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So Im a swedish girl, I'm 22 and I've been lurking...

So Im a swedish girl, I'm 22 and I've been lurking on real self for almost a year now. And now that I'm single and free to do whatever i want I decided to go ahead and make it happen. First i thought of going with dr.aslani, mostly because i didn't want to travel outside of Europe. But no matter how much i tried to like his results i could not like his work. I find his prices provokingly high for little improvement. Then I got interested in dr.salama, his work is amazing but then there are the burns and since I'm on the skinnier side its nothing i would want to risk, plus i just can't afford him right now. So I chose duran because of her incredible work, I've read many patients reviews, and nobody can top the tiny waists she does!

I knew that it would be hard getting a surgery date because of how difficult it is to reach duran and since a lot of women want a new sexy body after new years lol. I didn't want there to be any chance of me not getting an date at the right time so i went through bellavitas jasmine who is so sweet! I got my surgery date today and Im now scheduled for the 7th of may! So far i could really recommend her, she got me a quote and date really fast.

My current measurements is 29" waist and 42" butt. Ive had lipo before unfortunately so there is isn't too much fat on my body right now. Since I already have a quite big butt i just figured that a smaller waist and scooped out back would help me to achieve a more projected look, since i probably can't get too many ccs injected. Jazmine even said i was skinny and that it might even be hard for me to get 900ccs injected (i told her I wanted around 1000ccs) Lol not in swedish standards! In sweden the norm is to diet and be stick thin to look good in clothes, Im considered a whale here lol.

Im trying my best to gain weight, but its really hard to gain weight since i got lipo. Im currently 165 lbs but I'm quite tall aswell. I basically eat crisps and junk food all day but can hardly see that I'm gaining anything so next step is to get a scale. The look I'm going for is to be pretty skinny but with a big ass and pretty small thighs because most fat is in my thighs.

Ive been gaining, Ive been gaining...

Hola chicas! Since my first post i went hardcore on gaining weight. I cannot lie the struggle has been real! When you've already had lipo on several areas the weight you put on goes into the weirdest places.. My arms (which always have been skinny) are becoming huge. Belly is getting bigger as well. Ive gotten so big my favorite jeans got torn :( Feeling fat and disgusting atm. You'd think that eating whatever you want is fun but really you just get tired of all the junk, you feel like crap on the inside as well.

Ive made NO preparations so far, Jazmine recommended me to buy my faja from duran since its hard to know which size you'll be after surgery. I don't want to buy unnecessary things, trying to keep it on a minimum. I haven't even bought my flying tickets yet, I'm waiting on my salary for that..

Im not going to lie I'm starting to question if duran can give me what I want, I see that many girls who have had surgery with her get kinda big butts but the thighs on some are enormous, which I guess is preferred in the us and dr. But for me in europe, i want skinny legs and a big butt, i really need aggressive lipo under my butt on my thighs, when I asked for that when i got lipo the first time they didn't want to do it and told me my butt would sag lol.. Im also wondering if getting lipo to my arms is a good idea? i don't want saggy arms!


So I have just talked to jasmine, apparently duran doesn't lipo inner thighs?! And i requested a full body lipo, meaning calves, inner and outer thighs, full stomach and full back + arms. This makes me wonder if she even does calves? Jasmine is supposed to contact her and ask her so I'm waiting form response.. As I've said before i want skinny legs and a huge butt, thats just what i want... I dont want/afford to travel across the world not getting my worst problem areas lipoed. The other set back is that she says that she won't be able to use my old scars but has to make new ones, which means I'm going to end up with a bunch of scars on my body.. So bummed and sad right now.. :(

Stuck between a rock and a hard place.

So i finally received info from jazmine (bellavita) that duran DOESNT lipo calves or inner thighs. I must have gained about 10kgs so far which is a lot. My thigh gap is gone, arms are huge, back rolls and huge stomach, not to forget the massive calves! I guess I've learned the hard way of not having direct contact with your doc which has lead to some misunderstandings. I filled in all the wanted areas for surgery in my form i sent back, and i though i would get an comment on that if it wasn't possible. Now my surgery date is closing in on me and I'm stuck in this mess. Im fat and miserable and dont know wether to cancel my surgery or nah. I already spent a lot of money paying bellavita, duran and rh armonia deposits, which i can't get back.

I could go to cali but there just isn't enough pics from the surgeons for me to make a good decision.
I saw one good pic on bellavitas ig by dr alder henao, but i can't base everything on just one pic i want to be smart, because if something were to happen to me i at least could tell myself i did everything i could.

if i go ahead with duran i would need to have my legs and thighs corrected by doctors from my home country that would easily cost about 5000dollars, no joke. i guess i have no choice.. Sorry for my depressing post but I'm fat and depressed!

