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I set out on this journey with the hopes of...

I set out on this journey with the hopes of completing the enhancement of my physical appearance and kicking my "I'm the Sh*t" into high gear :) as well as sharing it with you every step of the way. I joined this site last year sometime with the remote thought of surgery one day. Well since then i've undergone a breast reduction and that has single handedly changed the quality of my life. My girls are now sitting natural and no longer do I have to spend over $100 for a dayum bra..woop woop! If anyone is interested his name is Dr. Elie Levine (great surgeon) in Manhattan. Blessed me as my insurance covered the bill.

I am a mother of two (16 and 4) and I currently weigh 185lbs and 5ft 5in tall. I'm not sure of my measurements but I will be charting them along with posting pics a few months before my surgery w. Dra Baez next year.

I had no plans of writing this evening but was compelled....here's why. First, let me say, I've read almost every review on real self pertaining to the surgeries i will be having. I do not take the time, energy and strength all of you have invested and in sharing your experiences for granted. A HUGE thank you to you all & best in whatever stage you are in..in the process. With all of that, I've bounced around a few Dr.'s in my head and then randomly last week, decided to email for quotes. The quotes for (bbl, tt & lipo) from Dra. Santos ($4,500) Dra. Robles ($4,350 - without RH and $5,200 with RH) and Dra. Baez ($3,800). They all answered my emails within 2 days. From there, I began to really look long and hard at myself and figure out what my ideal body would look like along with realistic expectations (thus not wish pics) based on my body structure. My goal is to have the best body for me and by a surgeon that makes me feel good. They all have the technical ability but who do you connect with is what has drawn me to Dra. Baez. This evening she and I texted for over 30 minutes on (whatsapp). I used a translator app in Spanish for all of my communications. She is personable, patient and answered every one of my questions along with having quite a few of her own. The fact that we share the same birthday was an added check mark for me. Without a shadow of a doubt, there is no reserve that Dra. Baez sees my vision and that i'll be in great hands. - Good night for now.

So now I sit with the leisure time to plan and prepare for my surgery over the next 12 months. Throughout this time, I will be sure to post and be as transparent as I can, along with being open to any questions. Ultimately, I want to video blog my journey from pre to post because I believe that's another dimension of the process many would benefit from.

Money $aving Tip w/ Supplies

Because I've given myself 12 months to prepare and plan for my surgery, I have the time to explore money saving practices. Like many of you I've read every supply list I laid my eyes on. The fact that I already had a c-section and breast reduction surgery, has helped me narrow down the essentials. I have just signed up for a FSA (flexible spending account) with my employer. My debit card has just arrived. I allocated $500 pre-taxed dollars for the year (which is placed on my card immediately for use) woop woop :) Here's how it goes. $500/12 months =$42 per month, divided by 2x's monthly is $20.83 per paycheck. Now I'm surely not going to miss that!! I know you may be saying how is FSA going to assist with the costs to be incurred (being it doesn't cover cosmetic surgery)....drumroll Well for starters it will cover all co-pays for my pre op visits, all medications I GET my Dr. to prescribe (eliminating have to pay extra in DR) and supplies!!! Yes ladies SUPPLIES!! go to www.fsastore.com and there you can shop for all items covered under FSA (no matter where you live). The store is filled with all goods from bandages, sanitary napkins, thermometer...etc. Basically, it's the brilliance of going to an online pharmacy and taking the guess work out of what is covered. So far, my only purchase has been a wrist blood pressure machine (really small & portable) and a thermometer. I wanted to test the site to ensure it's shipping, pricing and customer service and it's WONDERFUL! I will be comprising my list soon and will post that as well. Obviously you will not be able to buy EVERYTHING but 80% will do for me :) I suggest all of you soon to be Barbies give it a try and let me know how it's worked for you. Also, no tax (right because it's pre-taxed spending $$). I didn't incur shipping because my order was $50 dollars. Stay tuned :)

New quote just in....

