22 and New! Tummy Tuck, Lipo, and Bbl

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This is it for me! After doing my research I have...

This is it for me! After doing my research I have decided to go overseas for my procedure. In a few weeks I will be an Almonte doll!! Yes, I'm nervous! But I'm getting married, just got my tubes tied, and ready for a new me! Years of trying to lose this weight and no luck ????, DR here I come!!! Join me on my journey and let's find out what all the hype is about!

Deposit paid

The deposit was 500. I paid this right away considering my procedure is a few days away. I've also booked my flight with Delta. DR here I come...

Problems with passport

I live out of Indianapolis, IN and have never traveled outside of the U.S, well with that being said I almost forgot to purchase a passport. It takes 4-6 weeks to receive it regular mail and 2-3 weeks if I pay an extra 60 to get it express. Again I'm scheduled 10/10 for surgery and will need to arrive in DR by 10/9, so now I have to travel to Chicago tomorrow to get one. (It's only 3 hours away) but I can receive it same day. Once I get that I will feel a lot better.


My family is very nervous about me traveling alone. Has anyone traveled to DR? Santo Domingo specifically?

5 days left!!!! And I am paid in FULL

So I'm finally over my fear of traveling out the country! I'm known to be a risk taker. I have a huge support system and wish and pray for safe travels, procedure, and outcome!!! Can anyone suggest things that I may need to take with me for pain, swelling, etc? What helped make your travel comfortable before and after?

Gut be gone!

I am a plus size girl and proud of it. I love my thighs and hips. What I don't like is my stomach I'm hoping Dr. Almonte can snatch all this up!! 4 days left!

It's beginning to get real

Has anyone used this? Did it work ok?

In less than 7 hours I will be on my way to DR!!

Sorry I haven't really been posting lately because I've been busy getting pack and spending time with family. But it's time!!!! So nervous but stay tuned!! Pics coming soon!!

The flight

The flight was not so bad. I figured due to me traveling a line and this being my second time on a plane that I would get lost. This was NOT the case. I've never been so determined in my life. Looking out the window was life! I chose the window seat and let me tell you I made the right choice. Be AWARE that you will need leg space so consider that when purchasing your ticket especially if your getting a bbl.

Not as planned...

I came a long way just to find out that I will not be able to get back lipo or a bbl (sad face) but that's ok I can still get lipo to waist, flanks, underarm, and tummy tuck. I'm can't wait to see my results. Btw, Lesley is a doll she is vibrant, very helpful, and speaks fluent English. She made me feel super comfortable. Anyway, my hemoglobin level is a 12 I barely made it but it had to be at least a 13 to get any work done on my back. I didn't understand at first because I took my vitamins EVERYDAY lol, but God works in mysterious ways. I won't complain tho my momma blessed my back side and hips already. Lesley said she will refund me the difference. So here we go!

Last nights meal

It was pretty good

Lesley's office

Gorgeous right?

The Clinic

The clinic was clean for the most part and everyone there was very friendly, I will say that coming into the country I was nervous because it looked very poor but Dr. Almontes office is on the good side of town it's actually across the street from the president's palace and it's gorgeous!!

The presidents Palace

10 mins and it's on! *Before Pics* PG13 style


And I'm still very swollen I can't wait till the swelling goes down. Don't second guess just do it follow your dreams!

Before and after


Problems uploading my pics

Here is the before and after

The results

God is good! I love my new stomach

Day 10 Post Opp

Yesterday's pic update

Sorry dolls!

I haven't had much time to make updates and I do apologize about that. I've actually been planning a wedding. We are tying the knot on 11/26! In five days lol! I've been all over the place but I'm doing good feeling better! More pics coming up
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

So far really great Dr. Almonte's assistant Lesley has been wonderful, very responsive!

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