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I've been lurking reading hundreds of reviews...

I've been lurking reading hundreds of reviews wish, hoping, dreaming that some day I would be lucky enough to get this done.

I have always felt that I was on the heavier side of the scale, even going back to my elementary days in school. I was always the plumper one in class. At the time I even wore the same size as my sister (who was in High school) So I knew in the back of my mind I was NOT the same size as girls my age!

Forward to my HS days.... While I did not consider myself FAT, I knew I was thick. Part of my problem was the more exercise and sports I did the more muscle I would add on, the THICKER I would get. :(

In my 20ies I had 2 emergency surgeries due to Ovarian Cysts. On my first surgery (they didn't know what could be the problem) I was hemorrhaging so they cut me from my belly button all the was down. They found I was bleeding from a ruptured cyst. Second surgery happened 11 months later almost the same circumstance except it was on my other side. Second surgery was a c-sec type of incision.

On to my 30ies... Add two more Ovarian surgeries, One Hysterectomy and another expository of my abdomen (found a Demroid Cyst wrapped up with my colon) abdominal problems finally under control but left me with one ugly cut up belly, a deformed belly button and weakened abs muscles.
Before I exited my 30ies... let me add LOWER BACK pain! I have had several procedure to try and address the lower back.. everything from cortisone shots to radio frequency procedure to kill the nerves to a partial laminectomy (YES add in a lower back surgery for that too!) Doctors want to do fusion but I don't trust them! I have way TOO MANY levels of degenerative disks. I forgot to mention the inability to exercise made me balloon up to 245lbs!!!! Severely depressed all the time, low self esteem, I didn't want to be around ANYONE!

My 40ies came knocking at my door and nothing was getting any better! I had to start doing things that would make me feel better about myself! I just couldn't love myself the way I was... BROKEN!

I decided to have ANOTHER SERGURY… here I am post 2 1/2 yrs since my Gastric Sleeve surgery and I have been able to maintain my current weight of 160 BUT I have all this skin and my messed up stomach! I lost 80+lbs. Weight loss has helped a little with the back pain but did not take away the disk degeneration issue which is the primary cause of my lower back pain. This is another whole story in itself. I feel I lost a lot of years between my 20-40.

So here I am today...
My deposit is Paid.
My surgery date is Aug 13th.
Leslie has reserved my stay for the recovery house.
I already have my passport.
Airline tickets are paid.
Its still early but I am STARTING TO PACK!
Maybe I will get up the nerve to post picture when the date gets closer....(?)

It all sounds good but I am afraid that something will happen between now and Aug 13th.
Afraid that I will not be able to have my surgery for whatever the reason(?)

This was weighing very heavy on my mind. I had thought about just not posting anything!
Then I thought about it again....
So many RS women that posted helped me in one way or another and without YOUR post I WOULD STILL BE LOST!!!

So I want to Thank everyone that has taken a moment to post your experiences! God bless each and everyone of you!

Can't wait for the NEW me!

So I decided to post some PRE surge pictures... YUK!!!!

I decided to post some pre-surge pictures...
I think anything Dra Almonte does will be an improvement!!!!

I'm such a MESS!

5/22 I'm at 165lbs today

I decided to jump on the scale this morning and its an up day, meaning I'm up to 165lbs!
I tend to fluctuate from 161-165 on any given day. today is a high day :(

I was talking to my husband last night telling him that I need to get back into my routine. This past week has been out of the ordinary for me! "I'll start on MONDAY!" LOL
That's what I said last night but after seeing the scale I better get started TODAY!

So like a good girl.. I had a healthy veggie omelet for breakfast followed by a piece of whole wheat toast w/almond butter about an hour later.

for Lunch... Quinoa spinach salad with 1/2 med tomato, 3oz boneless skinless chicken breast (from last nights left overs) and some steamed broccoli. I drizzled 1tsp of balsamic vinegar as dressing.

I'd like to know what other people are doing to prepare for their surgeries besides taking the supplements and packing. For those that are wanting to lose some weight before surgery what are you doing to prepare?

I was feeling very guilty Yesterday!

