Quadblepharoplasty - Des Moines, IA

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Wanted to have more upper lid. Had...

wanted to have more upper lid. Had quadblepharoplasty in 2 26 02 went in asking only for upper blepharoplasty, because as u can see didnt have much upper lid, never thought I had bags under my eyes, but I thought that eventually i was going to have some bags in the future n I was already there. Well I let myself convince to also had lower lid surgery.

After surgery I ask about why the ectropion he said it was going to get better he tried to fixed it but, not luck"or not experience from him. On the contrary I end up loosing eyelashes that I was so proud about,lashes never came back a bump on my left eye. There is not one day that I see myself in the mirror n try to look better but i cant, because with makeup it accentuates more the ectropion at least before I only had to wait for the swollen upper lid to go away n with makeup I could look alot better not after this surgery.

For the comment I got from a reader thanks for...

For the comment I got from a reader thanks for saying my eyes look symmetrical, but it's so far from true, I will submit some photos so u can see what I'm talking about, how terrible I look!. It look like I have 2 faces in one, those "surgeons" that dO those mistakes need to admit their mistake n don't know how to correct them n refer u to another surgeon that really know how to correct their failure. Instead of trying n do worse than good!

Ectropion n indented upswing scars on both eyes due to quad blepharoplasty surgery.

ECTROPION on Rt. eye big time! Indented upswing scars on both eyes DUE to lack of skill of "surgeon" even tough it's being 12long yrs scars are, very very noticeable!! Anyone can tell I had eyelid surgery, when all I wanted to have it was more upper lid. I didn't want to have this huge scars that look horrible! I didn't have ANY WRINKLE or scars at all. This terrible experience happened 12yrs ago. It happened because this surgeon didn't have experience on eyelids surgeries. He told me he did had experience. And just to think that I paid to have this done. Unbelievable!

Indented upswing scars after blepharoplasty. NEVER go away!

Indented scars from botched blepharoplasty don't diminish even after 12long years. U get marked for life.

Scleral show "Ectropion" and indented scars on side of eyes

Before botched surgery I never had to wear make up just lipstick as you can see in my pictures before surgery. It was too hard to do my surgery??Besides being greedy opportunistic what else motivates a "surgeon"to even suggest a procedure that he knows before hand client doesn't need for obvious reasons pictures speak for themselves why Dr. lies to patient that it won't be noticeable scar's much less INDENTED SCARS and he has audacity to write in the medical report after surgery , "scars fading nicely"really?? It's been more than 13 years now and the scars are there visible as ever impossible to cover them I was only 40years old I didn't have any single wrinkle around my eyes only mild upper hooded lids. why did he have to scar me for life? And to top it off scleral show which is common on elderly person. One day I was barely40 years old and next-day I look older than50yrs. He never ever inform me that I was going to have indented scars or scleral show. he also performed on me canthopexy without my consent and he wrote in the medical report they he did it because "I wanted elevation of lateral canthal"he was just covering his lack of skill on eyelid surgery. And I was reading his medical notes he contradicts himself when he writes that "I wanted canthopexy" and then in pre-operative diagnosis says descended lower eyelid subsequent to lower blepharoplasty despite canthopexy, he did this procedure to prevent scleral show. They claim I will see inform about all of these risks ectropion scleral show scarring etc. when I ask where was the paper I signed that he says that I was informed about all this no paper at all, why?because I was not informed about it he just wanted my thousands of dollars I spent $14,000 for what? just to be disfigured for life. He also suggested liposuction on my jowls and remove fat from my cheeks without my consent what a miserable man! He performed liposuction on abdomen flanks and back and guess what? he removed more FAT from my LIDS and CHEEKS then my ABDOMEN, FLANKS, BACK or even under JOWLS look @ pictures before and after procedure ones they took in their office. AH! & a picture after liposuction ONLY ONE why??OVIOUS because poor results and he wrote in the medical note large amount of fat removed from abdomen. Hahaha!! Really??
Des Moines Plastic Surgeon

I thought he had ëxperience"in this field. I was totally wrong. I end up looking old overnight. Usually ectropion is related to elderly people it wasnt my case as u can see in this photos taken in his office by his staff before n after procedures. I was so naive to believe that this Dr. had experience.

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