22 Years Old, 1 Kid Mommy Makeover July 2016 :) - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hi guys I'm Chyna. I've been stalking RS for some...

Hi guys I'm Chyna. I've been stalking RS for some years now every since I had my daughter at the age 17 I've been longing for a new body(that I initially couldn't afford). Now that my career is stable and my finances are good IM READDYYYYY :) I need the works lol A full TT, BBl and breast lift. It's crazy how much one pregnancy can destroy your body. I initially just wanted a breast lift and BBl but the Dr of my choice (Dr Cynthia Disla) said she wouldn't perform my Sx without it. Which is understandable because I truly do need it. My body was destroyed at such a young age I'm ready to enjoy it for the rest of my 20s. I do want more kids in the future (sometime in my 30s). I chose Dr Disla because I got to see and feel her results in person( my aunt got a lot of work done in 2015 and she looks amazing !!) I've viewed other Drs work but there's nothing like seeing great work in person. I've contacted Dr Disla and she has responded promptly just waiting for my quote. I want to go down in August 2016 anybody else traveling around that time???? Any other great reviews on Disla ?

Appointment date set

After some consideration and research I've switched Drs. I just feel like Dr Cabral will give me the results I'm personally looking for. So I've booked my date July 26, 2016 with him. I was quoted 4800 for bbl+TT+Lipo .. Been taking iron vitamin c and folic acid daily . I have lupus too so I have to work on some med adjustments for the months prior to my date but other than that I'm ready and excited !!! Still looking for travel buddy's !!!

Recovery home HELP!!!!

Ladies I need your opinions on some recovery Homes, who's the best ???? Surgery buddy NEEDED!!!

Less than 2 months away!!!

So I've had my first pre pre post exam and my hemo is 12.4... I've always been anemic so this is huge my Iron vitamin c and folic acid has obviously been helping !!! I'm so nervous!!! I'm gonna start purchasing supplies this week... I pretty much have all the clothes I need ... Still looking for a buddy I leave July 24 and I'm staying at healing haven.. At this point I've changed my doc so many times I just rather not say who im going with but I don't think it's gonna change anymore ... So just a recap I'm 5'7 175 with a lot of stretch marks and no hips lol I'm getting a TT Upper body Lipo and bbl ..

Supplieessss and Pre op

So far I've bought my compression socks
Antibacterial body wash
Adult wipes
Alcohol pads
Gauze tape
Arnica gel and pills
Poise pads
Still a few more things to get .. Reality is setting in my pre op appointment is next week . Not really a pre op I found out today because they would need pre op paperwork from my doctor which I'm still in the process of trying to get . If not the appointment with still be about me being in a good state of health to go get surgery .. Gonna talk to my PCP about meds when I go too she's really nice so hopefully she prescribe then.

Exactly 2 weeks away !!!!

I will be flying out from JFK on the 24th landing the 25th and having Sx the 26th... So ready!! Been going to stores like dam I can't wait to have Sx so I can wear that lol my family is so scared but I've always been a risk taker the results will be so worth it .. I've uped my iron to 2x a day .. And my supplies are all purchased just have to get a lock box .


Sooooo excited, I have a night flight 8:20 pm from JFK I land at 12:20 am. I'm all packed up, might as well tell you guys who my doctor is now since I won't be changing him !!! DR RODRIGUEZ !!!!

I've made it to DR!!

My flight was at 8:10 last night I arrived in DR at 12:20 my driver Shawn was outside waiting when and exactly where he said he would be. The airport was not crowded at night so lines were fast .. We went to the RH they offered to cook me food at 1:30 in the morning I kindly declined. The house is very clean and Juels is super nice I'm excited. The girls here look amazing !!! Breakfast and lunch have been everything, I'm greedy lol I went to Cipla this am to take my test and I go to meet with Dr Rodriguez in an hour . Everybody's very friendly and although I don't speak Spanish everybody's patient and helpful.

See you guys on the flat side !!

I just took my blue pill, I will be his first patient of the day .. Yayyyy!!!

Made it to the flat side !!!

Everything went well I'm feeling way better thank I did last night, I have the runs ... And just keeping going in and out of sleep ... Less pain than I anticipated but still a lot of it .. My tummy hurts the most ...

Complications ugh but loving my results

Ok so I live my results but complications have occurred my but was burned during Lipo they showed up 2 days post op ... They are healing well but with the faja on compressing them it was very uncomfortable ... The second complication is my belly button it's horrible if I wasn't strong minded id be very depressed ... It started as a blood layer going down to my TT scar then progressively got bigger I went to the ER and a surgeon evaluated me and told me it was not uncommon although i thought it was the worst thing in the worst its looks disqusting!!! She hooked me up with a follow up surgeon here which was great ... The rumors you hear about Drs not wanting to touch you after you leave the country is NOT TRUE !!! The doctors at the hospital were awesome she gave me supplies and told me how to treat it ... She said its gonna take time ... Other than those 2 things I LOVE my results !!! My waist is getting smaller by the day and my butt is big !! I'm still uncomfortable but nothing I can't manage ... I go back to work Sunday .. I feel ready ..

Just a quick update is anybody's interested lol

Doing great! My journey hasn't been 100% perfect but I love it my results and would do it again !!!

More pics

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

So far Dra Disla has responded very promptly, looking forward to working with her ..

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