So I have been setting aside some fund each month for my surgery in August.
I have put down my deposit and paid for my airline tickets to get Husband and I there.
I'm factoring in
$5200 the price of the surgery
$800 return flights
$550 for husband to stay with me ($55 a day for 10 days)
$150 for the medical insurance (which is now mandatory)
$150 estimating for 2nd stage Faja
$150 Blood transfusion (just Incase!)
$200 for post test/ prescriptions (just Incase!)

So needing about $7200, if blood transfusion and post test/Rx not needed then can use that for shopping/entertainment if feeling good?

Well looking at all these numbers really got me overwhelmed!
Even though I know this number is way lesser than here in the US, I'm still stressing about spending so much on this surgery. (on myself!) when I could be using it towards something somewhere else... like a Kitchen remodel!!!???

I'm really hoping these next 10 week go by swiftly! I need to keep focused on HAVING this surgery.

Woking out Day 7

So I started working out last week. I got in 3 days Thurs -Sat ... was VERY sore so I rested Sunday. On Monday June 1, I started day 1 of Insanity! It's a real ass kicker but I want to make sure that my mind and body will be strong enough to pull me through my surgery/RECOVERY which is on Aug 13. I can't do ALL the moves and I modify a lot but I think the most import part is to keep moving!

I can already tell the difference just after one week of working out. I have more energy now than when I started. I had to FORCE myself to get the workouts done cause I was just so tired at first. These workouts are no joke! I'm pouring sweat and my clothes get all wet. Weird that it feels good!? I'm not so focused on losing any weight (if I do or don't... I'm ok with it) I'm just trying to get fit and work on my stamina (I think it will really help with recovery!)

My measurements before starting work out:
Neck: 15.5
Shoulders/back: 47
Biceps: 12.5 / 12.5
Forearm: 10 / 10
Chest: 44
Waist: 37
Hips: 41
Thigh: 22.5 / 22.5
Calf: 15 / 15

With my shoulders measuring 47 inches around compared to waist (37) and hips (41), I look totally TOP heavy. I've always been WIDE around like an upside down trapezoid! Chest (44) is still wider than my hips! So one thing I'll be wanting is LIPO around the upper flanks and upper back, maybe even my arms will help get this number 47 down! I having a minimal BBL just for projection since I have a FLAT but! I was not thinking of adding to the sides of my hips but after looking at more after pictures I may ask for some rounding in the hip to thigh area for a curvier appearance.

I don't know...I may be over analyzing this. I'm sure that anything Dra Almonte does will be an improvement. Maybe I should just look for some wish pictures to show her instead of trying to explain myself! YEA that is sounding much simpler and less stressful????? LOL

Good luck ladies... I'll be posting some work out pictures along the way to help keep me accountable!

June 11

Today I'm just giving a quick update.

I've been buying a few things here and there like some tank tops, flip flops, and sun dresses. No supplies yet! I have a list gathered from reading many post about what they took and what was actually used and it wasn't much so I'm not worried about shopping for supplies as of yet!

What I am worried about is getting my body ready for surgery and staying on my regular work outs!

So in June 1 I started the Insanity work out. I did it about a year ago and managed to go with it for ALMOST 60 days before I switched to the new Insanuty Max:30. It was a BIG MISTAKE to switch because I was not ready and Max:30! It broke me! It was so hard it made me question why I was doing it... Long story might save it for another post some day?

So I started Insanity again! First week was rough and painful trying to get muscles back into a workout routine. This week started rough as well but is getting so much better! I'm waking up early to get my workouts done before anything/anyone can distract me! (6am workouts!!!!) so far so feeling good! Now I did step one the scale and it looks like I haven't lost ANY weight (actually went up!) but I have. It's just that I have gained muscle as well so I will try not to let that scale number get to me!
With that said i have lost 1 inch on my stomach, 1 inch on my hips and 1/2 on my neck. I've gained 1/2 inch on each calf and thigh (muscle!) and 1/2 on each biceps (more muscle!!!)
Im trying to eat clean healthy meals and snack about every 2 hours
Breakfast snack lunch snack dinner snack. It's kinda hard! What's hard about eating!!!!???? Well I'm NOT hungry! LOL + I'M EATING HEALTHY! I have to force myself to eat to get the the energy to work out!
Here is what a post workout looks like I guess I have to cover the face of my picture will be deleted???
Dripping in sweat!

