DIY Jessner Peel

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I am confident I can do this. I follow...

I am confident I can do this. I follow instructions well and understand that good results are achieved with multiple, lesser peels. So, I'll take it easy.

My target is brown spots on my arm. Two IPL treatments haven't taken care of them and peels seem more economical.

Jessner's Peel has been around for what? A hundred years? Everything generally knowable about this peel is already known, so I have been reading everything I can find about it.

My shipment came from today, Tues., 7/17 thru UPS. I ordered last Tues, it shipped last Tues.

They only tell you that you're getting the 2oz of Jessner Solution, but they also sent Peel Prep and Neutralizer Solution Spray. These 3 items are in their website photo, they're just don't say so with words that they're sending them. They also sent 4 surprise gauze sponge pads.

The bottle has a list of ingredients that are the ingredients of a Jessner, they just don't give you the proportions anywhere. Which makes the scientist in me very uneasy. But I know FDA does nil to regulate over the counter stuff. So, I will have to trust that they wouldn't put Jessner's name on it if it wasn't really an accurate formula.

So far, I think this is an ok company that mostly needs some work on their website and needs to improve communication.

The shipping function is clunky. It looked like it would ship for free, but then they charged $2.99 for it. No big deal. But it would be better if they had their stuff together.

Also, they offer Chat with a real "sales expert"! But their chat utility does not load! They have a toll free number to call, but after you listen to muzak for 10 minutes, you're just transferred to voicemail!

So what do I think? The 4 reviews on their own website looked pretty good. But what does that mean, really. It's why I'm posting here on Real Self.

The label on their box is encouraging. It says: Good Manufacturing Practices (G. M. P.) certified; and Cruelty Free.

All right, sounds good. I don't think I'm going to burn my arm off.

Next steps, gather up all my supplies and do a patch test.

I did a patch test, which included waiting some...

I did a patch test, which included waiting some time and all was ok. I did my first Jessner's peel on Fri 7/20.

I followed instructions for a first time peel because I'd never done one on my arms before.

I applied 3 layers and left them on 5 minutes. It barely stung. The ashy look did not appear. There was very slight redness when all was done. My skin looked tight and dry.

I had no subsequent peeling or flaking. The spots did look less pronounced a week later, but I just wondered if this was reality or perception because the change was too minor to be caught on camera. On Thurs 8/2, I loofa'd my arms really well for a date then moisturized and noticed they looked significantly smoother

I started my 2nd peel on Fri 8/3. After talking...

I started my 2nd peel on Fri 8/3. After talking to the woman who does my microdermabrasion and is familiar with Jessner's peels, I decided to add more layers and time to this 2nd peel.

I did 7 layers and 15 minutes this second time around. It hurt a bit more. However, this time I got that ashy looking skin that is often described. I could see some skin flaking before I'd neutralized the peel this time. It was similarly pink to the first peel when it was done .and dry and tight looking.

My arms seem to be reacting much more mildly that what other users are describing for their facial peels. I posted about using fraxel on my face and trying it on my arms. In that case, my arms also didn't react strongly to the Fraxel. I guess my arms are just tough.

I'll let you know how this second peel went in a week or so.

At this point I've completed 3 peels on my arm. I...

At this point I've completed 3 peels on my arm. I do the most layers, for the longest time allowed as described in the instruction manual.

I do not get sheet type peeling. I get flaking that lasts more than a week.

I will keep doing this until I use up all the solution they sent me. So far, I have 3/4 of the bottle left.

Next week when I go in for dermabrasion, I'll ask her to work on my arm.

So far, my conclusion is 1) that my arm is a lot tougher than my face; 2) it will be a long process requiring many peels for my arm to approach to softness and evenness of my face.

Jessner great for texture

I did a 4th peel with better results in skin texture.

There was a long break between my 3rd and 4th peel, but I tried it again after talking to my aethetician who does Jessner peels. I won't give you the details, but she recommend more coats and leaving it on longer.

I did 7 coats and left it on for 30 minutes this time.

It took 4 weeks to peel. While waiting, my arm looked very dry and old..

Peeling only took 3 days.

The results are very nice, smooth, soft skin. I do not think the brown spot was affected beyond what some good microdermabrasion would have done

But the smoothness is really nice and there's a clarity to my arm skin I've never noticed before. That actually means my underlying brown spots are more indentifiable.

but since they're so easy for me to point out now, I'll just get the lasered with the Candela V Beam. That should take care of it

My conclusion on Jessner for arms is: It's great for texture though doesn't do that much for brown spots; Don't expect the same quick results as Jessner on your face; The over the counter Jessner is easy to use on your arms.

I found during an internet search to find out more about Jessner's Peels. It was one of those stores that pops up at the top of the list. Several stores were reviewed. They were all spotty with the info they provided, but seemed to be the best at the time I ordered. Other sites were, These were not as clear IMO in what exactly they were offering. states explicitly: " Jessner 14% solution Peel (pH 1.9) Net Fl. 2 oz, 60ml." It's hard to compare apples to apples, because no one lists all ingredients or proportion of ingredients. From what I've read, there are 3 ingredients that matter in a Jessner's peel After I ordered for, I found which has marginally better info.

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