2 July 2015 440hp smooth unders

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*Treatment results may vary

Hi Realselfers! I am a 42 year old mother of 3,...

Hi Realselfers! I am a 42 year old mother of 3, 5'8 and about 125lbs. I am so thankful that I found this site! I stumbled on to it when I was looking for a dr to do botox. I had never done it, or any other cosmetic procedure, and was scared but LOVE my results! I ended up going to Dr. Michael Menachof and he's amazing! I got it almost a month ago. Now I'm searching for information on a breast augmentation. I have found two (more) drs on here and have a consultation Tuesday (28Oct14) with Dr. John Squires and November 11 with Dr. Steven Vath!!
I breastfed my oldest daughter and though I don't feel my breasts are saggy they are definitely deflated at the top with the left slighter larger than the right! Im super excited to get the fullness back and some symmetry. I've uploaded my wish pics. My body is roughly the size of these girls I'm guessing I could get a similar look!

Adding pics of me and a small update!

Here are some pics of what I look like now. Also, I set up another consultation today with Dr. Slenkovich on November 3!!

First consultation is tomorrow!!

Super excited about my consult tomorrow! 14 hours to go :-)
I hope I know which Dr to go with after I meet with all three. I'm a little nervous that I will be unsure. I was hoping to get the BA done in the next few months but I'm thinking it will be in May or June 2015. Still exciting though!!!

Had first consultation

It went well but I'm excited to go to my other two. I believe that they both have the 3d imaging and it was really hard to imagine what I'd look like with the sizes I tried. I left thinking I'd get 425-500 HP silicone implants. My left is bigger than the right so he would decide in the OR what I needed. My next consultation is on November 3!!

Tried out the rice sizers!

Not sure if I got the sizes perfect but I made one with 1 3/4 and the other with 2. Should be close to what I tried at the consult yesterday which was 425 and 475. Not sure either how these would relate to profile options. I tried HP and moderate+ though I was leaning towards HP. What do y'all think?

Had my 2nd consultation and loved the Dr!!

Really loved the Dr. at my consult today. He didn't rush me like the 1st one and I got to use the 3D simulator! He told me the size I am in the pics from today would make me about the size of my wish pics!! He was less than the first also but I wouldn't let cost stop me from going with the best candidate. I would be happy going with him but have already paid for a consult with the 3rd Dr. so I might as well go. It's on the 11th. The implants would be Natrelle 45 550's. I can't wait!!!!!! Bye bye deflated boobs! Most likely will be getting it done sometime between April and June :-)

Asked for recommendations today!

So I figured that I'd call the office of the facial plastic surgeon, who does my botox, and see if they recommended any PSs for a BA since I already trust them. They sent me a list of 3 and to my surprise I had already picked 2 of them! I had a consultation with one (yesterday) and have a consultation scheduled already (next Tuesday) with another!! Made me feel extra good about my choices! :-)

Super excited!

I have my 3rd consultation tomorrow!! For some reason when I set up all three I was most excited about meeting with the dr I see tomorrow, Dr. Vath. I have since decided to look in to cool sculpting also so I'm going to ask about that too. I'm slim but HATE having a muffin top! Ugh, I can't get rid off it :-(. I can't wait!!!

Met with Dr. Vath and Loved him!!

I had a feeling when I set up my consults that he'd be the one and I know for sure now. My consultation went great and he, along with the patient counselor, were so easy to talk to. Dr. Vath was so detailed and just great to interact with. We tried on implants and I decided on 550 HPs!! At another consult the Dr. had suggested 550 UHPs and he didn't like to use those too much. I will show them to my husband at some point before the surgery but assume that he will love them too. I would love to get them done this month but it's not likely. I'm going to talk with my husband tonight again but in talks before he's said next year. If it is next year hopefully no later than April. So EXCITED!!!!!

Went in for another sizing consult!

Went back in on the 12th to play around with sizes again. I originally thought 550 HPs but now I'm thinking 475 or maybe 500 HPs. I made some rice sizers and liked the 475s. I made them with 16 ounces of rice in a 34 D bra! I'll upload some

Vectra images of 475 HPs!

I'm liking this size but still not sure if I want to go a touch bigger still. These are before and after 475 HPs.

Scheduled my surgery today!!!!

I'm so excited and almost feel like I'm in shock! I called and scheduled my surgery for July 2nd!!! My pre op will be on June 18th. I'm still going to go over size again at that appointment since I still can't commit! The pre op will be the first time my husband has gone to a BA appointment so he can help me pick a size!

Link to my video update.

Here is the link to my video update. ****

Had my pre-op appointment and finally decided on size!!!

My pre-op was great! After we talked to the nurse I got to see Dr. Vath and talk to him about questions I had. Then I met with someone to discuss size (again!) and Dr. Vath came in during that too. I thought I wanted 550s originally, then 500s and then 475s but when I tried on 500 HPs today with my tight shirt they looked HUGE!! Even 475 seemed too big so I'm going with the 440 HPs!! I already have a bit more that 350 ccs to start with.

