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Less than a week until my scheduled lip lift. So...

Less than a week until my scheduled lip lift. So glad I found this site. I've always had thin lips but as stated so often, time is not a friend of the lip. My philtrum is now 21mm. My dr sugested removing 1cm. I was a little freaked out by that amount but after reading how several gals went back to have more removed to get the desired effect, I will consider it. I'll be bringing several pictures of lips and tooth show that I like and also some that I don't. I have full trust in his ability I just want to make sure we r on the same page in all respects. Thankyou so much to all the reviewers for taking the time to write and post pictures. Without this site I would never have know about the lip lift. I'll update after I have the procedure.

Bye bye thin lips

Surgery was at 11 this am. It was a breeze. This photo was taken at 6 pm. I'm kinda tired right now so I'll post 1 day pictures and more information on the whole experience. Got to go ice.

Day 2

So surgery went very well yesterday. I went there an hour early for a valium. Didn't think I would need it when I scheduled the surgery. Boy was I wrong. I was very nervous and glad I had it. 45 minutes later went to the operating room. Dr Koch came in and we talked about the lip shape and tooth show I was hoping to accomplish. I asked for 3mm tooth show after everything settled down. We talked about the 1cm he had mentioned in the consultation and he said the amount he took would depend on the size of my teeth, and several other factors which I don't recall at the moment. Anyway he took about 8mm he said and I think it should be perfect. If at the end if I want more I'll revise. So the shots that I was dreading turned out to be no problem for me. Hurt less than a shot from the dentist. The whole surgery took about an hour. Most of which he spent doing deep suturing so that everything stays in place. He did not do muscle hemming just anchoring. When he had pulled one side of my lip up and sutured it he gave me a mirror so I could see the shape and tooth show. I loved it. A little while later and I was on my way home. I took a pain pill right away. Unfortunately they did little for me. I'd say the pain was about a 4 out of 10. Not to bad. Felt alot like mild sinus pain when it effects the teeth. About six that night I gave up on the pain pills and took 3 ibprophen. Pain went away completely. Took them a few more times thru the night. I don't think I'll need anything today. Thanks so much to the poster that recommend putting karo syrup in baggies and freezing them. It does a great job. I don't know for sure what my philtrum measures right now. The swelling makes it difficult to be accurate. 12 or 13mm is my best guess.

Day 3

Swelling down a little more in my lips. More swelling in my lower face. No brusing which I am happy about. I'm a sweller and a bruiser so I'm good with it. I started on arnica forte the day of my procedure. I figured it couldn't hurt. Nose is swollen but no nostril distortion other than that. Sorry about the close up nostrils but it comes with the closeup scar pics.

Day 5 lip swelling down jowl swelling up

Getting stiches out in a couple of hours. LOVE my lip.

Day 8

Lower face swelling is 95% better. Feeling great. Yesterday the scar was red and swollen. Put scarguard on it last night and it was so much better this morning. Have to go out today so I will take my makeup off when I get home and put it on again. My scar is barely visible to me, I don't think anyone else will even notice. I cant tell if the area under my nose is still swollen but it is a little numb and stiff. Saying my b and p words don't look completely natural to me yet although again, I know no one else would notice. I am amazed how fast things came together enough for me to go out in public. I was expecting to hide out a few more weeks.

Day 21 picture

Not much to update. Today I felt an interior stich give way. It was weird. I was eating ice cream and my lip was moving in a downward motion and I felt for lack of a better word slight "tear" right under my nose. I ran to the mirror and made sure everything was good and it was. I guess the dissolvable stich dissolved. I could move my lip alot better after. No difference in the scar or the mm length. Scar is red. Covers great with concealer. I see my PS tomorrow for a follow up. I will have him put a small amount of juvederm in my lips to even out the asymmetry that I have from my previous juvederm injections I had in march. My lips ate the stuff unevenly I guess. I love the shape of my lips and don't know if I'll even continue to use juvederm after things settle down.

10 weeks

It's been 10 weeks since my surgery. This will be my last update unless something changes since everything has been pretty much the same for some time. The scar is doing great. Just some redness which covers well with concealer. MM seems to be holding steady at 13 which is where it started so no dropping. I still notice the stiffness in the scar area but it is getting less noticeable. Still putting lipstick on almost everyday whether I'm going out or not. It's just nice to have a lip shape that makes it fun. I had lunch with a good friend that I hadn't seen since the surgery who usually will notice even a small change on people but couldn't quite figure out what was going on with me. After an hour and a half I finally told her. It wasn't until I showed her the before and after pics that she really saw it. She thought I was looking younger but she thought it was just my tan. (Which was only bronzer ) then for the rest of the lunch she kept saying sorry for staring but wow that looks great. Thats the results I was hoping for. So glad I had the lip lift. Couldn't be happier.

Just shy of 5 months

No change in mm length but some nice changes in the scar. I don't have to hide it now since it is nearly non detectable. I don't notice the stiffness under my nose unless I really concentrate on it. I would change my review title from bye bye to thin lips tho. I think my top lip is a smidge fuller but not what I was expecting. What I did get tho was something I didn't even know I wanted. and needed...A cupids bow!!! I think it was dr Rodriguez who said in one of his videos, even thinner lips look beautiful with a smaller filtrum length and a nice cupids bow.
Dr koch

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