26 Years Old, Tummy Tuck, Lipo and BBL - Dominican Republic, DO

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? So I’m 26 years old, no kids. ..

So I’m 26 years old, no kids. I have lost about 60 pounds, gained 40 and lost 10. Before surgery I had lost 10 pounds and weighed 191. I stopped smoking hookah and drinking 3 months prior, I didn’t exercise and I started taking my vitamins. I started taking b-12, iron, vitamin c and b-complex about 3 months before surgery. I tried eating as healthy as I could to be as healthy as I could be given my weight and lack of exercise. I had my doctor preform all the lab work Yily tells you to do in the email. My quote was $4,500 just for surgery, no insurance, etc.

I arrived to DR on June 13, 2016, June 14th I was getting my labs done and scheduled for surgery on June 15th. My hemo was 14.7 and all my labs were excellent as I knew because I already did them in the US. BTW labs are done at cipla but surgery and after care is done at another clinic called el vergel. Morning of surgery I arrive at 6am like they say to do but didn’t go into surgery until 11:30am-12pm. Yily came into the room I was waiting in, asked me what I wanted to do and marked me up, told me to ask her all the questions I had, but I kind of froze and forgot all my questions, lol. Next time I will write them down. I just remember saying I want a tummy tuck for a flat tummy, lipo on my back and front and bbl for hips.

I didn’t get a blue pill, instead they injected fluid into my iv and I don’t remember anything until I woke up towards the end. I remember hearing Yily talking, then I noticed the extreme amount of oxygen going into my nose, there was a guy comforting me and rubbing my head saying “its ok we’re almost done, just patching you up” and I remember saying “could you guys hurry up” because I heard them talking a lot but don’t remember what they were saying. I fell asleep and I remember being transported to the recovery room where we are all brought into after surgery, I remember not feeling any pain just a lot of pressure on my stomach. I felt very weak but no pain, I was even translating what the nurses were saying to the other women in the recovery room, I remember asking all the girls how they were feeling. Everyone said good, it was a total of 6 of us that Yily preformed surgery on that day.

I watched all the girls go in and leave, apparently I felt so weak because my hemo dropped to 10 and my pressure was super low. Once my pressure went up a bit, I was able to go up to my room where my mom was waiting. I fell asleep and didn’t wake up until morning, still no pain because the nurses were awesome about giving me my medication. They would always check on me every couple hours throughout the night, clean out my catheter and drain, and change my iv. 

The next morning, I was given soup, Yily came in very quickly asked if I had questions, hardly pressed on my stomach, asked how I felt, told me I was looking good, and left. That was the last time I saw her. I wish she would’ve seen me every 3-4 days after surgery but she didn’t. instead she has you come into the clinic twice a week and the nurses cleaned and change your bandages. They were nice but I wish it was my doctor looking at me. I stayed in DR for 23days after surgery, no recovery house because my family took care of me. The following day from surgery I was given 2 packs of blood because my hemo dropped during surgery. Before I left I was so uncomfortable, my whole body was swollen bigger than what I came in as. It was very uncomfortable to go anything. They told me I couldn’t shower for 21 days and my drain was taken out after 16days, it wasn’t painful at all.

I always heard girls say the first 4 days are the worst then it gets better but for me the first week was the hardest. I experienced uncomfortable gas, loss of appetite (my family had to force feed me), crazy amount of urination on the first day home, extreme back pain, dizziness, and swelling. I started my massages 2 days’ post op and the massages hurt more than the surgery itself in the first week. I felt like I was going to pass out a lot of the time during the first session of my massages. I got a total of 20 massages, the lady came to my house which was awesome, she really helps the swelling and inflammation go down. I took my faja in almost every few days because the swelling would go down so fast. Yily gives you the faja after surgery but after you buy your own, I bought the Fajate faja.

I have to say it is very important to bring someone with you if you are getting surgery with Yily, you need someone to advocate for you or else they won’t give you the attention you are requiring at your worst. All the nurses were really nice and attentive, but it really sucks that Yily was no where to be found after that.
They advise you not to say you got surgery at the airport and act like you’re fine because they do not want to give you a letter saying you are good to travel. My flight was originally on the 7th of July but was cancelled until the next day because I didn’t have a letter from Yily saying I could travel. At first I argued with Lucy (she’s in the office at cipla and who I paid for surgery) she kept saying that it was weird that the airport didn’t want to let me go and they never have this happen. She also kept repeating herself, saying she wasn’t authorized to give out letters but I told her to call Yily so we could figure it out and I would be there in 10 minutes. When I got to cipla, I showed Lucy the cancelled flight and the airport’s letter requesting permission from my doctor to travel, I waited 30 minutes, she called Yily a few times and Yily ended up saying yes to give me the letter. I also threaten not to leave Lucy alone until I got my letter, I wanted to go home so bad I became desperate and petty. LOL

Anyway I got my letter, went back to the airport and all was good. I got wheelchair service and there were no problems with me or my flight. My flight attendants asked me if I got surgery and we talked for like 20 minutes about my experience and what they wanted to get done. My feet were a bit swollen but every thing was totally fine.

I am 41 days’ post op, feeling: itchy, sore, swollen on my lower belly and stiff.
I can’t wait to feel normal again, I still sleep on my back because I feel so uncomfortable on my sides and especially on my stomach. Overall I feel good and don’t regret anything, I just wish Yily was more attentive towards her patients.

I am considering getting my breasts done, going bigger and some lipo on my arms and inner thighs just not with Yily. I want a doctor that will be very attentive and show compassion towards their patients and I don’t think Yily will ever.

I am considering, Medina or Molina! I’ll keep in touch! xoxo


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hope i was able to help you ladies!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Overall the most important thing is that Yily gets the job done, she has a dry attitude but is sweet at the same time. BUT if she feels that what you want isn't what she sees for you, she will do what she thinks is best not what you want. I wanted more projection and rounder booty and I love my booty but she could've done more. The worst part of her treatment is she is simply not there to see you for post op care. She has her staff take care of you and they do the best they can but there's no price in having the doctor that performed surgery on you, the doctor who opened you up come in and take a look at your progress or lack of.

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