June 22

So sorry that I haven't updated in the last 11 days. I've been working some extra days, dealing with extended family issues and finding time to get my work outs done. I find that 6am is the best time for work outs. Everyone in my home is still asleep so I don't have to worry about getting pulled away from my phone calls, door bells etc...

So update on my fitness; still getting it done.
I have NOT missed any days on my workouts! Yay, I feel so accomplished already!
I have NOT lost any major weight (only about 2lbs total) BUT I see muscles I haven't seen in a long long long time. My arms, thighs and calves are looking leaner! I'm NOT trying to get bulky it's just fat turning to muscle! (Muscle weighs more than fat so hence) my weight has not changed much. My clothes feel looser and I can see a difference in my pictures.

My measurements taken 6/21:
Neck: 14 (down)
Biceps: 12.5 / 12.5 (no change, but more muscle definition)
Forearm: 10.5 / 10.5 (up, but more muscle definition)
Chest: 42.5 (down)
Waist: 37 (no size change but stomach is getting leaner)
Hips: 40 (down)
Thigh: 22.5 / 22.5 (no change, but more muscle definition)
Calf: 14.25 / 14.25 (down, CRAZY muscle definition)

I'll have to load these stat pictures for you later today.

Ladies have a wonderful day!!!!

workout progress

progress 6/20/15

These were taken 6/20/15

progress 6/23/15

These were taken 6/23/15


Dr Almonte has a lot of work ahead!

Exposing myself a lot more than I am comfortable with BUT it makes me work harder to get better pictures up!

Calling on any DOLL Vets... I need your HELP!

So I will be leaving in 4 weeks!
I am starting to gather my supplies I will be taking but I have questions!...
I have combined a few lists that I have seen from other dolls.

Are these really useful to take?
1. Lap top
2. Female urinal
3. Washcloths & Towel (DISPOSABLE???)
4. Slippers/ Flip flops
5. Maxi dresses (2)
6. Tank tops (5)
7. Adult disposal wipes – Costco 17.99
8. Cortizone 10 anti itch cream – Costco
9. Robe
10. Lipo foam
11. Medium compression high sports shorts
12. Basketball shorts
13. Medicated anti-itch powder
14. Large fleece blanket (WHY BLANKET???)
15. Medications: Vicodin, Amoxicillin, Benadryl
16. Arnica tablets
17. Arnica cream
18. Triple antibiotic ointment
19. Sterile abdominal pads (TYPE & SIZE????)
20. Gauze (TYPE & SIZE????)
21. Medical tape (TYPE & SIZE????)
22. Steri strips (HOW MANY???)
22. Neck roll pillow (CURVED OR STRAIGHT? To use on neck during flight or for tushy since I am having a BBL????)

Did anyone try the vitamedical kit????

Your input would really help me from over packing and ordering stuff I really do not need.

Still working on working out!

I started on June 1 and I've missed VERY few work out days. My starting weight was 165 and instead of dropped weight I began to gain muscle! I went up to 168 and was getting frustrated! I said I didn't care about how much weight I lost as I was getting healthier and increasing my strength but after ALL THIS TIME I'm finally back down to 165! I'm getting crazy results and hope to get rid of more weight! I'd like to get back down to 160'ish before surgery, which as of today is EXACTLY 1 month away!
Here are some new picture I took right after my workout (sorry some are even sweaty!)

More 7/13 pics

Not sure what happen but these go with my last post (pictures taken 7/13)

Getting so excited!!!

OMG.. time is passing by so fast now. Aug 13 will soon be here! I leave home NEXT WEEK!
Leaving a week early to get in some vacation time before I take this HUGE ENORMOUS next step in my life! I have packed 3 times only to take everything out and pack it up again! I have dwindled down some things but I'm not going to list everything again just yet... I know me! I will probably repack at least 2-3 times again (only cause I'm getting too excited!)

