32yr Old Needing Tummy Tuck, Lipo Sculpture, Bbl, and Arm Tuck After Gastric Sleeve - Dominican Republic

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Hello everyone. This is my first time writing...

Hello everyone. This is my first time writing something on here after 6 months reviewing everyone else's reviews. I am planning to have my surgery with Dr. Fatima Almonte on Aug. 31. I had the gastric sleeve done on August 12, 2014. I was 315lbs. before surgery and currently 175lbs. I am very nervous with the whole recovery and procedure. If anyone had surgery with her please share your experience with me. If anyone planning on having surgery the same time, hit me up. Would love to have a surgery buddy. I'll keep everyone posted with any other details and pictures.

Surgery jitters

I am getting very nervous as the days get closer. Thinking about the pain, the surgery itself, and the recovery. I've heard many stories about deaths in D.R. and I get very nervous. Does anyone else feel the same ?

Feeling the jitters big time

Everyday I check on RS for updates and advice. I would like to know if anyone knows if fmla pays for the time being out from work. I can't wait to get this done. I look at so many results and imagine myself and get really anxious. For so long, I have been heavy set. For me, this will be a huge change in my life. I am ready for change.

Recovery home updates

So today I got a message from Leslie about which RH I will be in. It's called my home RH. Has anyone ever heard of it? If so, can you please let me know how it is. Also, I wanted to know how can I go about getting the massages, how much are they and how
Many will I need? It's so surreal how the time is ticking. 3 months away. Gotta get on the ball on losing alittle bit more weight. Right now, I am currently 175. Not sure how much more to lose. I don't want to look really skinny. I want to look thick. Also I know I need fat in order to do my bbl. so much stuff going through my mind. I'm all over the place lol. Please help ladies!!

Vitals checked.

Hey everyone. Last week, I got my hemoglobin checked. It was 12.8. I need to boost it up a little more. Also, my doctor put me back on blood pressure medication. I'm a little upset because I thought by losing a massive amount of weight, I wouldn't need to be back on it. My pressure was 150/90. I also asked Leslie about pain medication. She told me that they only give Artricom relax? That's only a gel. I wanted to know if they give any oral pain meds. Does anyone know if they do? And which one?

one month left

I am so excited about my transformation. I can't wait for the day. Aug 31. I need to start gathering a list of products to take with me to D.R. any suggestions on which products are best for scar healing and pain? I also went to the doctor and checked my hemo which is at 12.8 I need to build my blood alittle more. Is there anyone leaving around the same time as me, I would love to have a surgery buddy. My recovery home is MY HOME. let me know if there is anyone interested. Thanx ladies!!
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