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Hello all!! Im the mother of 2 miracle babies &...

Hello all!! Im the mother of 2 miracle babies & the wife of an amazing husband. Im 34yrs old, 5"6", 216lbs as of today. Ive ALWAYS suffered with huge breast as a child and adult. At age 12, I was a size 38DDD and never saw a training bra in my life until my stepdaughter came into my life. My heaviest was a 42 JJ and even when I weighed 135lbs, I was still wearing a 38F-H bra.

My chance at a new life came this year. I was 285lbs and a size 42JJ. I knew I had to tackle the weight issue first, so I got busy! Just when I thought a Dr would consider looking at me, I went to see my surgeon. After he reviewed my case, he informed me that it was neccessary to lose more weight for the best results, so once again, I went home & got busy again, but this time with a personal trainer. Almost 2 weeks ago, I went in for another consult/follow-up and was approved for a breast reduction/ lift. I think I cried from the office all the way home & thanked God for this amazing blessing!! Finally my time has come & even though Im nervous about the whole thing, Im more excited than anything. These breast have haunted me all my life!!

Before surgery pics

Hope y'all can see my before pics. They didnt upload with my review..

One Last Look..

I woke up this morning and went to the bathroom and caught a glance in the mirror of Suzie & Suzzane. I can't belive they'll be gone in less than 2 days. I swear it seems like Ive had weights on my shoulders for years & Im looking forward to having them removed. Today is my last preop appmt. Time to write this in stone family!! :)

Pre Op

Soo, went to my last preop appmt and spoke with my PS. The lowest I can go is a D or a DD, but thats better than what I am now. I will have the anchor procedure and there will be tubes put in. Also, Im doing a overnight stay at which the tubes should be removed the following day.

Of course Im nervous, but more excited than anything..Ok, I'll post more tommorow or this eve..about to hit the gym..

Last day with Suzie & Suzan

Well, today is my last day to suffer with these breast of mine (Suzie & Suzan). By this time tommorow I will be on the other side enjoying my small breast. Wow, I'll be able to run, jumped, & sooo much more. I cant wait to buy new clothes & bras!!

Ohh, the Dr drew on my breast yesterday for his markings. I wasnt thinking to tell him how much these big babies sweat cuz everything hedrew dissapeared over night lmbo..

Bye Bye Suzie & Suzan

Pics with my faded markings..Size 38II/40H even after sever weight loss they still stayed huge..Smh

On the other side!!! Yayy!!

Quick update: Surgery went great! Feels weird to have small breast & my body must be in shock toocuz everytime I sit up, it trys to slouch but cant lmbo..My breast have a tingle kind or soreness, but I know I got feeling in both..I keep tryn to feel where my nipples at since Im all wrapped up, I dont know cuz my breast are kinda sore, but tolerable. Im VERY high off morphine so forgive me if its hard to read this update. I do have tubes in and not to get off the topic, but has anyone been told its ok to remove their own tubes the day after if its less than 25cc? My dr said I can or wait till Monday for him to do it. I couldnt bring myself to do such a thing but I asked my nurse if she could if they were..

I have no clue what time my surgery started or finished cuz it happened soo fast & when I woke up I was still out of it lol..trying to piece everything together..

Ok..there's more to tell but Im too out of it to do it now, but will later..thanks for the love & support. I'll post tommorow & possibly get to look at my new ladies!! Xoxox

Feeln a little sore..

Feeling a little sore, but managing..still havent seen the new breast, but I know they'll be great.
Here's a few pics..managed to get a little energy to take them, but not much. Hope all my surgery buddies that just had surgery feel ok today...xoxox

A brand new me!!

Check out my new breast..

Im Home!!!

Made it home safe & sound..the narcos still have me tosted, but I feel great!!

Starting to feel better

The first 2 days havent been really bad, but the pain killers & drains had me going bonkers. Had my drains removed a hour ago and switched from Narcos to Motrin (Yay). By me having my incisions glued shut, I feel so natural & Im glad my Dr didnt use the dissolvable stitches on the outside (looks painful)..

Overall, I feel GREAT TODAY!! Hope all my othersurgery buddy feeling the same xoxoxox

Day 3 Postop

Hello family, just wanted to post a update with pics of the new girls. There's been a little drainage here & there on both breast, but nothing major. If anyone who had the glue used as closure can shed some light on how they healed up & they're experience, Im all ears. I notice that Im numb on both breast also along. the sides, but I can feel my hand on them..Well thats about it & I hope all my buddy's are doing fine..xoxox

Day 3 postop pics

Day 3

Hope my pics upload

Day 3 postop

Day 3 Postop

Zingers!!!!!!! 4th Day PO

Im happy my nerves in both breast are regenerating, but DAMN these zingers are no joke!! Other than that, Im healing up very well and see my PS tommorow..Happy healing to allmy surgery buddys!! I'll post more pics next week..