Pre-op pictures of me! 33lbs weight gain!!!

Shululuu ladiess! So Ive talked alot about weight gain, Ive stood on the scale today and I've gained a whooping 33lbs!!!! Guess if i was shocked! My skin still feels tight though, no stretch marks my hemo is currently at 12,3. Im planning to loose some weight because I'm scared that my skin will get loose or that ill get stretch marks..

current measurements:

waist: 35 inches!!
butt: 44 inches!!!

It took a lot of courage to post these pictures, since I'm normally around 44lbs lighter then this.. A new double chin, huge arms, backfat and so on, just feels so weird, not to say how uncomfortable it is to walk without a thigh gap!! the pictures really disgusts me, like what have i done to myself! I can't fit into any clothes.. :( Im trying to stay positive and know that theres not many days left before i leave.

BUT I'm having serious doubts. Girls with only BBL/lipo and no TT by duran, most stomachs that I've seen looks really lipoed. Profile side is always perfect but the form the belly button gets this weird rectangular shape and you can see the unevenness really easily.. Im SO scared that ill end up going to DR and come home with burns and a lumpy stomach that i can't show to anyone, being in my early twenties that just cannot happen, Ill blame myself forever, because there was nothing wrong with my (pre gain) body.. Perhaps you shouldn't fix whats not broken.. I would like to see more girls taking better quality pictures on their stomachs, and if i get my ass on that plane i'll make sure to take pics in good quality and lighting.. Also in my home country lipo is considered for lazy people only, people judge so hard here, its not really in to have curves here, but to be fit and skinny.. Its hard but at the end of the day I'm just trying to be me, and even before my weight gain i WAS considered fat! It just makes me think of all the crazy pressure we as women have to have the perfect body, because who has a big ass, abs, big boobs and skinny legs? Todays ideal look is almost impossible to achieve without having surgery which is kind of sad when you think about it, still love surgery though lol.

Finally came to a decision

I haven't even had my sx and y'all have already been through an emotional roller coaster with me. I wish I could have seen the signs earlier, that would have saved me 1500dollars on bellavita, deposit and flight to DR. So many have been supportive and i want to thank y'all for that! I finally came to my senses and cancelled my sx with duran. I won't become a duran doll.

You have to understand, I am a crop top gal, I need to be able to wear my crop tops, I can't afford my stomach looking all fucked up. Therefor I chose dr.salama instead, who luckily got a cancellation in june! So I will be having sx with dr.salama in early june. I feel so much more calm, cause i was freaking out let me tell you. Now its still surgery, I'm not guaranteed that everything will go smoothly, but I'm feeling so much more comfortable with my choice! Ive had so many sleepless nights trying to find more pictures that id like from duran but instead i saw things you dont want to see before sx.

Even though this wasn't the right choice for me I will be praying and hoping for excellent outcome for my fellow bbl sisters that will be having sx with duran in may!

Payment issues and mean doctors

Im having a very stressful time, soon I will be writing my last exam at my university and I haven't prepared anything for me leaving! I even missed picking up my booty buddy at the post office so they have sent it back now because Im so stressed. :( I have two things today that I want to update y'all about.

1. I went to my health center last week to get my labs done. My doctor treated me nothing less then HORRIBLE! She prompted to know what kind of surgery I was going to have even though I know I dont need to tell her she forced me to tell her that I was having lipo in the us. She then gave me an attitude about me even going and why not do it here and yaddayadda. I was sent to do my EKG and when I came back she had gone to talk to the head physician who told her that they won't help me to to any testing because I was getting plastic surgery and that I needed to go to a private doctors office. I almost left crying, felt so humiliated by how horrible I was treated!

2. Bank issues. My bank is stalling and my transaction is taking much longer then expected, the cost for my sx was due today (monday) and I haven't received my money yet! I called my bank and was told it would take until wednesday-thursday for me to get my money, I told the lady that is handling the payments but no reply yet, Im freaking out! :((( There is nothing more I can do to help with the situation, so perhaps this could cost my my surgery date! Im so upset right now :(

Surgery today!

Hello girlies! So i arrived yesterday at the recovery house.. Flight was TERRIBLE!! 13hrs long and the seats are so small you can hardly turn around. I'm won't lie, I'm very worried about the flight home.. the guy at customs asked me why my eyes were bloodshot, lol probably thought I was on something!

Lourdes is SO sweet, and the rh is really nice, big and clean. Atm we are 3 girls here including myself, but about 3 more will come today.

