36yr Old with 4 Kids & a Much Needed Mommy Makeover with a BBL! - Dominican Republic

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I recently lost 90 pounds the natural way. In that...

I recently lost 90 pounds the natural way. In that transition I lost my buttocks the fullness of my breast and have a meat apron due to the weight loss. I also breast-feed my 4 kids I am looking forward to being a new me. I choose dr Mallol because after researching and reading reviews and his prompt responses! I will keep you posted

I'm schedule for April 13th for a mommy makeover with a bbl and liposculpture

I'm so ecstatic my dream is finally going to come true!

Surgery supplies

So I got most of my supplies, bed liners, alcohol pads, butt pillow for my bbl the booty buddy, sun dresses, wash cloths, still working on the list! I'm so full of emotions afraid, ecstatic, anxious, nervous, doubts you name it's a roller coaster! Thank god for Dr. Emmanuel Mallol has put me at ease and his recent surgery patients prompt answers to my questions especially shakegotcake.. Also to my future surgery buddy mykidsrmyheart....

Rocios recovery home

They re so helpful and don't let you lift a finger.... I arrived yesterday around 8:30pm and for surgery tomorrow with Dr. Mallol. At the airport fyer getting my luggage that took forever to come out i hd a driver wiring there with my name on it. I was then taken to Rocios beautiful recovery home. Let me just tell you they treat you like a princess have dinner ready for u they communicate with your driver to see if your hungry or if anything you need so that when you arrive at Rocios what you truest es is ready for you once you walk in. The only down fall is the shower in the room no water pressure.

Plastic surgery clinic

Ready for my mommymakeover let me start by telling you that Dr. Emmanuel Mallol is much better looking in person. Dr.Mallol is so sweet, attentive talk to you tells you what needs to be done...

Surgery date is here I'm excited but nervous every Dr.Mallol Dol

I'm nervous but excited can't wait for the mommy to be made over. Dr.Mallol came in marked me up talk to me explain to me so it's going to be done what you need done exactly. let me tell you by saying this he is one sincere attentive kind hearted doctor and his staff here at quirúrgica centro de. José Calderón aré very sweet and helpful I feel like a princess!!! Dr. Mallol came in marked me up talk to me explain to me so it's going to be done what you need done exactly. Dr. Mallolis one sincere attentive kind hearted doctor his staff here at quirúrgica centro de. José Calderón is the plastic surgery clinic where I'm going to get my mommy makeover done by Dr. Mallol. The staff here is super kind and willing to help and the nurse that I took a picture of is a male nurse and he is Dr. Malone's assistant and he is good he is nice sweet. I don't know if it's because I speak Spanish like we can understand each other but you got understand that were in their world so not speaking their language is hard to communicate but they no good English I've seen them communicate with people that only speak English and they'd speak English well. oh Did I tell you everything is nice mad clean....

Photos of Rocios recovery home

Per people's request

Dr Mallol check ups all the time

Surgery 24 hours ago I'm loving myself

Im still really swollen but that's natural after getting a tummy tuck, bbl and breast implants and breast lift. I m loving the work Dr Mallol did I have a flat tummy and my boobs look nice and my butt is gorgeous but u can't show you guys my but yet cause the faja is really tight. And I have round the clock nurses one of my favoite I took s photo of!!!!

Update day 2dr Mallol doll

Still very swollen

6 day post op still extremely swollen

Ii'm still extremely sore and swollen I have so much water weight but here are some pictures this is not the final stage I'm six days. But I recommend you guys to bring some meds does after the third or fourth day you're going to need them they don't believe in narcotics here only thing they do offer is a pain pump that automatically administers medication to calm the pain. My boobs are okay wish I would have done more research wish I would have gone bigger

Front photo

Sorry didn't upload the first time

9 days post op

Let's extremely swollen and my back to

Finally made it home after some complications

While in the Dominican Republic the last week before I got back today. My right boob got inflamed and started leaking liquid thru my incision. I was so scared. I called dr Mallol and he put me at ease saying it was just inflammation because I was doing to much I needed to rest and not move my arms to much. That the fluid was clear and did not smell and the orange part was from the Betadine they use to disinfect the implant before the place it In the muscle cavity. Now I'm home and resting and my boob is starting to heal that 8 hour flight was a killer. When I feel better I will update new photos

23 post op photos as promised

Please if you have any questions feel free to ask but don't be bashing me like I'm a liar. This is my journey if you don't like it don't follow me or read my comments here you go photos.

30 days post op

not feeling it my stomach should be flat I see everyone else's tummy tuck. I'm getting my massages still and no change

Update my boobs have healed

Now have to think of who to go to fix my stomach

2 months 1 week update round 2 surgery scheduled August 16th 2016

My boobs look even worse the skin has loosen up and now droppedand hanging on the side of my left breast. My bulge is still there so I decided to give Mallol a chance to fix me but I'm having second doubts I will probably be wanting to see dr Baez cause she does awesome reconstruction on boobs and yily for y bbl and lipo 360

Almost 4 months later

I still have the bulge but round 2 is on August 15th so that will be gone I hope!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I chose Dr. Mallol because of his work and attentiveness. Dr. Mallol gave me his information so we could talk on whatsapp. As soon as I sent my information he wrote back 1 hour and 30 minutes later. He was so sweet and told me that he apologized but he was in surgery and then asked me to contact him thru what's app. Dr. Mallol asked what i was seeking? I told him that I wanted a mommy makeover and bbl he agreed with me only on some things and offered his opinion and what he was able to do. Reality is sometimes we ask for the impossible and not worth the risks. Dr.Mallol if I had a specific time frame I needed done by so that he can work with me on his availability date? I said anytime after April 12th 2016. Dr. Mallol said OK he looked at his calendar and he offered me April 13th 2016. . I was not expecting that at all Dr. Mallol is really a sweet and listens to your concerns as a patient. I can't wait to get my procedure done by this Dr. Mallol... Don't get me wrong I'm scared but if I don't do it know I never will.....

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