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So for awhile like most of you here, I been...

So for awhile like most of you here, I been reading so many reviews and have finally decided to do 1 of my own. I always knew I'd be the child who couldn't grow enough boobs to fit in a bra, bikini or lingerie. It started to affect me more when I began modeling at 16. Even before then, I would wear my mother's bra and stuff it in elementary school. Pretty embarrassing when my bff (at the time), noticed the sudden growth and decided to make an announcement in front of the whole class about it. I never felt comfortable wearing lingerie or bikinis at my photoshoot's. I feel that I lack what makes some of us feel feminine.

Almost a year ago, I had my 1st consultation with Dr. Desai at Doctors Plastic Surgery. He suggested I get 550cc. At the time, it didn't look bad but after reading reviews, I decided to go for something between 400-500cc. I want the natural look. Not too big and not too small. I also don't want them sitting high on my chest or too low either. I will be going to another consult tomorrow at the same place but with a different surgeon. His name is Dr. Michael Brooke, I probably mispelled his name. Please let me know if you girls know about him! I love Dr. Desai but he is at a different office now and I kind of need to stay within the price I was previously given (3.900 for saline).

BTW. I am 128lbs, 5'4 and I have a nice perky booty. Can't wait for my butt not being the only thing sticking out of my body!


My consultation was with Michael Bruck at 1pm. I ended up waiting about an hour and a half before getting called. I was anxious as I had to find another surgeon I was completely comfortable with and trusted.

He was direct with what he vision for me and professional. He measured me, I was weigh and height was checked prior to him coming in. He also did a breast exam on me which I don't recall the 1st surgeon doing. When it was time to try on sizes, he told the nurse 350-450cc. Which I thought was close to what I wanted, 400-500cc.

I knew 550cc was too big, 500 didn't look too bad. However, 400cc and 450cc looked great! Dr. Bruck suggested high profile. I thought moderate was more natural. Not sure but I'd really love to hear ya thoughts about high profile or moderate? I'm afraid high profile means it will look noticeably augmented.

I feel that 400-450cc is best, a bit of what the surgeon suggested and a bit of what I personally want. Considering you lose a bit when it goes under the muscle as well.

Measurements at Consult
5'3 in a half

I will see 1 more surgeon before making my decision by next week before the 29th. That way when I go to my primary doctor on the 29th, I can also get medical clearance and medications.

Wish boobs \(•)(•)/

Didn't think I'd go crazy with wish boobs but I did after being suggested to bring boob goal pics. However, I was able to narrow the 30 to just 4. I want to be straightforward with the size, shape and positioning. All photos are girls with 400-500cc. Great cleavage, side boob, under boob, volume & position!

2 weeks couldn't be any further away. I haven't set a date but for sure somewhere around the next 2 weeks. I keep having boob dreams & it's making me impatient!

2nd & final consultation

I had my 2nd Consultation with Dr. Tornambe today. I was expecting to decide between him or Dr. Bruck at the office so that I could book. But I felt like I needed to see some before and after pics. I seen some but I'm hoping to see more.

Dr. Tornambe was great as well and had said I had a nice breast shape and that I just wanted to be bigger. He was correct! Immediately he said 450, and I couldn't agree more. He said any bigger he wouldn't recommend so yes the size is final. However he said my frame could possibly hold a moderate +. That confused me because I had just warmed up to HP. I think I'm still set on 450cc HP, but what do you girls think about moderate +?

I'll be calling my coordinator back before 6pm to book. I have my medical clearance forms that I'll be taking to my doctor on Thursday. On the 10th, 11th or 13th of October will be my surgery date.

Also... HOW DO I CHOOSE BETWEEN 2 DOCTORS!? I killed myself over deciding on implant but now this. :(

Boobies, I can't wait to meet you!

I decided! Honestly, both Dr. Bruck and Dr. Tornambe were great. There's nothing bad I'd say about them. I do believe what matters is how you connect and feel comfortable with your surgeon. Also reviewing before and after as well as reviews from patients helps.

With that being said, I went with Dr. Tornambe. My surgery date is October 11th, I already put down my deposit. Since that's exactly in 2 weeks, we are speeding things up.

