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I have done my research for over a year now and I...

I have done my research for over a year now and I am ready. I have contact the office of Dr. Duran and been in contact with her surgical coordinator, and I am schedule for August 17, 2016. BBL TT and BSC.....The coordinator has been nothing but nice respectful and very helpful I am comfortable in my choice with Dr. Duran and her staff. I have had plenty of question and there very prompt on the answer in return. I'm just a little confused on what to take some tell me to take certain things and then I'm seeing that the recovery house provides some of these things. I cant shower for a week is this true? is that why you need all the baby wipes? I have came across a young ladies blog that said she was in so much pain and nothing was provided for her(that made me sad) I cant tolerate pain I'm a big cry I'm 36 with 3 teenage boys 18, 16, 12. Mommy is ready to be snatched again, I recently got married in October and my husband tells me he loves me just the way I am and I love him to , but this is for me!!! I'm so ready. If any one has any helpful hits or info that I can use I will gladly appreciate it ... thanks in advance ladies.

Plane ride home?????

It's going to be a 4 hour plane ride for me. I'm just want to kno any ladies that has done so and how did u get through the it.

Dr Duran ...August and ready.

Ok..... I have already done my deposit book my plan ticket and now just waiting on my day to come. I still feel like i am missing something, I got the packing list from Dr Duran office and i have already bought everything they asked, Im just not to sure. If there are any ladies that have already been or is going can you give any pointers, or help a girl out with what else i should take and what made you comfortable.

I love love love Dr. Duran... bbl tummy tuck, lipo

On Aug 17, 2016 I had my surgery done with Dr Duran. I could not be more pleased. Even though I am 2 weeks post op everybody tells me how great I look. I know I have a recovery road a head of me but when all said and done I will have an impeccable body. Thank you so much to Dr Duran and her staff they are the most caring and loving group of people. Dr Duran you should be very proud of your staff they are wonderful. My trip to the D.R was nothing but great I was greeted at the airport with a driver from the recovery house. When i was droped off at the recovery house ( Sererity 1) they greeted me with open arms. On the morning of surgery yes along with being nervous as hell its also a little scary especially when your by your self take it from me take a deep breath and let god take control. So after labs and x-rays they clear you for surgery and into the recovery room you go, to undress and wait your turn. A nurse came in gave me the blue pill and it was all over from there i dont remember anything and no i didn't wake up during my surgery so no I dont remember.( Sorry) Waking up was all a blur to me I was cold as hell and could not remember where I was until I tried to talk and my mouth was dry as hell. I looked over and there was a nurse in the room with me and yes I can say she was helpful through the night but when morning came she was ready to go she got aggravated and frustrated with me and the hospital. All I can say is when someone goes through a life cycle change dont put someone that has no patients in the room with them she made me feel as if i was a burden and that dont help when your already uncomfortable and aggravated yourself. Well the next morning Dr Duran poped in on me to check on me and what a beautiful doctor she is caring and very concerned about her patients. I was released to the recovery house the next morning where i was nothing short of cared for the ladies at Serenity1 were so caring and loving they made me feel as if i was one of there own family members I felt so comfortable. Food was great it was clean and all of the nurses there were loving and caring I would not change my stay for the world. I recommend staying at Serenity 1 I really love the staff there. Well with all said and done my experience was wonderful, all the way around. But happy to be home I missed my husband and my children. Ladies please do me a favor make sure your physically and mentally ready for this change because this is a hard recovery.......
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