Dr. Hector Cabral around $4800 was his response. Not that he was a viable option for me, I just wanted to correspond to process variation in prices, response time and the information provided. I must say, in all he is the only one with out any information aside what I quoted above. Everyone else's may have been a form email but they were very detailed whether it be on the procedures themselves, what they require from you, payment method and so forth. I also want to state again not choosing to go with any of the other doctors wasn't based on anything else other than my rapport and connection with Dra. Baez. I'm here to share MY facts and hope that you'd be kind enough not to debate or pick them apart. Thanks :)

Pondering where to stay...

Ideally, I would love for my Mother and my (2) kids to join me in DR. Perhaps i'd stay in a RH for 3 days and 7 days at an all inclusive with them? or rent an apartment and hire a nurse for 10 days? last but not least, leave them all at home & go by myself. If that's the case where to stay becomes more challenging (too many options). This seems to be my biggest dilemma. If any of you dolls wouldn't mind sharing your best experience at either an apartment rental or RH, it would be greatly appreciated. If you know of any all-inclusives (not too far) that would be greatly appreciated as well. Thanking goodness I have time for a well thought out and laid plan.

Hotel Options....

www.www.bqhoteles.com, www.hotelaladino.com.do and www.hotelplazanaco.com

Just when I was sure as the day is long...

I've changed my mind and I'm going with Dr. Manuel Diaz. Because I've given myself a year to sort through all of this, I decided to look for a male Dr. as an alternate. Not really expecting to be blown away. Well low and behold I found him. He is young, experienced, qualified, great reviews, great results, no deaths, fastest response time via whatsapp and he takes the time to answer my daily questions (YES gurls DAILY)...smh. Check out the fabulous #JennBerryJuice for a reference :) If I could have my dream team of Dr.'s it would be them both but unfortunately..... Dr. Diaz quoted me $5300 for EVERYTHING (soup to nuts)! tt, bbl and lipo to back, transportation, recovery at Cipla or RH for 10 days, medicines, massages, meals, 24 hr nurse care and garment. With this, I decided to leave my family home and go solo on this mission. I will be turning 40 on May 5th and this is the perfect gift for myself...also allowing me time to heal before killin em wit it!! lol He requires a $500 deposit (that might be a determining factor if one had to choose between them) via Western Union or Bank of America. To prevent me from going back and forth which this site will have you do, I decided to commit. Made my payment at lunch today. We also came up with a plan for me to make deposits monthly until March. This alleviates me having to carry that kinda cash and one less thing to worry about.

A face to the name......

A place to stay...

Hello Ladies,
I'm confirmed for my surgery on Friday, March 27th. I will be flying in on the 26th and out on Saturday, April 4th. After much deliberation and reading, I've decided to rent a spot from Airbnb. I have two options. One costing me $458 and a 2 bedroom at $700. If anyone is having surgery around that time and would like to split the cost for 10 days @ $350, let me know. This recovery period is really serious and I like the idea of paying a nurse/masseuse in the comforts of my own space. Not for nothing RH's may lend to too much that will be beyond my control. Dr. Diaz will give me recommendations for both. The money I save this way, I'd rather pay them. I was told by the hostess that there are supermarkets nearby and I can take care of that my first day in DR.


I've read many ladies speaking of purchasing insurance/ registering with Embassay. Any information as to how it works or what it covers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Great App for iPad....

I'm so new to this blogging thing but yet find myself compelled to read more stories or randomly share what I come across that is helpful to me in my journey. For you ladies who are iPad connected and have surgery sometime next year or later, you may find this iPad extremely useful. It's called Finish (logo background is purple with a check mark). Here I'm able to create tasks like when to purchase vitamins, begin taking them, packing, buying supplies, when to make payments to Dr., when to book my apt. and so forth. It goes by short, medium and long term tasks. It's so user friendly and will definitely take out the guess work of when to do certain things, keep you on track financially according to whatever (for me it's paydays). Check it out and let me know what you think. That's all for now....

Post Op Meds....

