37 Yr Old Fitness Instructor with 4 Kids - Detroit, MI

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I've always been fairly fit but a few years ago I...

I've always been fairly fit but a few years ago I really trimmed down. I was happy about my health and fitness but disappointed at the loose skin on my belly and tiny breasts that I was left with. After consulting with my doctor she suggested tummy tuck and breast augmentation. The quote I was given was not in our budget. I'm working now and got recommended to someone in the states that was a bit cheaper so I decided to take the plunge and just do it. I had no idea I would be in this much discomfort and pain. Really hoping it doesn't last that long.

Day 3 I take off the bra and have a look

Pretty swollen. Looking forward the the implants settling.


1 week post-op

I got breast augmentation and abdominoplasty one week ago. Still have both my drain pipes in and right now they are what hurt the most. Still can't stand straight but I think there is improvement. Only on regular over the counter pain meds now which leaves me in some pain most of the time. Am able to do small tasks though. Still haven't gotten to the "it's worth it" yet but haven't given up hope on that.

Wondering how soon I'll be back exercising

Being a fitness instructor it's important I get back to work as soon as possible. I only have until Thursday to be off. My work will allow more time with a doctors note of course but getting people to cover my classes is a real ordeal and puts a lot of extra work on others. I ptetty much stand straight but only for a bit as my skin is still quite right. I also get a lot of back pain if I walk around too much with out support (leaning on something). I practiced my classes at lowest intensity and doing more cueing then actual movements/exercises but have to still do qute a bit of activity in order to teach some of my classes. Does anyone have any experience in getting back to exercising shortly after surgery? Good or bad?

2 weeks post-op

I'm feeling so much better. Went to see the surgeon on Monday and spent the night in Michigan. It was my first time ever going away over night on my own since I got married over 15 yrs ago. Being able to truly relax really made a difference too. Yesterday I had to go into work just for an hour to facilitate something and found out that my supervisor made arrangements for my classes to be covered for a couple more days. I asked to just have them off so now I don't have to be back at work until Monday. I'm so happy about that. They will even get coverage on Monday's classes if I need and Tuesday night, which is my more intense class, I have a college who is going to co-teach with me.
Here are my 2 week photos of the breasts.

One month review

The breasts are filling in and feeling softer.
The incision on the left is quite irritated and I've been put on antibiotics. I feel like something else is going on though. It feels like a nerve issue.
The tummy is really tight and it's hard to remember to have correct posture. I get back pain especially if I do too much work around the house. I've got people at work reminding me to stand straight.
Teaching my exercise classes is going well, I just have to know my limitations.
The tummy incision is sore on the two ends, especially where the knot was tied off. I find my hips bother me if I wear anything but exercise pants. There isn't much flesh on them to protect them. The tummy gets really tight and achy near the end of the day; I think just from me eating and the stomach expanding. Got to eat though :). I 'm still very numb and probably still swollen so I'm hoping that tightness will lessen over time.
The breasts pull on the skin under them when I raise my hands up too. I'm sure when the breast finish settling it won't be so tight as well.
Overall I think I'm doing pretty good. It's only been a month so I should still see changes happening as the my new body settles in.

It's been 10 weeks!

Things are going well. I'm back to doing my exercise classes without too much modification. The abs are what I have to be careful of. It will hurt if I try to do too many reps or higher intensity. I've still got a long way to go before I'm back to where I was and I do notice the muscle loss.
The breast feel great. I would have liked it if I could push them together but no luck there. I had a space before and now with the implants set in place there's not much movement horizontally.
I still am qute numb in the abdomen. Not sure how long it will take to get the feeling back. I use Scar Esthetics Advanced Scar Therapy cream and Emu oil on the scars. I'm not too happy about the belly button. It's hard and dark and kind of small (the hole) now. I really hope it will lighten and soften.

Over a year

Just met with my surgeon. We talked about rippling under the breast, on the side when I lean over and loose skin around nipple area when I'm on all fours. So a smaller implant would help with the first two issues and a bigger one with the last issue. All and all I think I have a good in-between implant for my body type. I have low body fat and am very fit which leads to these issues. A surgeon can only work with your own body and so results are individual. I also still have numbness in the abdomen due to the scar tissue in the abs. I do get itchy if I work out too hard but other then that I'm very happy with the flat tight belly.
Bloomfield Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Freedland is very friendly. I liked how he didn't push for a beast lift but didn't like how he tried for lipo to be included. I have a pretty low body fat percentage and I was told that in order to lose the fat deposits in my "flank" and inner / outer thighs I'd have to be dangerously under weight to do it on my own. The nurse who I discussed procedure options with was clear that I should do what I'm comfortable with. There was some push but well with in professional business boundaries. The procedure for the implant and tuck was explained very well. On the day of surgery Dr Freedland made sure my husband had his pager number. A few days later he called me at my home when I had expressed some concerns with the nurse. Because I live a few hours away I communicate with the nurse via email and phone. It makes things a little more difficult but I think the nurse does a good job responding to me. Communication is primarily with the nurse not the surgeon.

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