As for drugs, I got Valium, some painkiller and 3 things to help with nausea. One pill I will take the night before, a patch I wear behind my ear that morning and ones I can take before I take my painkillers after the surgery. I seem to really have a problem with throwing up after surgery and after taking some pain killers. I'm super excited!!

Just 3 more days!!!! Woo hoo!!

Im super excited but I still had some concerns. I decided to go with 440 HPs and I still feel good about it but I kept wondering if I will look funny with high profiles. I want the fakeish look of upper pole fullness but I'm worried now that they will be too narrow. Just like torpedoes on my chest ????.

I had sent an email to their office over the weekend and I just got a call from Kari. I feel so much better! She reminded me how it's a surgery but has a lot of art involved in the total look. That my dr takes great pride in how they will look and wants me to be happy. She said for my breast width in anything over 300 CCs I would need a high profile and I will have a little side boob. I had asked about that too! I'm super glad I talked to her because now I'm have all my neurotic crazy questions answered and can relax about until Thursday!!!

I thought I'd mention my prescription names now since I picked them up. I got three that help with nausea. I got a patch called Transderm-Scop Patch to put behind my ear the moving of surgery, Ondanestrom to take to prevent throwing up my Percocet and something called Emend that I got one of to take 3 hours befor surgery. She said they don't usually prescribe it because it's expensive but I said I didn't care since I get so nauseous. It was $90 for 1 pill. Along with those I got Valium and Percocet.

Had my surgery!

Please ezuse my typing . One of my medicines is making my vision very blurry like ii got my eyes dilated at the eye doctor and other es are making me very loopy ,

I'll upload more pictures once I'm unable to take my bra off and not in pain

I'm really excited to see my boobs that into much pain to undo my bra right now ! They look really big so I'm hoping that they look normal once I am done feeling a little bitter...

First look at my boobs out of my sugery br!

The certainly look great to me afer just one day..I don't see the suare bioobs that I usually see right after surgery and people !

Dress on day 2

Just a before and after of a dress I love!

Today's pictures!

They really hurt but seem to be looking good. Hopefully the pain will subside soon! Excuse my poor spelling. My mess are doing me fe out of it and I can't see close up very well. I had fine vision (20/15 before this and didn't need reading glasses so who knows??

Day 4 Update and pictures!

I'm very excited about how things are looking! For what ever reason I didn't get the square top boobs I was expecting at first! Im wondering if they will get bigger as they drop and fluff??

I've had to skip the narcotics this morning so I can drop my kids off at camps so I took acetaminophen instead. The Valium and Percocet work well but they make me so goofy and totally kill my memory!!
I feel like I'm bloated up which I'm not loving! Hopefully that will end soon!

Day 4 pics didn't load!


In y'all's experience, will my boobs get bigger as they drop? I love their look I just imagined that they'd be a bit larger. Since I'm only 4 days out I assume things could change! Really hoping to be a 32DD or bigger when they are done changing. Any input would be appreciated ????

I got a sports bra!

The one from the hospital comes up so high it sticks out 4 inches above any top I'd want to wear!

I really hope my boobs don't get smaller. I'm nervous now that they are just swollen and will be small when it goes away. I'm hoping for no swelling and that they'll fluff up even bigger eventually!!

Went to buy some no wire bras to wear

I tried on some stuff at Target for fun and just to get a few. Thankfully my Dr office have me a chart that showed how you might feel with pain and emotions over the first two weeks. I'm glad I had seen it since for seemingly no reason I was fighting back the tears in the store then sobbing in the parking lot! I felt like I was crazy :-(. I think I was worried that my asymmetry that I thought wasn't very noticeable was super noticeable all of the sudden, worried that they will shrink and that they won't fluff up a bit especially under my nipples. All while also felling that they look amazing for so early. Maybe I'm just nuts?? Here are some pics from Target! Not sure if it put this in the caption but the first bra I just tried on for fun. It's a 34D since you can only have a 32 if you are an A cup appRently at Target!

Had my 1st post op appointment

Just saw a nurse and all was great! She said I'm not swollen and should still have more of my implant drop below my nipple still. She said 3/4 of it are above. I asked if they would get bigger and she said they would round out and my nipples would point more up. I will probably get fullness below my nipples still. I can start massaging now and get sized for a bra at around 6 weeks post op. I got my pre op picture to remind me of what I looked like before!

Pre op picture of me!

Tried on a bra!

I had bought this bra before thinking it's what I wanted to be (cheap and ugly since I didn't want to spend good money until I knew my size) but it already fits like it will be too small later! I was already getting a bit of a booby bubble :-). Also tonight I can finally sleep laying down flat which means next to my husband rather than in the living room reclined since surgery!!