To all my post op Ladies.....what medications where you prescribed? I'd rather get them from my Dr. if possible. My insurance would cover and save me a few dollars. Thanks :)

Breast Reduction 6/13


Since I have some time, I've been purchasing various garments at a great cost. Thanks to Guccibikini I bought a few Flexees from Walmart in size S. If they don't fit after surgery, I won't feel bad as I didn't spend a lot. Here are the links: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Flexees-Simply-Heaven-Firm-Shaping-Torsette-Style-81866/19887083?action=product_interest&action_type=image&placement_id=irs_top&strategy=PWVAV&visitor_id=39448799153&category=0%3A5438%3A1078024%3A1078030&client_guid=38a1a5d4-8e5e-422d-adb6-1b7eec0c5db8&customer_id_enc=d22abc8d76177c88eb9f83212901336c&config_id=2&parent_item_id=33103285&guid=7d96b914-794a-4783-bbcd-d4bca70c30cf&bucket_id=irsbucketdefault&findingMethod=p13n and http://www.walmart.com/ip/FLEXEES-by-Maidenform-Women-s-Lose-A-Size-Ultra-Firm-Shaping-Waistnipper-83067/35499238


Ok, clearly I have too much time on my hands and i'm becoming obsessive with all that can possibly go wrong with me having surgery. I just want to be educated in all risks and gathering info as I'm not sure it will be explained to me in depth in DR. I do know deaths don't only occur in DR and with that my pursuit of a flat tummy and more a$$ isn't going to prevent me. I came across this article and i'm not sure of it's accuracy, but now i'm studying embolisms and how they are caused and how to prevent them. Just arming myself with knowledge so I can discuss this with Dr. Diaz. If any of you ladies have info to share on this topic it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

The above-mentioned article.....


Cipla vs. Cecip

Anyone interested in sharing their experiences?

New Dr. Inquiry

So today I decide to take a taxi and avoid the downpour that is upon us. I get to chatting with the driver and she is going on vacation back home to D.R. so of course I mention my plans to have surgery. Well at this point we pull over and have a 20 minute discussion. She and her entire family has had surgery with the same Dr. at Cecip. I got to see her results as they are 8 years old (tt, bl & bbl). She's in her late 40's and looks fabulous. She raved about the Dr. and the clinic. She said as he is a family Dr. she will mention my surgery desires when she goes. I'm so glad I spoke with her and now i'm back on the what to do band wagon......

Doctor Recommendation - Last Post

Hello All - So the Dr. referred to in my last post is Dr. Jose A. Hungria at CECIP. I contacted him and he gave me a quote of $4,800. The typical information was provided but this worthy of mentioning. He encourages patients to schedule their flights on Sunday, Tuesday or Thursday as he only does surgery on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. His email is info@cirplastica.com

SX Buddies

I hope this finds everyone well. I've taken time off from RS to gather my thoughts and slow down from the OCD it was creating...lol I have confirmed my dates for travel March 16-27. I plan to have surgery on March 17. I would love to travel with someone from NY or who's connecting here. I purchased my Jet Blue tickets $417 r/t leaving from JFK off the website www.skyskanner.com. I've confirmed my reservation at Janet's Recovery House as well. Now I just need to figure out what doctor is going to give me the results i'm looking for in round 1. There is absolutely no round 2 for me!!! It's now back to Baez or 1st choice Duran. Aside from the $1000 price difference there are many other factors i'm considering. Nonetheless I've already made flight and RH reservation. I'm now taking seriously the vitamin cocktail I will begin and the diet change. I'm 180lbs and it's all in my gut. I really don't want to loose my hip and a$$ so I'll just be doing light cardio and stretching. I was given this website to purchase my tourist card before departure https://www.dgii.gov.do/Tturistaweb/.

I'm getting ready for my bbl ya'll.....

My latest purchase!! Woop Woop!! I bought two one for work and where ever I go.

