I am loving my new nose!

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I really want to get nose surgery soon! I have...

I really want to get nose surgery soon! I have always hated my nose! Every time I see a picture of myself its all that I notice about the picture and it annoys me! Its too big and I hate the tip. I have wanted this done since I was in elementary school and I finally I can afford this surgery. I have my first appointment tomorrow with a Dr. who specializes in Nose surgery. I can't wait to take the first step! I will update tomorrow after my appointment :) I'm still kinda nervous about putting pics online of my nose... so maybe I will add some before shots of my ugly nose lol.

I had my first consultation today

Ok I added a few pics. It took a lot of guts and I didn't really want to... but I want you guys to see my before and after pics and see what I am talking about.

This morning I had the first consultation (I am going to see 2 more drs so far). I felt like the dr knew what he was talking about and he told me what he can and can't do. He specializes in rhinoplasty and has done thousands of procedures...so he knows what he is talking about... I told him that I didn't like how my nose was so wide. I feel like it was too big. I also said i don't like the tip and feel like its too droopy. He said that what he would do was to make it less wide, take the small hump down and raise the tip. He said that he would not be able to change the nostrils and would not change the tip (he could just bring it up and reposition it. his price was $6800. The number one thing i don't like about my nose is the way the tip is. it looks too big and droopy (when i look down or smile especially).... I don't know what to do...will his recommendation give me the look I want?

some more pics

2nd doctor...90% sure I will do this

Last week I went to see another doctor for a consultation. It went well. He took a look at my nose, took measurements and told me what he would do. Everything he said was what I wanted changed ( slight thinner nose, tip reduction, smooth out profile). He also said there is a chance insurance will cover a portion of this due to a deviated septum. So I am 90% sure I want to go through with this but I'm scared. On one side, I am thinking I am going to do it soon because I'm getting married in a year and I figure now is the time to do it because I don't want to hate the way my nose looks in wedding pictures. And it needs to heal in time for the wedding. On another hand, I feel kind of guilty doing this for myself... I feel somewhat selfish spending all this money on myself especially when I just had a previous breast surgery... I do know that I have hated my nose my entire life and I wish I could be happy with it. I think I may kick myself If I don't do it before my wedding. I think I may save some $ and put the other half on care credit so I can do thus soon. Any advice would be greatly appreciated? Should I do this? I'm leaning toward yes...

Im going to do it!

I decided to book surgery! I know this is what i want to do and I think I will not regret it. Last night I was looking at pictures from a recent vacation and I just kept thinking that I hated the way my nose looked in the pictures. I don't want to hate my nose anymore... it really bothers me and I think surgery will be worth it. July 29 is they day! I am confident that I am making the right choice. I am a little scared about the pain and recovery though! I think this summer is the time to do it... I have a wedding that I will be a bridesmaid in september and I am getting married in a year so I think that will be enough time for it to heal.... I hope everything turns out ok!!

Rescheduling surgery

I decided to reschedule my surgery to October because I just got a new job and I'm going to be in my friends wedding next month. There's just too much going on and I don't have time to take a week off for recovery. I'm so excited to get this done but I think its best to wait! OCT 6 is the new date.

surgery in less than 12 days!

Wow. I can't believe i am getting surgery in less than two weeks. I really hope everything turns out ok. The main reason why I'm doing this is because 1. Its something I have wanted to do since I was in 4th grade. 2. Every time I see a picture of myself I think "I hate how my nose looks". and 3. I want to be happy with how I look- especially in for my wedding thats coming up in 8 months. I think now is the time to do it. I sometimes feel bad about doing this- like i am spending too much money on myself and I somewhat feel like I am being too superficial for doing this. I question myself "is this the right choice? Am I wrong for doing this"? But I really want to be content with my appearance. I have a couple of friends who are really against this surgery. One is actually taking me to the hospital too! They think I am going over board with surgery. I have had breast implants, then a revision, and now a nose job all in less than 2 years. But I want to stop the surgeries for a while. Maybe get something done when I'm a lot older… but for now i think this is it. I hope. I really am hoping and praying everything will be ok and I will like the results.

Surgery was today

I had my surgery this morning . All went well but I had a cold this week. After they evaluated my symptoms they said I could go through with it :). I am in a little pain. I'm hoping it won't be too bad tomorrow. I didn't realize that I had to come back to the dr tomorrow for a follow up. I wonder if I will be ok to drive myself? I think everything will turn out well but I can't wait to get over this. My eyes are black and blue. It's hard to ice with a splint on too.