I can't believe it's really happening! I wish I had a friend who was also getting the procedure done, that way we can be excited for each other and nerves will die down. If anyone in the nyc area, hit me up so we can be BB's (boob buddies)! ;-D


So last night, well actually the entire day I had felt down. I started to have a panic attack before bedtime. I questioned my actions... "am I really doing this, why risk my life over tits, I have 2 beautiful kids that I cherish deeply, I may be going too big, mod+ or HP". I don't know if this had to do with the fact that I had watch several breast augmentation surgery videos and maybe it had creep me out.

I would not recommend ladies doing this after already setting payments! DO YOUR RESEARCH! I've done mines for years and I still got freaked out but today I am excited again because I know how long I been turning my back on this operation. I tried to love my tits, appreciate them and all its flaws, even scare myself out of the thought of getting surgery. Take your time in deciding if this is what you really want and do plenty of research. There is no such thing as too much as my surgery is in a little over 1 week and I'm still researching.

xLoveLifex (check her out!) offered me great advice, and now I'm actually considering moderate+ and HP. I will ask my surgeon more about it since he also mentioned I'd probably be good for a mod+ profile.

I had my doctor appointment to get medical clearance today, I go back tomorrow for blood work since I had eaten and wasn't supposed to. OPPS!

Pre op!

When I walked in, I no longer got seen I guess where they do their consultations. I went next door for my pre op with my mother. She is still very much against my decision but after asking a billion questions and talking with Catherine (my coordinator), I noticed she wasn't as judgemental. I love my coordinator! She has silicone 500cc & showed me scars & how it felt. They feel & look amazing! It made me much happier seeing a happy patient of a BA. The 500cc doesn't look too big, it's nice and full. But with that being said...

It's set! I'm getting 450cc, saline & moderate plus. Surgeon says he wouldn't do HP due to my implant size being fairly big and we want to avoid the fake look. We also took my before pics.

I was explained all risk, treatment and recovery stuff. Made my payment although my bank only allows a certain amount per day so by tomorrow I would have it paid in full.

By tomorrow, my surgery will be exactly in 1 week! I want the scar creme but it's so expensive! I'm going to check to see if I can find it for cheap. My coordinator recommended using the creme and the strips. Anyone found bioCorneum for cheaper or any other good brands that worked just as great for a better price?

Pregnancy scare before BA!?

Sunday 10/2 I was expecting my period but I wasn't having my usual signs. I got worried and was almost sure my partner & I was not trying to concieve our 3rd child anytime soon! My cycles were consistent for the past 4 months so of course I freaked and bought a pregnancy test. Turns out I wasn't and got it the very next morning! Phew.

I have my medicine, I feel horrible about taking so many. I don't like taking medicine if I can help it but I will do as instructed. I also caught a cold 2 days ago along with my 2 kids. I'm hoping we all recover in time before my surgery otherwise it will make my recovery hell.

My medical clearance has been faxed over and I just got confirmation that my surgery will be on October 11th at 8:30am. I have to be there an hour earlier however. Everything just got so real and I'm suddenly missing my small boobs already!

Surgery is in hours!

Lately I've been really wondering if I should get 425cc instead of 450cc. I'm not sure if it's much of a noticeable difference but I don't want to look or feel top heavy. I figured taking off 25cc would lessen how heavy they feel. When I hear 450cc gives you about a DD, I think of how big those bras look lol.

If I go with 450cc, I thought if I feel that it's too big afterwards...I can always gain weight. I'm trying to gain more anyways. But I just can't decide. HELP!

Also, I took my before pictures in some clothing I don't feel comfortable to wear. Once boobs heal, I'll post the pics together for comparison.

Making my last meal for the day and will have ice cream for dessert. I really don't want to wake up hungry. So EAT, EAT & DRINK!

15 more minutes!

I'm surprisingly calmer than I was prior to surgery day. I didn't get much sleep, probably because I overslept from a nap. Only an hour and then I showered and kissed my babies and bf.

Got here at 7:35 and immediately was seen. I.v in, nausea pill, last questions asked, got drew on, wearing the most fashionable blue outfit, about to pee I guess for pregnancy test.

Still waiting on mom to arrive, upset she's late. I can't believe I'm really doing this. I'm joining the boobie side!

( . Y . ) Happy birthday boobs!

As I walk through the heavens of boobs, I shall walk out with a pair of my own. I'm proud to say I am no longer with the Itty bitty titty gang. I tried to update yesterday but as I was writing, I kept dozing off.

