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So I have my appointment for surgery all set up...

So I have my appointment for surgery all set up with Dr. Zweibel in Denver Colorado. I'm not going t crazy, basically having a hump removed, tip refinement and just trying to get my nose to fit my face better. It's the most prominent part of my face thanks to my family's genetics...which is a shame because I quite like my other facial features. I've been considering it since age 21, but am finally in the position to take care of this now. I'll post updates along the way

getting closer

So I just went and got all the blood work done today. I am getting taken to the surgery center and picked up on the 11th of March while a friend of mine is going to take care of my child. Officially going through with it, will make the big payment on the 24th of this month. I am fortunate to have enough money saved that none of it is going on credit. Nervous but hoping for the best. I've wanted this for a while so hopefully it all works out

So two weeks left.

I paid in full so I am all set and ready to go. They provided me with a list of prescriptions that I need to go get filled and I have started taking the vitamins they provided. I'm no longer nervous, but starting to get excited. I'm going to upload the before photos and the computer simulation...which is what I should look like after. It's not a big change, but I don't want a huge change, just something more proportionate for my face

Second photo


Well I'm waiting on my ride to the surgery center and my mind is filled with all sorts of doubts. Hopefully all goes well and I will post a little later on today when I emerge from the haze. My friend is picking up my daughter after school today so hopefully her reaction is not too bad...


I'm out of surgery and just got home. Threw up when I wok.e up from anesthesia but I think it may have been related to blood dripping throughout. Propped up in bed sipping pineapple juice. Daughter will be home this even. Mine was a closed rhinoplasty just in case anyone was wondering. Took some photos with my phone, actually not that horrifying, just a small bruise over left eye at the moment, and a tad swollen but nothing major. I'll post pics soon. Not bad at all pain wise, I personally don't take pain pills so hopefully it stays that way! Sense of relief at the moment that I finally went through with it.....of course though, moods subject to wild swings during the healing process so we'll see though...right?


Maybe I shouldn't attempt to write so soon after surgery, brain is obviously still a little foggy. Taking a nap now. Ate some lukewarm chicken soup which was tasteless but helped my hunger.

1 day post op.

Well, I'm already going stir crazy a little bit. Going to see the doc for a post op appointment tomorrow so I'll get out of the house then. Such a shame since it's a beautiful day here....hate to waste the sunshine, but I'll be able to be out and about soon enough. I'm pretty bruised and swollen but haven't taken anything for pain besides a Tylenol. Slept a little bit this am finally, I think the steroids prescribed do not help with sleep (Medrol). Arnica doesn't seem to have done much for bruising in my case, and I'm getting a little sick of pineapple already!
I managed to take a bath and sort of wash my hair, without getting my cast wet....I figured it was safer than the shower! Turns out I have a splint in my nose which will be removed at the two week post op. Cast should be off Monday, so that's the most important day to me! I plan on venturing out this weekend with my daughter. I'm not too concerned about the opinions of others....more worried about going crazy stuck in the house!


Still pretty swollen. Off to see the doc today for a post op visit and review on how to clean my nose....definitely got a couple of black eyes, and the "panda" look which a couple of others have mentioned. Time seems to be going slow at this point and I'm tired of being swollen....just being patient and trying to rest. I think this weekend will be the hardest as I have my daughter and nothing to do, cast doesn't come off till Monday. I

Photos day 3....swelling mostly in lower eyes, cheeks and upper lip

Well, I saw the doc and he showed me how to clean out my splints...pretty damn gross. Definitely did not know I could safely stick a q-tip that far into my nose! Can breath now though and feel much, much better. Was also nice to leave the house for a moment. My smile is weird but that is because my top lip is swollen (not in an attractive way as you can see from profile lol). Still feeling good about this so far. Should be all downhill from here I hope! Cast off Monday am, splint out on the 26th...

Day 4...

Nothing much new to report...feeling perfectly fine...been out and about today. Some people gave me some weird looks but it's too nice a day not to be outside! One girl asked me straight out what I had done as she likes to watch "Dr 90210" or something! I explained to her. I can breath through my nose now that I am used to the cleaning process. I've been using coconut oil and olive oil on the exposed skin on my face and that seems to have helped the bruising more than the arnica has...or maybe it's all working together. Swelling has pretty much stopped and is just starting to go down overall...for a moment I thought it was going to spread lower on my face but that hasn't happened. I'm maybe not as nervous as I should be about the cast coming off....I feel fairly good about the whole thing at the moment

Cast off tomorrow am :)

So tomorrow I get the cast off...pretty excited...going to be a bit of a long slow day today. Bruising has pretty much turned a lovely shade of yellow so I look sort of jaundiced. Gonna spend a little time outdoors today, but in a different town so I won't run into people I know and have to deal with their questions....after tomorrow it won't look nearly so obvious what I had done!