Day 2 post op

I feel like crap! My nose is so congested and I feel like there is pain and pressure. My medicine doesn't seem to last too long. Yesterday I took Percocet and then I felt like that wasn't working so I switched to Tylenol with codine. Idk whys works better for me but I can't wait to get this over with. I have a cold too on top of this :/ sudaphed and nasal spray seem to help a little. My eyes are black and blue and really swollen. I can sort of breath through the side where my deviated septum was fixed. I Also didn't sleep we'll at all. I probably woke up 15 times last night.

I have to go to my fallow up appointment today and I totally forgot to ask someone to drive me there... It looks like I'll be taking an uber cab cause everyone is at work.

Does anyone have any tips on how to ice with a splint? The doctor said ice the eyes with frozen peas on and off for 30 min. That seems like a lot of icing.

Has anyone taken arnica for swelling after rhynoplasty?

Day 3 post op

UGH its been over 48 hours since my surgery and I feel like crap. My eye is so swollen. I could barely sleep last night. I have been taking percocet every 4 hours and it does help. Im also taking psudaphed too. I am going to ask my fiancé to pick me up some arnica too. He has been so helpful taking care of me. I don't know what I would do without him! Yesterday at my appointment, I got to see my nose real quick. I wish I would have taken a pic! I was happy with how it looked so far! It was still natural looking, and I still looked myself but better (minus the puffiness in my eyes). I think this will all be worth it. I really wish the recovery would go by quicker. I am working from home today so I hope that it will keep my mind off the pain.

Day 4- fever and sick

This morning I had the chills really bad. A few hours later I threw up. Should I call my dr?

Fever and feeling sick today

Today was the worst day so far. I woke up with a fever and felt nauseous and threw up. I felt sick all day and could barely eat or drink. I called my Dr and they said that if my temp is under 101 its ok. I guess its normal for a fever to be present after surgery. They said the nausea was probably from the percocet so I stopped taking that. I just feel so uncomfortable. My nose hurts, feels swollen and I just can't wait for this recovery to be over with. I hope tomorrow is better.

96 hours post op.

I feel a lot better today. Yesterday I slept pretty much all day and last night I only woke up once and got about 9 hours of sleep. My nose still hurts a little and Im only taking tylenol for pain. My fever is gone and I think my bruising on my eyes are finally starting to fade. Yay :) Only 4 more days and I will get my splint off. I can't wait! After this experience I never want to have surgery again! I hope and pray that I won't need a revision and I will be happy with the results!

Some after pics

I can't wait to get this cast off.

I feel extremely annoyed by the splint. I am so annoyed that I can't breathe out of my nose. I just wish that time would go by faster. I just can't seem to get this off my mind- how uncomfortable I feel. I am supposed to get the splint off on tuesday but I am going to call on Monday and see if its ok if I can get it off a day early. I wish i could wash my face, i wish i could breathe, I wish I didn't have a headache, I wish I could go out in public. I am so annoyed. I just want this recovery to be over with. I wish time would go by faster :( 3 days left. I hope this is all worth it. I think it will be because I really hated my nose before.

A little worried...

So lately I have been noticing yellowish/green mucus coming from my nose (sorry that's gross). I am worried it may be a sinus infection. Last night I had another low fever. I am going to call first thing tomorrow, I am a little worried. I can't wait to feel like normal again. This is not fun :(.

1 more day until I can get the splint off!

I am so happy that tomorrow I can finally get this splint off! I am feeling a lot better today. My cast kept sliding down so I had to take it off today. I am kinda freaking out. It looks a lot different than it did the other day. There is a bump on my nose that wasn't there before on the upper part of my nose. It is really red and swollen. I don't know if its because the other day i hit it lightly on accident. but Im really hoping its just swelling. I feel like I look like an advitar because it is so swollen in-between my eyes. One of my nostrils is different too :( I hope this is all swelling.

Kinda worried...

So I called the office and they said to put the case back on. I took a few pics before I put it ok. I'm noticing a big bump on my nose and it's red :( I hope it's from swelling. It didn't look like this at all when they showed me at the office. Should I be worried?

Getting my cast off today!!!

I am so excited to finally get my splint off. I have barely left my apt this whole time cause I didn't want to be seen out in public like this. Now I have to fill up my gas tank :(I hope I don't see anyone I know! I am going to ask about the bump and swelling. I will update when Im back :)

I can finally breathe!!!

