24 Y/O Black Female No Kids. Butt Has a Shelf then Flat and then a Curve. *WITH PICS* - Dominican Republic, DO

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My surgery is Saturday, but I have to fly out...

My surgery is Saturday, but I have to fly out tomorrow. I'm really hoping to get as much hips as possible and a snatched waist. So far the doctor seems nice. I don't like that I have to pay completely in cash with this doctor. I feel like an electronic debit or even letting us use PayPal would make more sense. At least give us the option with a fee.

My flight is in three hours! I'm so exhausted I need a nap but I also am scared to over sleep. I don't know which recovery house I'll be at but any of them are fine. I'm nervous because I am super duper anemic and hope my iron levels are high enough. She said it shouldn't be a problem since I've be taking iron but I guess we will see. I found it bizarre they were scheduled surgeries for Saturday but hey it works out for me.


I'm obsessed with traveling but man I had the actual plane. I'm 5'11 so it's SO UNCOMFTORABLE and my back always hurts and I get so bored. I'm also cheap and don't want to spring for the wifi. Anyway I'm in the Miami airport just waiting for my flight to the domenican! I feel worried because the flight is delayed and may get cancelled. If it does I'm screwed because I don't know if I'll have a ride to the recovery house. Oh well I'll email them. I can't wait to go to the clinic and hear what the doctor thinks about my requests. I plan on adding inner thighs and arms just because my arms and thighs are my most trouble areas.

I figure I should explain why I want this. I have always been a bigger girl and had no problems with that. I am not lazy, I actually like working out but I also love to eat good food. In fact I'm
In the Miami airport eating pizza and meatballs. I just think this will give me the motivational boost I need to work harder on what I eat and shape my body. I want as much Cc as he can give me in each cheek and the smallest waist possible. I want hips hips I know there are limitations with my body but I want the best possible result. The recovery house will be paradise. Honestly wish I could have found someome to take care of me as the recovery house is what made it so expensive.

I've got armpit fat but I think it's really just breast tissue so I'm going to get his opinion on that. I've never been able to wear strapless stuff so thar would be cool! I know this is going to be a rough experience but it will be worth it.

I'll post photos of the recovery house and if anything interesting happens at my appointment.

Surgery this morning!

Good morning everyone! I arrived too late last night to be seen at the clinic, but I'm about to head there now. Hopefully everything is good, if it is I'll be having surgery TODAY! I feel so tired. The room I was in is soo cold. I'm sure their is a way to adjust the temperature but of course I couldn't figure it out and was to lazy to get up and ask. The paradise recovery house is really nice! It's very prettty. The only thing I don't understand is their are so many steps and little like nooks in the floor. Hopefully I don't fall!

The meal I had last night was really good! Price wise I guess it works out to $125 or so per day.. with transportation, food and being taken care of I think it's a good deal. I still think it could be cheaper if you brought someone especially because I know how to eat on a budget.

The driver George is soo awesome. He had me laughing from the day he picked me up at the airport. He saw me and said "I know that's you" ????

I downloaded dulingo. While I'm here I'm hoping to brush up on my Spanish! Alao, I'm having a really hard time because I'm going through the worst break up of my life. My ex didn't even call to talk last night. I'm nervous, this is major surgery. I don't know what his problem is but I'm trying to focus on me and the positives in my life. Shout out to anyone going through a rough breakup!

More Befores & Recoveru House

Pain pain

Hey guys. Surgery was Saturday. I barely can roll around in in so much pain. I reccomend developing some upper arm strength before this surgery so that you can push yourself around.

I look deformed . This lipo was really aggressive and on one side I have a huge dent. But really I don't care at this point. I am so so so blody. Just bleeding everywhere. I'll try to post a picture when I get up and go to the bathroom. I really think my anemia is messing with me because I feel like my heart is going to pump out of my chest just trying to sit up and eat.

Ouch Ouch Ouch

Pain pain man I just want to get better. My garment has to get washed.


I regret this surgery so much. I can't stop crying. The pain pills they prescribed are not helping and they won't give me anything else. I have to lay on my back because my lipo areas are so sensitive and so hot to the touch and they feel like they are stretching every time I try to move. I think he might have just been really aggressive with the lipo as I've never heard of anyone being in as much pain as this. I'm so depressed my back hurts. I just want to get better I never want to feel like this again. I'm not getting better day by day, in fact I'm having the opposite happen. I feel worse.

