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Surgery scheduled for July 29!!! My surgery is...

Surgery scheduled for July 29!!!

My surgery is scheduled for Monday July 29!!!
I am scheduled to have revision rhinoplasty with Dr. Mario Imola.
My first rhinoplasty was a year ago with another doctor who left me with dents/uneven nostrils a thin/weak looking bridge and a tip that is to high for my liking/overall nose. I have been crying, very depressed and self conscious for the past year:( I really want to have this done and move forward with my life. I hope with my revision to smooth out the irregularities, achieve a straight profile (NOT scooped/sloped or upturned), bring my tip down and more symmetry on my frontal view. The doctor said I am not a difficult case he suggested a minor closed rhinoplasty however, I'm not sure the outcome I want could be achieved with a minor rhinoplasty I also don't feel comfortable reducing the size of my bridge any further:( I want to add cartilage to make it stronger. It really doesn't matter to me if its closed/open or if both my ears have to be harvested for cartilage more importantly, I want this to be my last surgery. I pray that everything goes perfect so I can finally put this to rest.
Denver Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Imola is very professional, intelligent and has extensive experience in rhinoplasty. His revision work in his photo gallery looks very natural.

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