Flight Partner/Surgery Buddy

I've been back and forth on my dates so many times. It was hard deciding when to go around the holidays, if I should go alone and whether I could swing it at my job. Well it's a go departing on December 14th from JFK. I've decided to cut out all the extra and stay at Cipla for 10 days. I can't beat it (food (if I don't like I'll order something), transportation, massages and doctor) all under the same roof. If anyone is departing or having surgery on December 15th hit me up. I've yet to start my vitamin regime (have a little time) and I've scheduled my PCP visit for early December. I have the supplies I need (bare minimum) not trying to buy the unnecessary. Mainly stocking up on sanitary supplies.

I'm so ready!!

It's becoming more real everyday!!

I need my waist snatched!!

2 kids, C Section & Hysterectomy Later...

Create an Account with STEP - Good

Before you travel to DR, go online and create an account with STEP.
The Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) is a free service to allow U.S. citizens and nationals traveling abroad to enroll their trip with the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate.

Making them Payments

Unloading the cash asap! I will not be in DR with thousands on me worrying about where to put it.
I will exchange at home for some pesos for shopping, carry 1 card and a couple hundred for incidentals. Western Union online is the bomb.com. There is a fee but to me worth the convenience of it ALL including from the comforts of my cell. I just take a snapshot of the receipts and Whatsapp them to Dr. Diaz and email for extra measure. It works for me to have all communication, pictures and receipts in one location for easy/quick reference.

Supplies are Rollin In....

Today my FSA order came in. I will write a list of my supplies (when all has arrived) as i'm only taking the necessary/bare minimum. I'll be staying at Cipla so in the event i'm missing something (can't imagine so for only 10 days), they'll have on hand.

A few of my FSAStore.com items

Purchased (2) Pair of Compression Stockings $21.46 each


Second Skin Anti-Embolism OPEN TOE 18 mmHg Thigh High Support Stockings

My checklist is complete!!

I'm all packed and ready to go! I had to get it out the way so I can concentrate on many other things before I leave. I have birthdays and Christmas to handle now because I'm not trying to be bothered on the return. Here is my list: Iron Pills, Geritol, Folic Acid, Vitamin C, Arnica Pills, Water Pills, Arnica Oil, B-12, Vitamin D, Neosporin, Pain Medication (Oxy), Bromelain
Stool Softner, Tylenol PM, Hibiclens, Hand Sanitizer, Thermometer, Gloves, First Aid Tape, Gauze
Antibacterial Bandaids, Maxi Pads, Chux, Qtips, Antibacterial Wipes, Dermaplast Spray, Feminine, pre-moistened & clorox Wipes, Compression Socks, Glasses, Lotion, dial bar Soap, Measuring Tape, Bathrobe, Slippers - Flip Flops - Socks, Maxi Dresses, Wife Beaters, electric Blanket, Ensure, Snacks
Cup w/ Straw, Wash Clothes/Towel, Doughnut pillow, toiletries.

I purchased small, med & large zip lock bags so I can save space and separate some of my supplies. I purchased 2 pill boxes and separated my pills and that saved space as well. I'll be staying at Cipla and figured If I don't have it they should..lol

I received an email from Dr. Diaz and by the list he gave, I am definitely prepared. By the time I return my luggage will be significantly lighter as these dayum chux, pads and wipes take up the most space. Whatever I don't use, I will not be travelling home with it. They will have surved their purpose and I'm out. Dr. Diaz also gave me a contact in the Bronx for massages. I checked them out today after work and I'm thrilled. I was able to get a 10 massage package discount and will begin as soon as I return. One less thing to worry about.

If I don't have it then I don't need it!!

Scar Managment

I did my research and spoke to my PS that did my breast reduction and for scar management, I'm going with:

Aside from the post massages, I was assured this will do the trick. I'm all with low fuss and with my lifestyle (2 kids and a stressful/demanding job), I don't have time for strips and the cost associated for replacing them. I will keep you posted on the recovery side of things and will rate these products via blog and video.


36 days and counting!!!! D.R. and Diaz here I come!!!

