am going to stay with Dominga from 6/19 (my arrival) until 6/26 and then from there...??? lol. i have to either look for a hotel with a nurse or stay at a friends home there. i much rather stay at a hotel then to relay on someone else (friend or family). i guess i am just going to play it by ear. i just cannot stop thinking about how my outcome is going to be. i honestly do not want to be a "barbie" i like my shape now. the thought of this hanging skin off of my arms and being able to wear clothes that fit, makes me want to tweerk it all the way to D.R.!! i have had just once, a negative thought (you know the one that something may go wrong...but the worst way) and then thinking on how my family will feel... but then i snapped back to and remembered i am favored and loved from above. i have all my fears and worries in HIS hands. i will be posting as soon as i can with pics...



Waiting for my flight, blah...lol. I should be posting right before sx to not bore you guys. Thank you all for the positive wishes, especially to my mains! D get me a cookie!!! Lol

3 weeks and 4 days as a Duran Doll

Hi Real self I have been Mia but it was needed. I thank God that my surgery was very uneventful and my recovery has been good thus far. I do seem to have popped a stich in my right arm but that was totally my bad. I have been now treating my wound and taking antibiotics to speed the healing process. My tummy tuck scar is healing awesome and it is very thin and clean. Dr Duran did a great job! I got my arm lift, lipo of full back, flanks, stomach and tummy tuck. I did not get the bbl, she stated it was not needed. I never felt any pain and I still don't feel any... I found this very weird but I am thankful. I did feel the dreaded stiffness and being sore but no pain. Everyday things get better and closer to normal. Recovery is hard if you chose for it to be so I tired to not just lay there and wait to feel better. I do have to say that even thou I did or try to do my things myself ( get up from the bed, go to the bathroom, clean myself, walk ect) I had the most God sent women in Dominga's to help me physically, mentally and emotionally. Dominga and her family treated me like family and I have now wonderful friends and a great place to go back to in D.R. . I also have some new friends I met @ Domingas all of them are banging Yily dolls...lol. I will post up soon with updates and my entire D.R. and Duran story. FYI, all the surgeons are just surgeons...nothing more nothing less.

some after pics

more after pics


hi all, everday "everything" gets better lol. i still get amazed when i see myself and it is only the beginning!!! i still have some swelling in areas and my tummy is kinda tight still but it's all good. my arms are wiggle jiggle free!!! and they look awesome. the scar is getting white and it is flat this is a big plus for me. the scar on my tummy is neat and super thin, its even invisble in parts. i am very impressed with my healing and scarring yay! i do have so moments where i have like a "weird feeling" its like a dream like feeling (like when you wake up and you feel out of place...). i just shake of that feeling quick and look in the mirror :). i am so greatful (to god above all) for everyone who has helped me, especially the help i had at dominga's. i am also greatful that i am having a good experience before, during, and after my procedures, i think this is even more important than my results. the biggest advice i have for upcomming dolls will be please be safe! please check your self out (visit a doctor, be upto date with your health) before going to get any procedure done. make sure your healthy and can get a surgery done and if you cannot pleaseeeeee do not even think twice about trying to.

going on 12 weeks and very happy!!

hello everyone i am checking in, lol.
i feel 90% normal!! i still have some tighness and swelling in places but i am looking great. i will post recent pics soon. i am very attached to my faja after hating it so much. i have been out socially without it and everything was fine, no bloating but i felt weird. i felt like my gut was going to pop out over my jeans lol but i dont have one anymore :). i must admit that i have worn a crop top and low jeans...and it was awesome.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I don't have anything negative to state about my surgeon, she is great at her profession (as a very busy plastic surgeon).I decided to go to the D.R. for my procedures knowing that the treatment will not be the same as here in the U.S. but I was surprised that it was not bad at all. The few times I called her after the surgery she always responded and she always answered my questions. I believe I made the perfect choice for my procedures and I am very happy with my results.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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