5th Day PO

Hey all, today Im experiencing some dizziness, zingers, and itching like hell. I see my PS at 4pm today & cant wait. My scars are healing well and I've basically had very little drainage & discharge. Ive been keeping them cleaned by sponge washing lightly with antibaterial soap &patting them dry with 4x4 gauzes. I dont put any creams on them & was told not to until all my glue was off. I do keep my compression bra on that my dr gave me (wash it once a day & let my scars get air while its in the washer & dryer)with 2 sanitary pads under my breast to keep my bra from rubbing & irritating my scars. So far so good..plenty of R&R also..these zingers & itching is crazy but managable. Hope everyone else is healing well also!! Xoxox

P.S. the pic with the sports bra had me excited..had to wait on my compression bra to get out the dryer. Cant believe how small my boobies are in it..AMAZING!

1wk PO

Hello all! Today, Im feeling pretty good. I believe Im healing great, but Im still kind of numb on the sides of both breast. The glue that my Dr used to close my incisions have begin to fall off( which is great). I havent put anything on my scars yet either and was told not to. My Dr said if I put anything on my scars, it will break down the glue he used to close my incisions and maycause an infection or open back up my wounds. So I will not be a fool & do the oppsite cuz what works for others may not work for me & Im not will to risk my body to see if it work lol.

As far as pain meds, I only used them if I need them. I havent been in any major pain & havent seen any huge discharge from my breast to alert the Dr. My nipples are super sensitive, but I just cover them with a small piece of guaze. I still use sanitary napkins under my boobs and it feels very weird without it. I notice when I do try to go without my compression bra & pads, thats when my breast become sore.

So here's my update for the week & a pic of the girls. I hope my other surgery buddies are doing great & God bless..xoxox

Feeling Grrreat!!!!

Happy Sun everyone!! Just wanted to do an update and let everyone know Im doing great. Most of my glue have fallen off and I went bra shopping yesterday. I didnt get anything fancy yet, but I did get a few comfy bras and 1 medical bra to use when my other bra is being clean. During the day I wear my comfy bra (still a compression bra, but more softer) and at night I wear the medical bra.

My breast are look fab. I got measured for the hell of it and since my Dr forgot to mention my size..found out Im a 38D or a 40C. Im still a bit swollen so the lady that measured me said, once the swelling go down, Im going to probably be a 38C or a 40B..Heck, I was excitedto just be a D cup. Never been a D in my life unless you times that by 2 or 3 lmbo. Ok thats basically all and I left a few pics. Hope my surgery buddies are doing fine as usual..Xoxox

Wound Separation after 2wk Postop

Feeling a little down, because I was doing so well and everything was healing up fine. Well for the last 3 days my left breast been going through the wound separation phase. Then thismorning I wake up & the right breast is starting to separate also. I was told that this was normal as long as it dont have a smelly discharge, warm to touch, fever, or chills. Also I was told not to put anything on it and to let it dry out & it will heal over time.

So flustrated today & Im tired of this support bra. Everytime I change into my other bras I bought, it seems like these breast get more sore. On top of that, I have two toddlers (age 1 & 3) that I have to care for on my own until my husband get off in the late evenings, because I have zero support from my family unless Im paying..Hopefully one of you lovely ladies can relate to my story & give some positive feedback cuz right now I feel like a wall of bricks have fallen in front of me. Working out at the gym 6 days a week use to help when I have a problem, but I cant do that for a few more weeks it looks like. Thought I would at least be healed a little, but Im set back with this wound separation..

Ok, sorry about the venting bcuz Im usually in apositive mode..lmbo

3wks & a few days Po

Hello fam..sorry its been a minute since I last posted, just been going thru some crazy healing & didnt feel comfy sharing yet. Well, my left breast is still having separation issues and my doctor have yet to see me concerning it andsay its completly normal. Just yesterday, I discovered a internal stitch sticking out of the wound, but cant see my Dr till Monday to have it removed.

I know what Im going through with my breast "suppose" to be normal, but it just bugs me that my Dr have not asked me to see him. Ive called 3x complaining even when I had the yellow drainage mixed with blood & it was/is so painful, but every time I was told that its not a big issue & to just treat it with soap, water, and antibiotic ointment. I think I wouldve felt more better had he just told me to come in so he can see it & that really worries me.

