Considering Radiesse?? Please read this first!!!!

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What makes a medically trained professional good...

What makes a medically trained professional good at injecting cosmetic fillers? I could elaborate on how great Dr. Romero and his staff are (and believe me, they ARE all of that), but bedside manner alone doesn't produce positive results. Every professional who performed this procedure prior to Dr. Romero were all nice, but none of them gave me such satisfying results.

I am not a medical professional, but I do have an educational background in nursing. My personal experiences with this procedure has given me some insight of the importance of finding the right physician to perform the procedure.

I have had fillers done by others and upon leaving their office, the results "seemed" positive, but when the inflammation disappeared I was left very disappointed. When you are poked with a needle there is going to be inflammation (swelling). I have been to five other offices, two were board certified surgeons, two were nurse practitioners and one doctor was a gynecologist None of the above left me with positive lasting results that Dr. Romero has. At times I contacted the previous offices and expressed my dissatisfaction, however this usually involved additional charges and some of them did nothing at all. I had felt as if I had wasted alot of money.

The research I had done prior to considering fillers told me there was an "artistic" component to injecting Radiesse. Whether the other places I had gone to lacked this artistic component or if the medication was defective is still a mystery to me, but the results I saw after visiting Dr. Romero have been nothing but positive. A picture is worth a 1000 words to please view my photos and see the results for yourself.

BTW, Dr. Romero was the ONLY one who asked to see a picture of me during my younger years. The others never even bothered to ask. If you are considering fillers, especially if you live on Long Island, I highly recommend Dr. Romero. He's skilled, a true artist, stays current in the latest procedures, and took a sincere interest in me as a person. Fillers are not cheap, I am not rich, and Dr. Romero's prices are reasonable, but more importantly I am highly satisfied with the results. I am grateful I found him!!!

Updated pictures

I have posted three additional pictures entitled "before", "after" and 6 months after.

Considering Radiesse?? Please Read This First...and Did You Know That Bad Things Happen in "3"s...?????

'm no stranger to dermal fillers. I'm 62 and have had various dermal fillers injected into my face. I have never overdone it, and this is not my first treatment with Radiesse. Several years ago I had Radiesse placed in the same area, by the same provider. I felt fairly confident that I would be satisfied this time as well.

I trusted the provider who performed the procedure because he's done several cosmetic enhancement procedures on me in the past. I have posted very positive reviews about him and really felt he deserved them. I like Dr. Romero very much, he's kind, compassionate and I've always believed he had a great eye regarding aesthetics.

This time I knew something wasn't right on my way home after leaving Dr. Romero's office. I glanced in my rear view mirror and was horrified at what I saw. I looked like the lion lady. Immediately I turned the car around and returned to his office. ( Remember, I had had this procedure several years before, same location; same provider). Dr. Romero assured me the swelling would subside within a couple of days. I followed his post procedural directions to a tee (as always) and sure enough the swelling naturally subsided. (The inflammation is due to a needle being stuck in your skin. Most people love the way they look upon leaving the office and after the swelling goes down...not so much.)

I gave it a good two weeks. Something wasn't right this time, I couldn't put my finger on it. I starting asking family and friends. I got answers such as "It's not even", one side is higher than the other, etc. There was also a hollow indent under one eye (wasn't there before), and my cheeks looked like they were filled like a squirrel gathering nuts prior to winter.

I returned to Dr. Romero and expressed my dissatisfaction and mentioned the above. His reply to me was that now I needed another type of filler called Beletaro to "fix" the hollow indent. (Huh?????, so another words I have to shell out more money to fix something that was never there prior to the procedure....)hmmm...I left there feeling very frustrated and disappointed.

My dissatisfaction with results were this: asymmetry, hollow indentation more prevalent under one eye, cheeks still puffy 3 weeks post procedure (see video), and a result of all of the above made my nose appear larger, eyes appear smaller and assymetical, and these craters under both eyes that I cannot cover no matter what I try.

I've never been a make up guru and covering these imperfections is impossible for me. 4 weeks later I decided to meet with another provider who has done fillers for me from time to time. Immediately he noticed the asymmetry and told me he could correct it with 2 vials of Restylane Silk, which I believe might of been known as Beletaro in the past.. , don't quote me on this.

I had already spend $1800 for the 3 vials of Radiesse. Restylane Silk was $630/vial. Finances are an issue, I could only afford one vial and emphasized if one wasn't going to repair the damage, I would return when I could afford both. He injected one vial under both eyes.

Two days later I am not only swollen, but both eyes appeared to be blistery. I contacted this second provider who suggested I visit one of those walk in emergency places. (see pic), which I did. I was placed on steroids and two other meds and couldn't go out for fear my face would explode. So now this cosmetic procedure has cost me over $2000 and I haven't even received the emergency room bill as of yet. The steroids reduced the blistery inflammation within a week but guess improvement!!