My surgery took 1hr and a half, started at 8:52am. My anesthesiologist was handsome and kind. My mom scared me saying it will burn but he reassured me that I'll be fine, which I was. I didn't feel it. I only remember my nurse helping me to the table, cut my gown open, spread my arms, heard her announce my full name, age and that I was getting a breast augmentation. I think they asked me 1 thing but I don't remember.

It seriously felt like 1 minute. I woke in recovery, was in & out of sleep but I saw a nurse. I asked if I was dreaming cause I wasn't sure if I was alive. I asked can i see my kids. She said yes and laughed in awe...I was so relieved. It felt like my milk was coming in but about 10 times worse.

Nurse dressed me and walked me to wheelchair where I saw my mom. I peeped at my boobs and was happy. They don't look super high. Got on access a ride with my mother and the ride was horrible. So many bumps, I shouted "FUCK NYC".

I kept falling asleep when I got home. I was trying to write but dozed off alot so mom's took my phone before I dropped it. I hated that her and my bf was forcing me to eat although I know it was for the best. I was able to walk after, felt much better.

Sleep was decent? Woke around 2am to eat and take pills. I'm peeing alot and woke up extremely thirsty.

Starting to doze off now so I'll end this update here.

Mentor smooth round saline
Boobs: (R) 450cc (L) 425cc
Implant Size: 400cc
Profile: Moderate plus

Post OP

Went to my post op at 4 but arrived 30mins early. Nurse checked my vitals then said she'll be opening the bra. I got super scared, I didn't want to feel pain or see my incisions. They felt odd ..(keep dozing off forgetting my words).

I didn't see Dr. Tornambe but instead Dr. Blaine. She asked how's my sleep, am I eating well, any nausea. But then she reached for my boobs and gave my incisions a squeeze and I wanted to yell at her. What the hell was that for!? But really...what was that for? Shortly after, my pain increased.

I have no bruising, just swelling. (Geez! It's taking me years to write this review. Fatigue is winning.) The ride back home was horrifying, stupid bumps but driver missed our exit. So I had to endure more pain. My next check up will be on Thursday.

1 week post op

The 1st week of recovery was simply uncomfortable. I felt my skin between my chest stretching and noticed that it was also swollen. It has went down a bit but not completely. I hate that my chest feels so tight and heavy. I had some upper back ache but not anymore. Sleeping upright was ok for a few days but yesterday I found it incredibly hard to sleep comfortably. My incisions are starting to burn and occasionally I get a sharp pinch near it. I finished pain meds on day 5. Honestly I freaked out, I didn't want to feel pain & I love that they helped me sleep through the day. Surprisingly I was fine without them. Only used Tylenol extra strength about twice. Was constipated up until day 6, and bloating has been a pain.

I can't wait until they start to feel like my own. I will say that if you had children, the feeling is extremely similar to when your milk comes in and you feel engorged. I have sensation in both nips but underneath my boob, it's a bit numb. I had an emotional day on my 1 week post op. I know results will take some time but sometimes I wish I went with 425cc. Although 1 boob has 425cc in it, it just may have made me feel a bit better about cutting off some weight.

Next post op is this Thursday, can't wait!

Post op #2

So far I can use my arms more, not much changed since my last update.

At my appointment I had the stitches at the end cut, the rest were disolvable. However, I had some in the middle on my left breast because the implant was a bit big that I had a small opening gap. It didn't hurt when they were cut as I expected. They look good, I thought they were going to look much worse.

I was taught how to massage and the nurse gave quite a strong squeeze down & then up. Still have to wear the bra for 3 weeks, then I can wear sport bras. Also I can start treating my scar, any suggestions? I asked when can I return to work he said now but if I can, wait about another week. Forgot to ask if I can sleep on my back! When did you ladies start? Next appointment is in a month but I'll give weekly updates.

2 week post op

A couple of things to address in this update, some I'm proud of and some not so much. That tight stretching feeling has now become unnoticeable but I still feel slightly heavy. The swelling between my chest gets better everyday as well as on the sides. I have been practicing sleeping on my side and back. It's ok but sometimes I wake up with an ache between my chest as I sleep on my side. My incisions don't burn and I haven't felt that pinch feeling since. Right incision looks better than left. Bloating has completely vanish minus what pouch I had prior, heehee.

I am noticing that small 25cc difference and it is bugging me! My right boob (450cc) has more of a shadow around it and it feels fuller than my left (425cc). Nipples also seem a bit googly but sensation has been much higher. Still low sensation underneath my boob. Any ladies got a 25cc difference, seen and felt it but gotten better after sometime?

