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I went to the Domincan Replic on April 12. My...

I went to the Domincan Replic on April 12. My surgery was scheduled for April 13th. My last meal was 9pm April 12. On April 13th at 620 in the morning the driver picked up my friends and I. All three were to have surgery with Dr. Yily. When we got to Cipla on the 13th it was crazy I saw so many young ladies. I was confused I kept asking are you having surgery today and they all replied yes. As a Registered Nurse/Nurse Practitioner I saw a red flag but I completely ignored it, how is it possible for Dr. Yily to do so many patients in one day. I brushed it to the back of my mind because they sent us to have our blood work done and all I cared about at that time was my hemoglobin. I just wanted it to be 12. After my blood work I had my CHest X-ray. Saw the bogus cardiologist who didn't even place the blood pressure cuff correctly on my arms. I Saw the pulmonologist because I have asthma had to pay him 100 dollars didn't care just wanted to be safe and honest. My blood work came back 13.1 was very happy but one of my friend's was only 11.5 so she couldn't have surgery. So now it was just me and my other friend. We had to go to see another person who said she was a doctor to get out wt and height done along with a little medical history. Now it was time to see Dr. Yily for our marking, OMG this woman had the nastiest attitude and she spoke very little English. There was another Dr. Her name was Dr. Ana who spoke English and translated for her. It was already 1:30 in the afternoon so I kept saying to my self how is she going to able to do do many people because I counted about 11 including my friend who was turned back because of her hemoglobin. While she was marking menshe appeared agitated you couldn't ask her any questions she would get annoyed. I specifically told her DON'T Touch my butt. Just lipo my arms, back, flank, abdomen and inner thighs and fill out theses dented I had in both hips. My friend I went to the a room together from about 3 in the afternoon. Ever so often we would say a prayer. 6 o'clock came we both were still in the room do I told my friend anytime after 8 I am not going again. I was getting a little angry and anxious now. My friend was having lipo, tummy tuck and Bbl. they came for my friend at 7:57 in the evening and told her to take the blue pill the transporter told her no nurse or anything. They came for me at 9;04 at night and told me to take the blue pill. I didn't take it because I wanted to speak to Dr. Yily to express my fraustration and to ask her if it was possible to the surgery in the morning. When I got to the OR I was very angry I demanded to speak to Dr. Yily the lady who said she was the anesthesiologist asked me if I took the blue pill I told her no. I said I want to speak to dr. Yily. She then said take the blue pill she is coming. I like an idiot took the blue pill. She reached for my hand where I had the IV she gave me some n I said "OmG what is that it burns". She said I have to change your IV. Honestly I don't remember anything else. I woke up in my room crying with my back and belly on fire. I cried and screamed for an hour straight before the nurse gave me any pain medication. I saw my friend across the room later that morning I asked her how she was feeling she said ok but she has to get a blood transfusion. We started discussing the time she went and the time I went I we both agreed dr. Yily wasn't there for someone surgery. When I looked at my body I looked uneven I have a dent in the left hip/thigh area. When Dr. Ana came in I immediately said I know Dr. Yily didn't do my surgery and I asked to speak her before the surgery and I was druged up by the anesthesiologist. So when dr. Yily came in my room she was very angry she was like what are you talking about I wasn't in the room. I said I asked to speak to you before the surgery and I was denied that right now I am all dented up I also said my friend went in little over 1 hr before they came for me it is humanly impossible for you to do 2 surgeries of such nature in that time spam. Anyway she agreed to fix me. Second day my suctioned was working they had to remove it but my upper butt area looked very high so I asked her if she put anything there and she said no it's the inflammation form where the drainage is placed. I sent a pic to my sister and she was oh no she put something there. I had my surgery on Monday so Thursday when I went for the follow up I was standing and looking in the mirror I started crying because I saw these two humps on the top of my. Butt they called Dr. Yily and she told me to come downstairs. OMG she started to yell how I am giving her business a bad name because I crying Her office. Anyway she assured me again that she was fix the problems, Friday I went back to Cipla and she marked my left hip because that's the only area she was going to fix she said it would be under local anesthesia I took the blue oil went to the or, the same anesthesiologist was there and I was very very nice because I knew they had my life in their hands. She couldn't get the IV because I was soooo swollen so they sent me home and told me to come back on Monday. Oh I forgot while I was there ion Thursday for the follow up the topic in the office was that they thought Dr. Yily didn't do there surgery and I was once again convinced that she didn't do mines because there was another girl there by the name of Lisa who her surgery in the same day that my friend and I did our surgery and she went in at 9, and she did lipo, bbl and tummy tuck. So my Friend, 7:57, Lisa 9 and me 9:04. How is it possible for one doctor to be with three different it's at the same time who are in different rooms. I was convinced at that time. Anyway Minday came went to Cipla at 630 did my blood work again. Sat around waiting for Dr. Yily to mark me. Nothing so at about 3 she came where I was sitting and she said we are looking fit you I said dr Anna told me to sit here she said well they are coming. She walked away so I ran after her when I remembered she didn't mark me. I was too late she was in the operating area so I saw dr. Anna n I said oh dr. Anna dr. Yily didn't mark me and I also have to speak to her before the surgery because I want her to remove the fat from my right thigh because it's still way bigger than than the left one. She said don't worry she know what to remove.. The little fat from upper left hip and fix dent in left thigh area . It's local anesthesia so you will be able to talk to her throughout the entire procedure, that was Dr. Anna exact words. I wanted to tell Dr. Yily since she said she didn't touch my butt. Just leave it alone and fix the left hip. So they came for me around 3:25 told me to take the blue pill n I did. Went to the or the same anesthesiologist was there. She put in an IV I was there waiting for dr. Yily the next I woke up it was in the recovery room. I don't I don't remember anything. Really Local anesthesia, I am almost positive now that it was general anesthesia. Maybe that's the reason she never wanted to talk to me.. I went back to my room I woke up early in the morning with both hips on fire and my upper but area. Now I was to be flying home that same day and everyone knew. I waited and waited for someone from dr. Yily and dr. Yily to come and see me. I called the front desk because it was now 11 o'clock in the morning and I would have to be at the airport at 12:30 in the afternoon. Long story I never saw Dr. Yily they forgot me dr, Anna came when I asked about my right hip/thigh area she called dr. Yily who said she had to put some in the right to even me out. Lie nothing was wrong with my right hip/thigh area. I have sent numerous emails, spoke with Dr. Anna and the receptionist and dr. Yily refused to speak to me all I wanted to know was what she did and why she suctioned my ass yes she suctioned my butt, my big plump butt I had I no longer have it and she refuses to speak to me. She blocked me from whatapp. She has never responded back to any of my inquiries. And because I went back to surgery and flew the next day I developed clot in my right leg and now I taking medication for 6 months. Dr. Yily is careless, reckless and u compassionate. Oh yea they almost gave my friend the wrong blood she was so scared I had to stay with her for 4 hrs after I was discharged because she didn't want to be by herself. Yes when the came in with the blood I stood right along side her and when she was about to hang it I said let me see it has the wrong last name. Same first name but different last name.
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