Also, after being in intolerable pain the other day & my left breast draining so much, I called my family Dr, since my PS was out of town & no attending Dr was on call(smh). He told me to go straight to the ER, because Im having to many symptoms & it havent been checked. Needless to say, they called my PS & he told them to give me antibiotics and send me home; he will see me on Monday coming up.

So, yeah..Im pretty much not happy with my after care process so far. Its funny though because I really love my PS, but I never seen this coming..I dont know, but so far I think he did a AMAZING job on my breast, but not liking the after care provided. What do you all think? Am I overreacting or not?? Ive been going through this for over 2wks and its not getting better.

Oh, but the right breast did close and completly healed..

Healing up finally

Just wanted to update you all about my left breast. Come to find out Monday, I had some tissue Nacrosis with the spitti.g suture on my left breast. To me, it could have been preventedif my Dr wouldve had me come in to see him, but Im just glad everything is finally healing up.

He removed the sutures and is now treating it with silver nitrate. I can see a big difference already and was told it should close right up without a huge scar. However, all together I love my new boobies and once this scar heals up, I'll be fab. I do a follow up in 2 wks, which by then, Im seeing things looking great. Here's some pics..I know it looks a little yucky on the left breast, but it was worse. Now you see white tissue & some redness..before it was yellow & black..

Still healing..

So its been a minute, but Im still waiting on my left breast to heal up. I cant really see a big difference, but Im hoping y'all who been through this can give more insight. My PS have me treating it with Silverdene & clean it with soap & water. Non stick adhesives also..Good day ladies & thanks for the support...xoxo

Just Posting Pics..

Im still healing from my splitting T wound. Its starting to show signs of closing up (if you lookaround the inside edges). I go back to my PS next Thurs. Hopfully he gives me good news.

Since the wound separation, Ive hardly worked out, because Im scared of sweating the area and causing an infection. Also, its just sooo depressing to see your breast wide open and be told its normal and its ok. That really bothers me the most but overrall, Im coping. Please keep me in your prayers & thought. Positive feedback from others having this same issue always help..xoxo

Wound almost closed!!:))

So finally Im seeing results!! Even though I knew it would eventually, it was hard waiting. After looking at everyone else success stories & hearing they healed up with no problems; it put me in a little depression mode lol. That last thing you want to hear is that, you've encountered a problem & cant resume regular activity until it heals smh..

However ladies, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!! It may seem crazy ugly right now, (if you're going thru wound separation) but it will close with proper treatment. I had an internal stitch sticking out of mine, but once it got removed, the process of healing came quick (even though to me it seemed like forever lol). Fyi: if its something black sticking out, its a internal stitch and the Dr need to remove it. If its clear & pricky, its a dissolvable stitch that will slide right out with a little pull.

To the ladies that share they're stories with me and they're advice; thank you SOOO much!!! I think if I wouldnt have had your support, I wouldve been really going bonkers. I hope & pray my experience help others as well. I seen my PS last Thursday and he said my wound should be closed by the end of this week. I was lmbo because he told me to stop using the silver nitrate. Little did he know, I stopped 4 days before I saw him. I had to take matters in my own hands at the end. That nitrate keeps the wound open, but it does smooth the area out. Once mine looked like it was a healthy scar & it was nice & smooth with no bumpy edges; I stopped using the nitrate and just treated it with the antibiotic ointment. In the past when I got a big scar, my mom would pack it with petrolleum jelly & it wound be gone in 3-4 days. So the antibiotic oinment was the closest thing to it, plus it would prevent infection. Now I'm not saying anyone else should try this!! Im also a Nurse/EMT tech so I have a little experience in treating wounds.

Anyhow, everyone have a great Monday & my next post will be pics of a complete closure..Lord willing..lmbo

Regular Front Pics

Happy NYE

Hey everyone, just wanted to do a quick update & post pics. As you can see Im finally done healing from my open T-junction wound. Now Im treating it with the Mederma to even out everything. What seemed to take forever to heal, actually healed very quickly..

As much as I love to take pics of my new boobies & share with you guys, there's not much to report lately. Next year I will be having a tummy tuck, so Im working on my body to getit prepared. Happy Holidays!! Xoxo
Detroit Plastic Surgeon

The only words I can say is, AMAZING!! Dr. Kayser and his staff is so warm heart, understanding, caring, and such a blessing to me. When you walk in their office, you feel love right at the door!! He's very professional and make sure that when you leave out his door, no question go unanswered. His assistant Denise, is like a bestfriend that any woman can dream of and she tickles my belly everytime I think of her. The facility is like your walking into some luxury resort, just beautiful!! I can't wait to have my BR done because I know Im in excellent hands by the Dr & God above!!

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