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I have been researching Plastic Surgeons for the...

I have been researching Plastic Surgeons for the past two years. After the birth of my children my body was a wreck! Although I am afraid to go overseas, I love the results the Dominican Republic doctors deliver. I emailed and whatsapp'ed Dra. Duran, Dr. Cabral and Dra. Yily on 9/2/16. I told each doctor the procedures I wanted, only Yily has responded; she responded via email on 9/3 and responded on Whatsapp later that same day.
The email I received from Sasha, Dra. Yily’s assistant was very thorough and I became confident in my decision. I responded to the email and said I wanted to do a Tummy Tuck, Lipo and BBL. I inquired about available dates. Since I got a response via Whatsapp later that evening I noticed it was quicker to get a response via whatsapp with Dra. Yily directly. Dra. Yily let me know what dates were available and I let her know I was ready to make my deposit. She sent over the wire information but I thought it was the same information as what was in the email I got from Sasha. WRONG! I should have used the information I got on Whatsapp from Yily for my wire.
Now, I have to wait on Sasha to respond to my email to confirm my deposit and appointment. Since my initial email to Sasha on 9/2/16, Sasha replied in less than 24 hours on 9/3/16....I have since made my deposit on 9/6/16 (based on information I got from Dra. Yily via Whatsapp) and I am still waiting. I asked Dra. Yily via whatsapp to remind Sasha to check her email. I am concerned because I have sent my money and I do not have a confirmed surgery date. Its only been a couple days so I hope Sasha responds to me soon.

Deposit paid, getting ready!

So after some waiting, I got my confirmation email from Sasha/Yily and I'm booked for May 17th 2017. I'll be staying at the Luxury RH. I'm stalking plane tickets (using Hopper) trying to get a deal and I'm contimplating coming back first class. I was initially going to take my mother but the more I think about it, I think I'm going to go by myself.

I've been reading every review I can find about Dra. Yily and at times I get scared from various reviews that aren't so good but then again there are several reviews that are good, with pictures to prove it.

I think what scares me most is this iron level requirement. I don't want to get down there and be told my iron levels are too low so I've started taking Vitron C, Folic Acid and B12 8 MONTHS in advance.

So far, I'm sticking with Yily because all the doctors I read about in the DR have had their share of "botched" work. I'm going to continue to pray that everything works out for the best.

I have Faja questions, idk what size is best and I'm wondering about checking a bag or just carrying a carry on. Seems like I don't really have to carry a lot of stuff. I'm really concerned about carrying such a large amount of cash. It seems like no one really talks about how they carry all this money down there and what precautions they take. I asked Sasha about this because I read one girl said she got robbed. Sasha assured me that the RH has security.

In the meantime I'm working on dropping this weight. I'm down to 185, going to be around 160 when I get to the DR in May. I posted some before pics for you guys.

Switching to Dra. Fatima Almonte?

Something about Dra. Almonte has me more at ease. I'd hate to lose my deposit but I would rather a doctor who could tell me how many surgeries per day they had. I know is none of my business, but I would rather be 1 of 3 patients rather than 1 of 6 patients for the day. Another thing I like about Dra. Almonte is that I can pay in full from the US. I'm really hesitant on traveling with $6k+ dollars in cash on me to the DR. My original date with Yily is available with Almonte so there won't be major changes if I switch.

Nope NOT switching doctors- Ticket bought

I bought my ticket....

Now I am going to start little by little buying my supplies. I don't plan on buying much since I already have the clothes, I just need to focus on the medical supplies. I hope to fit everything in one carry-on since I don't want to pack heavy.


I leave for the DR in 3 months. I started packing this morning. I am trying to make this suitcase as light as possible. I'm only carrying a carry on. I'm putting Maxi dresses, wife beaters/tank tops, flip flops, deodorant, baby wipes.... I'm not going to overdo it. March 2017 will be here before I know it!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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