8 Days past today!

Just wanted to add another boob picture! I was asymmetric before and we used the same size imant in both sides do I know they will be different. Trying not to focus on it and hoping it's not to noticeable :-). I love them!!!

Trying on tops!! 9 Days after!

I'm loving trying on the tops that I use to have to keep up with wardrobe tape and/or safety pins attaching them to my bra! No bra needed now!!!

Side by side!

Here is a side by side, both with no bra! Happy girl for sure!!

Ren Fair day!!

About to head out to the fair! Always fun!

For my friend :-) NewDrVathFan2015

Here is the app I use to make collages and cover nips if needed!!

Another random picture!

Got this cute hair decoration at the Ren Fair!

A fun pic from today!!

Pic of how my boobs feel so much more squishy

Loving more each day!!

Ok, one more!

Yay boobs!!!


My XS bandini wasn't cutting this morning! I just stopped at Kohl's on the way to the office to get one that wouldn't crush and hurt my boobies! I just changed in my car and it feels much better! Size large seems to work better than extra small!

Just got sized at Nordstroms!

I met the most adorable girl who wants to have a BA so we exchanged info and I gave her Dr. Vath's info and mine too! I told her I'll go back when I'm done dropping and get sized again and buy my bras! The best part was the sizing. I know I will still drop and might get somewhat bigger still but I am beyond thrilled!!!! Take all at the picture I uploaded!!!!

1st and 14th day after surgery!!

Seems like they've rounded and dropped some ready so I'm happy!! Especially after my (early) sizing yesterday!

Retail therapy and nipple pain!

Since I can't commit to a bra size yet I just got 9 new hiphugger panties from Victoria's Secret today!! I do love having tons of panties!

About my nipples- I thought ladies who talked about sensitive nipples did so because they had areola incisions but mine have gotten crazy uncomfortable in the last day or so and I have crease incisions! I'm not sure if it's normal or because I've been squeezing my boobs now. Who knows but it's not the most fun but I'd still take it rather than having comfy small empty boobs again!!

Appriciating my results!!

Even with my not so cute surgical bra on I love to look down in the morning and see this view!!! Ah, thank you Dr. Vath!!!!

Silly stuff but fun!

My Bimoji got an augmentation too! The old one and the new one! Much better!

What's going on? Ugh :-(

I seem to have multiple personalities since my BA. I always think they are beautiful but one minute I think they are big then I think they are small. I'm still hoping that they will get bigger but I've had several people say either, I can't even tell you did anything or you got a good size or they look very natural and then some say they are big. Ugh, I wanted BIG and certainly noticeable :-( I mean I didn't want people to assume that I went it to porn but it's making me sad :-(. Even to the point where I'm fighting back tears then later I'm ok. What the heck??

Helping to put things in perspective!

Day 18 and before! Definitely didn't have any side boob before!

Mondors cord and scar care

From what I've read these go away on their own. Doesn't hurt but it's definitely not pretty! Anyone have experience with theses. Also, any suggestions of what I should put on my scars? I've been putting bio oil on my boobs since day one but just took the tape of my incisions 2 days ago. They look really raised and I usually heal amazingly well from surgery scars where you can barely see them. Not sure if it's just so early but I don't want them to stay this way!

Oh boobies, I love you so!!

Title really says it all!

2nd attempt to get photo uploaded!

Feeling happy!!

First thing, I'm thrilled that I got the Real Friend designation today!!

That along with I'm just having a good boob day. My left is still super sore but it keeps taking a beating. Now that I'm ok to do so I've been taking ibuprofen since it helps reduce swelling along with pain control. I got hurt amazingly through a super aggressive hug from a male friend and the next morning my boob looked way bigger. I was bummed but since taking ibuprofen it has gone down and is closer to the size of the smaller now. It's tough to be patient and wait for the boobs to get to their final size!!

The picture is hard to see the difference but the top is size large and I had tons of awesome side boob hanging out plus it didn't cover much in the front. The bottom is an extra large and it fits much better! Seeing that all my sports bras before were extra small or small I figure I must not be as small as I feel sometimes. Still hoping they get bigger when they drop and really hoping they aren't to assymetric when done healing since we used the same size implant in both sides but instarted of bigger on the left. I also wonder if they just seem small because I'm getting use to them now? So many crazy feelings still :-)

Almost a month!

I'm usually happy but definitely struggle with boob greed :-( (questioning if I should have gone with the 550s) In this collage front view you can definitely see that they are different. Not sure what will happen in time.

One more 28 day front view

Just wanted to add one more front view

Another day 28 comparison

Trying to make myself feel better by comparing a before. :-)

Found this and it is nice to see!

Got this online of someone, showing the progression from 1 month to 7! Wow, things really change for the better! Seeing that in at 1 month almost maybe I should relax and wait!! Definitely gives me hope!