I finally got my splint off today! The Dr. removed my stitches and that felt a tiny bit painful and then he removed silicone inserts that were in my nose. It didn't hurt, it just felt odd. Right after that I could finally breathe :) When he took the cast off it looked more swollen than it did the day after surgery. There is a bump on my nose that is red. This is due to swelling. If I put my finger on it and rub it down the swelling goes away but then just comes back. This is good because I know its not part of my nose and will go away with time. He said that it probably swelled in that area because my cast became loose the past few days and kept sliding down. He also said that the worst case scenario would be that the swelling is caused from a sinus infection- but its very rare. My tip is also swelling...Actually my entire nose is swollen. I am taking arnica and eating pineapples because I hear it helps with swelling. I also have been icing my nose and I feel like it helps.

The bruises under my eyes are so dark that even with $40 high quality concealer it doesn't completely cover them. I feel like I look like I have been beaten lol. I have 2 more days until I have to go back in to work so hopefully everything will look a bit better.

So far I am happy with my nose. I think that once the swelling and brusing goes down it will look a lot better :)

bump already going down

I woke up today and the bump on my nose is going down:) I iced 3 times in the evening, applied arnica gel, took arnica pills, and drank a little pineapple juice. Even tough the bump is going down, everywhere else on my nose seems swollen and puffy. Im ok with that because I know it will go down eventually.

My cousin is coming over today and I don't want to tell her that I had rhinoplasty because I don't want a lot of people in my family to know..but I think I will have to tell her because she is going to wonder why I have bruises and why I look different. I haven't told many people- just a few best friends, my fiancé, and 1 co-worker. I didn't want to tell my family about it because I didn't know if they would be against it. While both of them have had plastic surgery (my mom had a facelift and my dad had his eyelids done), I just don't want them to disappointed. They have helped me out a lot financially in the past and even though I never ask them for money- they just give it to me because they want to help me out. When I do my parents hair- I tell them I want to do it for free because I want to do something nice for them- but they still pay me and make me take the $….And its usually twice what I would normally charge someone. They also are paying for my wedding 100% even though I offered to pay for some of it too. They said no, its tradition for the brides parents to take care of it. Wow, my parents are really great.

But I think I will have to tell them soon because I do look different. Gosh, I'm almost 30 I think I need to grow some balls. It's my body and my life and I shouldn't feel ashamed about fixing what I don't like about my nose and upgrading my cup size. I think that if something bothers you and you think about it every day and can't seem to except yourself for how you are- then you should change it! I don't for one second regret my BA so I don't think I will regret this procedure either. I am already liking my new nose even though it has a bump and looks big and swollen at the moment! :)

I will post a few pics once the bump goes down a little more.

I'm so mad at myself

I hit my nose today on accident and ir swelled up so much :( I'm so mad at myself. I have to go to work tomorrow too and it looks awful :( what should I do???

Today sucked

I'm so upset that I hit my nose yesterday. It hurts so bad and is soooo swollen. It seems more swollen than it was yesterday. It was finally starting to get better and the swelling was going down then I messed it up. I am so upset. I had to go to work today and it sucked. I feel so self conscious about all this swelling. Its so noticeable and I feel like its huge. :( All I want to do is stay inside and hide. I am dreading going back to work tomorrow.

I called the Dr. Office this morning and they had me come in to take a look. They said that it is fine but since I hit it, it caused it to swell a lot more and it should go down hopefully by monday. Why is this happening? :( :( :(

Still very swollen

My nose is still very swollen after I hit it 4 days ago. I still can't breathe well due to the swelling. I read somewhere that after an injury the swelling peaks at 48 to 36 hours and then goes down. I think it may have gone done slightly on 1 side. I am going back to the Dr in 3 days for him to follow up so hopefully it will be better by then. This is kind of depressing an embarrassing :( I don't really want to go out with a swollen nose like this. Work is tough too because I can't breathe well. I really hope this gets better soon. I still think it will look great once the swelling goes away.

The swelling is going down :)

The swelling is finally going down and I am really liking my new nose! The shape is already nicer than my old nose. I am very happy with the results so far. The only thing I am concerned about is that it's hard to breathe out of one side and the swelling is uneven .

2.5 weeks post op

4 months post op

It's been about 4 months post op and I am still happy I had this procedure. I feel like its a big improvement. In photos I no longer hate the way I look! Some people have said that my new nose looks great and others have said that they haven't noticed a difference and it looks the same... but I have noticed a big difference. It's still a little swollen, especially in the morning but getting better every month.

Still happy

It's been over a year and a half and I am still happy with my nose. I feel like I made a good decision with this surgery.
Detroit Plastic Surgeon

I am very happy that I chose Dr. William Sabbagh for my rhinoplasty. He is highly skilled, very professional, and answered all my questions pre and post op. I wanted this surgery for years so it was important for me to find a surgeon who has had a lot of experience with rhinoplasty- which he did. I am loving my new nose! He did a great job! I would highly recommend him to anyone who is considering rhinoplasty.

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