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Disapointed in Skin Care Clinic/Front Desk


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22 Dec 2016

Updated, 1 day ago

Disapointed in Skin Care Clinic/Front Desk - Grand Rapids, MI

I went in for my post op appointments. My 1 month and 3 month to see Dr. Leppink. (he is amazing). I went over to the front desk of the Skin Care center to ask questions both times as I am interested in getting Juvederm injections. The ladies were having a conversation both times and acted like I was interrupting them. They were pretty rude. Blew me off. I have met with Jamey already and she was great! It was just the ladies at the front desk need to work on their customer service. I usually do not write bad reviews but this happened twice. I plan on coming back, I love the rest of the staff there, and I hope I do not receive the same treatment.