Still have those hollow indents, still uneven, feel like I look like a freak, don't go out too often these days. Has anyone seen that movie "Throw Mama from the Train"??.....well, here's Mama!

Radiesse is a calcium based filler,if you are new to Dermal Fillers stick with the ones that can be reversed if you're not happy. Radiesse on the other hand cannot be reversed. I didn't choose Radiesse specifically; but had been lucky the first time.

I've always liked Dr. Romero and have given him positive reviews in the past on the site & on others. He really deserved them and I meant everything I said. Doctors answering questions on this site validated my concerns, as well as family and friends. I expressed my dissatisfaction to Dr. Romero and his solution was more filler, not to mention more money to correct something that wasn't there prior to this Radiesse procedure. If he was having a bad day, guess bad days allowed, not with Radiesse.

I am not wealthy and I gave this Radiesse procedure alot of thought prior to deciding to go ahead with it. At age 62 I've been trying to return to the job market after a 20 year hiatus. I felt this dermal filler procedure would shave a couple of years off and/or boost my self confidence a bit. Instead I feel like a freak and don't go out much these days.

I really feel Dr. Romero should at least issue me a refund for the money I spent. The negative results are something I have to live with for a while and what irritated me was that he wouldn't even validate my concerns. Doctors on this site agreed with me, & I'm lucky enough to have family and friends who are comfortable being honest with me about the negative results

I mentioned bad things happen in three's.....well here's the third: I got one of the worst haircuts of my life.

Thinking About This First!!

I am no stranger to dermal fillers. I had 2 vials of Radiesse placed in my mid-face area several years ago and thought it was time to do it again. I returned to the same doctor I had used the first time and felt confident that I would end up with positive results.

Dr. Romero suggested 3 vials this time. And about a month before he had filled the marionette lines with l vial of Radiesse. After the procedure I glanced at myself in my car's rear view mirror and was horrified. I looked like the lion lady. Immediately I turned the car around and returned to Dr. Romero's office. This didn't happen the first time. Yes, I was swollen, but not like this. Dr. Romero assured me it was just due to the inflammation and of course it would go down. Yes, the inflammation did go down but something wasn't right. I had hollow indents under both eyes that weren't there prior to the procedure and one side of my face was higher than the other. Again, I returned to Dr. Romero's office expressing my dissatisfaction about the results. His answer to me was that I needed even more filler. He mentioned Bellataro. This just didn't sit right with me....”I now need more filler to fill indents that weren't there prior to the Radiesse injections?”...huh? 

 Family and friends gave me their opinions. They validated the asymmetry and the hollow indents. I waited several weeks and decided to visit another provider who told me he could fix everything with “Restyland Silk”. I was miserable with results so I agreed to l vial of what he recommended. To make a long story short, I ended up at one of those walk-in clinics the next day and was placed on steroids & 2 other meds. After this second swelling subsided guess what....nothing was fixed, still looked the same. (*see photo 2) 

It has been 2 months now. I'm left with lumpy marionette lines (*see photo 3) that are accentuated due to the lumpiness due to the Radiesse. The asymmetry is still there, as well as the hollow indents under my eyes. I try to make myself feel better. Have tried makeup, even on a good day, I look horrible and there is no amount of makeup than can camouflage these horrible results. Photo 3 is edited with my cell phone camera to soften my features and as you can see even the softening doesn't make me look any better. (photo 3) 

I don't go out much these days because I'm so self conscious about what I look like. I look so much worse than I did prior to this procedure. Beware of Radiesse, it cannot be reversed. Why Dr. Romero didn't suggest another dermal filler is beyond me. If he was having a bad day, well guess what...”no bad days allowed”. 

I listed the cost of this procedure as over $3000.00. Let me point out that includes the corrections I tried to have done and the additional $600 for the filler used in the marionette lines. After reviewing my photos, doctors on this site agreed about the asymmetry. I've always liked Dr. Romero and have given him positive reviews here in the past because he deserved them, however, this time, regardless if he was having a bad day I still have to live with these results for a long time. I think what bothers me most is that he refused to admit how crooked the results were. Under the circumstances, I really believe Dr. Romero should at least refund my money. 

Photo 4 shows how I look on a good day and as you can see, it's not so good. My cheeks look swollen, this is 2 months later, and I haven't gained weight,.

Radiesse Nightmare - Pictures are worth a thousand words

please see last four pictures which show
- asymmetry
-lumpiness smile/frown line one side more than other
-hollow indents under both eyes
-chipmonk cheeks

"Give Picasso a paintbrush & paint - he creates works of art...the same tools in someone's else's hands,.. not so much."

Radiesse Nightmare -Pictures worth a thousand words

Please scan down to my last post, last four pictures they will save you alot of time.
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