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Okaaay soooo first time on here... But I've been...

Okaaay soooo first time on here... But I've been stalking it for a min now...Let me just say that this damn thing is like crack!! Super addicted!! basically..I'm 26, 2 kids, 1 c-section, no health issues...I'm about 140, and 5"0 tall...I'm pretty curvy, 34-36D...but I need to have my stomach and waist snatched to the gods!! Lol!!!

Why in the world

So I mean...why does it take so long for a review to post!? Wonder if that's just new reviews? We shall see...I'm still scouring the site to find an RH that can accommodate a companion..I've also been dreading this Cipla stay..I wonder if my boyfriend can stay there with me?? Thoughts? Most things I've read about that first night have been terrible.I just feel like that first night following sx is critical...and I dont have time for no bs!! I need to be drugged up! Lol..I remember with my c-section...I didn't feel anything til hours and hours later..and I took meds before the pain settled in! The main issue for me was using the bathroom...that was hell on wheels!! I didn't even want to avoid having to pee! And def will be bringing some stool softeners...anything to ease using those abdominal muscles! Anyway I'm super excited..just tryna make sure I'm more than prepared! The prescriptions that Dra Duran gave for after you ladies think its better to try to get them here at home? Or once I'm there? Thanks! Ttyl

pre pics and wish pics

I'm trying to get WAISTED lol...pun intended! I can't believe I'm doing this..I'm super excited.. I've officially lost my mind! Lol...but not really:)

Surgery Status Update

Hey guys! It's been a looong time! I've scrolled around on here, here and there from time to time but no bad. This site is toooo was taking over my liiiife! Lol! So anyway I initially planned to have my surgery spring-summer of this year...buuuut some things came up and I had to be a responsible adult, paying off some school loans, and other things -_- (How annoying) Ain't no sense in being all fine...and in debt! Lol! So I now plan to have surgery around March of 2015. I guess things happen for a reason...that will give me time to be WELL prepared for this life changing experience! Making sure I'm super healthy and everything. Esp now that I have health insurance I'll be able to work with my doctor to ensure I'm ready! (Thanks Obamacare)???? I haven't paid my deposit yet...if anyone knows an easy way to pay it...please share!! ????
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Very sweet and attentive thus far

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