Fun trying on swim tops!

Just tried on some swim tops while walking around Target. Not sure theses are big enough but they are better than what I have at home for sure! I didn't buy any. I went to the pool at our Country Club this morning and left after 10 minutes because I had boob exploding out the front and sides of one of my old suits! I was embaressed!! These are larges at Target but I might need extra larges? The teal one with the mesh hanging off was fun to try on since my 10 year old has it!!

Had to get a swim suit today!

We were going to take the kids to the pool (though we ended up having to leave in under 30 minutes because of rain and lightening!). So I needed a swim suit stat! I went to 2 Victoria's Secrets and couldn't find anything! The best they could do was a 34 DD which was ok in the cups but wouldn't stay up since I'm small around. Then I went to Nordstrom, which I love, and was able to find separates on sale so I found the small bottoms and the top was sized at a small with an E cup or DD. They told me I could get it online with the same size band but only an F. That would have been better probably but I since I didn't have the luxury of time I got it!! I usually only want pink things but I thought it was super cute! It does have an under wire which isn't super comfy but ok for an occasional pool visit. I put a picture of the tags too.

I feel so much better about my size now! Not sure all the reasons but I feel they look nice and figured after trying to find a swim suit to fit that at least for my small band they must be somewhat big! I added a side pic of me with my two sports bras and a top. I'm loving them more every day! They even look more symmetrical now!

Update including incisions!

Excuse the greasy looking bralette! I took a bath and put on my bio oil and it got all over it! It is obviously from before my surgery and was probably baggy then! I love how you can see my side boob

My Mondor's Cords

Wanted to add these. Only the one on my right side hurts. It hurts down about 4 inches from the incision too.

Pictures from last post!

My incisions aren't up on my boob. I have to stretch things to get a picture! The incisions are perfectly in the crease!

So bummed

I'm getting more sad and depressed by the day. Last night I was looking down so my husband asked what was wrong. When I told him that my boobs assemetry was bothering me he said they're not! I said let me show you and took my top off and he was like , oh! Then didn't say anything. At least he believes me and doesn't just discount it as my normal neurotic craziness!

I have my post op with my dr next week on Tuesday. I hope we can work out a fix because I'm not happy. Ugh, for nearly 8K I was hoping not to have to stuff my bra. This morning I put some padding in the smaller side to make me feel better. It is so small and the big side isn't even that big. I now have regrets about going down over 100 ccs from what I originally wanted and not putting a different size on the smaller side.

I still love my dr so I hope we can fix this! I have a dentist appointment so I'm rushing to write this! Sorry it's so scatter brained.

Excited about appointment tomorrow!

I'm really looking forward to seeing my dr tomorrow! I wrote down a list of questions to ask since I usually remember what I wanted to know after I leave my appointments!

I'll be happy to find out all kinds of stuff about a revision if I end up needing one. I figure if I need one for the asymmetry then I might as well upgrade in size since I have regrets about that too.

My appointment is at noon and I'll update then plus make a video for my breast augmentation vlog on my YouTube channel. I haven't made one since two weeks!

What I want to look like!

I love this look! So big, round, close and symmetrical:-). I might show my Dr. today. I know I can't look just like this but I could definitely be more symmetrical and bigger! So regret my last minute changes to my implant size. If you are unsure, go bigger!! I heard that but let others opinions cause me to reconsider and now I regret it. My husband doesn't want me to go bigger but he also said they are for me since he's not a boob guy. I'm definitely a boob girl and I want BIG ones even if they look fake! That was one of the comments I let bother me. You don't want to look fake since you're so thin. Actually I did want to look fake! Sometimes I don't think you can even see them. And if one more person says, they look so natural I'll scream!!

Really don't want have to drop another almost 8 grand but I'm not happy :-(

Awesome experience!

First I will say dr. Vath is amazing!!

So my appointment was ok. I felt like dr Vath thought I was crazy and someday ridiculous. We talked about how my asymmetry was there before so it will always be there. I do have the option of putting a bigger implant in the smaller side but then they will be uneven at the top, rather than the bottom. I do agree I'd rather keep it the way it is. I did tell him that even though I was depressed I still thought he was awesome. He mentioned during the appointment that I shouldn't worry about it with all the other things in the world going on! I agreed but it still was important to me!

On the way home I thought I am being ridiculous so I decided to stop focusing on the asymmetry and focus on the over all beauty compared to my ore op pics! I then stopped at Nordstrom and got sized again. I had dropped down from a 32DDDD to a 32DDD which isn't bad. When I left I felt like I probably made him feel bad and was thinking maybe I should send a note to his office for him.