When I came I went over all the paperwork with Nomie, her butt is beyond AMAZING! It's literally perfect, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw her lol! So the two girls has gone to salama for consultation/post op visit and I'm alone waiting to be picked up by Justin at 11am. I'm so hungry lol, and thirsty that's the worst part with waking up after surgery you will be soo thirsty and they won't give you any water lol. I know the drill, but I can't help to be a little nervous.. First impressions have been really great with everybody, very well organized and planned. One thing though! When I arrived I only had Justin's number, and I got straight to voice mail, I literlly panicked because that was the only number I had, fortunatly I found justin and he texted me on what's app but for your own comfort is say have like at least the number to the rh. Their number isn't on the website so you should ask for it beforehand. Wish me luck!!! Xxx

Emergency room, recovery and 1450cc donk!!!

Sorry that I haven't updated much at all. My recovery has been the worst thing I've ever had to deal with in my entire life. Fist few days were as expected, I felt weak, was fed in bed by Lourdes lol, took my medication and all that. How much I wanted to be social with the other girls and be out more, I just couldn't. The girls who had sx after me could stand up and talk to eachother but I had to eat and then go to bed compleatly drained, even the few meters to the toilet made me out of breath. I ate breakfast, lunch, dinner evetything, tried to move around and I always drank a lot but I never improved and got stronger. My drains were always full and it made my want to throw up then I drained all that blood in the toilet.. It was soo sooo much blood.It ended up with me taking two percs just to knock me out so I could sleep away from all the pain and weakness that I felt all the time.

On the 6th day, the two women grace and Lourdes who works at the rh helped me to shower and I almost fainted and had to be taken quickly to bed. As they helped me with my garment, I could hardly breath any longer I asked something that probably already had crossed their minds, "do I need to go to the hospital?" I got taken straight away to the emergency room where they had to draw my blood but because of how anemic I was It took several people to try to drain me So they could do the testing. My hemo pre sx was 13,3. At the hospital it was 7,7, in two hours had dropped to 6,8. Anything under 8 is considered possibly life thretning. I had to get not one, but two blood transfusions and two iv:s. They suspected inner bleeding and scanned my body, but nothing showed up.

I'm now at the recoveryhouse feeling 10000x better. I finally got out of that black hole, I thought I was dying!!! Lourdes stayed with me a couple of hours at the hospital and Nomie helped me to reschedule my flight. Without them I dont know what id do! They helped me through this emotional time and I'm so greatful for that. My body just couldn't handle all that lipo, there is an other girl here that has done as much as I did and she is fine, so I guess it all depends. Now for the results! I have noticed something that looks like dried blood splatter on my butt, but forgot to ask salama what it was today at my post op visit.. :( BUT he told my I got frickin 1450cc into each cheek!!!!! Everybody has been giving me compliments on my new donk! ( the paper between my cheeks is because my seconds stage faja is burning into my but, like a burning wedgie lol)

Day 10 post op pic

so! I had a post up meeting today with salama. The stage 2 faja is impossible to get off because my butt is so big, and I was supposed to take it all off while waiting for him in one of the rooms at the office. I quickly realised that i wasnt going to get this thing off myself, but before i could call one of the nurses for help salama came in te room, and insisted to help me take of my faja which if you know salama isnt something youd expect. So he starts pulling it down from behind and i in the front, it was SO hilarious! He is very short and was using all his strength jumping upp and down to get the faja off which was literally stuck on my ass lol it looked soo funny I laughed so hard on the inside lol!!!!! Then he even helped me to put my faja back on with foarms and everything! When I walked outside I met a women who asked me who my who did my sx.. Not happy about it being that obvious, I hope my butt goes down, and that my hips stays... I really want to keep them! Here are some before and after pics!

Post op pics

Don't forget that I'm wearing a lot of forms under my faja and that I have pads stuck between my cheeks to help with the burning wedgie feeling for the stage 2 faja


Hello dolls! I hope everything is well. I never updated my review as i originally planned since i became so sick in Miami. After my transfusions i came back to life, but was still very weak. My plane ride home was re-schedueled since neither I or homie thought it would be safe for me to fly home so early from being so ill.

PLANE RIDE= HELL! Utter hell on earth. everybody stared at me since i sat on my boppy pillow and was raised very high above everybody else, soon everybody knew about my accident and i got offered to switch seats and pain killers lol. I chose to stand the entire 8hr flight just to be safe, people looked at me funny all the time but i stuck with it till the end.

HOME= When i first came back home i just slept entire days, my back burned from the lipo and i was very weak. A relative which is a nurse wanted me to get my hemo checked but i decided to stick it through. Instead i took high doses of iron and rested. It took me about 2 weeks for me to get back to having normal energy levels.