I thought I didn't have to stress how much I didn't want 2 different cc's as I felt like we were on the same page. He said they were slightly asymmetric but didn't look like they needed different sizes. However I guess once he got in there, the difference was more noticeable than to the naked eye. I feel like I would have been ok with still keeping the same size. Hopefully 1 year post op they'll look better.

Since I started massaging, I noticed a dent in my right boob. I'm hoping it will go away, I've heard it needs time to drop into its pocket. It's just very discouraging and I'm going to bring it to my PS attention... (haha, finally Googled what PS stands for and now I'm making use of it. Plastic surgeon for those who don't know still).

I messed up bad with my pictures of my progress! I noticed the angle I've been taking them at was misleading. Will start taking them better for now on.

3 week post op

(1 day late posting)
So alot has happened since last update! Sleeping is fine, I still only get slight discomfort waking up when I sleep on my side. I guess it's "morning boob", but it's not horrible. I started using my scar gel, scar away. So far, I believe I already see results! Others think so too, although left boob incision needs more work.

Boobs been stepped on by my almost 3year old son, also fell down steps today...(clumsy, I know). But I had an interview which took extremely long and I was standing on heels for hours. I got the job though! Haha. I'm monitoring to make sure nothing is disform however because in order to catch myself from falling further, I stretched my arm pass my comfort zone.

I went bra shopping after and got measured! I am 32DD, sounds big but it doesn't look big or small. Will post pics in next mini update.

My period is due any moment now and my nipples have been beyond sensitive. It hurts! Rubbing a shirt on it feels like my nipples been cut up and anything that touches it, hurts.

Bra shopping

I went to Victoria's Secret to get sized and try on bra's. She measured me quickly and said 32DD. It sounds crazy but it isn't as big as it sounds.

She gave me a few bras to confirm size & it was amazing! Every single bra, I was able to fill out. Padding was no longer necessary, bye bye wires and hello lace!

It was an amazing experience and I only wish I had someone who would have shared the same excitement with me. Sucks not having friends but I enjoyed myself.

1 month post op

Time has flown by so quick! My next appointment is not until the very end of this month.

Since my fall and other minor injuries, I thankfully didn't get a hematoma. The girls are fine! However, my period is 6 days late! I took a test yesterday and it showed negative. I have read that it's possible surgery can alter PMS. It's freaking me out but I'm just hoping I'm not pregnant, haha!

I am able to stretch my arms above my head now, with that being said... nomore fluff there lol. About 2 weeks ago, I noticed a dent around my breast. It has lessen in appearance but I can still feel it.

I see a bit of stretch marks around the nipple area. The incisions are good, just hoping for it to lighten.

Will leave a review and if I believe my BA was worth it once I have final results. So in about a couple months to a year. (So far so good & already recommended my PS to my eye doctor). I will post monthly now, with mini updates in between.

1month 1/2 post op

It's been 2 weeks since my last update and I believe little has changed. No I'm not pregnant, my period was 1 week and 4 days late! My incisions started to itch and I noticed a bump on it. Very small, just wished my left incision didn't look as bad. Not sure why it itched but I'll ask PS.

Boobs seem to have dropped more, will try to post video on how squishy they are and movement. I have full mobility in both arms, stretching and all. I haven't worn bras although I got the clear to do so. I just feel so comfortable & confident without or my sports bra is fine. When I lay on my chest, it still feels a bit weird but I'm getting used to it. Although I don't believe sleeping on them is a good idea, fearing that iit'll shape them differently. I noticed that they definitely seem to have shrunk. I still fit a 32DD but maybe it's just that I've gotten used to them. I'm still very pleased with the size, they're perfect to me.

I have stretch marks which sucks but to be expected. Appointment is next week and I'm super excited to see what my PS says about them!

Post op #3

I had my 1 month post op appointment yesterday although I'm 1 week from being 2 months. It was like a minute check up, in & out lol. He said they look great and if I was happy with the size. Definitely much happier, at first they looked big but now they look completely normal, perfect size! I also had my pictures taken.

Apparently my stitches itching and still feeling slightly sore is normal. I can resume normal activities, exercise and all. Bras are ok, just to stay away from underwire a little longer. However, I've been wearing the Victoria secret bra "Body" and it's super comfortable, no complaints with the wire. Next appointment is in January.
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