20 Years Going for a Tummy Tuck, Arm and Breast Lift. - Dominican Republic

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Hi everyone ! This website is amazing and has...

Hi everyone ! This website is amazing and has helped me alot. Ive contact several of doctors in Dominican Republic Duran, Yily, Nelson Rosario, and abrue. However only two got back to me which was Yily and Rosario. Rosario is asking way over my budget so I've decide to go with Yily. Yily assistances have been amazing answer all my questions. i currently weight 235 and my height is 5'6. Yily asked me to lose 20lbs. My plans is to go on April. I will be getting a tummy tuck, lip on my back and inner thigh , breast and arm lift. Im a little scared with getting my arm lift because i have not seen Yily work for her arm lift. If anyone has had an arm lift from yily please share your experience with me and if the scar is really noticeable.


Hey dolls I've been reading alot of reviews about taking multigrain vitamins 30 days before your surgery ? Can someone please help and tell me what I'm suppose to be taking. Please and thank you!

Personal loan ?

hey beautiful ladies i hope all of you are doing great. Has any one of you taking a personal loan ? If, so with which bank. Unfortunately i have to get a personal loan. My credit score is 696 im not sure if thats enough to even get a personal loan. Please let me know and goodluck to all you dolls get surgery xoxo


Hey dolls know Im undecided as who to go to dr yily or dr robles. Dr.Robles does a good job barely leaving scar when performing an arm lift. I still have not seen yily work when it comes to arm lift. If anyone has had an arm life by Dr. yily i would like to see it.


hey dolls i decided to change doctors. I'm going to do my surgery with Walkiris Robles. I LOVE the communication they have with me. So far all my questions have been answer. Im so close to send my deposit and set my date for May 2015. I love her work she gives you more of a natural look. On the other hand Yily makes the body look too fake. Its not something i want.


Hey Dolls I officially send my deposit and I'm schedule for May 26,2015. Dr. Walkiris Robles is the doctor I picked. Cant wait to get my surgery done.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Yily is not my doctor Walkiris Robles is

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