I received an email from Leslie today just letting me know not to worry.
"Good Afternoon,
Thanks for the information sent, your arrival 2 days before sx will not be a problem so don't worry. Please remember to have a CBC test prior to your arrival to confirm that your hemo level is good for sx.
Your sx date is almost here, if you need any type of info prior to your arrival do not hesitate in contact me.
Here are some important information regarding your stay:
RH--> Tropical with companion
Arrival date--> August 11 , our taxi will be waiting for you at the airport
SX date--> August 13, 2015
Have a nice day!!!
?Best Regards,
Lesley Maria"

That is a big load off my mind!
I go to my PCP tomorrow for blood test orders and to get Rx for pain meds.

ps still continuing to exercise but I am cutting back on the intensity. I don't want to bulk up

I'm so HAPPY!

I went in to see my PCP this morning and I had that dreded conversation about going out of the country for surgery! He was VERY Understanding. He asked me a lot of questions and I had an answer for each one. He knows I have done my research! I told him my only concerns was pain management and antibiotics in case of infection! He gave me a very strong antibiotic used for post surgery and an Rx for pain meds! Got my lab slip as well! He also said he wanted to see me as soon as I get back!!!! Wooooot!!! That put me over the moon cause I wasn't sure HOW to ask him to follow me when I get back.


This is it! Dr Almonte just left my room. I'm all marked up and ready!

Marvelous things are about to happen.
OMG... I'm about to have surgery!!!!

I've made it!

Surgery happened yesterday. I pulled through!! I had a tough recovery. I went in j set general anestegua in stead on the blue pill and local block

The anestegialigist came and rked to me. Because I have issues with my back (degenerative disk) she fel better putting me under instead of causing any further problems with my disk.

Will post more later still very groggy from the anesthesia.

Day 2

My tummy is finally gone!

I'm taking notes so that I can post later. I will say this ... Last night was very tough! I could barely move everything hurt. It's better when I'm sitting in a chair or walking around but after a few minutes of walking I tire out.

? Photo not posting

Not sure why photos are not loading.


Let me recap my experience so far. I know there's a lot to go through and I haven't been able to post as much for you as you would like.

Let me start with my arrival...
Neper was at the airport waiting for me. My plane made it in on time but was delayed on the run way. We sat there for 30-45v min before they finally allowed us to the gate. Poor Neper! He had been waiting for me all that time.
So off he took me to Cecil all me testing got done it was about 7:30'ish by the time I went through labs, chest X-Ray, and seen the Cardiologist who did my EKG. Leslie had told me that there was a possibility of having surgery on the 12th one day bore my actual surgery date of 13th. One of the other patients labs were not high enough to have all her procedures done so she did not come. I was a bit nervous cause I had prepared myself mentally to enjoy one day of site seeing with my husband. My labs came back good over 13. Something... can't remember what. Chest w-ray looked fine. During my EKG the cardiologist even said he could tell that I worked out! Woot! YES I told him even if you can't tell cause of this stubborn belly I can not get rid of, but Dr Almonte is going to take c are of that!

Back to Leslie to sign my consent forms. She went over the Insurance and how it works. If something surgery related happens to me after I get home I am to go to the doctors. I would have to prepay get a copy of the statement and submittal for reimbursement. I took a picture of it but it is on my phone and I have not downloaded it to my laptop yet.
There are websites but It might be all in Spanish. or

Day of surgery. The anesthesiologist cam in to talk to me bout my lower back issues. Have Degenerative Disk Disease (DDD) so her concerts were where she was going to put the epidural block. I have had a previous surgery on L4,L5,S1 but my last MRI taken last year shows L1,L2 starting to have problems as well. With that said she recommend me not get the block because it could cause me more problems down the road and L1,L2 is exactly where she would need to be at. So I had to do through general anesthetic and be completely put out! There was an extra charge for this $498! Good thing I brought a credit card with me because I had no clue that going through general anesthesia would incurs this charge! Also because I was going under general anesthesia I would have to be taken to a different O.R. so I had to wait for the surgeon that was in there to finish before they could take me back.

After a few hours they came to get me. Laid me down on a gurney gave me an IV and before I knew it I was out. If I remember correctly I was in surgery for almost 4 hours and in recovery about 2. When I woke up I was in my room with my husband and Dr Almonte was there talking to me. I can't remember all that she said cause I was so groggy but it was nice to see there checking on me.