So anyway I was at home working on something and my cell rang. I answered and heard, hi Jennifer this is Dr. Vath! I was very pleasantly surprised and shocked! He apologized for what he said he didn't mean to down play my concerns and let me know he'd do whatever I needed to make me feel better. I told him that I had needed him to metaforically slap some sense in to me and I told him that I did think my boobs were amazing and that he did a great job but I do want to go up to 550s. I asked if they would be crazy big. He assured me if I don't think my boobs are ridiculously big now that I won't after but they will be noticeably bigger! My next appointment is like October 3rd or 4th so I'll probably schedule it for mid October!!! Need to talk to the hubby now.

Yay!! Now I need to make my vlog and get it uploaded tonight sometime!

My latest Breast Augmentation Vlog!!

Ijust uploaded my latest Breast Augmentation Vlog! Check it out at this link!!-

Feeling fantastic today!!

My attitude adjustment yesterday has really made a difference! Feeling great about my boobs (and loving my side boob) without thinking about what could be wrong! I still want them bigger but am loving right now too!! Feels good to be happy! I used this pic as my profile too :-)

Wouldn't upload my picture with my post!

It won't upload so I'll try later. It's my profile picture now though :-)

Got a swim top to wear as a top!!

I saw this swim top at Target a couple weeks ago. Anyone who knows me, or has even seen me, knows I LOVE leopard print and strapless stuff too! I went back today and it was on clearance plus I had $5 on a gift card which made it only $8.48! I am going to wear it as a top! I have always loved strapless tops but always had a hard time keeping them up. It's a little shear at the bottom and I love it! I'll be wearing it tonight when I go dancing!
Feels good to be happy with my boobs for the second day. Time and attitude sure do help them look better!!
On a side note my hair looks hideous in these pics because I have a color appointment today so I didn't fix it :-)

This made me laugh!!

Today's comparison pic!

Tried on bras for fun this evening!

I went to Victoria's Secret just to try on a real bra since all I do is wear sports bras! Dr. Vath said I could wear an underwire now but I don't want to spend $65+ on bras when I'm planning on getting a revision.
Funny, before I got my BA I said I wanted to be a 32DD but now I want to be bigger than I am and I'm either a 32DDD or a 32DDDD! I just feel so small!
The bras in the picture are 32DDD which is the largest VS has in a 32. I tend to like Nordstrom bras better and they have a bigger variety of sizes.

My 2 month update. Not as happy as I'd hoped:-(

I've been on here less because I'm trying not to look at my boobs, especially constantly. I can't see past my boobs being different sizes. It drives me crazy and sadly makes me feel depressed when I thought I'd be thrilled. In the pic looking straight at them they seem more symmetrical but they're not.

My dr said I could have a revision and I'm also going nuts trying to figure out if I want to do separate size implants. He thinks it will be more noticeable but said he'd do it. I asked how other girls could do it and it work and he said they have creases that are at the same level. Mine don't seem that off but he won't move a crease. I don't know that I'll be happy being just bigger yet still assemetric, ugh!
I also hate how my boobs look when I lay down. Is it normal that they separate and one looks like it falling down more? Ugh again! Not to mention the distortion I see when I flex. It looks crazy! Would that be normal? Maybe I'll upload a pic of it at another time.

9 weeks roughly!

Feeling better about the asymmetry now. I started REALLY aggressively massaging on my smaller higher boob and it seems to be working! If I can continue to get it closer in size to my left, bigger one, I can just get the revision for size with equal implants rather than stressing over trying to pick different sizes to make them equal. I'm sure they won't be perfect but close is good enough!
Hoping for 550s in October!!

Nice view!

Though I wish they were bigger I do love looking down and seeing this! ????

Video of how soft my boobs are now

10 weeks

Just another picture!

This is what I look like with just a thin bralette. I think it looks nice but could be bigger! Hopefully 440 to possibly 600 will be noticeable! Can't wait to see my dr in a few weeks!

A different perspective!

Thought I'd see how the girls look looking up at them rather than down at them :-)

Change of mind

So I decided today that I'm sick of being ruled by boob greed and spending every day longing for a revision to go larger. I really haven't enjoyed having my new boobs because I've been so upset about regrets.
I had put of buying a real bra since I didn't want to buy one then need to buy a new size when I got a revision but no longer! I decided my boobs are big enough and way bigger than they were for sure so I went and bought 2 new bras to start acceptance :-)
I really love the black one I posted and also got a nude colored one that can be strapless since I wear lots of strapless tops. It's not as pretty but will be functional. They are both 32DDDs
I WILL enjoy the overall beauty of my new boobs!!

Must fix this!

I could be happy if my stinkin runt boob would drop more already! Ugh
I'll just take matters in to my own hands and wear theses two sports bras like this to help it! It's really pissing me off :-(

Excited and anxious!!

So tomorrow is my 3 month appointment with my dr! Like the picture says, life gave me lemons and my second surgery should give me melons! Seems the first just gave me oranges!

