30 Year Old Mother of 2, Needing a Tummy Tuck, BBL, Lipo on Back. Dominican Republic, DO

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SOOOO Anxious!!!!! SOOOO Nervous!!!! about to put...

SOOOO Anxious!!!!! SOOOO Nervous!!!! about to put down my deposit tomm to go in july 2016, I cant wait but also so many questions I am new to this website so I have so many questions, im wanting to get my Tummy tuck, BBL, lipo on my back, im wanting to do my arms but I was informed that I couldn't do it with my tummy tuck. is it worth bringing someone? and is doing in july a bad idea because of the tickets? all i now of is of almonte are there any other better docs??

Wondering if it's worth it, spending money!!

Feeling discouraged today, but when I see pics of people who have done the procedure I wanna go again ????


Is anyone going in July? I need a buddy I'm so nervous!! And also can anyone help me sign a list of what to bring? I spoke to someone but i dont know if it's the doc or her asst. she was nice & patient. Thank god

I'm schedueled!!! For August 8th!!!!

Is anyone going in August?!?! I'm needing a buddy, please anyone let me know. Thanks everyone!! I'm nervous but I'm in Gods hands!!

I made my deposit today!!!

Almonte it is!!! August of 2016!!! I'm so excited and can't wait to be there, if there is anyone going in August 2016 Ana would like a buddy please let me know, I'm scheduled for August 8th and as of now I'm goin alone, I must say I am a little nervous but I have put this off long enough. Let this journey begin!!! :)

Soon to be old me

Hello beauties I have two questions

I will be having my surgery on August 8 of 2016 I wanted to know are there any essential supplies that I should bring and should I bring cash on hand when I need it what I need to purchase anything or do I just leave everything on my card?

Y am I such a procrastinator?!?!?

I have to get my passport & my tickets but I'm always putting it off!!! What's wrong with me?!?? I'm so nervous but I honestly can't wait, Friday is my spot with my PCP, he will let me know my hemo count, let's see!!! I found some more wish pics!!! I can't wait to wear jeans n wear a ref shirt, or a nice crop top I always wear t-shirts n long shirts smh

My diet....????

I can't seem to get on this diet train!!! I need to be strict with my diet because i dorm want to spend thousands of dollars in this surgery to get my ads back him n eat like I used to.. Does anyone know of a good system??

Praying for some change

Today I had an appt with my PCP he ran some blood test to see if all is well and to see how my anemia is, I'm a little nervous the last time they checked it was a 6(extremely low) and docs said I will probably need a blood transfusion, which I have gotten in the past and disliked very much. I have been taking my iron pills & other vitamins for a little over a month now, I know it may not be a big difference but I hoping and praying that my Results are a bit higher. I leave it in Gods hands.

Iaso tea?

Iaso tea, has anyone ever tried it?

Thank God!!!

My hemo is at a 11.7!!! From a 6!!! God is good!!!

Meal prep

Ughhh I want some soda

I can't wait!!!

I can't wait to feel sexy again!!

Can I get some help?

Hello dolls, I have a few questions if you guys can help me


Hello dolls, I look at all the stories and wish I could have all of the push you guys have, it's hard for me to diet or exercise, and my hemo dropped a little, when I'm going through something in life it's like I can't seem to get it together smh I need to get on this train I want to loose at least 30 Pds before August, but that's not looking too promising. I have a few more things that's I have to buy, the pads, boppy pillow, and other things. Pray for me dolls???? Godbless

79 Days!!!!

I can't wait!!!! Only 79 days till I'm on the flat side!!! Any dolls going on August 7 or that week?

I finally made a IG

My IG is almontedoll2016aarbelo, add me beauties ????

I made it to the flat side!!!! Thanks to DR Ferreras

I made it to the flat side!!!! Thanks to Doctor maikel Jimenez ferreras

1 month and 10 days post op

I'm 1 month& 10 days post and getting better as the days go on, this is one of the best decisions I've ever made, any questions I'll be glad to answer
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

so far the communication has been ok, I haven't really called much

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