Funny thing is the first time I met Dr Almonte I didn't know it was her!!! I was walking down the hall with my husband trying to find the cafeteria to get him something to drink. I stopped her and asked for direction! LOL She was teasing me later in the room "what were you doing looking for the cafeteria right before surgery!" I told her it wasn't for me He (my husband) made me do it!

Cecil nurse were all wonderful! I wish I could remember there names. I had no bad experiences with them at all. They were very kind, helpful and gentle. I have had name previous surgeries and I received very good care here... better than some hospitals I've been at. It is not a state of the art facility but they seem to manage. Do not expect a fancy room. It was basic. Had a hospital bed, a chair and a couch for my husband to sleep on. I had my own private bathroom which could have used a little cosmetic work itself.

The day after surgery Leslie, Rachael and Tania came to my room to change my dressings. Dr Almonte ordered some injections that were not part of my package. They are anticoagulants and I need to get one shot for the next 7 days. My husband was taken to the pharmacy to get the injections since they would be coming with me to the recovery house. I believe the cost was $42

A different driver came to pick me up and take me to my recovery house

That's about where I will have to end this for now. Getting very tired again but I promise to continue

tropical recovery house

I am staying at Tropical Recovery House. They are one out of two houses that allow male companions.

On the first day I arrived I was still a little groggy from the anesthesia. A driver picked me up from Cecip and brought me to the recovery house. I went straight to my room and got in bed. They brought me some chicken noodle soup with carrots. I can tell it was homemade and not no canned stuff. I only had a few bites of the carrots and the broth. I didn't want to over do it and get sick. For my husband, Dion and Juana sat him down at the dinner table and put out a spared of chicken mole, chicken soup, and a salad with sliced cucumbers and tomatoes. He was thrilled! The food was great! I slept for the rest of the day/night.

Day two we awoke to breakfast. We have some very good home cooking. Some of the things they have made for us these past couple of days:
Grilled chicken, chicken in a red sauce with oinks and garlic, steamed veggies, plenty of fresh fruit, lentil beans, oatmeal, veggie omelets, oven baked fish with veggies, fresh salads.... its very nice that they have given us a Varity. Dionne usual asks me what I would like and also makes some suggestions for site dishes. Husband and I do not eat heavy crabs like bread and pastas. We also do not eat things like pizza or heavily fried food. So they really have been very accommodating. They were very surprised and almost shocked to hear that we do not eat RICE or TORTILLAS which is almost a staple to them.

There was an other couple here the day I arrived but I didn't get the chance to meet them since they left later in the day that I arrived. My husband and I are the only ones here for now and there will be another couple possibly arriving this weekend. It would be nice to have more people around.

So far I have had a positive experience here.

It is not glamorous but a simple house there is a living room a dinning room area, a kitchen and I believe each room has it's own bathroom.
I have a hospital bed that makes it easier for me to get in and out of bed and helps me sleep in a cradle position at night and there is a regular twin bed for my hubby. There is a celling light fan and an ac unit that helps keep the room comfortable. It is on the second floor of a building and they have an elevator so we do not have to go up any the stairs. There is construction going on across the street of an apartment building but the noise has been to a minimum.

I started my massages yesterday. Janice comes to me and performed them in my room. They really do hurt! I'm a very strong person and can take a lot of pain but for those of you who are not use to pain... it could possible make you cry. I am very sensitive in my rib area and that's when I squelch around and lose my breathe. I feel very sore after but it really does help in other ways. Like reducing the swelling.

The day I left Cecip I was on my first hook I am now on my last hook. Yesterday it was very tight but it feels fine today. Janice say I will probably get my next garment on my next visit to Dr Almonte's office which is on Tuesday.

I have had conversations with my husband because I can see the look on his face. He doesn't know what to do or how to help me. He is also glad we did a recovery house. He says I somehow seem a little different, more positive about my body and I keep telling him "This is nothing yet, I am still swollen. I will be smaller then this" Dr Almonte has sculpted me wonderfully. My tummy tuck scare will be nice and low and as long as I walk hunched over until it heals the line wild be very fine. WOOOT WOOOT... BIKINI BODY!