First thing, I need to figure out that I heard him correctly about cost since it seems to good to be true. I swear he said no cost to you!

Assuming that's right I want to get the widest implant I can with the hogest projection that is around 600 CCs!
I also want to see if he can make my implants stay more up when I'm laying down. They seem to get really wide and then I have an even bigger gap.
I'll update again tomorrow after my appointment! It's at 12 or 12:30, I need to check my calendar. I wrote down questions and concerns I have so I could get answers unlike usual since I get flustered or overwhelmed and leave without asking most things.

Appointment update!

Well it's not free but it's way better than the first surgery! My first surgery was $7500 and if I just get a bigger one (50-75 ccs) on the small side it will be $1325. If I get bigger (590 and 650 uhp) on both sides $2412.50. Really good prices but I'll have to wait now because I told my husband it would be free ???? Silly me! We also talked about lots of other stuff so I feel good about that!

Good Boob day today!

So my husband and I talked last night and decided if I'm not happy with my boobs in about 6 months I can get the revision then. I really am trying to embrace my boobs and enjoy them!

So today was really great and I felt good. I figured if I'm going to enjoy them I need to have more than 1 real bra so off to Nordstrom I went! I saw the girl that had helped me get sized (for fun) at 2 weeks! I let her know that I'd shrunk down 1 size and she brought me tons of bras to try on.
Half of them were 32DDD and the other half 30G. I thought it was a mistake but she told me that she remembered measuring me at a 30. That made since when I told her my current black VS bra was loose on the smallest hooks and i'ts a 32DDD. So I bought the two bras in the pictures! The red one is the 30G and the beige the 32DDD. 30s will be hard to find in stores especially since 32s are hard to find. I must admit that I felt really good about my boobs in my new bras!

Also, yesterday I had a mammogram and the nurse let me look at the images. I was stunned to see that from the inside my boobs looked symmetrical! Implants vs breast tissue they looked like they had the same ammount. I think maybe a lot of the asymmetry comes from there being more skin on the bigger side. Thus giving me hope that in time it might continue to stretch out and change. We shall see!

A collage comparison

Just a picture each month. Changes but nothing too amazing. I think for amazing it's going to take a revision.

One more.

Here's one with right after and today, just over 3 months.

Almost 4 months post op

I've been MIA lately with a new job and a stomach virus running around! I was the last victim but have survived! I'm ok with my boobs for now but atilk would like to go bigger and fix the asymmetry a bit. With my new job I'll need to put it off awhile anyway so hopefully time will help things look better.

Just some random pics!

The pic of the back of my sports bra is how I get things to fit my band and cup size when they aren't adjustable! I use safety pins if I need it to be flat!

The others are of a bra size calculator I used and the cup conversion chart. The calculator tells you in UK sizes. Hard to believe what it told me! The bras I have are one cup smaller.

Molotov Cocktease!

My costume tonight! I hadn't heard of her but my husband told me I should be her. She's from the Venture Bros cartoon!

Pic again!

I took it down because my face is in it but I am wearing a wig and and eye patch! So here it is again.

Just over 5 months

In this pic I'm preventing them from falling to the sides a bit. Still wish they were symmetrical but it could be worse! Hoping for a size revision in the next few months. Still unsure if I should go 50-75 CCs bigger on the smaller side or just use the same size on both sides.

Sorry I've been MIA lately. I had to stop looking at my boobs and other's for my own sanity! It was driving me mad and making me depressed. I'm still not thrilled but it's easier if I don't look at the nude too much.

Hope y'all are all doing well!

Time really helps!

It's hard to believe that my boobies are 6 months old now but here I am. Time really has made a nice difference! The top pic is one month and the bottom 6 months. My runt boob has finally stretched more. They are still not as symmetrical as I'd like but getting closer for sure!

Having a new job that I love and not thinking about boobs 24/7 has really helped also!

Hoping for my size revision in the next couple months!!

Around 7.5 months post

I'm definitely much happier in general with my results. Time does help but most of the time I still want bigger boobs! I went from a 32C in the before pic. Amazing since I was so little! I wear a 32DDD now or a 30DDDD in the correct band size.

I'm much happier with the asymmetry now too. Doesn't show when I'm in clothes so it has me rethinking using more ccs on the smaller, higher side. Maybe just 590 or 650 UHPs on each side instead.

Scheduled my Revision today!!

Well I did it! My preop is on April 6 and my surgery is April 20th!!! I found out too that the implants I have now are textured and I thought they were smooth. Oh well, I trust my dr so I'll stick with textured I'm guessing.
The implants I have now are 440 HP 12.8 wide and a projection of 5.1 and the ones I think I want are 650 UHP 13 and 6.6.
I have no concept of how much bigger/wider or more projection that is though but in hoping for noticeable!

Inspira UHP implants!