17 Days and Counting!

After weeks of going back and forth with the right scenario/setup for me, here's where I stand.
My boyfriend will be accompanying me for 4 out of my 9 days (he twisted my arm). I'm going to Dr. Diaz and opted not to take his all inclusive at CIPLA. I'll be staying at a hotel less than 10 mins away instead. I secured my transportation being that it's now not included. My massages are still included, but now she will be coming to the hotel. I've secured a nurse for a few hours each day for about 4 days at $50. She's so sweet and has offered to prepare home cooked meals and wash my clothes. I really wanted an environment I can control, especially around holiday time. I didn't want a RH where folk could possibly be coming in and out, noise, the variable of others recovering in different stages and personalities that may not jive with mines. Even though the set up is nice, I didn't want to stay in a "clinic" for 9 days either. In a few days when I rearrange my bag for the zillionth time, I will post my packing list. My concentration is on comfort comfort comfort and hygiene. I've gone over every detail with Dr. Diaz to the point where there's no sense in communicating until I arrive :) I'm finally at a place of peace, comfort and great vibes with my decisions. I hear wifi can be sketchy so I've decided to take detailed notes as well as an audio diary. I will then post when I return home on December 23rd. I haven't given up hope that by doing this, it will give context and the details we crave when we're in different stages of our journey. So often ladies begin reviews and disappear, or don't post pictures with their blog. My plan is to blog here and create an Instagram for pics throughout my journey. I hope everyone has had a Happy Thanksgiving :)

6 More Days

Sh*t is getting really real for me! 6 more days till i'm on the flat side. I'm going to have my last drank of Ketel One and OJ tonight. I won't be sad to see it go that is my stomach I've been carrying around for the last 4 years but i am saying my goodbyes to the old me. The one who was frustrated shopping for clothes or being restricted to one pieces....I'm looking forward to the bad b*tch that is right at the surface itching to get out...lol

The Check-In

Well as I sit here at work with my anxiety and nerves on swole (4 days till the flat side), I get a text from Dr. Diaz confirming everything and giving me a few marching orders before Sunday. (1) stop taking my vitamins (which I already did on Monday) (2) Confirming my transportation and asking for their # (3) Reviewed supply list (4) NOT to eat past 10pm on Sunday. Well I must say he came right on time because I just needed a teeny weeny sign to get my mojo back and confirm this is ALL for a bomb a$$ reason......THE FLAT SIDE :)

My one and ONLY wish pic

Hello Dolls,
I went through this entire process not entertaining a wish pic but my gurl JayyKay sent me this and it was love at first sight!!! What ya'll think?

A few more before pics

Requested were more before pics. I must say i'm talented but taking self body pics is quite challenging. Here goes.......

Email just in from Dr. Diaz...What to Bring

Hi Ebony. Sorry for the delayed answer. Things to bring: bed chux, extra pillows, warms socks (due to coldness from anesthesia), at least 3-4 sun dresses, arnica cream, water pills (for swelling), vitamins of your choice, compression socks (if you don't want to buy them at cipla), a bobby pillow, a rolled up yoga matt (for BBL patients, for extra lumbar support when laying and sitting), dry shampoo, extra warm comforter (de to coldness from anesthesia), at least 4 packs of baby wipes (any brand, fragrance or not, doesn't matter), 2 big packs of pads (the poise brand preferable, the biggest you can find), 5-6 cotton t-shirts (for comfort when wearing your garment). Keep in mind some of this stuff are optional and not all of the items are 100% necessary, however, will make your recovery a little bit easier. if you have any other question don't hesitate to ask.

Last minute update from DR

Jose Brito just text'd me to confirm everything and his services and Dr. Diaz wished me a safe flight in the morning. I'm sitting at my kitchen table sorting out my envelopes....yass I've put my money in different envelopes for everyone. That way I stay on budget and none slips through my pretty little fingers....costs ($4200 sx) ($150 DR transportation package w/ Jose Brito) $250 blood transfusion -just in case) ($424 2 bedroom apartment) ($120 r/t taxi) ($10 tourist card) and spending cash. My boyfriend will be with me for the 1st 4 days and my nerves are calm at this point. BUT once whoever sticks me with that first needle it's a wrap. I want to thank every one of you beautiful ladies who have wished me luck and sending prayers. I so appreciate you and it is this support that fuels my spirits. I can't believe the night before departure has come so quickly. I will pop in and out as much as I can but intend to write an indepth review as soon as the time permits. I will take recorded notes and pics all through my journey as to not forget the details........

