Ready for a Tummy Tuck! Dominican Republic, DO

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I have a little over 6 weeks until I'm in the...

I have a little over 6 weeks until I'm in the Dominican Republic! Now its time to mentally and physically prepare myself for these procedures because I'm getting a TT, Lipo, and maybe a BBL. Communication has been okay thus far. I've only had one hiccup and it was the fact my surgery date was changed after I double checked my date, and bought my plane ticket due to a holiday in the DR. However, it's not a big deal because I will now arrive one day early and have time to observe my surroundings. I chose my doctor because I think she is the best for me and can give me what I want.


I got my hemoglobin check before I start taking iron and other supplements on a regular basis. I'm happy it's a 14 and I pray it can keep it there or higher. According to my period calculator, l will be on my last day of my cycle surgery day. I'm not happy cause I planned around it but sometimes things don't go as planned! I've tried to find out how much it drops while most are on their cycle and I could not find anything on the web. My gynecologist blew it off like it wasn't a big deal and said it only drops a point or two. I can handle ONLY one point. On the positive side, I will not have to deal with my cycle during the difficult days of recovery.

Things I'm taking for a high hemoglobin level

The spiraling powder is so nasty but so good for you! I must hold my noise and guzel it down, then rinse my mouth out and drink something before letting my nose go (it's that bad). However, it comes in the pill form as well but I think straight powder is more powerful. I buy it on Amazon.

Down 60lbs but still need to loose 15

I've been a huge yoyo dieter for the last nine years and I am so over it! I work my butt off to lose 50lbs just to gain 70lbs back but this will be the last time I see these numbers on the scale. The first time I gained a lot of weight is when my father pass when I was 10yrs old. and I was no longer able to be as active as I once was. I was able to get the weight off when I made the 7th grade cheerleading squad and cheered 7th through 12th grade. Then college came and I was fit and healthy until I became pregnant my sophomore year. I gained almost 100lbs and I was pregnant for over a year due to a miscarriage at 3 month but never came on my cycle cause I was pregnant again. I worked hard to get the weight off and kept it off for five years. I've always had to be a strict eater because my metabolism sucks! My lovely mother suddenly passed away 9yrs ago and I began dating a huge foodie. We would drink and eat and the weight came on so fast. We have been engaged for a while but I can't marry him until I get this under control. The weight does bother him but I feel like Im prisoner in my own body and I need to be healthy.

Thigh Gap

I've always wanted a thigh gap and I'm hoping Doctor Fatima Almonte can make it happen (lol)!

Recovery House

I've always wanted to stay at My Home and if that's not possible I guess I will need to find a new place on my own. I pray all the best homes are not already booked because I'm very close to my big day! Somehow Lesley got the impression my sister was staying with me but she is not. But on a good note my Hemo was a 15 two weeks ago:-) and I will be bringing those papers with me to the D.R. Another praise report is my cycle is now due a few days after surgery! Is New Life a good home?

Lesley and My Sugery Buddy are AWSOME!

A little under two weeks ago I talked to a lady I met here on realself and we both agreed it would nice if we could be surgery buddies. Then I ran into a huge problem when contacted Lesley! We were staying at two different recovery homes and the one we really wanted to stay at (my buddies home) was booked! Well to make a long story short, two days ago I was informed by her she made it happen. My Buddy help by sending her messages and I think Lesley knew we both really wanted this.

I'm going to post some pre op pictures in the same clothing and positions I post my 30 day post op pictures. I feel this will be helpful to ladies in the future.

Tomorrow is the Big Day!

My day has finally arrived and I could not be more excited! Today was a full day @ Cecip. All of my test results were great and it was wonderful finally meeting Lesley and Dra. Fatima Almonte. They are truly lovely and down to earth ladies. You can tell they love to laugh and have a great relationship. When I first arrived I was able to run downstairs and see my friend I met on here. She was minutes from going under. The person that draws your blood has my left arm really sore because she assumed a vein was good just because she could see it and was moving the needle around in my arm. She finally pulled it out and was about to stick me somewhere else. I stopped her and showed her where my doctor always draws my blood. But that has happened to me in the USA a couple of times so it has nothing to do with being in the D.R. I've met some nice ladies recovering and they are giving useful advice about recovery.


Recovery is NO JOKE! Each day gets better and better! My doctor wants me to wait a little longer to get massages. I love my doctor and her team.

Thigh Gap

Three days post op.

First Morning Home

I few home yesterday and the flight/traveling caused major swelling! But woke up this morning feeling great with the swelling and all!

It's finally much better!

I definitely under estimated the pain but I was able to get through it without any narcotics for after care. The thought of medicine possibly upsetting my stomach out weighed the pain! Even coughing and sneezing scared the shit out of me....literally thought I was going to die. I knew my limitations because I was never completely out of pain.

Before and After

Before surgery my eating habits were great. However, now they suck but I'm starting my diet tomorrow. I can't wait to see my results after one week of eating healthy!

An Improved Body!

I worked hard to lose weight and wanted to treat myself with a little makeover (lol)! I prayed and did plenty of research before choosing my doctor. Her entire team were absolutely lovely women! Dr. Almonte was attentive, kind, humorous, beautiful, gentle, caring, and I could go on and on! 

My only con was not being able to enjoy the beautiful country because recovery is painful. However, that's not my doctor's fault. I did not show her any wish pictures because I truly trusted her work.

2 months post op

My body is still healing...................

Two months post op Dr. Fatima Almonte

It's a journey.........
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I chose my doctor based on prayer and her: professionalism, safety, results, price, and wonderful team. Everything happens so fast once you are in the Dominican Republic! My driver Neper was holding a sign with my name on it at the airport. He was a nice guy and spoke excellent English (I don't know any Spanish). I downloaded a Spanish app. but never needed it. Everyone I came in contact with was warm and friendly (especially Dr. Almonte, Lesley, and Rachell). I was brought to the hospital the night before my surgery because I was Dr. Almonte's first patient Wednesday morning at 6:30 a.m. When I arrived I was told all the rooms were filled so I could go back to my recovery home and a driver would come pick me up at 5:30 am or sleep on my roommates couch in her hospital room but she was in surgery and could not ask her if it was cool with her. I chose to stay in her room because we both traveled to the D.R. alone and figured she may need help after surgery. She and I were both happy I stayed because she was in so much pain and I was able to assist her. Dr. Almonte came in to check on her around 11pm. She asked, "aren't you my morning surgery"? "Do you want me to mark you up now"? I told her I hadn't taken a shower because they were giving me a room first thing in the morning so I would wait to get marked up. Around 6:15 am still no room my friend suggest I should go ahead and use her shower. I was in the shower and I get a knock on the door from Dr. Almonte ready to mark me up.....I was in shock. After the knock everything else happen so FAST. It went like this.....knock, quickly finished shower, dried off in front of Doctor, permanent marker drawing over body, blue pill, wheeled to operating room. Everything happened within 5 min. When I wake up from surgery it was 1:15pm. I was alone and could not believe I was never nervous about surgery until I was being wheeled into the operating room and then it was too late cause I was knock out cold! I didn't show my doctor any wish pics because I felt she would do what was best for me and I trusted her 100% percent. My doctor was lovely, friendly, and caring every time I saw her! When my drain came apart in the waiting area my first office visit she exceeded my expectations. I wobbled in her office in a panic and she put me at ease and fixed it right where I stood. Two of her assistants were in the office with her and she was like "Honey I got this and jumped right in and put me back together (lol)!

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