Added this to my Revision post so I though I'd post it here too-

I emailed Kari the coordinator at dr Vath's office about the possibility of getting the Inspiras and she said they are a great option and she'll make a note in my file to talk about them at my preop!!

I seen and read a lot about them and I really like them! I have rippling not to mention I would like firmer boobs. I was going to get UHP either way but I love how filled the Inspiras are!!

The one thing that concerns me is that I have heard you need 200 ccs to see a difference and if I go with them I'm assuming I eont be able to go I've 615 ccs and I wanted 650. They get so wide compared to the Mentor UHPs but I'll see what dr Vath says.

So excited!!

Had my preop appointment today!!

Super excited!!! I picked my implants today at my appointment!! 650 Natrelle Inspira extra full (UHPs) round textured!! I have 440 HP Sientra smooth rounds now. Hoping 210 extra ccs plus switching to UHP and the fuller firmer feel of the Inspiras makes for a noticeable improvement!!

I asked about lowering my one crease and I'm cool with his reply. He said he'll do it if he's repairing a messed up crease from another surgery if it's absolutely necessary but it would be a mistake to move mine. He said it's not that off, they are perfectly fine and it only increases the chance of my implant bottoming out or my chance of getting a double bubble deformity.

A little bummed.

Got some clarification from the coordinator at dr Vath's office today about the implants I want. I wanted the Soft Touch Inspira but they aren't approved in the US. I'll have to get the Responsive Touch which is softer. I'm a bit upset but am hoping just getting the Inspiras along with the UHP and more ccs will still give me the boobs I want.

Anyone have the responsive touch? Or have felt the two to be able to notice a difference?

Day one update

I'm feeling a bit discouraged and hoping my implants have a way to go to hopefully look bigger and fuller with more progression!
Her's day one with my 650 Inpiras round textured on day one. On bottom.
The fist is day one with 440 the round high-profile Sientra implants too. Top ????

Super happy!

Feeling super excited! Earlier today a nurse called to check on me then 20 minutes ago Dr Vath called to ask how I was doing. I mentioned how my boobs seem to be closer together now. He said he knew I wanted that so he moved them closer and sill left did boob since I like that too!! Here's an example of how much closer it is :-) I'm a happy girl for sure!!

Super excited!!

Feeling super excited! Earlier today a nurse called to check on me then 20 minutes ago Dr Vath called to ask how I was doing. I mentioned how my boobs seem to be closer together now. He said he knew I wanted that so he moved them closer and sill left did boob since I like that too!! Here's an example of how much closer it is :-) I'm a happy girl for sure!!

Hopeful and discouraged

I'm really hoping that my boobs get bigger! They seem rounder and closer but still not BIG. Good grief, I went from 440 HPs to 650 UHP Inspiras. I'd think it would be more noticeable. Hoping they fluff out or something so they look big! Ugh

Today's update- 3rd day post revision

I'm still really excited about the gap difference sndccantcwait tibget done God sports bras to help them stay nice. Just hoping still I'll look down and see a cup or two size increase sometime soon! This picture is about a month or month and a half ago and today, the 3rd day after my revision!

Same bra with first and second surgery

Just showing difference and noticeable difference in how my gap was made smaller!!

30g before and after!

Would love to outgrow this 30G. Thankful the gap is small now but I'd love 2 more cup sizes!

1st post op appointment!

Nurse told me at my post op I needed to eventually support the girls more than what I had on. I stopped at VS and got this wireless bra. I can wear underwire in about 2 weeks once it's comfy. It's a 34dd and works fine though the girl said it would be better with a smaller band and the cups are too small! Yay bigger boobs!!

So thankful!!

Nice change for sure! Both 5 or 6 days post, top 440 HPs and bottom 650 UHPs! Look at the huge gap and asymmetric results ????. So thankful for my revision!!

In love more every day!!

Can't believe these are mine.

Just another comparison! First BA and 8 days after 2nd!!

Can't believer they difference!!

4 DPO to 9 DPO!!

I love to see how much (to me) they've changed in just 5 days!! I hope they continue to fluff up but stay round and firmer too!!! Yay big symmetrical boobs !!!

Day 1, day 4 and day 11!


All bio oiled up!!

In a comfy nursing bra all oiled up!

12 DPO

I still love them but do get scared things will change. Sorry for so many pics!

440 HPs vs 650 UHP Inspiras!!

Love the difference!!!

Showing changes!

The progression plus one once I took my bra off last night!

Love the look now!!

I bought this pink set before my first BA. I couldn't wait to be able to wear it but it looked bad. Since my revision I love the look!! I have the panties too but didn't feel like putting them on right now. Please excuse my hair also, it's just up in a clip.

3 weeks post op tomorrow!

My left boob will always be pointing out to the side more but I'm still thrilled!!

Loving the girls today!

I've had a few down days but am loving them today! They look so round when I look down at them plus my friend, who saw me less than a week ago commented how big they looked and that they looked bigger on top!

