35 Yrs Old. Mother of 3. Getting a Tummy Tuck,bbl, & Lipo. So Excited - Dominican Republic

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Sent an email to Surgicoordinator last month and...

Sent an email to Surgicoordinator last month and paid my deposit last week. My date is 7/19/16 but somehow I keep getting an email that my date is 7/21/16? I called and Stephanie advised the date is definitely 7/19/16. We will see because I'm not booking my house nor flight until i can confirmed at least 10 more times my date. LOL. I don't need a HUGE ass I want to focus more on a flat tummy & hips. I can't wait.

Recovery House so many to choose from...

Please leave a response regarding your stay at any recovery houses or which recovery house you're choosing.
So far I'm considering
High Class Recovery
Maria's Recovery
Princess Recovery

Surgery Buddy

I'm looking for a surgery buddy I'm leaving 7/17 from New Jersey.

Tummy Tuck

This question is for the ladies that had a previous c-section.
Is the pain from the tummy tuck the same pain like a c-section? My first C-section hurt like hell but the 2nd & 3rd one wasn't too bad. Just curious.

Dr Yily

To all the ladies that may want to consider Dr Yily you better hurry up and get your quote because she's IG famous now she was on the Shaderoom today because a LHHATL star is going to get work done by her. So now you know her prices are going to probably rise. LOL


Had blood work done last week & my hemo was 12.5. YAY.... I would like for it to be at least a 14 so I will be purchasing Iron Plus Hx mineral supplement from invitehealth. I saw that another DuranDoll from IG also took these and it raised her hemo. If you have any suggestions on how to raise my hemo besides beets & liver feel free to post below.

Before pics ????

Hello ladies I've decided to upload pics of my fat self. Also you can follow me on my new IG page for my surgery journey only. JulyDuranDoll

Maybe Switching Dr's

I know I don't want to but customer service & communication is key. First off let me tell you even though I emailed Dr Duran's personal email directly, I somehow received an email from Laura - Surgicoordinator. Which now I'm thinking she also handles Dr Duran's emails too and profiting off her? Chile anywho so I continue to use Surgicoordinator and paid the fee I was sent 2 yes 2 calendar invites. 7/19 & 7/21? Weird right I know but wait it gets interesting. I only accepted 7/19/2016. So lets back up a few in her whatsapp she first asked me If I wanted 7/18, I said yes than an hr later she tells me dates are booked fast? Whatever so she confirmed me for 7/19. So now at the sametime I get another invite from her again within minutes of us talking on whatsapp stating 7/21? I'm tired of this poor communication. I've sent another whatsapp stating so . She apologize and confirmed my date of 7/19. Fast forward till today I called Durans office this morning and spoke to Walkira and she said my date is 7/21. I'm flaming mad. I told her Laura insists my date is 7/19 I've already book my RH starting 7/17. She could tell I was upset and placed me on hold. Not a thing to do when someone is heated but I digress. She gets back on the line and states 7/19 I'm like are you sure because you were certain a minute ago I was 7/21. She said yes. So now I feel like this is what they do they overbooked her because people probably don't really show up for surgery, so if everyone decides to show up for surgery on those listed dates she will give you a piss poor excuse stating why you can't have surgery on the date you've confirmed. So now she will push you to a new date which is the date they had plan for your butt all along. That's a big turnoff for me and now I'm waiting to hear back from Laura or Stephanie from Surgicoordinator to see what they say. obviously Duran should get rid of surgicoordinator because they don't know what they are doing and the communication is poor. Oh the doctor I'm considering is Cabral. Don't shoot me. Yes I've read the horror stories. So please don't post his negatives on my page. GOD is in control whichever surgeon I use.

Made it to DR

Hello everyone have not posted in awhile just wanted to let everyone know I've made it to DR. My surgery is tomorrow morning have to be at the clinic at 6:30am.

Quick update

So sorry for the late update but please understand my body has been through complete trama. I will at least post pics and 1 day actually sit down and explain everything. I'm 16 days PO and still feel like crap.

I hate my tummy

15 days PO
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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