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I have been looking for a doctor for so long and i...

I have been looking for a doctor for so long and i finally found the doctor that i want to perform my surgery.DR.FATIMA ALMONTE!!!!!! I was going to go to robles but she does 6-7 procedures per day and almonte does no more then three per day.I need a doctor who will take her time on me and Dr.almonte is the doctor for me!!!! I was quoted 5,150.00 for a tummy tuck,bbl,lipo of full back,waist and abs and 10 nights in the recovery home. I have been keeping in contact with her assistant leslie by whatsapp and she replies quickly and shes amazing nice. There is a 350.00 deposit to hold my date.I am going for january 20,2015.If anyone is getting there surgery on or around that date,I would love a travel buddy.

Wish Pics


Sending my deposit next week



I have chose to stay at the serenity recovery house.Everything is updated, they have flat screen tv,night stand,walk in closet,door with locks and keys,remote controlled a.c. The clients will enjoy a room with a private bath, a flat screen TV w/ cable, English channels, wireless internet, air conditioning & hot running water. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks are provided daily. Your reservation also includes an assistant to run personal errands at no additional charge. This is why i chose this rh and they are also just 7 mins from cipla and cecip clinics.I will be sending my 100.00 deposit on friday 8-8-14.


HEMOGLOBIN AT 13.2 on 8-3-14

hey ladies this is my hemo before taking any vitamins or supplements.My surgery date isnt until 1-20-15 so I am hoping to maintain this number or better once i start my vitamins


I think these wish pic better match my body structure


here are some more before pictures of me.


I am coming from delaware and the cheapest flight i can find is about 530.00.I guess I better get my flight before the price goes up since im five months away.


confirmation email received from lesley

wish pics

Emailed lesley still no response back!!!

So i emailed lesley, almontes assistant,on 8-17-14 and today is 8-23-14 and she still have not emailed me back.DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW EARLY I SHOULD START TAKING MY VITAMINS? My surgery isnt until 1-20-15.So is two months before surgery good enough?I also asked for a doctors note so that i can request off from work and also to show my primary doctor so that i can get some stronger pain killers because i heard what they give you in d.r for pain sucks.

lesley finally responded!

Lesley will make a doctors note for me to give to my primary for me to get percocets for pain relief.Also i changed rh because i heard at serenity rh after a certain time they dont check in you,so if i needed something in the middle of the night they wont come.FUCK THAT i made a switch quick!!!! I WILL BE STAYING AT ARMONIA RH heard alot of great things!

MY NATURAL BUTT (before pics)

Here are some pics of my natural butt...no shots,implants,my mommy gave this to me.ALOT OF PEOPLE THINK IM CRAZY FOR GETTING A BBL.What do you think rs friends?Will that be too much butt?

Picked up a few things

I was at walmart today to get some toilet paper and i started thinking,hell i mind as well pick up a few things for my surgery lol...Jus picked up a few items i still have a ways to go.

My luggage came today

I am so addicted to amazon.com...I know im still four months away but i almost am done supply shopping. IM JUST TOO EXCITED.


My job so damn nosey they need to know everything so lesley(almontes assistant) made me a doctors note to get my time off approved.


I was thinking about going home 10 days after my sx but now i think i want to stay in d.r to at least have Almonte remove all of my drains.I really do not want to return home with drains still in because i heard people removing them too soon and getting seroma.If i can avoid any complications by just staying a bit longer i will. HOW LONG BEFORE ALL DRAINS ARE REMOVED? I know it depends on how much fluid you are leaking but what is the normal?I heard 14 days so if i can stay an additional 4 days just to make sure everything is removed correctly than i will.


1.What did you pack that you didnt use or even need and what did you pack that you wish you had more of?
2.How long did you wait to remove you drains?
3.How many massages should you get per/day and for how long after surgery should you continue to get massages?
4.When were you able to stand straight
5.To the working women...When did you decide to go back to work?
6.When did swelling go down?and when could you finally see your results?
7.How was the flight back home?
8.Do you still wear your faja and if not,when did you stop wearing it?

Sorry for all the questions i would just like to know what to prepare for.

My sx is 1-20-14 and i plan on going back to work on 2-10-14 Which is three weeks later i just hope that is enough time.I have a desk job at a call center so I am basically at my desk for 8 hr minus breaks,I also work from home so i have a bit of an advantage,I just have to walk to my living room to work lol i will have my feet propped up nice and comfy lol.