I will no longer be ASHAMED to wear a one piece to the pool or beach! Did I say one piece... I meant a two piece!

I can't wait to go through all my clothes AGAIN and send them to good will or a women's shelter. My poor credit card!

I can see where depression set in and If I didn't have my hubby here I would probably be very depressed. A shout out to all you sisters who went through this alone. You are very strong women! If I had to do this again I would but not alone. So sisters get your men, best friend or a family member to come with you if you can.

I will be at Tropical till about the 23rd that's my 10th day. If drains get pulled out by then I may change to a hotel with hubby for some one on one time and some site seeing before we go home. If drains do not come out I will stay here till the 26th. I'm healing very well so I am looking forward to the site seeing and hotel!

Medication notes: their pain made is given once every 12 hours and was not working well for me I have switched to the medication my doctor gave me which was Norco and I'm taking it every 4-6 hours.

Their antibiotic is a large size pill! I'm switching over to mine as well.

They are giving a multivitamin that is even larger than the antibiotic! Don't want it.. I like my chewable!!! LOL

I am taking their medication for nausea and another to help protect my stomach lining. As well as a anticoagulant shot.

Pictures to come soon!

to shave or not?

LOL I think I forgot to mention this before. The day before I left home (still about a week before surgery) I went in for an appt to have a Brazilian wax and my whole legs and underarms done. Had everything taken off! It was my very first Brazilian wax and I'm so glad I did. I ain't going to lie.. it was quiet an experience having someone up in there! And the pain was an experience in itself! I did good though didn't scream or cry! LOL It makes my new tummy look that much better.... I think I will continue doing it from now on. It beats shaving and having the poky stubble feeling from shaving.

Lets face it your going to be having ALOT of people seeing your hoooha. I didn't want to be bushy or even have short Stubbs. I think it even boosted my confidence ... sorry if this was TMI.

Asks me any question... I'll be looking in from time to time.

I can't believe this is ME!

I took this picture today right after Dion my nurse (& owner of Tropical) changed my dressing!

She says I'm still swollen and it will get even better! I have only had 2 massages so far so I can't even imagine! Even if I stayed the way I am right now I would be very happy.
Taking a break from the Faja whe its washed. Nap time!


Here are some of my post op Lipo pictures. Just so you know what to expect. Everyone is different some have more some have less depends on your body and how aggressive/removal you have done.

Everyone keeps telling me I'm still VERY SWOLLEN and everything will start to shrink soon. I can't imagine being any smaller than what I am now!!!

Into a SMALL Faja

I was put into an XL after surgery but now I'm in a SMALL!!!! Say what!!!!

Yes it's VERY TIGHT but they say it helps bring down the swelling! I'm on the biggest hook and look at them like they are CRAZY when they say in a few days you will start to work your way the rows of hooks.
I'm gunna be smaller than a small????? ????


I've been in the recovery house EVERYDAY except the days I go to a doctor appointment. AI need to get out more and see more of this Dominic! Plus my hair needed a good washing! LOL so I had my hubby break me out and take me to a MALL to get my hair done!

Janice my massage therapist came by early today which worked out great! I was telling her about my break out plans while she did my massage. She is so sweet! after she finished my massage and took me a wash cloth "shower" she helped me get dressed and ordered a cab for me. She accompanied me to the mall to make sure we got there ok. Then she stayed with me while I got my hair done! (ok she decided to get a mani while she waited for me!) She wouldn't let me pay for any of her stuff like the mani or the lunch we had at the mall right after. She insisted that she pay for herself! :( what are you gunna do! ok a I paid for taxi ride, my hair wash and style, our lunch (hubby and I) and for return taxi. She stayed with us and brought us back safety to our recovery house. I tried to give her something for her time but she refused! it was nice to have someone around even though I speak Spanish... I sometimes get lost in the language cause they speak so FAST! I have never herd of some words they use here! (O.o) dear with head lights look! hun????!!!
So it was rely sweet of her to stay with us. We did not stay too long just went there to get out for awhile and het my greasy hair washed. (btw a hair wash and blowout was only $660 pesos = less than $15) and the girl did great job with the blowout!