SITTING = I did take this to the extreme, I didn't sit at ALL for 10 weeks. Your butt will be hard and since i was at home i never saw any point in sitting. I started to sit when i felt that my butt was getting softer and softer, and that was at week 10. Although i noticed that after i had been sitting i lost about 0.5-1 inch which was really disappointing since i waited for so long. I also noticed that my butt looked much flatter then before which must have been due to my sitting, and still then i most often used a pillow to sit on. Now, 3 months post op, i do sit like normal, but I do sleep on my stomach and will continue to do so until my butt is completely soft.

INCHES = Lets be honest ladies,we all wanna know about em inches! And let me tell ya. first time i measured i was at a whopping 48 inches. I got into sx with about 42-43 inches, if you all remembered i gained a huge amount of weight. Now i do have to say ladies. DONT FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR POST OP BUTT!!!! It will go away! I continued to loose inches until i would say week 13 post op. first thing that went away were my nice sculpted hips - swoosh! Id say i started to loose them after about 2weeks post op. Regarding my butt i just measured and I'm at 46 inches. WITH that said, I'm still weighing a lot, I started out weighing 163 lbs, gained to 187lbs, came out of sx weighing the same and now I'm at 176lbs.

ATTENTION = This was the the part that i always loved reading other girls reviews. In miami a group of black guys followed us around, (my ass was extremely swollen due to the heat) Me and my roomie decided to visit miami beach, very briefly lol. In london i headed two business men giggling behind me saying "yes its big, hihi" to each other. When I was at my biggest, yes i got a lot of attention, and i LOVED IT!!! Ofc my coworkers all noticed and some has been very rude about it saying i had surgery, and yes it does bother me (i lied) but they are all ugly as fuck and very jealous, so even if i had a big ass before, people still noticed, and weren't shy to comment rude things in the open infront of other colleagues, just the women ofc!!! One guy I met in the club kept commenting about my ass and wouldn't let me leave alone, he started to threaten me, which was really scary. so you will draw some bad attention to you as well. Since my ass has shrieked so much, i haven't been noticing a lot of attention to be honest..

CURRENT STATS AND THOUGHTS= Okaaaay heres the deal. When i came out of sx and saw myself in the mirror, my body was a sculptured masterpiece. Salama is really talented, and during my time at the rh i saw a lot of amazing transformations. I never lost any confidence of him as my surgeon.

1. My sculpted body after sx was amazing, it really showed salamas talent.
2. I really like my stomach lipo, its not perfectly even but it looks natural enough and i like it.
3. Surprisingly Im the most satisfied with my armlipo, i didn't have massive arms, but i still got a very nice change!
4. Chinlipo was also good, i didn't have a double chin, though if you have a lot of fat under your chin this might not be for you since the change might not be too big but for me it was and for that I'm happy!
5. I LOOOVE how my back was scooped out, it makes the biggest difference and i love it!

1. How my body healed and how much fat that was re-absorbed.
2.One cheek is bigger then the other, I'm not quite sure if i had that before but i dont think so.
3. the shape. I wanted a round bubble butt, but its too flat at the top for my liking, its not round, and most of my volume is further down.
4. Volume loss, This makes me kinda torn, in miami i was freaked out by how big my ass was, I didn't want it that big, since everybody would notice. I had the biggest butt in the rh due to my swelling, and got a lot of attention lol. Now when I'm back home I feel the complete opposite. I know 2 inches might not sound much to loose, but i want them back!! lol. No but i seriously still want the bubble shape. The shape is way more important than the size tbh.

5. My current shape is some sort of mini shelf, then it goes flat, and then boom i have volume, which isn't what i was looking for, i didn't want the natural shape lol. I want that Kim K, nicki M all daayyy baby!

6. My thighs are uneven, and i refuse to wear skirts, I will have to have this re-done.

TIPS TO FUTURE BBL BABES= Think, think, think about it! Could you afford a revision if things didn't turn out so great? Especially you foreign girls like me having to travel far.. DO your research, most surgeons only want their paycheck and to some this is like art. Bring lots of t-shirts, dont go heavy on the underwear since you dont wanna be wearing anything that could make an impression on your fat grafting. Dont use any lotions, arnica or anything like that after surgery, if you put it on your skin it can cause burns which one girl at the rh got. (from the gel, not salama) P.S Nobody at my stay at the rh got ANY BURNS from salama, which is good to know if that was a concern for you choosing salama.

Over all, its definatly a huge improvement to what it was before, my overall shape is much better, I'm still very happy to have gone with salama, and even though my body rejected more fat then what i would have wanted, id still do it again!

I'm so, so happy with my results, salama is a real perfectionist, he listens to what you want and with me he really gave me the projection and the tiny waist that I wanted! I've never had so many compliments in my entire life as I've gotten since my sx. Couldn't be happier. Also couldn't have done it without grace and Lourdes at the rh, taking such good care of me.

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