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I have lost about 68lbs, if not more and some of...

I have lost about 68lbs, if not more and some of my skin is not as tight as I want it to be. I look really good in clothes so most people don't even understand why I want to do Plastic Surgery at all. But my husband and I see me naked and although he is sweet and tells me that I don't need anything, I have to do this one for me.

I was originally schedule with Dr. Leon but had to change my date and he wasn't available so now I am going with Duran...still waiting on the quote from Surgicoordinators...

What I would really like to have done is:
- Arm Lift (I have always hated my arms...1st things to get fat)
- Breast Lift with Implants (Small breast all my life and weight-loss only made them look worse)
- Tummy Tuck (My mid section has always been the smallest part of my body but after 4 children- my shit looks crazy as hell....stretch marks damn near to my neck...not really but you know what I
- Thigh lift (Didn't think I would ever consider this but with the weight inner thigh is too loose)
- BBL (I have ass already but the skin needs some more fat to fill hubby says I don't need it but we will see how his eyes light up once I get it)

So I plan to do 2 rounds with Duran. Round 1: Arm Lift/ Breast Lift and BBL...No tummy tuck this round because she is going to lipo my tummy for the BBL. I can deal with my stomach for a little bit longer than I can my arms or breast besides...I was trying to put the surgeries together that have similar heal times so I wont miss so much work.

Round 2: Thight Lift and Tummy Tuck - I plan to be off work for at least 6 weeks - 4weeks FMLA and 2 weeks working remote.

I am placing the rounds about 6 months apart to make sure i have enough healing time.


I can't say these are wish pics...but these are great pictures of beautiful women. I would like my body to be somewhere in between what they look like and what I look like now. Most people would think I would want a really big butt but I have arm envy...most women are not as self conscious about their arms as I small arms next to a small waist and ample a winner. I have plenty ass to start with so just fill mine in...


Well since Duran has a new assistant it seems like things are going better for me...someone actually answered the phone.

I sent her my health assessment and pictures and surgery date last night....this morning I called her number that is posted on Instagram and her assistant answered and told me that the doctor has my information and will get back to me shortly. I hope shortly means tomorrow. I am ready to check this off my list. My passport renewal is submitted and all I need to do now is schedule surgery...reserve hotel or recovery supplies...check much to do...
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