Quick Update!!

I will post on my journey later but i just have to tell you Dolls that don't know...if you are in need of transportation Jose Brito is your guy! He offers packages, free wifi and AC in his van and last but not least.....only an act of God can create a man so DAYUM fine!!! I mean In my 39 years of living I have NEVER seen a man so dayum gorgeous!! Pics will be forthcoming as i keep getting an error.

I made it to the Flat side !!

surgery went well and I'm slowly healing myself by following Dr.'s orders.

ebony_nyc IG page

To all the wonderful ladies that have taken the time to write, send prayers, ask questions or give support, I soooo appreciate you. I'm day 4 of healing and found the time to thow up an IG page to chart my progress. Feel free st send a request. When I'm on full throttle, I will be blogging my heart away about my journey. Love you all until next time...peace.


Hello Ladies,
Well I'm up early this morning and feeling fabulous after my 5th massage thus far. Why not now I say to share my experience with you. I know everyones is different but here's a little insight into mines.

So my boyfriend and I are at JFK airport on Sunday, December 14th at 4:00am. When they say be there 2 hours prior to international, they MEAN it. The security check line was on swole! We then had a safe and uneventful connecting to San Juan. Once there, we were scheduled to wait only 45 minutes. WELL that sh*t ain't happen at all. How about we board the puddle jumper (what i call them little ass planes) to ONLY sit an additional 45 minutes. I was so pissed and tired the reason didn't really matter (nothing I could do about it anyways). We then land in SDQ (an hour and 1/2 later) safely. I'd been communicating with my driver Jose Brito and nurses Nena and Marisa for months prior. They were there waiting for us with open arms and smiles. In the end, I opted not to take the package at Cipla with Diaz. Off to the 3 bedroom apartment I ended up renting from www.airbnb.com. It was a great place and so clean. After the maid Faustina fed us, and we dropped our bags and changed, we were off to Boca Chica. It was beautiful and filled with the locals. I loved it and am used to non-touristy beaches. We went swimming and after had such a delicious meal of fried fish, tostones, johnny cakes (sp?) and avacodo. After the men chugged back a few beers off to the apartment we went. I showered and slept well in preparation for my 7:00 testing at CIPLA.

