Im 25 I Have 3 Beautiful Kids Im Much Need of Tummy Tuck, Bbl, and Lipo. Dominican Republic, DO

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Well im a mother of 3 I got my quote from Dr...

well im a mother of 3 I got my quote from Dr Duran today after of so many emails and calling her office it was so hard to reach her but I got it well im getting a tummy tuck,lipo,and bbl all for $4,900 I cant wait for this day im so excited yayy im giving my self a birth day gift thank you god

Tummy tuck ,lipo,bbl

I'm so excited cause I'm going to DR Duran in July 4th 2016 I can't wait to be a Duran Doll!! I want a new body to feel sexy again I love my kids but my body no good ???? I can't wait for her to put those magical hands in my body and form transform this into a Barbie doll body. At lest for my bday I'll feel beautiful and sexy even tho I can't drink but I'll love it ???????? supper excited!!!! ???????????? Yayyy!!!

OMG it's A Fasil July 4 here I come

OMG I'm so excited I send my deposits for my date July 4 2016 today I called and made sure they got my deposits and they did so now I have to save up for my ticket for DR yayyyy!!! I'm going to be Dr Duran Doll!!!

Dopists down now waiting for July 4 to come Duran Doll here I come

I'm so excited I can't believe this date is secured & on locked down Yayyy!! I'm so happy cause the beauty of feeling sexy it's going to be soon I can walk around naked and feel sexy lol it feels good to look good it's about that time I do something nice for my self and special gift to my self since my bday it would be a week from July 4 I can look good :) thank you Dr Duran for this wish to come true

Tty , bbl & lipo I wish I could go sooner

I know July 4 it's couple of months away but I can't take time off out of work I wish I could do it now just so I can get this done and over with I want to have that sexy body again after having 3 kids I need my confident back but in a way it's good I'm waiting on tell July cause I can take my time buying what I need to buy each month goes by I get new things from my list. I even dream about my new body lol that's how bad I want this but I'm glad I made the right choice of the Dr Duran she's going to make my dream come true with God guiding her I know everything will be good :)

Sorry ladies I was away for a while

When I send the deposit for dr Duran I didn't know I was prego.. so I change my date to June 27,2017 with her but now. I'm having seconds thought about her yes I love her work I love the way she does this amazing body's but I been hearing to much crazy stories about Dr duran some girls come out great some doesn't my mind is saying yes to her but my gut is like hell no.. so I'm going with Dr Carlos Lopez collado his great surgeon he only does 2 people a day and his a lil more expensive but you know what some time what cost more is better then cheap. Can cost you more still getting the same thing done tty,lipo& Bbl June 27 here I come ready for you ????
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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