38yr Old Mother of Two Ready for Her Mommy Makeover After Gastric Sleeve LIPO,TT, BBL, BA with BL- Dominican Republic, DO

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I've been lurking on this site since 2013 and I feel I'm ready for my mommy makeover because I'm at a stable and comfortable weight. I'm 5-3" 170lbs I lost 85lbs in Year after gastric sleeve surgery.. I've researched many surgeons I even visit on in April 2013 but have found that Dr Yily has great reviews for being very polite, professional, and her work is AMAZING!!! Sooo DR here I come!!!


I submitted my deposit yesterday through my bank as a wire transfer to the Dr's bank and there was a $35 transfer fee and a $10 middle man fee.. Was told if I would have converted and sent it in Dominican pesos I would of only paid $20. Since I wasn't sure I could do that and I wanted my date I paid it. So heads up and ask if you can do that so you can save some money..

Wish pictures!!!

Hoping I could get this kind of results with my breast augmentation... Selected size C-D Silicone under the muscle.

Wish pictures!!!

Definitely wishing for a big plumpy BOOTY!!! Dra Lily is known for that!!!

Things to discuss with your surgeon...

I've researched and came across certain things that should be discussed with your surgeon before going under the knife.. Still researched because I want to be completely prepared with my questions when the time comes in August...

Getting supplies ready..

Was shopping for a few items @FAMILY DOLLAR @CVS @RITEAID was able to find good deals Picked up

Reschedule Surgery

Just got a confirmation that surgery with Dra Yily can be reschedule for September 14.. YAYYY I am so excited to be a YILY BARBIE in 2015.. Now to book my flight, I've decided to fly coach going and paying a lil extra to fly back home business class. More space and more comfortable.. It will be well worth it after a Tummy tuck, BA, BBL..

38 Yr Old Finally Becoming a Yily Barbie.. - Dominican Republic, DO

So after all the waiting and rescheduling I am finally going to become a YILY BARBIE!!! I'll be getting TT, BBL, LIPO and BREAST AUGMENTATION. I have booked my flight with insurance just in case I have to extend my stay for any reason, purchased medical insurance, supplies all packed, paper work printed out, passport ready.. I am so ready I am not even nervous since I've had so much time to mentally prepare myself for this journey.. I hope to meet other YILY BARBIE'S when I go, I'll be staying at Luxury Recovery House from February 16th thru March 1st 2016..


Bags are packed and my nerves are kicking in big time. I see all the lovely ladies that have gotten their surgery done by Dra Yily and AMEN they are alive and well.. They look amazing and I can't wait to be one of her dolls.. I can't believe what has happened following up to today 19 days before my surgery. Having to reschedule several times because of family issues, to having to use the money for other things and working to replace it.. Things happen for a reason and I feel that those obstacles were placed there to give me time to prepare myself for a wonderful journey that will help me feel sexy again.. Blessing to those that have had their surgery and a speedy recovery and Good luck to those that have made the decision to make this move for themselves. #SoonToBeAYilyBarbie

Medications and medical clearances...

I am jumping for joy!!! Appointment with cardiologist went great, appointment with my primary was fabulous she not only cleared me she did my blood work and gave me all scripts.. She even gave me a pill for yeast infection just in case i develope one since we are on two antibiotics. She was very supportive and understood I wanted to get my medication here.. I go to the pharmacy and I'm prepared to pay when my gorgeous pharmacist tells me OH NO SANDY.. Your insurance covers all medications you only have a $5.60 copay... OMG.. I know this is a great blessing and for me it's a sign that it's definitely my time... Good luck to all Barbie's.. #Soon2BaYilyBarbie

Flight is Booked...

With all that's happened ALL the rescheduling I have finally gotten things back on track I'm rescheduled for Feb 17th 2016. I've booked my flight so there is NO going back. I feel its my time, its time for MY complete body transformation. I can't wait to be a YILY BARBIE.. I did decide to take some of your advice and book my flight Coach going and First class coming home. I have shopped over a period of time and was able to get a great deal for $610.00 round trip thru United airline..

Last Minute Supplies...

Just received some last minute supplies for my surgery... I'm just so exited now!!!

Great reviews, Negative reviews.. The Good and the Bad....

