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So for awhile like most of you here, I been...

So for awhile like most of you here, I been reading so many reviews and have finally decided to do 1 of my own. I always knew I'd be the child who couldn't grow enough boobs to fit in a bra, bikini or lingerie. It started to affect me more when I began modeling at 16. Even before then, I would wear my mother's bra and stuff it in elementary school. Pretty embarrassing when my bff (at the time), noticed the sudden growth and decided to make an announcement in front of the whole class about it. I never felt comfortable wearing lingerie or bikinis at my photoshoot's. I feel that I lack what makes some of us feel feminine.

Almost a year ago, I had my 1st consultation with Dr. Desai at Doctors Plastic Surgery. He suggested I get 550cc. At the time, it didn't look bad but after reading reviews, I decided to go for something between 400-500cc. I want the natural look. Not too big and not too small. I also don't want them sitting high on my chest or too low either. I will be going to another consult tomorrow at the same place but with a different surgeon. His name is Dr. Michael Brooke, I probably mispelled his name. Please let me know if you girls know about him! I love Dr. Desai but he is at a different office now and I kind of need to stay within the price I was previously given (3.900 for saline).

BTW. I am 128lbs, 5'4 and I have a nice perky booty. Can't wait for my butt not being the only thing sticking out of my body!


My consultation was with Michael Bruck at 1pm. I ended up waiting about an hour and a half before getting called. I was anxious as I had to find another surgeon I was completely comfortable with and trusted.

He was direct with what he vision for me and professional. He measured me, I was weigh and height was checked prior to him coming in. He also did a breast exam on me which I don't recall the 1st surgeon doing. When it was time to try on sizes, he told the nurse 350-450cc. Which I thought was close to what I wanted, 400-500cc.

I knew 550cc was too big, 500 didn't look too bad. However, 400cc and 450cc looked great! Dr. Bruck suggested high profile. I thought moderate was more natural. Not sure but I'd really love to hear ya thoughts about high profile or moderate? I'm afraid high profile means it will look noticeably augmented.

I feel that 400-450cc is best, a bit of what the surgeon suggested and a bit of what I personally want. Considering you lose a bit when it goes under the muscle as well.

Measurements at Consult
5'3 in a half

I will see 1 more surgeon before making my decision by next week before the 29th. That way when I go to my primary doctor on the 29th, I can also get medical clearance and medications.

Wish boobs \(•)(•)/

Didn't think I'd go crazy with wish boobs but I did after being suggested to bring boob goal pics. However, I was able to narrow the 30 to just 4. I want to be straightforward with the size, shape and positioning. All photos are girls with 400-500cc. Great cleavage, side boob, under boob, volume & position!

2 weeks couldn't be any further away. I haven't set a date but for sure somewhere around the next 2 weeks. I keep having boob dreams & it's making me impatient!

2nd & final consultation

I had my 2nd Consultation with Dr. Tornambe today. I was expecting to decide between him or Dr. Bruck at the office so that I could book. But I felt like I needed to see some before and after pics. I seen some but I'm hoping to see more.

Dr. Tornambe was great as well and had said I had a nice breast shape and that I just wanted to be bigger. He was correct! Immediately he said 450, and I couldn't agree more. He said any bigger he wouldn't recommend so yes the size is final. However he said my frame could possibly hold a moderate +. That confused me because I had just warmed up to HP. I think I'm still set on 450cc HP, but what do you girls think about moderate +?

I'll be calling my coordinator back before 6pm to book. I have my medical clearance forms that I'll be taking to my doctor on Thursday. On the 10th, 11th or 13th of October will be my surgery date.

Also... HOW DO I CHOOSE BETWEEN 2 DOCTORS!? I killed myself over deciding on implant but now this. :(

Boobies, I can't wait to meet you!

I decided! Honestly, both Dr. Bruck and Dr. Tornambe were great. There's nothing bad I'd say about them. I do believe what matters is how you connect and feel comfortable with your surgeon. Also reviewing before and after as well as reviews from patients helps.

With that being said, I went with Dr. Tornambe. My surgery date is October 11th, I already put down my deposit. Since that's exactly in 2 weeks, we are speeding things up.

I can't believe it's really happening! I wish I had a friend who was also getting the procedure done, that way we can be excited for each other and nerves will die down. If anyone in the nyc area, hit me up so we can be BB's (boob buddies)! ;-D


So last night, well actually the entire day I had felt down. I started to have a panic attack before bedtime. I questioned my actions... "am I really doing this, why risk my life over tits, I have 2 beautiful kids that I cherish deeply, I may be going too big, mod+ or HP". I don't know if this had to do with the fact that I had watch several breast augmentation surgery videos and maybe it had creep me out.

I would not recommend ladies doing this after already setting payments! DO YOUR RESEARCH! I've done mines for years and I still got freaked out but today I am excited again because I know how long I been turning my back on this operation. I tried to love my tits, appreciate them and all its flaws, even scare myself out of the thought of getting surgery. Take your time in deciding if this is what you really want and do plenty of research. There is no such thing as too much as my surgery is in a little over 1 week and I'm still researching.

xLoveLifex (check her out!) offered me great advice, and now I'm actually considering moderate+ and HP. I will ask my surgeon more about it since he also mentioned I'd probably be good for a mod+ profile.

I had my doctor appointment to get medical clearance today, I go back tomorrow for blood work since I had eaten and wasn't supposed to. OPPS!
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