I noticed rippling in my cleavage on my left (nipple points more out) side. It freaked me out but I'm trying to see past it since you can't see it in a bra. I'll ask my dr about it at my appointment Tuesday. I'm surprised though since I thought chances were lower to get ripples with Inspiras but apparently not impossible! Either way they are still 100 times better than before.

Eek, ripples!

I've been trying to avoid thinking about this but I'll be asking my dr tomorrow. I have crazy rippling in my left boob when I barely lean to the side. You can feel it when I'm out of a bra but in a bra you don't see it or feel it. I'm really sad because I love my boobs but don't know what, if anything can be done, to do. I got Inspiras for many reasons but one was because I thought they rippled less ????. Anyone have experience with this?

Happy but hoping for more projection

I'm very happy with my boobs but hope they will project out more in time. I'm 28 days out and though they are way better I expected them to look way bigger. My first implants were 440 hp with a width of 12.8 and projection of 5.1. These are 650 UHP Inspiras with a width of 14 and projection of 6.5. Do y'all, especially those with UHPs, think they will still project out further after a month still?

1 month!!

Happy 1 month to my boobies!! Loving them more each day!


First BA and now!

Before and after!

orgot I had this bra so I tried it on again. Looking way better now!! With my first BA, the closeup picture (440 HPs), I hated the way it looked but I like it now. It's a 32DDD but I'm actually a 30 band.

Funny emails

These are two emails between my husband and I a few days after my revision while I was on meds still! Top is mine to him :-)

Laying boobs!

So nice to have fairy symmetrical boobs even when laying!! Before you can see one was smaller and higher.

30 vs 40 DPO!

Loving the slight changes!

My new swimsuits!

It took me 3 tries to get the sizes right since I ordered my swimsuits online and they are UK sized but here they are! Wanted a couple that would be more family friendly but I still love them. I'm just showing the tops for now since I didn't put on the bottoms.

The one with stripes is Panache Swim and a UK 32G and the other is Pour Moi and a UK 32FF and they are both from Bare Necessities. I first tried 30s since I wear a 30 in a bra but they were super tight.

Quick update

Do wish my one boob didn't point to the side more but I still love them!

Loving the changes!

440 to 650!!

Love the roundness!!

Loving my boobs <3


Loving the difference already!!

Almost 2 months post!!

Almost 2 months post!
I love my boobs more each day!!

440 vs 650!!

Looks much better with my new boobs!

Fun night of dancing!

I love having boobs that touch!!


I can't tell you how much I love having boobs!!

Before and after both BAs

Much better!!

No cleavage, just ribs!

I saw this picture of me from before my first BA and you could really see my ribs! Nice to have cleavage now :-)

Quick update

Just over 2 months post revision

Closed my account

If anyone still wants to follow my journey just send me a message. Thanks to those of you who have been supportive!


I decided I wanted to stay after all. Thankfully I was able to email RealSelf and cancel my cancellation in time. I do appreciate the sweet, supportive ladies on here and figure even if my review only helps a couple people that's ok with me.

I like that RealSelf removed the hateful comments too. There is no need to be mean. My sweet mama taught me if you have nothing nice to say say nothing at all! Still applies :-).

Here's a picture of my girls I snapped while waiting for my hair appointment today!

Another before picture!

Wow, how things have changed!

9 weeks post revision!

Just some side views and a front of 9 weeks post.

First and 2nd BA in same top

Finally can fill this top!! About 10 weeks post :-)


Just snapped this on the way home from work. I'm still amazed that I have cleavage and love it!

Drop and fluff!

For you soon to be breasties or new breasties here's some drop and fluff. 1 DPO vs 11 weeks post!

Yay, boobs!

Just a couple pictures of my boobs in a dress today!

Adding pictures

Wanted to add pictures to my profile.

More pictures

Picture in my new top!

I can get great cleavage but don't want that at work so I added a tank! Super cute to I think!

Adding pics about my first BA and my revision too.

More pictures

Wanted to add more progress pictures.

A few more!

Almost 6 months post revision!!

I'll be 6 months post on the 20th and I'm thrilled! They've stayed round and fake looking and that's what I wanted!! I'll see my dr for the first time since 1 or 2 weeks post on Tuesday and I'll update after that!!

Dr. Vath and everyone in his offices were amazing!! He was my third consultation and I knew the moment I started talking to him he was the one! I even got to talk to him again at my pre op appointment since I had so many ridiculous questions and he was informative and sweet! He was a doll when I saw him right before I went in to surgery and I'm sure he was awesome after but I can't remember because of the drugs! I haven't had my post op appointment yet but I couldn't be more thrilled with my new boobs!!!! I expected to have high, square frankenboobs and they look like I've had them for a couple months already just on the 2nd day!!! I can't wait to see how they progress.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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