12.15 SX and 12.16 the day after

The night prior, I had packed my suitcase and had it ready at the door. Jose was ringing the bell and helped us load up. We arrive at CIPLA then take the elevator to the 2nd floor. I had been communicating with Genisis (pronounced Hennisis) months prior as well and it was such a pleasure to finally meet her. I call her my Sunshine Girl. She's beautiful, accommodating, speaks english and was there for me every step of the way. One we left my boyfriend in Diaz's waiting room, she literally walked me through the entire process. 1st stop was blood work on the first floor. I sit in this tiny little room and Lizzette (yep i'm calling her out..lol) begins to look for a vein. Now I know DAYUM well they aren't hard to find on me but she seemed to have a little difficulty. At this point I was getting frustrated so I just told showed her what vein to take and where (smdh). Now brace yaself Dolls. This is not the typical 1-2-3 blood drawn. I have never seen anything like it (call me a youngin a 39..lol). She pulls out this syringe with a long ass needle and proceeds to slowly let that biatch fill up. I'm like you don't need that much but I shut up and let her do her job. After that I go next door to the xray room and 1-2-3 chest xray is done. He then gives it to you to take back to the Dr. Once in Diaz's office, a little man comes in with his EKG machine and goes to work. It was 1-2-3 as well. He asked a series of medical questions and I was good to go. Like a well oiled machine, in walks Dr. Diaz. It was like I knew the man as we communicated for months prior...even him talking to my PCP I admired. We went over the plan and he marked me up. Such a nice man. He's attentive, a good listener, English speaking and most of all his communication is on point. Never once felt I didn't know what in he hell was going on from day one until now. After all of that and we were on the same page, I waited with my bf in his office as he stepped out. We were just waiting for my blood results. Didn't take long at all. In the midst of my conversation, Genisis passes me her cell phone...she said it was the Dr. I said hello and asked if everything was ok. He then proceeded to tell me that my blood results yielded a hemo of 8!!!! Yasss Ladies a dayum 8!! I was like what the F*! He said no worries at all as he was going to have me test again at an outside lab. You would think I followed his assurances and remained as cool as a cucumber like he but hell to the no! He then said he called my PCP and she confirmed my hemo was last 12.8. So in walks right on time THE MAN!! Jose, we jump in his van and he takes us to a lab only minutes away. He blinked, and put on the smoothe moves with the ladies and they were eating it up. Next think I paid like $8 US and was at the front of the line to get my blood drawn. Now THIS tech found my vein in a dayum second and was quick as hell. She then told Brito she will have the results in an hour. I mean if it wasn't for this guy....we woulda still be waiting!! No one spoke a lick of English. He was such my cheerleader and so good to me and by boyfriend. By this time it's 12 noon (my sx was scheduled for 11) and he said he'll drop us off at the apt. so we could relax and calm my nerves and that he'd be back with the results in an hour. I was so pissed and emotionally like f* this sh*t. Mind you I hadn't eaten since Sunday at 10pm and didn't like that the lab at CIPLA had me F*'d up. I laid down and my bf rubbed my back and told me stop tripping. Everyone was so cool and calm but for me it was like just something to get my nerves going. Well as I was about to doze the bell rang. It was Jose, smiling in my face and was like "it's on" we gotta move cuz the whole sx team is waiting (had been since 11am). He called Diaz from the van and he said "I told you don't worry" hurry on back so we can get started. He also explained that LIZZETTE may have let my blood coagulate in the syringe OR the machine at CIPLA was faulty. Either way I was happy as a pig in sh*t when I opened the envelope and it read Hemo 12.9. From here on out everything moved so dayum fast! My boyfriend and I were moved to a private room...Genesis came and got me and took me to the Ambulatory to be admitted (same deal, height, weight, questions and more papers to sign). After that we hustled back to the room to get me in my sx blues and I took the blue pill (didn't do a thing for me). I kissed my bf and was wheeled off to the OR. As they took me back, I saw other OR rooms being used but wasn't high enough on the gurney to look inside. I then see Dr. Diaz and Dr. Sabala looking down on me. They asked if I was ok and said everything would be fine. I smiled and felt so comfortable in their presence and care. Next the female anesthesiologist put her hand on my forehead and rubbed it. She asked if I was ok and that's ALL I remember until (the last I don't know how many minutes) I felt tugging on my abdomen. It didn't hurt as in pain but was a weird uncomfortable feeling. I'm now sure if they were stitching me up or putting in the drain but I knew BOTH Dr.'s were working on either side of me. I felt a groggy kinda out of it feeling but no pain T.G. After that I was wheeled in a temporary holding room where the tech sat alert and was there for any movement. He checked my blood pressure, management my IV and just watched. I was the only one in there at that time. What I will say was the worst for me was that room was COLD AS ICE. I couldn't stop shaking and stop my teeth from chattering. He was nice enough to give me an extra sheet. When it was time for me to leave, I noticed to other ladies in the room with me going through the same process. As I was being wheeled out ANOTHER one was being wheeled in. Not that big of a room mind you. I then wake up to my bf giving kisses all over my forehead. I wanted to karate chop him as I was not in the MOOD!!! He then put on my blanket from home and my extra fuzzy socks. I immediately felt better. I laid in bed all night and finally realized why i had heartburn. My faja was put on during surgery! I must say I was lucky to have 2 of the best nurses and Dr. check on me through the night. They managed my IV and I was good. The next morning I wanted to get out of that bed so bad. I had texed Diaz and he said he was coming shortly and to wait. They brought me soup and pear juice but I was in no mood to eat or drink. I had this strong urge to get up. I didn't feel nausea or vomit. Next thing I know walks in Jose/THE MAN with a small cake lol. I was like wth?? He said he wanted to make me feel better and that it will be time to go soon. But as I glance over at m bf I see them making eye contact..... I was like what are you two up too? Come to find out....while my ass was in surgery they went out riding to get KFC and Krispy Kreme!!!!! I was like wth really??? So Jose in his humor brings me the cake to make up for it. I wanted to laugh so bad but that, coughing and sneezing are out of the dayum question. Minutes later in walks Dr. Diaz and Brunilda and my nurse Nenaa. I so love them all! They took care of me and gave me the a ok to bounce. BUT not before DAYUM Lizzette came again to take my blood. This time she was a little more efficient. I then had a room filled, BF, Jose, Diaz, Brunilda and Lizzette and a CIPLA nurse Paulina (sooo sweet). They were all speaking spanish and laughing. So again I'm like hey what's so funny. Then Diaz says oh I forgot to tell you that your 1st massage is NOW!!! I immediately went from happy to scared, nervous and in fear of pain. As I moaned and bit the pillow they were carrying on like I wasn't even there..smh. Well to conclude my blood came back 11 and there was no need for a transfusion. I had to eat my soup and pear juice as per Jose's orders before eating the cake and leaving. We get to the apartment and everything was a ok. They helped me in bed, propped me up and I began to watch Netflix. Jose hung out with us for a while and my nurse Nena took care of everything (she washed me and cleaned my faja). What I will say, whether you come alone or not, isn't the issue. It's to make sure you have a good driver, good nurse, good communicative Dr. and comfortable place to stay.

