30 Years Old, Lipo to Upper and Lower Abdomen, hips, back, and inner/outer Thighs - Destin, FL

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Hello everyone, I am undergoing lipo in about...

Hello everyone,
I am undergoing lipo in about three weeks. The doc is focusing more on my back fat, as i asked him to give me the perfect hispanic body (great cleavage, tiny waist and big hips/butt. I am excited and nervous at the same time!!! I can't wait to go in and finally see my new me! I have made a "Lipo items needed" and i will post soon.... i don't really know if im going to use it but i might as well have it available rather than needing it!


This week i was able to reserve the airplane ticket for my mother (she is going to come from Puerto Rico to take care of me), reserve the hotel the night before and night after the surgery (as requested by Dr. Burden), and did some item shopping. I have been looking online for a list of items needed for lip, and nothing concrete has come up. So, im pretty much going with my gut! This is a list of the items i have bought so far: *bed under-pads (because of the potential leaks) *multivitamins *vitamin C *gauzes *antibacterial soap *oatmeal soap (the meds can make the body itch!) *mederma... I still would like to get more items just in case and these are :*extra pillows *bottled water to keep next to the bed *throw up bucket (just in case) *oversized, open front shirts *arnica montana gel(where do they sell this??) * body pillow *benadryl and *socks that prevent blood cloths.

If anybody has recommendations i will greatly appreciate it!

So, on our first appointment, Dr Burden explained to me that due to the several places lip will be performed, general anesthesia was recommended. And that is because the body can react negatively to local anesthesia if given in excess. Also, the price the office provided includes everything from the consultation visit, digital imaging, surgical procedure, pre-op visit, post-op visits (up to 6 months after surgery), anesthesia fees. My pre-op is this Monday, so i will update then...


So, i had my pre-op July 29th (for a surgery date of July 17th at 0730). I got there and was a little nervous as now its official. I checked in upstairs and my nurse came and got me. She discussed with me once again the type of lipo to be done and the area of the incisions. It is tumescent liposuction with general anesthesia. I will be getting my upper and lower back, hips, upper and lower abdomen, inner and outer thighs done. She explained to me that the doc goes by feel and looks- which means that if he sees an area that needs improvement he will suck the fat out of. Also, the incisions will be less than half an inch long, which I'm pretty happy about. We went into what to do/not to do previous the surgery (stop taking all medications-and if i need anything for pain Tylenol it is), no smoking, and recommended to get some arnica and bromeliad. The bromelain i start 3 days before surgery and the arnica the day off. I also got prescribed percocet, zofran and phenergan. She also explained that after surgery the doctor will put me in the compression garment, so i won't really be able to see immediate results.
I am nervous but happy. I went thru a very bad marriage for over 10 years, infertility, among other things, and i feel this is the start of a new me. I don't want to sound vain, but I'm really excited to see how the new me is going to look. I will gain confidence and probably will start going out and joining the dating scene. After all, I'm only 30 y.o....
Returning to the surgery subject, i have bought several maxi dresses, loose fitting pants, and pjs. i want to be as comfortable as i can be. I also acquired a body pillow, and a good friend got a me another one with a cover that is warm and cozy- cause I'm always cold. I also got labs done to make sure all my levels are good to go. I am looking forward to all this!!!!

Yesterday was my lipo

So yesterday was my surgery and I think it went well. The doctor inyected 500 and they removed 600- or 6 liters worth of fat. Im in some pain, but taking percocet, arnica and bromelain. I will be able to take a shower today but i font think i will do that. Id rather wait to day 3 which is when i can change to a tighter compression garment.

Picsfrom duringthe bruising and a before/after so far

More pics of progress.


Can you guys tell the difference?

More pictures

One month and four days after review!

Im very happy!!!!

Picture of the compression garment

47 days post op picture comparison

Im so happy! I just started going to the gym and working on my core

78 days update

More photos 78 days after

Updates after starting exercise regimen

I started doing the insanity videos qnd im starting to see definition to ab area!!

113 days after!!!!

Healthy diet and exercise to keep the shape! So happy!

180 update!!

Best decision ever! More confident than ever!!!

Night before surgery and 180 days later!!

245 day update


Day 1 vs day 245

One year update!

A year later

Update pics
Destin Plastic Surgeon

He is very nice and a gentleman. I love that he told me what i needed, and even though i asked him if i needed more, he said no- so he didn't try to make more out of me! He is very understanding and seems like a very great person to work with!!

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