Worst Decision I Have Ever Made in my Life!! - Manhattan, NY

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In may I came across a YouTube channel of a girl...

In may I came across a YouTube channel of a girl name Aaliyah, she had her breasts done at this place called "Doctor Plastic Surgery" & thought wow! That's very cheap price. Cause you don't get cheap price as this in NY.  But what they say? You get what you pay for! I went for a consultation twice, because the first patient coordinator I worked with was very nasty! So I went for a second consultation & work with Catherine she was very sweet & informed me everything would be okay. On June 1st was my procedure day for Lipo and breast augmentation with Doctor Urmen Desai. I believe the time was 9am but I got there late due to traffic. I was excited & couldn't wait to finally have my new sexy  boobs and a nice slim, sexy figure!! Well, I was wrong & find out soon that was the worst decision I made in my life! That decision would change my life forever smh BIBLE!! & has effected me majorly. The morning after my surgery I woke up from the most painful I have ever experienced in my entire 22 years of life & I also noticed my boobs were bleeding. I had my next day follow up that morning & called the office to let them aware of what was happening. I was told I couldn't come in at the time I was schedule to see the Doc Desai because the doctor was going to be running late & I would have to come later on, mind you I told this lady I'm in pain and my boobs are also bleeding! No one cared! So when I got there later on i saw Dr Desai, he told me everything was going to be okay just have to take my meds. The second day pain is still extremely painful so I went again was told the same thing the pain would go away soon. The third day still in pain & that's when I started to panicked because the pain was extreme & I started catching a fever also. Dr desai, PA gave me a shot & they told me to go home & if the pain doesn't go away over the weekend they would remove the implants for me on Monday. I went in on Monday again the pain was even more painful & I had this burning sensation pain also & still nothing is being done! Just kept telling me the same things over , Dr Desai, told me my breasts were fine & he took pictures. I didn't understand how my breasts was fine when I was in so much pain, couldn't swallow, was having difficulty breathing, can't shower & bleeding & looked AFFECTED....I wasn't capable of doing anything for myself. Thanks for my angel, my mother for being there for me & taking care of me. I kept going back to the doctors office on numerous occasions plead, cried and begged him, the PA & manager to remove the implants, they all ignored me & nothing was done! After a week & two days of begging them to remove them, both of my breasts were leaking, burning and hurting so bad. The worst pain I have ever experienced! I seriously wanted to die I swear . I went to so many different emergency rooms, none of them could help me because they have no plastic surgeon & was kept being told, the surgeon that did my surgey needed to remove the implants. Thank God for this amazing Dr name Sadeh that saved my life & removed the implants for me on the 12 of june. It's been three  months now I am still in pain, still can't work & there's a lot of things I can't do & having a hard time doing now and I have big scar on both breasts and have to shower with my bra on do softhin the pain. I can't raise my arms up or bend down smfh so much has changed & it's so depressing & upsetting Ugh I am so aggravated & angry cause Dr Desai, didn't do anything to help me or bothered too & now has the audacity to threaten to sue me because of me sharing my story of what happend to me! I am so disgusting & he also lied saying I have harassed him & his staff & I am just tired of everything!! He has no remorse or care about how my life have change from this horrible plastic surgery... I would not be threaten or bullied by the doc desai , his staff or lawyer's from  sharing my experience  & truth about my plastic surgery!! I strongly advice anyone that's interested in doing plastic surgery to do their research first and make sure you go to experience doctor that knows what they are doing. Pay the money & go to a great doctor & pray you dont ever go thru what i went thru. get great results with no complications. Even the lipo didn't work out also. Everything was a disaster! & I don't regret ever wanted plastic surgery but I regret going to that place &  letting that doctor do my surgery! But you live and learn. Just trying to recover and thankful for being a live :) please ppl be careful & do your research.
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