12.17 (3rd Day) and beyond

Everything has been great and I really appreciate my DR Family (as they have taken me in and treated me special). I've been up walking around since the morning after surgery but "bent bent bent" as they say. I've been drinking plenty of water, pineapple and cranberry juice. I've taken one stool softener and feel so much lighter. I've been eating soup, salad, chicken/beef and rice and beens daily. My boyfriend left on the 4th day. I miss him but I love the peace and quiet. I sit on the terrace all the time with my pillows or catch up on my movies on Netflix. The most painful part of this entire process for ME has been the dayum heartburn and eating with the faja. I didn't use my funnel because i wanted to get up and walk to the bathroom. It was made easy as this faja has a big ole' slit in it. I went driving around with Brito as he made his pick ups and drop offs. It felt good to get the fresh air and do some real walking on the pavement. I must say I walk bent and pace my breathing and takes it easy. Jose, Nena and Brunilda have truly taken me in as family. Jose felt so guilty we made a stop at KFC and Krispy Kreme all for me :) we cracked up the whole time because come to find out my bf and I had ordered the same exact things. I went to the mall with Brunilda one day and it was sooo nice but I knew I wasn't carrying anything extra back so I window shopped. Nena then took me to get my toes done because they were looking aweful. Just so you know ladies, Brunilda will charge you $30 for a massage and wash up if you tell her Ebony sent you. Her daughter had sx with Diaz right after me and she looks great. I've learned so much insider information on this whole PS rackett here in DR, it's amazing. Please feel free to ask any questions and I will share as it comes to me :) I have created an IG page to allow me to chart my pic/vid journey a lot quicker and easier....EBONY_NYC.....feel free to request.
I'll be back with more as this was on my head right now :) I pray this finds all of you beautiful ladies well :)

2 years later........

My results are still hitting. Dr. Diaz did an awesome job on me and ever since, I,ve been putting in the work to maintain. Ladies please don't get it twisted...it takes WORK to maintain that beautiful figure but well worth the proper diet & excersise. Follow me on IG (Ebony_NYC) as you can see i'm still holding strong. I'm debating round 2 but the jury is still out. I'm already straight but no lie ladies the greed can mess with your mind ????. For those that want ahare their experiences or have questions, don't be afraid to ask me on IG. No queation is too big or small. I rarely check RS but wanted to come back & let all of you who have taken out the time to check on me & follow my journey that all is well and still thrilled with my journey and results. I may start another page with my possible round 2 surgeon...stay tuned. ????
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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