All done getting things ready for my great journey I've waited so patiently for. I've decided to go with Dr Yily de Los Santos to become one of her Barbie's.. I've been reading great reviews and negative reviews about her services. What we need to understand is that everyone heals differently and its up to YOU to make your healing process successful. Many patients have underlining illnesses that they may or may not be aware of before surgery. That's when a PRE-OP appointment with your primary doctor comes into play so you'll be prepared for anything before having extensive surgery in another country. I've also seen reviews where the patients were clearly NOT following the doctors POST-OP instructions. WE take the wheel after the surgeon has done their job so it's up to us to follow the instructions if we want the best results. I'm not saying I will not take the negative reviews into consideration but I'm very happy I've made this decision... So excited I will be traveling soon!!! Wishing all new and future patients a speedy recovery and many blessings.. #Soon2BaYilyBarbie


So I have 6 days to go before I am officially a YILY Barbie!!!! Can't wait still undecided if I should change my recovery house.. Mixed reviews for all of them but I don't feel I should pay 500.00 more for the same services.. Any suggestions??????

Changed recovery house

So I did a little research and decided to change my original recovery house Luxury RH to Diamond SRH... Have read great things about Diamond RH but was wondering if any of you dolls have stayed there and what did you think???

Getting ready to fly out at 9am tomorrow...

So I'm completely packed and ready to go.. A bit nervous but also excited!! Wish me luck and keep me in your prayers.. Flying out in the morning at 9am.. #Soon2BaYilyBarbie

Finally a Yily Barbie

So I'm 3 days post op in these pictures.. Had surgery on February 17th, 2016.. I had Full tummy tuck with muscle repair, Breast augmentation with lift, Liposuction and BBL. Got to Cipla at 6:30@m and had my surgery at 10@m. Had a consultation with Dr Yily which was very brief then was taken to emergency room for an intake appointment.. Then it was straight to the operating room. Her aid helped me into my gown and compression stockings.. Then they gave me the infamous BLUE PILL.. I was escorted to a small operating room where I met the anesthesiologist which in my opinion was very RUDE.. I was told before hand that it was OK to have my nails done and when I was laying there waiting for him to put in the IV when he asked me " Your nail or your life"? Which one?? All I remember before the stupid blue pill kicked in was me saying in Spanish " I'm sorry but that's a really rude question of course my life" and snap he cut my index finger nail... Well thank God I didn't wake up during surgery because when I woke up I was in my recovery room with two missing nails apparently he cut both index finger nails. I'm so grateful I had met one of her patients at Diamond Recovery house where I was staying and we hit it off and decided to ask if we could be placed in the same recovery room so we wouldn't be alone. We both had gone there for our surgeries alone. It made a great difference because since I had extensive work done and she only had Lipo, bbl and breast augmentation she was more mobil which helped because I was in extreme pain and she walked to the nurses station to get help because NO ONE, AND NO PHONE IN THE ROOM TO BE ABLE TO CALL TO HELP.. The over night nurse left at 7@m and most of the night slept.. Dr Yily came in around 9 to speak to us and give us our discharge papers. Then Dr Yily's aid came in at 10 to put us in our Fajas and Jose the driver picked us up to go to the recovery house..

7 days post op at Diamond Recovery house

1 Month Post Op

Breast augmentation with lift 1 Month Post op

Surgery scars... 6 weeks post op

These are my scars 6 weeks post op from a TT, Lipo, BBL, Breast lift and augmentation 375 cc... Surgery by Dra Yily De Los Santos on February 17th 2016.. Still feel stiff, I'm getting massages everyday. All scars are close and scabs have fallen off.. Started using Mepitac tape on incisions to smooth them out and I must say it had helped.. I have not finished my review on Dra Yily De Los Santos because I am waiting on my 3 month mark to do that..

6 weeks post op BBL

Updated pictures of my BBL.. Patiently waiting for these three months to go by..


Omg.. I'm feeling amazing trying on clothes.. Some are too loose on the waist so those I gave away and lots of them just look much better now that I'm a Yilys Barbie... Still healing only 7 weeks post op but having massages and keeping my faja on had helped a lot.. So keep up with your post op instructions you'll end up with the results you have been waiting for.. Good luck future Barbie's...