Cast off!

So I had the cast taken off this am. It's a little surprising to see myself with a straight a good way :) There's definitely some swelling, and still black under my eyes, but overall I am happy with the results so far...

2 days post cast removal. Hump gone

SUPER swollen but hump is gone :) Still have a little bruising under both eyes. Happy at the moment.

So for profile contrast

I had to search long and hard to find a good prior profil photo...obviously I avoided them like the plague hahaha. Here's one, where you can see what was changed slope wise....the hump is not as visible in this photo as it usually was ( may be the angle)

9 days post op.

so my nose is still super swollen. I did start light exercise (walking) and I stop when I can feel it swelling...I'm going a bit nuts not being able to work out....if I had any addiction, that would be it lol. I don't drink or anything else.
Also if anyone has any advice about what to do about my skin that would be great...on my nose it feels kind of dry and peely. I did a light exfoliation which doesn't seem to help. it just feels very, very odd, and I can't wait for it to go back to normal!

Front profile

Just thought I'd add a front profile photo to show how swollen my nose Is at 9 days post op (and after attempting exercise lol). I know this will go down, just a waiting game...

Apple cider vinegar

So, I'm sure I sound like a nut, but today I remembered that apple cider vinegar can be used to treat swelling and bruising so I put some on my nose and under my eyes where I have tiny black circles still remaining (close to my cheekbones). Anyway, I could be crazy but my nose feels so much less swollen (tip still bad though) and my bruises are starting to fade. I posed the question in the forum to the doctors just to see if they had any input. Maybe it's just a placebo effect, but I figured it was worth a nose was SERIOUSLY swollen earlier.

2 weeks post op (almost)

Well, each day that goes by I feel happier about my nose. It's still swollen but I have super thick skin, so nothing that I didn't expect. I still have lingering bruising in the form of two (1-2mm) long marks under my eyes on top of the cheek bone, but they've turned pinkish so I expect they'll go away in time. Nose is straight and cute (to me) so that's the main thing....I just wanted a slimmer, more feminine, straighter nose, and that seems to be what I've got at this point.
I go see the PS tomorrow for another check-up, then again at the end of April. I'm taking an extended vacation from the 31st to the 19th so hopefully when I return a lot of swelling will have subsided, but I suspect not as the weather is tropical and humid lol. Oh well!. I'll be sure to keep my nose as hidden as possible from the sun!


so I was sitting watching a movie with this guy I've been dating and he told me my nose looked good and not swollen anymore. I found this funny cause I can feel how swollen my nose still is, but I guess either he's not that observant, or my nose looks normal to other people lol. I'm not even 3 weeks post op yet so there's definitely a ways to go in terms of swelling. I'm headed out of the country for three weeks on vacation so i may post some photos when i get back as it should be about 6 weeks post op at that point.

2 Months Post Op

Being two months post op, it's time I give the actual doctor some credit! I knew when Zwiebel did the imaging of the after photo that he and I were on the same page with what I wanted my post op nose to look like. Basically I wanted the bump removed and my nose narrowed and made to look more feminine.
The office worked well with me, and the surgery went as smoothly as I could have hoped for. Zwiebel gave me his personal number post op, and was very available to me after the surgery for any questions or concerns I had. Having researched the surgery I knew that recovery can be quite a process. I was pleased immediately when the splint was removed and I saw the bump was gone, even though my nose was very swollen at this time. I had my internal splint removed a week after, painless, but a little gross!
It took about six weeks for the swelling to significantly resolve. It's still going down every day, but I think my nose looks wonderful. It's straight, and I can tell when I touch it feels so much smaller and more refined than my original nose...and I know it's only going to get better.
The responses from people have been interesting as I left the country at 3 weeks in my recovery and returned at 6 weeks, so most had not seen me before I left (I was in hiding lol). People ask me if I have lost weight (I'm already slim lol), what I have done with my hair, and if I got taller! They can't quite seem to figure out the difference...although if they were to compare profile photos it would be fairly obvious.
In short, I recommend Dr. Zwiebel and his office for a primary rhinoplasty/ experience with them has been wonderful and I couldn't really ask for anything more.
Denver Plastic Surgeon

So far he seems to have done well listening to what I want, I've seen the computer simulation of what I will look like after and am happy with it. Hopefully that will be the end result :)

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