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I had a rhino and septoplasty on October 29. I...

I had a rhino and septoplasty on October 29. I gotta say, I have read many reviews on here saying that there was no pain, but I had a ton. I also had a ton of work done. Besides the straightening and cosmetic portion of a usual rhinoplasty, I had the inner septum straightened, turbinate reduction and had my narrow nasal passages widened. The multiple procedures left me with splints in my nose and a lot of pain. however, my splints were removed today and the pain is now completely GONE. Huge relief. And I can breath better than I can ever remember being able to.

Now, being able to concentrate on things other than the constant pain I was in, I can see signs of the beautiful work my surgeon did and am so excited to see what is hiding under the cast!!


- Arnica! I started using the tablets maybe a week before. I didn't like the gel after the surgery tho. It irritated my face more than anything.
- ICE! I had no bruising and minimal swelling. I iced all day and all night. During the day I iced with gel packs, and frozen peas stuffed into surgical gloves. And at night I slept with something called an Arctic ice cooler. It's basically a cooler and pump hooked up to pads. The water is pumped thru the cooler and into the pads where it circulates ice cold water . My boyfriend had one from his many surgeries and was able to get me a kind of Mask that is made specifically for rhinoplasty. The constant icing also worked to help minimize my pain when the meds didn't seem to help.

I would definitely recommend my DR. He is knowledgable, and has a great bedside manner. I also found him to be very realistic, which was why ended up choosing him in the first place. We discussed my goals and he was very upfront with me on his own ideas and whether or not he thought he could achieve my goals. It's too soon to tell, but I'm pretty sure he did exactly what I wanted. Fingers crossed. I'll post before and after pics when this cast come off.

Update on recovery...cast off TOMORROW!

Tomorrow I get the cast off!!! Yay! I will post pics then. I have some uneven swelling making the nostrils appear crooked and paranoia about damaging the healing process or deviating something, but all in all, I can already tell it was SO WORTH IT. The pain has been non existent since the inner splints were removed Fri and I'm really loving the shape and height of the tip of my new nose. I'm Almost sad to know that it's most likely going to drop. I was VERY insistent with my dr about not turning it up TOO much and now I'm wishing I had been a little more aggressive!! Haha. But ultimately my main goal was being able to breath. And now I can. So as long as that continues, I'm a happy girl.

Big Reveal

Well today is D day. Honestly I'm worried. I've been bumping the heck out of my nose in my sleep. It's really weird. I am terrified I've done something to deviate the septum while healing etc. :-/

Cast off

OW! Cast removal was pretty brutal. I am still very tender and that sucker did NOT want to come off. But. It did! My nose is sore now. But free. As soon as the cast came off I could feel my nose filling up like a balloon. All that swelling I missed out on from week one has settled in the very tip of my nose. It's numb and tender and pretty huge, but I can tell it's gonna be great. I'm so happy. Love my doctor.


One month post

I am now one month post op and still have a lot of numbness in the tip of my nose but no more tenderness or lingering pain. I've bumped/bonked it a couple (really a ton) of times, but nothing aside from normal and it hasn't affected the healing process. I freaked out each time, but I think that was bc it was so numb and tender that I always thought it was worse that it was.

I'm still breathing great. It's really dry here and I've scabbed up a LOT. But my dr says I'm right on track so that must be pretty common. I've been using hydrogen peroxide to soften the scabs and that does help a lot, but I wouldn't suggest that unless your doctor says it's ok, bc mine says it can sometimes slow the healing process.

I'm still swollen especially in the tip where the numbness is holding out. But I love my results an I'm very glad I went ahead with the surgery. Defiantly worth it. I never expected the outcome to be "perfect" but it has exceeded my highest hope. I have little minor issues that only I notice, but most of it is turning out to be swelling and has been resolving itself every day.

TWO month post

I just want to correct my last post. I'm actually two months post op. Times flying by ;-)

also, I wanted to add that I did feel very unsure about my reflection at first. I looked very "alien" and I can see why a lot of people say they look like a lion. It's allllllllll swelling. I honestly don't even notice a difference when I look in the mirror any more. And even my friends/family say that it looks very natural. In fact, I had to tell most of them bc they didn't even notice. Now, I just feel like I look exactly how I am supposed to. Patience!

Almost two years post op!

So my nose has slimmed down a LOT over the last two years. In some ways it has reverted back to it's old shape. But I don't mind so much. I have a very tiny bump on the bridge and a teeny bit of tilting to the same side that it had tilted toward before. But I didn't expect perfect results going in and knew that my old nose might show itself again over the years. It is still a huge improvement and I can breathe a lot easier. I think the minor imperfections make my nose for my face better and appear more natural. As if nothing was ever done at all. I'm still very happy.
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