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Well.well,well!! here I go. As many,Ive been...

Well.well,well!! here I go.
As many,Ive been lurking this site forever and a day now and Im am just now deciding that I will write a review to help others(Hopefully) and allow other to follow my journey. I am scheduled to see Duran on July 30th. I went trough Bellavita because I heard awesome reviews on of them. Unfortunately I didnt have the same awesome experience that lots of other spoke about. In fact. . . I feel it was a waste of $200. Those girls are very very nice, and I am not bashing them. . dnt get me wrong; I like Jazmine the most. But they didnt provide the service (To me) that they advertise. Most of that was said to be bcaz Jasmine is in Colombia having her own surgery.But oh well, Whats done is done now.

I am a mother of two, curently 218lbs,standing at 5'6". I have to loose more weight. Ive lost some already but my BMI is still not what it needs to be in order for Duran to operate. I need to be at a 34. I really dnt want the BBL bczs I have a big ass already. . just would like to have it shaped up a little. But was told that taking off the BBL does not change the price. . dnt really get that one but what do you do? I was quoted for 4900. I still haven't picked a recovery house yet (Which was suppose to be apart of Bellavita's service) but anyhoo. Ill do it on my own. I just want to get my surgery and get it over with.

Im undecided on which recovery house I wish to go with. After reading many reviews, Im torn between Tropical Deluxe Recovery and Silhouettes Recovery. Any suggestion of the two?? I started my journey of actually trying to get a surgery date Jan of this year. Then I was told/suggested that my fobroids had gotten larger and I needed to have those removed Before doing the TT. I had fibroid s removed (Myomectomy) on March 9th 2015. So that's what took me all the way out this far for actually having the surgery done bcaz I was told that I needed to wait 3mo post surgery before having another. I actually wanted a June date; that leaving me at 3 mo post Myomectomy but bcaz of such delayed communication with Bellavita and the time lapse and the back and forth-mess. . . I got stuck with a July 30th date :(

My recovery for the Myomectomy was really great. I didnt need pain meds at all after release form the hospital. I stayed in Hospital 4day(day longer than was suppose to) bcaz I had lot of blood loss. According to my surgeon the tourniquet slipped off the bottom of my uterus while operating. I went back to work 5weeks after. He actually release me 4weks after but I requested another week out of sheer laziness. Hehe! But i am doing well. . have been since about 2 1/2 weeks post.

So, Now I am looking to get the procedure of my life done now. been waiting for this a long long time coming. And am overly excited to finally be getting here. My first child (Son) was 10lbs 3.4oz-22in long, and he tore my stomach muscle from my abdominal wall (Diastasis rectus). I was younger and of course didnt know then what I know now about the body,muscles and tissues. . . so was just thinking that I could exercise,do crunches,Ab bands, etc etc and it will go away. Well my son is grown and I still have this muscle loss. it needs to be repaired (of course). and of course years of over eating and not exercise as well.. dnt let me forget that. Because my children certainly DID NOT do all of this. I am mainly responsible for my over weight issue. I just contribute my separation of my abdominal wall on child birth. So, this si the reason for my years on top of years of wanting to have a TT. Because no matter what I do. .Ill never have that nice flat belly AGAIN unless I have a TT.

I am blessed for this site and the girls/vets that have came, conquered, and gone. Cant wait til its my time to do the same. :) Bcaz I have already had a major surgery (removing 33 fibroids from my uterus),Im not to worried or concerned OVERLY with having the sx. The only things that comes to mind is 1) Being out of the states having sx. 2) The itching that I have read is associated with sx after(And I dnt know why the long lasting,intense itching caz I didnt experience any after my surgery here). But that's really it. I am a quick healer, and my pain level (Ive learned) is remarkable. Im blessed for that. (Thank you Father God.)

I dnt have any health issues. My surgeon did tell me while going thru all my pre blood work up and all that stuff that I was pre-diabetic and if I didnt get my weight/eating under control. . That i would eventually become one. :( Soooooooo. . . I have been doing better. As Ive said previously. . Ive lost some weight already. I am such a sweet tooth. My goodness I am bad for that. I just love sweet stuff. But I have cut that down to almost less than half. Actually I am barely having cheat days with sweets. . lOl! Im getting their ladies. Dnt condemn me . Plzz i beg yuh!