I feel
So stupid complaining about an elective procedure. I could handle other pain but the stretching makes me feel like not
Moving and not moving makes me


First of all, thanks to everyone for all of the kind words and prayers. You guys are amazing.

I haven't been able to stop crying or sleep well at all. I am supposed to go home Sunday. I have no idea how I'm going to make it on a plane when I can't even stand up straight.

I just want to say this. The doctor has not been helpful at all. I saw him yesterday. I showed him the dent on my side and how painful it was. I showed him how it was hot to the touch and literally begged for a stronger medicine, any medicine. He prescribed me something slightly stronger but wouldn't prescribe me anything for sleep. Please be careful ladies when choosing a doctor. He kept saying "you're a doll" even while I was crying when he barely touched me. I'm trying really hard to get at least one picture for you ladies but it's so hard. Going to the bathroom is a struggle. Trying to walk causes this crazy pain in on my sides. So far I can't even think about results I just wish I would have loved my body for what it looked like. From what I can see I looked better before.

Anyway this is the sixth day and I feel worse than the days before. Lord please be with me. The line where my fat goes in is what hurts the most.


Please ladies. Please please do not choose this doctor and do not come to the DR for surgery. Save your money, have it done by a surgeon in the US if you really want it.

My body looks MUCH worse than it did before I had surgery. My butt looks smaller and flatter,
My sides have huge uneven dents from where he didn't liposuction properly, my stomach is uneven. (Which wasn't big to begin with).

But honestly I've learned that I am going to love my body the best way that I can. The pain I am I is unbearable. I know something is wrong, I believe I may have an infection because I have areas on my side that are hot to the touch and so painful. I'm not sure what I'm going to do, hopefully I can scrape up money to see a doctor when I come back to the states.

A lot of people keep asking if I bought the $200 pain cocktail. Yes, I did! It did nothing. He prescribed something "stronger" that also did nothing for my pain. I especially can't sleep. I asked the doctor to prescribe me Xanax for sleeping because being awake all night is so miserable and he told me no. He also agreed my area felt warm but wouldn't tell me what I should/could do.

Please don't make the same mistake I made guys. research more don't rush. I saw a good price and had some time off from school because of the summer.. I know some of the really good doctors are booked YEARS out but it's worth it because you won't go through what I'm going through.

I'm supposed to go home Sunday. I have no idea how I'm going to manage as I can't even sit down properly.

All I want is for my sides to feel better so I can get home and put this mistake behind me. And again I just urge all of you ladies to not go with this doctor. At the very minimum listen to me, he doesn't do anything for pain or care about your level of pain. Pay more for a better doctor who cares.

More pictures

Reading all of your positive words of encouragement has really helped me out so much. I feel like I can get home and get the treatment I need. I took a few pics in my garment, just because I know pictures really help. It was good for me to try and walk around some too especially if I want to leave Sunday! Honestly don't have a choice can't really afford to change my ticket. Plus I'm honestly just so ready to be home. Keep praying for me ladies! Just pray that I heal.

More pictures

Sorry if it's TMI, but today I took my first big poop and I feel slightly better. My side is still killing me, it doesn't feel really any warmer to the touch than any other lipo areas anymore. Which doesn't mean I don't have an infection.

I'm getting my drain removed today. I'm hoping that will help with walking because tomorrow I have to go home. My back had rolls on rolls as you can see. I have not had the energy to take off my top to get a picture I don't even know if I still have all those rolls.

The huge chunk missing from my side is still there it looks deformed. Hopefully my photos and warnings can save someone from going to this doctor. The worst part again is not the horrible result but the fact the doctor couldn't be bothered whe I was in miserable pain (still am) and couldn't sleep.

Sorry my posture is so bad in these photos I cannot stand up straight without going nuts.

More pictures !

Just wanted to keep you ladies posted. Thanks for all of the kind words and advice. I begged a driver and he took me to get a beer, that plus my drain coming out makes me feel so much better. Thank the lord.