2 months post op

I had my surgery on February 17th 2016. I'm two months post op from a TT, BBL, LIPO, BL W BA 375cc with Dra Yily De Los Santos in DR.. It's taken a while for me to feel happy with my results and I finally feel like I'm getting there. I'm still getting weird sharp pains in my stomach, back, arms, thighs and breast. I've researched it and it's my nerves repairing itself.. NOT FUN AT ALL.. but besides that healing slowly but surely. I started the gym yesterday I only did cardio but it felt great to move around. I found the perfect faja to wear to the gym under my clothes that will keep everything tight but not bulky.. In a SMALL!! YES I'm 34-31-47 very small waist very plumped booty.. Lol I've been reading some bad and good reviews about the Dr. I haven't done mines because I will wait until my three months are over and my final results are revealed. Good luck ladies and good luck to future Yily Barbie's ..

Small faja

My gym faja.. Very comfortable..

Ready for the gym

Ready for the gym with my faja under my clothes.. You can't even tell I'm wearing it!!

Three months post op

Gym flow

Started the gym and eating healthy to keep my body on point..

Little waist.. ????

Workout at gym three times a week to keep this body up.. I'm not wasting my money.. Lol

Dressing up

Dressing up is fun now!!!



Dressing up and enjoying it..

I am still healing, still wearing my garment at night... Enjoying my tiny waist.. And dressing up...

4 months post op

4 months post op still healing, still massaging, still wearing my garment at night..

My booty and waist

Almost 5 months post op
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I want to start by saying that I waited to hit my three month post op date because they always repeat to you "You'll see your results at three months".. Well to begin I researched Dr. Yily de los Santos for three years, I followed her read all her reviews but like they say you have to experience it for yourself. I arrived to DR on February 16 was taken to Cipla for Blood work, Xray and met with a Cardiologist. I met with the Dr for like five minutes. It was very busy in her office she had lots of woman waiting to see her. I had submitted my health history with my surgery history before getting my quote. I have lupus and was told via email that ALL I needed was clearance from my specialist. SOOOO I DID MY PART.. Received my clearance from a Cardiologist, Hemotologist, Gastro specialist, and Lupus specialist.. Took all my vitamins and my hemo was 13.5 when I got there. The next day you see an ER Dr and she takes all your intake information and all your clearances if needed. Checks weight and blood pressure. After that you go to speak to Dr Yily, SHE DOES NOT READ ANY CHARTS!!! She asks you what you desire and marks you up and sends you on your way to the operating room.. Had my surgery on Wed. February 17 @10 am. Was seen the next day for the faja fitting and to discuss my Hemo levels after surgery Dr Yily was confident that with my 8.5 Hemo it was ok for discharge and no need for blood transfusion. I was in a lot of pain, didn't eat, couldn't drink, was dizzy. Didn't get any response til Sunday when she visited the recovery house to check up on her other patients, she ended up sending me to Cipla for a blood transfusion after I almost passed out. After that I started getting fevers and chills so she then sent me to an infection specialist which cost 65$ then blood work for 125$ the specialist ask me what medical issues do you have and I told her Lupus so she told me to resume my lupus medication and new antibiotics and I should be good. After ALL that Dra Yily De Los Santos requested me to her office and she had every intentions for me to change my flight and travel home with the drain and accused me of not giving my full medical history before surgery!!!!! Her assistant clipped my drain stitches as if to check for infection but what she was really doing was dismissing me the Dr was very rude and condi sending yelling in front of her staff. Stating to me "WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO IF I REFUSE TO TAKE OUT THE DRAIN BEFORE YOU LEAVE. I politely told her that I was scheduled to stay 14 days and I was going to do just that and that she did my surgery and she will take care of me until I go home.. I will keep my drain in as long as I'm there and that she will be taking it out before I leave.. Days go by and no office visits. My drain started to clogg after 11 days with it, I started to get the worst pain ever and the Dr was called.. NO ANSWER!! called her assistant and NO ANSWER!! The young lady from the recovery house removed the drain because I was in so much pain and NO ONE RESPONDED!! I STAYED 14 DAYS AND I DIDN'T HAVE A LAST APPOINTMENT. I had to get angry and demanded my discharge papers, my surgery and breast implant information. I received it from the young lady at the recovery house at 10pm the night before I was coming home.. I am grateful for the ladies in DIAMOND RECOVERY HOUSE they took care of me and made sure I made it back home to my kids... As for Dra Yily De Los Santos and staff VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!!!!! And three months post op I AM NOT FULLY HAPPY WITH MY RESULTS!! MY BREAST AND BBL ARE NOT WHAT I EXPECTED.. NO FOLLOW UP EMAILS OR CALLS.. IT'S LIKE YOU NEVER HAD SURGERY WITH THIS DR.. DRA YILY DE LOS SANTOS...

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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