24 Years Old Getting a BBL, Liposculpture Full Back, Stomach/flanks, Arms. Dominican Republic, DO

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So i have back rolls and flanks that i hate, I...

So i have back rolls and flanks that i hate, I have a nice butt but I want it to be a little bigger so it can help my upper body look smaller. I'm going with Dr.almonte in the dominican republic, I'm very nervous so I join this site for support. MY FEARS : is having a unnatural looking bbl, I also have wide shoulders so I'm afraid after my waist looks smaller I'm going to look like a football player lol. Maybe I'm over reacting, I would like any advice and opinions.

Shopping for supplies, helpppp :(

After reading reviews from other peoples experiences I am getting super prepared. I bought sleeping pills, itching cream because I read the post op garments can make your skin itchy, I got some pain meds, I even got a yeast infection cream just in case I read that some girls garments were so tight that they got yeast infection yikes ???? and I don't need that to add on to my pains. Now one thing I need suggestions on is pillows to make me sleep more comfortable and what do I sit on when I go to use the bathroom or go sit to eat???? Or even for my 3 hour flight back to nyc ughh I don't want to mess up my bbl , I'll be staying at serenity recovery house for ten days should I stay longer ?

Dream bbl

More wish pics, I don't need my butt this big I just like how nice it goes with the ladies thighs. I don't want a super huge butt that makes my legs look skinny then I'll look like nicki Minaj grosssss and so unnatural

A few days away from leaving :)

So last night I had the worst stomach pains I don't know if it's something I ate on new years but it was sharp pains and I'm scared bc I don't need anything to go wrong a few days before I leave. I'm thinking about just eating soup and drinking smoothies buying don't want that to effect my blood levels. Ughh pray for me.

The list of supplies I got from the doctor

I hope this helps ladies, if there something u can suggests let me know

Flying out tomorrow

As soon I land tomorrow I will be going straight to the clinic to get my testing done, hopefully everytyhing is great. I don't think I'll be getting to my recovery home till after my surgery but I'll know everything tomorrow.

Post op pics

More wish pics

Got all my test done

The clinic is nice very busy, I have family in town and they said its one of the best clinic around here. I got blood work done, chest X-ray and an EKG, tomorrow I will see the doctor and I'm praying all my results are good. There were a few patients from the states there getting surgery which made me feel better. Here are some pics. Fyi there are some crazy ass drivers out here don't be surprise if u get into a accident

On the flat side

I haven't see my entire body yet but the doctor said I look like a Barbie doll. My butt is the MOST PAINFUL, the drugs are not numbing that, I don't feel too much pain on my upper body They are super attentive here. Nurse came to check on me every 3 hours. The doctor check in with me after surgery and this morning. She's in love with my new body she said she will be taking a lot of pics

My new butt

Small waist


Last night i took sleeping med and open my faja (garment) for a little break, I ended up falling a sleep i got super swollen and woke up in the worst pain. I have not cried once since surgery and today i did. Compression is very IMPORTANT in the healing process trust me i learn the hard way.

Some before and after pics

Before and after pics

I'm still swollen so I'll be smaller

The drama of a Bbl

I have had sharp pain specifically on my right butt cheek since after surgery. The area doesn't look discolored but is more swollen and hot then the left side. The good thing is that itsn't visible by eye, u can only touch to feel the difference. Now they scary part is that they can't diagnose what the pain is coming from. They sent me to an infectious doctor and he made me stop taking the antibiotic that almonte gave because he said my body wasn't responding to the meds. He gave a new antibiotic from the USA that is stronger, I won't know if it works until after Monday. He ordered bloodwork and I HAVE INFECTION which shows in your white blood cells. So I had to CANCEL MY FLIGHT AND PAY FOR ANOTHER ONE BECAUSE THEY WANT TO FIND OUT WHATS GOING ON BEFORE I LEAVE. The massage lady stop giving me massages because she's afraid of spreading the infection. I literally wanted to cry. I feel so overwhelmed bc nobody knows what's going on and the medication out here is not strong enough for my body which is weird because I don't take meds in the states.


Sorry for the late response. turns out the infection was due to a sinus infection I had previously. The antibiotic did lower my white blood cells. I'm going on my 3rd week of post op, my skin feels weird like elastic trying to mold together this feel makes me want to be naked all the time lol I know it's just my body adjusting. My butt is still not 100% ready to sit without my bloopy pillow. I stop taking painkillers and I take Advil instead, it kicks in wayyy slower than pain killers but when it does kick it I can seat on soft surfaces. My body still feels a little achy when I wake up and I find myself ripping my faja off. Also word of advise just get your post op faja resized verses buying a new one, it's a total waste of money to keep buying new fajas. Here are some new pics

Bbl update

I still feel a lingering feeling in my butt cheek but it's not as painful as before. Bbl is very painful and do not get fooled by your post op swelling look, you must go bigger in order to achieve your look. My butt swelling when down and now looks like my old butt just lifted, I'm not disappointed bc I had butt before and I wasn't looking for something over the top but I do see why women go back for second rounds of bbl. Good luck ladies


Now what I don't like is this little bulge i get on my stomach when i have my fajas off for a while. I notice the fajas main purpose is to shrink your waist but I was told to get a abs board or put towels in the fajass to achieve a flatter stomach. Does anyone have opinions on this?


First I would like to say I never take the time out to do reviews but after the exceptional service I received here this review is well deserved. My first thought when I walked in was " wow this place is spotless clean and the staff is very welcoming", second, The food is amazing!!! no ladies they do not cook fried food but you shouldn't eat junk like that after surgery. They cooked healthy rich seasoned food and they have a good variety, You are fed 3 meals a day and 2 snacks which is more than enough. One thing I was worried about is post op care and on my first night at Serenity all my worries were wiped away. The nurses are very attentive, What I like is that there are only about 3-4 rooms so you get the attention and care you need. The nurses keep a schedule of when you take your medication which is good for a person like me because I never stay on top of my meds. You will meet CiCi who is the house administrator she is a sweet heart any concerns I had were dealt with right way. Conrado is the driver for Serenity who will take you to your doctor appointments he's friendly and helpful. I also got a massage everyday by Zara she is the best, I came back to the states and haven't gotten a good massage, I wish I could go back. I was lucky enough to meet liz who is the Owner of Serenity and she truly does go above and beyond to make sure her clients are getting the best service from the staff. She's very inspirational, sweet and has help me a lot during my recovery period. At Serenity you are surrounded by people who really do care about providing you the most comfortable service. I would definitely recommend this Recovery house to everyone, Trust me you will be in good hands. Next time I go to dr I might just book here instead of a hotel hahaha.

Recent pic

Yes u still have to wear ur fajas I hate it, I'm buying a harder one tomorrow

New pics 2 months post op

So my butt def went down after the swelling left :/. I don't have recent pics I'll take some tomorrow. But I got some pics that show the swelling went down

3 months post op

almost all my swelling is gone, I just have internal bruising still which can take up to six month to heal. Does anyone suggest anything for this? Or the stitches scaring ?This are the most recent pics :)

Bruising and before and after butt pic

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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