I had a lot of swelling like a ridiculous amount so the doctor asked I stayed a couple more days for massages .. I asked about US massagers and he just recommended I do them here for whatever reason. He also explained that they don't have the same medicines available here (Percocet, etc) but he prescribed me the strongest medicine he had.

Exhausted !

Sorry that I haven't really been replying to many comments! This experience has been so draining. Even though I can't really sleep, I cannot find the energy to do much else either. I took another picture today while my garment was off during the second massage. The massages are really, really painful but they do make a BIG BIG difference. My dents have gone down a lot and I moved my flight literally to make sure I could get more of them.

I want to thank everyone who has kept me in your prayers. You have no idea how much that means. I finally feel okay enough to walk around. I get tired but it's nothing like the pain from before.

Honestly at this point I know my results won't be what I expected. Today was the first day I really got to look and the rolls on my back are starting to come back and my butt (to me) actually looks "flatter" even though it's increased in size of that makes sense. I'm gonna keep posting pictures though just because I know some people still want to keep an eye on my results.


Guys I need help. I'm going home tomorrow morning because the recovery house decided to charge me $100 per day instead of the $55 I was paying. Where can I find post operative deep tissue massages in the Dallas Fort Worth area? Where do I start searching! I know massages are so important for me to not have so many dents and hard spots!! Let me know.

Home !

I'm so, so so exhausted! I finally made it home. I reccomend trying for first/business class if you decide to go for a surgery out of the country. I flew coach partway and man it was awful. It killed my swollen back and I couldn't sleep.

I'm getting a massage tomorrow here so I hope the lymphatic massage works okay. I'm seriously so swollen there are parts of my side and back that look so deformed it's scary.

I felt good enough to drive today to get some food. It feels so much better to be home in a bigger bed. I'm still having trouble walking long distances or sitting in a position too long so I don't know how anyone could return to work so soon.

For my ladies I am posting a few more updated pictures. Thanks again to everyone who prayed for me. I was so miserable and didn't see any relief coming.

Pictures !

Few pictures while my garment is off!

Soreness & Stiffness

Hello beautiful ladies! Again, all of your positive words are keeping me going. I am having issues at my job so I applied for a serving job and have an interview tomorrow! I'm freaking out, what if I get hired? I cannot carry any trays right now. But I guess I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

Anyway, I feel really sore and stiff. My hard spots and severe indentions aren't really getting softer. I didn't get a massage today but I am definitely going to get one tomorrow.

I feel like my back fat is coming back for some reasons. I'm not really sure why, I'm religiously wearing my compression garment.
Maybe I had too much? I feel like my butt doesn't look any bigger but everyone commenting says they see a difference so maybe it's just me being hard on myself.

My pain is still pretty bad but I've been able to drive sitting on my pillow. Laying on my tummy kills the swelling on my abdomen.

I've had a hard time focusing on anything because my break up is really getting to me. My ex is such a POS and it hurts my feelings so much. I keep wanting to call him but I know I can't because it's going to make me feel much worse.

Here are my update pictures ! I will answer questions starting now because I feel much better.


Not much going on with me. I got offered the server position but the swelling is so painful I turned it down. I think I may need a couple more weeks until I'm ready to walk around for hours carrying trays. The worst swelling is on my side and back and then I have some
Painful indentions on my stomach.

The massages are so expensive, $80 without tip for the type of massage I need. I'm being as good as I can with my garment, I'm trying to live in it and just take it off to shower and wash. I haven't been great keeping up with my water but I actually do plan to start being better about that.

More photos so you all can keep seeing my results. I think the fat in my back must have just been too much. I know some of it is swelling but I think some of it is just fat that was really stubborn.


Hello beautiful girls! I just wanted to touch base & let everyone know I'm feeling so much better. The pain is now h comfortable not unbearable.

I have a big swollen chunk in my back and I'm worried in may be permanent because it doesn't feel numb anymore. All I can do is keep wearing my compression garment and massages and hope for the best. I never had a problem with my lower back having a fat chunk so I'm a little worried.

Pics today!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

So far the staff has been really nice. They email right away and call. It seems pretty simple I come in on the 8th, surgery is on the 9th. I want an extra area, two actually inner thighs and arms but they said we could talk about it at my consult. All I can do is wait and see.

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