But other than that. . my doc stated that I am really healthy. Im blessed for that. Well am not goign to bore you all much longer. . just wanted to introduce myself and say hello (Finally) after stalking this site foreverrrrrrrr! Lol!! I welcome any suggestions,questions,concerns, and input.

Im not bold enough to put my before's up yet, so bare with me. Smh! Im a hot mess. . trustt me!!! Its soo embarrassing. But if you all promise to be gentle and patient . .I will! Rotflmao!!!
Dont really have to many wish pic. I just wish to look better than I do now!! Honestly. I will out up a feww that caught my eye.

Last BUT not least: I send prayer to ALL the traveling Dolls; the ones that's there now, the ones that are yet to go, and the ones that are still in that recovery process (not yet out the woods). His (God) speed in your recovery, his blessings that you return home, and protection while you are there ( In another country). Blessings,blessings,blessings to us all. God knows our hearts, how we feel ,and why we are doing/done what we do!

Colombia is the new D.R now

Has anyone heard of the two newest/hotest doctors thats in Colombia??? I heard that the technology out there is A+
The doctors that are he buzz are Dr. ALder Henao and Dr. Sarcristian??? Has anyone heard of them??? I heard that they specialize in plus size women.

Challenging All Duran Vet's!!!!!!. . where are some the pic's of Dr. Durans TT's ???

Where are some of the pic from durans TT?? Everybody always post pic of their asses (BBL) but no one post the Po-Op pic of the incision line from her TT??!!! thats what I wanna see. Like. . i get it now. . her ass job is on fleek!! But whats up with her incision lines???? Im calling out all vet's who have had TT's with Dra. Duran. Who's up for the challeng??? Im tired of seeing ass/BBL from Duran. I WANT TO SEE HOW WELL SHE DROPS THE INCISION line AND HOW THIN HER LINES ARE?

Blood Transfusion in D.R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????!!!111

Alert . .Alert!!!! Does anyone know (For FACTS) what are the guidelines/Regulations for blood testing is in D.R (If there are any)??? Please. . no gossip or hear say. Str8 facts. Im curious because Im reading on a lot of reviews that they are telling lots of girls that they are needing blood transition. I mean. . thinking its a ploy to get more money out of us but I do think that some girls are actually having them done and i m just wondering what are the standards or blood testing out there!!! God forbids that I need one. Smh!! the shit you go thru for beauty.

D.R vs Colombia

WElllllllllllllll I may be changing my sector. My be goign to Colombia instead. Been in touch with Dr. Harold Villalobos and we will see what happens. Ive sent him my info and he told me that he has a date for August 5th :( Which is off but close enough. I am originally scheduled for July 30 with Duran but just not feeling it anymoer wioth all the reviews that Ive found. Not to take anything away from her. . but its just seeming more and more scarier. Seems she is almost falling into the category with the otherdoctors in DR. her name is starting to b to much of a buzz for me. Her work is awesome tho. . but thinking bout post op recovery and HEALTH. Caz it seems CIPLA,has not changed. Even though they have been closed down numerous time and have been under investigation. . they are still practicing these nasty ass care. I know Dr Duran has nothing to do with that but she does work out of that hospital, and that is where I would be. Not to discourage anyone . .so dont come with the craziness. Just updating my status. Because I am indecisive at this point. But am leaning towards Colombia. Anyhoo. . will keep you all posted.

Ok ladies. . dnt be harsh!! hehe.

Hopefully this one is upright

From Duran to Colombia

Well real quick. . its official! I will be goign to Colombia on Aug. 1st for surgery on Aug. 4th. And I have chosen (after much goign back and forth) between some really GREAT doctors, DR. Correa. Will keep you all posted along the way.

made it to the flat side.

well, I made to the flat side ladies! Had surgery August 4th in Cali Colombia, with dr. Daniel correa

following up!

my tummy tuck incision line

keep in mind that I have not started my silicone sheeting strips. I was told that is best to start those one month post op. I am a little over 3 weeks post op and this is what my incision looks like. I think when I start treatment for the incision its going to be a really great incision. Barely invisible I think.

another picture

here is a picture of my belly button. I forgot and left this one out. As you can see I have been using tape to keep it open so that it comes out around and not oval shaped. I was using a marble to place inside of it but its just is too much work. It's easier to do this and it really does actually works.
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