So i get paid today and i wanted to send a payment of 1,000.00 dollars to almonte and guess what?!MY CAR GOT TOWED LASTNIGHT...EVERYBODY WANTS MY FUCKIN MONEY!!!! I heard them towing somebodys car in my complex i look out the window as they are driving off AND ITS MY FUCKIN CAR!!!!So i have to pay to get my car out(MONEY WASTED)...now that my son is in daycare i will be goin in overload on the overtime to make up for this towing shit...I REFUSE FOR ANYTHING TO STOP ME FROM GETTING MY SURGERY!UGGGGH MINOR SETBACK FOR A MAJOR COMEBACK!


These are the vitamins i will be taking.I wont start until i am exactly 4 months pre-op,which will be sept 20,2014.The first two months i will take one of each per day then two months pre-op i will take one each of vitamin c and b complex but i will double up and take two/of the folic and iron.

surgery date changed

With me buying a new car I did change my sx date to FEBRUARY 23,2015 if anybody needs a sx buddy please let me know.I WILL NOT BE CHANGING MY DATE AGAIN ITS SET IN STONE FOR FEB 23,2014 lesley whatsapp me with the new date.

Nothing new to update

Hey luvies I am still set to have sx on 2-23-15.STILL LOOKING FOR A SX BUDDY.I have not purchased my flight and I haven't started taking my vitamins. I think im scared that its really 3 months away. That seems far for some people but for me its so close with me still having so much to do. DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW OFTEN I AM SUPPOSE TO TAKE THE VITAMINS?once per day or twice per day?any advice?

New recovery home

So apparently dr.almonte does not include REAL RECOVERY ARMONIA anymore.She sent me and email of the three rhs that they now include.My original choice was real recover armonia and she said that was fine new they are no longer on the list I didn't ask why...Now I have to research these three recovery homes...
1.New life recovery home
2.Tropical recovery home
3.My home recovery home
hopefully this will be the last change!

pictures of new life recovery home

I whatsapp new life asking for pictures and she replied within minutes.The owners name is Massiel and shes really nice.Here are some pictures.

What is your instagram?

To the people who are having surgery and who are going to have surgery i would like to follow you so please drop your instagram names below...my instagram name is @mzdiamond_flawless1.

fat transfer to hips?

Does anyone know if almonte does fat transfer to hips?

48 Days left

I have a little over a month to go and i still have to get my flight,gavent started taking my vitamins and I havent gotten my passport yet!!!! still so much to do

What else do i need? PLEASE HELP!!!!!

I still need my luggage,compression socks,safe lock for my money,boppy,percocets,two more maxi dresses,slippers,p-ez,travel soap and i think thats it.

Passport will be here by 1-19-15 yay

I thought i wouldnt get my passport in time so i had to expediate the passport and it will be here next week...ONLY TOOK A WEEK IN A HALF FOR EXPEDIATED SERVICE!


I have been reading alot of reviews and i read where u have to pay for the medications and alot of other hidden fees so i asked lesley and this was her reply...

37 days away!!!!

My passport came today yay!!!! Thats one thing out the way...still have to get flight and some supplies then thats it!

new date is april 23rd

Hey guys i had to change my date because my job is giving me a hard time getting off in february.I asked leslie(almontes asst)if she had anything for march and all the march days are taken so i had to settle for april 23,2015.If any of you ladies would like a travel buddy i am all yours.My surgery is already paid in full I just have to wait until april 23rd to go.No worries i wont be changing my date again because my job did approve the days for april. Im so sad but i believe everything happens for a reason.Theres a reason i wasnt meant to go feb 23rd.

More supplied came

As a precaution i bought a master lock it was $18.00 at amazon.com and i also purchased these deposable wash cloths instead of wipes.

25 Years old should not look like this!

In need of almontes hands!

Surgery Date Changed!!!!10-19-15

I just started a new job yay!!! But the sad part is i cant use fmla for three months after being with the company.I am still having surgery and it is already paid off, Just not having it until 10-19-15...That seems like a long way but it gives me time to settle in my new home and new job.SORRY FOR THE DATE CHANGE LADIES.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

So far she is amazing,she replies fast and if she doesnt reply her assistant lesley does.I believe i will get amazaing results with her,she seems very caring.

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