How much luckier can I get?
Everyone is being so wonderful to me... I walk around with smiley face all the time!

I am sorry that so many reviews I read in the past did not have such a great experience with level of care, assistance and attention. I really expected so much less!
I have been blessed and I thank God for such a great experience! I hope that many more are as blessed!

Random pictures I promised to post!

Post op Day 12

Went to clinic today and Dr Almonte gave the ok to have my drain pulled! YAY!

I feel so FREE!!!

Ok FREEDOM shortly lived now back into my Faja!!! Lol. Second row of the small Faja and being told that as swelling goes down I should be into an x-small Faja within a week or two.
XSMALL!!!! Seriously??? O.o

They said I gave the potential to reach a XX-SMALL... It all depends on my eating.
I can start back up with my cardio in about 3 months!

Counting down the days

I will soon be leaving Santo Domingo and my fly out quickly approaches. Tuesday will be my last clinic spot and I fly out on Wednesdsy the 26th.

Although I'm at that point where I have wished I was already home, I'm thinking ITS A LONG FLIGHT HOME!!!!

On a side note I had another massage today after clinic and without know it until after it was done .... I was on the last strip of the small hooks!!! I couldn't believe it!!!
I unfortunately could not maintain it by dinner time I was begging my hubby to help loosen it back to the first hook so I would be able to digest and be ready for bed early tonight!

There s a storm coming in.... Thank God it's no longer a hurricane we were not able to get out sooner! I can sea some clouds coming in over the sea. The moon is no longer visible so it's hard to see what the waves across the street look like.

Here is a picture from our hotel room of the Crown Plaza

LIPO FOAM-20 days post op

Doing very well. Just trying to get back into the swing of things around my home. LOVE being able to take a quick HOT shower!

So before I left I was given instruction to NOT get any massages for 7 days from the day my drain got pulled. I'm wanting to get one this week since I'm at those 6 days. There are areas of my back I can feel needs it!

Another thing before I left (not sure if I mentioned it before) but my Yaniris my massage Theripst was recommending me to start using lipo foam to help with the inflammation. Clinic didn't have any at the time that I could buy. So she took me to a store Salimed (or something like that) were I could purchase them locally However they were too excpensive where they used to be about $60 U.S. Dollars (according to Yaniris) they were now selling for $79 U.S. Dollars!!!! I said forget it I know I can find them cheaper once I get home. So I just order 5 boards from Amazon for $7.50 a board I ordered 5!
$7.50x5=$37.50 I plan to wrap them all the way around my torso. To prevent my faja from digging in.
I also ordered another 2nd stage faja so I can change into one while the other is washing. I have a small MARIAE and I feel like it's so stiff. I miss my XL DPrada it was very comfy!!! So I decided I would order a small DPravda one as well. This will help me decide which I will order in a few weeks for my XSMALL!

Well here is a picture of what my TT looks like some of the scabs are starting to fall off. I still wear a thin gauze just because I don't want the faja directly rubbing against the scabs and making them fall off too soon. Since I don't gave lipo foam yet I'm inserting a thick gauze on my lower belly as well

1 month post op..... Celebrating!!!!

Today is EXACTLY one month since my surgery (8/12) and I can't be any happier! I've not had ANY major problems! No infections what so ever!!!! (Thank you Jesus!) it's been a journey that I would do again to get these results! I, personally, know 2 people who had their procedures done in the U.S. and their results have been no where near as good as what I am experiencing! I feel very bad for them because they paid sooooo much money for not so good results! Here are some pictures taken this morning. Dra Almonte is the best! Im still in contact with the office staff just to do check ins and send them updates!! I still get quick responded from the girls! I LOVE U GUYS!!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Team ALMONTE all the way! She has the soul of an angle you can't help but what to hug her! She has transformed my body and sculpted it in a way I never thought I could ever afford or even thought possible to achieve. I am so blessed to be team Almonte!!! She is in high demand and very busy. When I have a follow appt with her she takes her time with me and explains everything that is going on and what to expect. She answers any questions I may have. Just so you know not all follow up appts are with her, they might be with her team and they have been really wonderful to me and my hubby!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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